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    Good, but you should include rarity and it shouldn't be related to endermen, the concepts been taken far enough already. I like the name Hargoyle (posted above me).
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    Quote from Gatling_Tech


    no, religion is bad for this game, because then the other religions get pissy. i get how you're trying to make it impartial, but it just wont work IMO.

    What!? Were any people offended because TES has an in-game religion? No? Why should Minecraft be any different?
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    Quote from Fel99

    Its soo boring, the graphics are terrible (I know its not everything but come on), so little content and the serve death panelty is too serve.

    I dont how people play that peice of crap.

    It's an indie game. Made by a small group of people. Of course it's not going to have the graphics of Crysis.
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    What does the title have to do with the thread?
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    Quote from leson88

    Okay, at first you may being predicting, "An Ender-Empire? Dude, that's just lame, and it's probably another one of those guys who're just coming up with lame ideas..."
    You really shouldn't start a thread by insulting people. It's rude, makes you look desperate and makes the entire suggestion look bad.

    Well first, you got to hear me out before you can call this a lame idea. So what am I talking about? I'm talking about an Empire ruled by the Endermen! This will only happen after you defeat the Enderdragon.
    Okay, I will hear you out.


    Stronger Endermen- They will spawn more frequently after the Enderdragon's death. They are more powerful, meaning they can deal 1.5 hearts more damage. They will always be hostile against you, looking at it or not.
    I think the endermen shuld be more dangerous by default. I sort of support this so far.

    Ender Titan: A Titan that looks like the ordinary Endermen, but it's gigantic and has horns on it. It has a more triangular body than the Enderman, and has the ability to scoop up to a whole house. It would be considered a rare sighting, meaning that the chances of finding one would be more rare than finding a Spider Jockey times ten, so the odds of an automatic griefer would be extremely thin, plus it would usually take out trees, not houses, and it throws them at you, and the blocks turn into item form, except leaves. It will also be sighted in the End, but more commonly. It has the health of an Enderdragon, and you must attack it's torso or up. It has critical hits enabled when you shoot its head, meaning 2 hearts taken instead of 1. Once defeated, it will fade out, and drop half the Exp. of an Enderdragon, and drop 2 stacks of Ender Pearls.
    This would be very hard to code and would severely lag slower computers, its rarity doesn't compensate. Also, wasn't there some video about this?

    Ender Taxim: It's not another Golem. It's hostile, and acts like a gorilla. It can charge at you at a very fast pace, and deal lots of damage. It has half the health of an Iron Golem, but deals high amounts of damage, ranging from 5 to 7 hearts, plus more knock-back than usual. It has a very slow attack rate. Can be found in both regions. It's fat, but has big arms. When killed, drops 3 times the amount of Exp. of a Enderman, and Ender Horns.
    this doesn't sound like an ender-mob, the implemented ones are mysterious and ethereal, not blunt and animalistic. This would be better as an unrelated mob.

    Ender Dimmu: From Sumerian Culture. The Only enemy that has wings and can fly. It's wings are insanely huge, and looks rocky, and has a very thin humanoid body, especially it's legs. It deals 2 hearts always, and attacks with sharp talons. Has 15 hearts, and drops 0-2 Ender Pearls, as well as half of an Ender Taxim's Exp. Points.
    Minecraft should avoid direct references to real-world culture (zombies don't count because they've become radically different to their voodoo ancestors). Again, this sounds difficult to code and very unfitting.

    Ender Horns: A new potion ingredient. It allows the Potion of Invisibility if mixed in with Awkard Potion. Will make Mundane Potion if blended alone. Will have increased duration if mixed with Redstone, and Better Invisibility if blended with Glowstone dust. Mobs have a 50% chance of seeing you, but with Glowstone Dust, Mobs have a 15% of seeing you.
    That actually sounds okay.

    Ender Throne: A Throne in which the Endermen surround. They have no king or queen, but they act like there is one. They'll all attack if you approach close enough to it. More of decoration, but has a chest, that could contain from common to rare: End Stone, Obsidian, Golden Apples, Iron, Diamonds.
    Even after reading I have no idea what this is.

    Ender Castle: They are small castles made out of obsidian and Endstone. They contain lots of Ender Dimmus, and has treasures such as the one mentioned above. It has lots of cobwebs, and it's full of darkness.
    Same problem as above.


    This is not a stupid question. This means when will these kinds of things occur? Well they only appear after you defeat the Enderdragon, and you return to the Overworld. They'll appear after 2 Minecraft Days. You'll know because there will be no Moon out. Only Ender Enemies will appear on this day. Days like these have a 1/50 chance of happening.
    Much as I agree that random events would be nice, this doesn't seem the right way of going about it.


    I personally think there should be a feature like this because it adds another challenge to Minecraft after you beat the newest main goal: Defeating the Enderdragon. Now I know, defeating the Enderdragon was supposed to be the Main Goal in Minecraft. But, this is more of a second Goal. Some people look forward to it, some people would look forward to just the recent Goal.
    So the endermen become stronger after you defeat their leader? Interesting...

    Yes, a lot. The End will change a lot after you leave it. It will appear to look much more bigger than it really is. Small Obsidian Castles will spawn, as well as many more Obsidian Spikes. More variety or Ender Mobs will appear, and the chance of seeing an Ender Titan is 1/20. They will be able to pick Obsidian Spikes and throw them at you for an instant kill. The End will look much more royal, but not too much of royal.
    All these should have been mentioned earlier in the thread. A conclusion shouldn't bring up more topics.

    That's it. Any questions or comments is necessary.
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    Quote from 0_Zippy

    Edit: Woah, me and 23232323 posted at the exact same second.


    Anyway. I do have one very minor criticism with this guide; I don't think suggestions need pictures to be good. Pics certainly help, but describing can work just as well.
    Just a minor criticism.
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    Quote from Epicness1324

    Guns don't belong in Minecraft, this is a game for pretty much all ages

    Like people have said, Minecraft has swords and bows, both of which could encourage violence. So could TNT as it explodes. Then we have undead that hunt you down in dark caves and forest. Add a literal hell in and Minecraft could almost be considered too adult already. Guns wont change that.
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    posted a message on Please read THIS before making a suggestion.
    Nice guide. Very well presented.
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    Quote from Stryk3r15

    I don't ever, EVER, want guns. Maybe in the Mod API, but yeah. I would probably hate Minecraft if that was added.

    Explain why, otherwise you're breaking forum rules.
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    Fine as long as it's not a real god.
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    Quote from kingzut

    truth be told ... id like them to do more with the nether .. but i dont like your version of "biomes" most of the time when i play i only go to the nether for a few random things here and there...id like it to be built up to the point i would stay there..a reason to explore it.. i mean for the most part once you go to the nether you have no real need to explore it much..everythings right there for you. nerthak ..soul sand..lava...fortress..ok done (since anything you may need is in a fortress) plut aside from ghasts i dont really worry about other mobs all that much..and even ghasts arent bad.. you can knock back there attack and kill them in like 1 hit.. z pigmen dont attack unless you hit them..magma cubes are well slimes... blazes can be a pain in groups tho..but some fire proofing stops all that.

    i think..they should add new blocks or ores... maybe nether stone...that can be used to make nether brick...sulfur/brimstone can either be used as a coal like ore for fuel or used to make a new lightsource .. blood diamonds ..red diamods that are stronger and last longer but very rare.... blackend iron... can be like iron in what it makes but a new skin for it a more "gothic" look ... "tainted water" water that is a darker grey collor that lights in fire when it touches lave or a fire source.. can be used in place of water to make new potions.. like a "fire bomb potion"

    new/more mobs... like a creaper type mob for the nether maybe with a shorter fuse... flaming zombies ..if they hit you theres a chance they light you on fire and they have a chance to light what they walk on....

    Didn't you already make a suggestion about this?
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    posted a message on Say no to duel wielding
    I'll be using the GoombaGeek technique here.
    Quote from TheProvesser

    So it's not really a suggestion then, is it? Why did post this in the suggestion forum?

    I have been hearing alot of crap about duel wielding laity...
    I don't want to be a grammar nazi but... three typos in the same sentence! Alot? 'Duel'? Laity? This threads going very well so far. /s

    Anywho it should not be implemented into the game
    AGGGHHHH!!!!! The typos!!!!!! They hurt so much!!!!!

    Yes. Please enlighten us.

    A change like that would effect vet players like me
    A change like that would effect everyone; from veteran to newbie, and why do we care that you're a 'veteran'?

    and some of us are so use to using my mouse butten not 2
    Yes... some of us are. That's why you're against dual wielding!? Because of a slight change of controls!? I didn't hear anyone complain about that when Halo 2 was released.

    If it is implemented please make it optional because there is alot of vets who dont want it.
    What? So you expect Steve will have a tool magically attached to his left hand? Give me a break.
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    Quote from bowserchomp

    Hah! The joke's on you! You don't like PC's only because you don't know how to use them! Enjoy paying 1,200 dollars for a crappy overpriced computer that was made in China right beside the Dell's and HP's, with all the same parts! :lol:

    Err... you didn't answer his question, which makes me think you're wrong.
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    Err... you know there's a whole suggestion forum for this.
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    Quote from cheaton666

    Are they even allowed to use that name since its from the elder scrolls? I smell a law suit.

    What?! Nothing in the title is from the Elder Scrolls. Unless you're talking about Sheogorath, which is incorrect for 2 reasons.
    1. No one owns the concept of a 'mad god', they've been part of various ancient religions.
    2. An old name for Hell is 'Sheol', so no one owns the prefix "Sheo' either (though nothing in RotMG use it).

    Anyway, great game. Been having a lot of fun with it.
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