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    posted a message on Hardest Enemies/Bosses?
    Quote from Gheart

    The Lambent Berserker in Gears of War 3 on Insane. I was dancing when I finally beat it.

    What about about RAAM (GoW1)? He was way harder.
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    posted a message on What games are you looking forward to?
    Assassin's Creed 3
    Halo 4
    Gears of War: Judgement
    South Park: The Stick of Truth
    Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
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    posted a message on Runescape (Dumb 12 year olds, Douchebaggery: the same old players)
    Quote from GravCat

    I don't play Minecraft.

    and is this just a rant or are you going to give us some discussion value here?

    ...Then how did you get here...?
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    posted a message on Have you ever Hated a game without trying it?
    Heavy Rain. I just couldn't understand how shaving a poor guy was meant to be fun.
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    posted a message on Ender Mobs, Mo' Mobs, And More Portals.
    Quote from Redyoshi101

    Is it just me or do the dimensions lack in diversity, for instance the End only has Endermen and the Enderdragon.
    That's because the end is not a dimension, it is a boss room. For fighting the boss.

    I prepose Ender Mages, and Black Vortexs.

    The Ender Mage launch spells such as summoning zombies (nothing to hard) and drops either an Ender Eye or a Diamond.
    Good! Now we can make diamond grinders.

    The Black Vortex is like a Blaze
    Another mob rip-off? Cool!

    except it launch minuature versions of itself,
    Wait what? So it throws mini blaze-ripoffs at us? And what do they do? More elaboration please?

    it could drop Endstone .
    And... why would that be useful? I could just mine the stuff under me. Even rotten flesh has its uses.

    Also, you can make Endstone Tools.
    So, how powerful are these new tools? More importantly, what is their purpose?

    And, I prepose biomes in the End or Nether.
    Ok... only in the Nether. The end, as I said before, is a boss room, not a fancy-pancy dimension.

    In the End there may be Floating Islands,
    Why would there be trees in the void? You do know that the end is in the void? (I'm reading your description), Also - Enderman dungeon? Really?

    Endermen get damaged by water, also, the end shouldn't have any plants (eg VINES) in it. The structure itself seems like it would be annoying, getting in your way while you're running away from the enderdragon.

    Obsidian Towers,
    AKA multiple endermen grinders + free TNT and fire charges. I never got why they added TNT to pyramids, either.

    and Drylands.
    Again, plants in the end? The end is not exactly a lush garden.

    And for the Nether, Magma Seas,
    Like we already have. Do you mean it will be open? If so, sure, support.

    Glowstone Islands,
    Ok... sure...

    Flaming Canyons,
    Sounds like what we already have.

    Lava Oasis,
    Wait, so now there's Fire Lichen trees? What do they do? What tool is used on them? What is their purpose? Also, no to blazes, at any rate - they are supposed to be guardians of the fortresses. Magma cubes is a very small maybe. Other than that, yes to gravel beach w/lava pool, they could be used as landmarks.

    Lava Island,
    Like we already have.

    and A Ghast Domain ( A Glowstone Island with Lava Falls.)
    TWO TO FIVE GHAST SPAWNERS? You realize that ghast balls (lol) destroy glowstone, right? Meaning the island would be obliterated in seconds. 1-5 saddles? Maybe 1-3, you can find dungeons easily enough in the overworld, so saddles aren't exactly rare. TWO TO TEN DRAGON EGGS? So, somehow, 10 dragons managed to escape the end, travel through a tiny portal to the nether, and then all of the got killed by ghasts? Dragon eggs should stay as a trophy for defeating the dragon. 64 Diamonds? You realize what you just said? 4 stacks of glowstone? WHAT? An end portal? In the Nether? What? So what are stronghold for now? I'll check out "Runicia" later.

    Also, I prepose since the Nether is suposed to be Hell
    Really? You just made it sound like a place for free diamonds.

    We Could add Lost Souls that float around in groups but when spotted one flys toward you and attacks (attacks like zombie.)
    Flying zombies?

    Fire Elementials that hide in the Magma Sea and launch fireballs and summon lava (will be very rare.)
    So, lava-launching blazes that hide in lava... What?

    and Baby Dragons (passive mob)

    that drops dragon meat, dragon scales and dragon teeth
    1. What would these do, how would they be useful
    2. If baby dragons are passive, then how OP is this stuff?

    Also, we can add trees made from fire (called Fire Lichen.)
    Oh, here's the fire lichen. You might have explained that before putting them in your ideas. But still, how would this be useful?

    and we can have Fire Tools,
    So this is what fire lichen is used for? WTH would these do? They sound overpowered.

    Netherrack Tools,
    How would this be useful? We don't need 10000000 new tool tiers.

    and we can add ores such as Mithril, and Adamantine.
    Jeb said he would NOT add ores that were tool-only. They HAVE to have another use.

    Then, You can make Mithril, Adamantine, and Dragons Tooth Tools.
    So this is what dragon teeth are used for? Still sound OP, also, see what I said about Jeb saying he would not add a tool-only material. Adding special effects to armors are too RPG-ish, enchanting is enough, thank you.

    And for armor you can use dragons' scales.
    That cut fire damage in half. Good, now we can jump in lava without fire potions.

    Maybe we can also add a post-apocalyptic world that is overun with plants and robots.
    um. wat

    Please Post Your Ideas for items, mobs, dimesions,
    No, I will post them in the suggestions forum, thankuverymuch.

    Contact me If anyone is a mod-maker and can make this happen!
    There's also a mod request forum.

    Your Comments Are Welcome
    Hope you enjoyed mine.

    -----------Next post-------------
    Fine, How 'bout this, there MAY be a chance of a saddle or dragon egg.
    No dragon egg.

    there AT MOST will be 2-5 diamonds, and half a stack of glowstone.
    Sound a bit better.

    Also, I last night dereased the spawn rate to 20% okay?
    Whoa, still to frequent. Try .5%

    And I also got the idea of Nether settlements, these will be settlements of Steves willing to trade with you.
    Back up a second. Now we are introducing human villagers that live in hell that serve the same purpose as testificates? WAT

    And also, I got the idea of a dungeon-like structure (the Ghast domain is a dungeon) and it will be made of a new material, Firestone.
    Ok, let's check that out.

    Firestone can hide traps or spawners,
    How will it do that? Elaborate.

    this dungeon will have 1 golden apple occasionally, 1 piece of diamond or gold loot.

    And it make contain15-45 pieces of Firestone,
    As well as the firestone on the outside?

    ( you can put blocks in Firestone like chests and they can be triggered by redstone.)
    First part made no sense, is there a block you can't place in a chest?
    Second part, they can be triggered by redstone - what? What does that do?

    And, to make a portal to Ruinica you will either need Mossy Cobblestone, Stone Brick, Cracked Stone Brick, or Mossy Stone Brick (these will chose where you spawn.) More on Ruinica in my next post!
    Well, that at least sound a tad original - material used determining spawn.

    ---------------Next Post-----------------
    Here I have more info on Ruinica, Ruinica the gateway planet was a flourishing forested planet.
    gateway flourishing forest planet, um, ok?

    The first intellingent species came to life on it. These being the Elves,

    The Elves were a passive wise race living in peace and cultivating the planet.

    Soon, The Elves Of Ruinica made a brand new magic, Portal Magic..... with this magic they went to other worlds, Such as The Nether, Undar, Nemus, Moltox, Aeria, and Gamertha.
    Wait wait wait. Undar, Nemus, Moltox, Aeria, and Gamertha?

    After collecting materials from these planetoids, they went on to build highly advanced metropolises.
    Brainiacs, eh?

    Millons of years later, A plague is unleased killing most of the Elven Race.

    After, near extinction the Elves reatreat into shadow,
    So they, retreat, into shadow,

    Their robot creations take over the plagued cities,
    Power coup? WE - HAVE - LIVED - UNDER - YOU - FOR - TOO - LONG
    YOU - WILL - DIE - NOW

    seeking out Elves to exterminate.
    Pew pew!

    Due to the robots searches for Elves the cities fell into disrepair and plants grew and covered their cities. Now, Elves are in hiding and Ruinica is warring, creatures of nature itself against robot machinations.
    Wait a minute. So you gave us the story of the planet? I was expecting information on the actual dimension, in minecraft.
    Sorry if I got Ninja'd, the page was open for quite a bit.

    I just got ninja'd.
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    posted a message on Should i get left 4 dead 2?
    Yes, as long as it's not the Australian version. The zombies disappear when they die and it really breaks the atmosphere.
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    posted a message on Bring back Spruce Forests!
    Quote from Alkein

    so you want forests, They are already in there, Every type of tree is already in minecraft.
    Too much code to make it Fish faster in certain biomes, just fish, so much easier to make a farm anyways

    Not sure what you're saying here. We don't have snow-less pine forests and we haven't since 1.0. I support this as I too like those forest.
    Also, the same should be done for swamps.
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    posted a message on Time passing Games?
    Any free IOS platformer.
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    posted a message on Detailed Nether Villagers (Lots of Images)

    The idea is good, With all the things but I agree with the comments above with instant killing demons it would surely not be fun, Maybe if they were atleast very rare and depending on the Armour you had determines how much damage cause if you had diamond Armour it would be around 2 hearts, gold 4 1/2 , iron 5 same with chain mail as well of leather 7 damage and no armour would be 8 damage which would provide need for protection,
    The Demons which instant kill maybe for a idea to have to include strong holds which one of these demons can be found at which gives the player a choose wether or not to risk it, cause who would like just exploring the nether and all of a sudden you die from a instant kill just no fun.

    None are insta-killing. The strongest one takes 2 hits to kill you.
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    posted a message on Who do you think won E3?
    Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Clear winners.
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    posted a message on The Elder Scrolls
    Quote from Homem Pigman

    ^ I'll look into that, thank you.

    So anyone has played a single character through two or more games? So far I've used different people in each, but for TES VI I will use my Oblivion character :)

    I use a different race and class each time, but my main character in Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim had the same name.
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    posted a message on What new game of a series would YOU like to see?
    A sequel to Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, or a Crash Bandicoot game like Twinsanity.
    All my other favourite games already have planned sequels.
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    posted a message on The Elder Scrolls
    Quote from CycloneX5

    What's everyone's favorite Daedra? Mine is the Clannfear. It reminds me of a microceratops, and I enchanted my sword to summon one on use.

    Mine are the atronachs. I just like things based off the classical elements.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 12w24a Available for Testing!
    Has anyone noticed that you can't use bonemeal on saplings in this snapshot?
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    posted a message on Describe your favourite game and make it sound as awfull as possible
    Has anyone heard of Oblivion? It's probably the stupidest games there is. It's an RPG where the story is about evil cultists summoning demons and you stop them. That's just promoting religious insensitivity! The character models are ugly and the graphics are so last generation! Don't even get me started on the world! It's meant to be open but it has so many invisible walls! And every so often a portal to hell appears and it makes everything look even more ugly! Oblivion is probably the stupidest game ever!

    Man, that was hard.
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