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    Quote from ImmunityBow

    Exactly. But in their case it's not game breaking.

    That's what I said, they have bad graphics but good aesthetics.
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    Quote from Marcellan

    Just as people dont know the legend of atlantis came from the eruption of thera which destroyed a entire city located on top of the volcano under thera this city was managed by the minoans one of the most powerful empires of the time also all this stuff about not being a empire is completely untrue in most of the time just because they are not empires now does not mean that they werent a hundred years ago for example the british empire and what you were saying about minecraft stealing ideas from world life for example


    How do you think a game like minecraft where the entire goal is to mine and craft could survive without tools or ores sure you could make up new ores but that would only confuse people what the person really meant is buildings and other man made creations on such a big scale should not be copied because it shows a lack of originality and general stagnation of the game as a whole

    This pretty much sums up what I was trying to say, but there are a few things I'm starting to agree with you (the OP) on.
    If the villages spawn over water then a village-wide pier would be formed that might look similar to the grand canal (but different).
    The catacombs might make an interesting underground structure, but the trapdoor gave me a good idea. What if when a structure spawns under a village (any structure) a trapdoor would also spawn to connect them (so they wouldn't be a village structure, but they could connect with villages).
    I've seen plenty of suggestions for pyramids as desert structures and ziggurats as jungle structures, so they might be acceptable.
    My opinions on Stonehenge is that it could make a good wilderness structure, but take away the Pandorica. Same goes for the Heads.

    I'll end the argument about the worst suggestion once and for all with this:
    I'll also end the stone age argument. Whether or not stone age people did ever wear cloths, the villagers in Minecraft have iron tools. Argument over.
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    Quote from cdsacsa

    Whats wrong with having little fun secrets in the game? All colored wool is pointless and just for fun, yet I don't think anybody wants to get rid of that.

    I forgot to mention, they would drop 0-1 gunpowder on death.

    Wool is use for building, but I can't see any use for this.
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    Quote from baggerboot

    Minecraft, Terraria and Dwarf Fortress do have good graphics. How did people start thinking that good graphics = 3D + high res + good lighting and all that?

    A game has good graphics when it has style, and when the graphics are consistent. Terraria wasn't created to look like those AAA-games coming out nowadays. Its lighting fits its relatively low-res textures, and its particle engine is nothing short of brilliant.

    Minecraft is also clearly defining its own style. Blocks, mobs, the sun, nearly everything (if not everything) consists of clearly visible squares.

    Don't even ask me what Dwarf Fortress would look like when it'd be made 3D with high-res textures.

    Yes, graphics can make or break a game. But more importantly, the graphics of a game should fit in the style and gameplay. Sometimes this is achieved by making a photorealistic 3D game. Sometimes this is achieved by making an ASCII-based 2D game.

    No, Minecraft, Terraria and Dwarf Fortress don't have good graphics. Graphics refers specifically to the textures, not to resolution or aliasing, 16x16 is not good graphics.
    The games have good aesthetics, not graphics.
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    Usually a world where the terrain isn't messed up.
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    Quote from Glasscreeper

    ....How did I forget Angry Birds and other iOS/Android games?

    They can be easily wrapped up like this : You pay 5 Dollar's/Euro's to be entertained for about 30 seconds before you want your money back. Angry Birds was extremely forgettable and the only time you'd ever play it is when you were sitting in a bus and you have nothing else to do.

    That's kinda' the point of those games.
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    Great. Where's the download link?
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    He insulted my idea - I simply called him by what he was - literally, a no-icon tree puncher.
    It's the duty of the Op to remain calm and composed even under pressure.
    If the Villages did make huge structures already, I wouldn't be suggesting this. Seriously.
    This makes absolutely no sense so I wont even bother answering.
    Actually, most of these were built by civilisations before the civilisations had formed empires at all.
    Wait, what!? The only things on this list that wasn't built by a huge empire are the Easter Island heads and Stonehenge. I could even name the empires (I've also listed reasons these are out of place in villages):
    Pyramid of Cheops
    Made by the ancient Egyptians, one of the largest and most powerful ancient societies.
    This isn't actually a wonder, it's a word meaning "high city" or "citadel". Now if you were talking about the Acropolis in Athens then that would be a wonder... built by the ancient Greek empire.
    Eiffel Tower
    Built by the French during renaissance times, took much work to build (also, French empire).
    Statue of Liberty
    This was built less than 200 years ago by the Americans and designed by the French. That's 2 countries working on it, are you going to try to convince me a small village of at most 20 people could do the same?
    Sydney Harbor Bridge
    Again, built only 200 years ago. This wonder broke world records for widest and longest bridge in the world, villages can't do that (Australia).
    Sydney Opera House
    I have seen numerous plays inside this wonder and I can honestly say that this greatly surpasses the technology levels of a village. Sydney is one of the largest and richest cities in Australia, are you going to try and convince me that a small village could match it's greatness (or any Australian city, for that matter)?
    The Pharos at Alexandria
    A huge construct built by the ancient Greek empire.
    The Sphinx
    Ancient Egyptian empire.
    The canals of Venice
    Built and owned by the Roman empire and later the Byzantine empire, and for the record: it's called the Grand Canal.
    However, this could be an interesting land-form, wooden paths should generate in villages if the spawn over water.
    Staue of Zeus
    Ancient Greeks again, and the Testificate clearly have a different religion.
    Doesn't exist, but if it were ever in Minecraft it should be totally unrelated to villages.
    Sacrificial Altar
    The Aztecs and Mayans are 2 different empires, please specify which you're talking about. Oh, and it's called a ziggurat.
    This one could actually work, as long as it looks like someone other than the villagers made it and the villagers are studying it.
    The catacombs of Paris
    Catacombs in general could just be a new structure, I don't get why they'd be related to villages (French empire).
    The Washington monument
    A tower made of iron blocks!? Facepalm (and it was built by the American empire).
    The White House
    See above
    The NASA Space Program
    Come on. These people are living in small, single roomed wooden house and you think they should have spaceships (also, American empire)!?
    The Supercollider
    See above.
    The Easter Island Heads
    Same as StoneHenge.
    Taiwan 101 Tower
    This was only built 10 years ago by the republic of China, and wouldn't fit under the sky layer.
    Terra Cotta Army
    Explain to me how these statues would be made. Also ancient Chinese empire

    I've proved you wrong about them being made before empires existed.

    I mean, really...
    I mean, really...

    People already build Space Shuttles and Skyscrapers - what's wrong with having them already implemented into the game?
    And as long as we don't have marble in the game, we're going to have to use White Wool anyway. Duh.
    Because, like I already proved, they don't fit the game at all.

    Aw, how sweet. You even made a banner for it.
    Seriously though. You haven't read many suggestions obviously. There have been ones out there for cook-able rotten flesh.
    Cook-able rotten flesh at least fits with the game, this doesn't in the slightest.

    What? That was the point in Wonders - for the chests.
    What? Your suggesting Jeb makes gigantic structures just for loot? I mean, really...
    And plus, why in Minecraftia would they respawn? ARE YOU CRAZY?! You made the idea worse yourself.
    For once I agree with you.

    Well, the point in wonders at all was that they imitated real li9fe. There's no fun in a wonder that we've only heard of from the game it spawned in itself.
    Minecraft isn't supposed to steal ideas from real life society, that would kill the idea of it being "other-worldly".

    Wonders, like I said, are supposed to be from real life - otherwise they wouldn't really be wonders, would they.
    Same as above.
    And the villages aren't 'barely past the stone age'. Man didn't even wear clothes during the stone age. We're thinking the dark ages here - almost a millenia after the stone age.
    You clearly don't know anything about the stone age, people wore clothes, they had houses (makeshift house, but those are still houses), they even had tools and weapons. It's called the stone age because people used stones frequently in manufacturing.

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    Quote from Simpa

    Can you read? Cause that's not what I said.
    I said that better graphics = Better game, I didn't say Good graphics = Good game.

    Depends on the kind of game, but most games will look better if they have good graphics.
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    Quote from Usernamenotfound

    Let me explain. The thirst for violence is a natural human need. Ever since the dawn of mankind, we have loved to beat the crap outta each other. It's just a human need. Violent videogames quench this thrist, this thirst for seeing other people dieing in the dust from the wounds you inflicted. Has anyone, and be honest, ever heard of a murderer or serial killer whose actions were fueled by 'violent videogames?'

    Finally someone gets this.
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    I have a few good ideas and want you to add it to the thread. This idea is that people add description to their suggestions, that people say "Jeb" instead of "Notch", That people accept Herobrine never existed, that people learn what lapis lazuli is.
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    Quote from Devin_The_Killer

    At least I'm not ripping off on games like Final Fantasy.

    How is that relevant?
    He's right though, these aren't very creative and some are just stupid.
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    I'm just curious but: what is the point of the colossus?
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    Quote from dyldo

    Nice idea, probably the wrong angle on it. Yes, villages should each have a particular structure which is meaningful beyond 'just another regular villager building'. A wonderous and really rare generation. Considering the technological level of these villagers (somewhere between Neolithic and European Dark Ages), it shouldn't be something particularly huge, as they simply wouldn't have the capacity to build it, if we think about it seriously. Nor should it really be anything which we know well in our world, like the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty.
    Statues make sense though. A stone statue of a villager, with his arms outstretched, although probably difficult to build to the small scale it'd have to be to prevent it from being HUUUUUUUGGE, would be pretty impressive, especially if it was so rare that it's got a next to nothing chance of existence.
    Pyramids probably are getting in the game soon anyway, judging by the new sandstone blocks, possibly as an alternative form of Stronghold, or perhaps hinting at a new kind of zombie-like mob, so that's not really a village necessity...
    Sacrificial altars would be nice, and the Easter Island heads, despite what I said earlier about real-world Wonders being a bad idea, probably could work pretty well.

    Generally pretty well thought out.
    Not really related, but I think that some kind of watchtower should probably be a part of villager generation eventually. Something wood and stoney, that's higher than the castle/church/whateveritis.

    The statues you're talking about should probably just be one block.
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    Every call of duty game.

    It's just a first person shooter, there are millions of others exactly like it.

    Oh and the Half Life series.

    I agree with both of these. I've only played MW3 but it seemed really dull and was basically "whoever shoots first wins" (I wont judge the others). Half-Life 2 (again, haven't played the first) was a good game but the Fanboys are as annoying as CoD fanboys.
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