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    posted a message on Detailed Nether Villagers (Lots of Images)
    Quote from Fanatictekken

    I totally support this. Don't care of those who say stupid things 'bout this. I have an idea, too, for shore...

    New mob:

    Minotaur [or Minotaur Giant]
    It will be a Nether boss.
    It has the speed of giant zombie.
    It holds giant sledgehammer made of bedrock. If you kill it you get GIANT AMOUNT of exp, little less than with ender dragon.
    Spawns in new structure Minotaur Castle. Deep within, there is it.
    Damage: 20 hearts (half hearts)
    Health: 75% of Ender dragon.
    Drops: Nether portal, Minotaur Bedrock Sledgehammer. Unbreakable, damage of 8 hearts (full hearts)

    Thanks... :)

    ps. plz if you like that, create an look for it. (it is size of an giant) and add it to your post.

    Maybe not a boss, but a rare, very strong, mob. Also, if the hammer is that powerful then it should break.
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    I know this has been said before but let's analyse the Nether for a moment.
    Lots of lakes filled with lava? Check. Endless amounts of red, flaming rock? Check. Undead humanoids forced to walk endlessly through the flames? Check. Damned souls fused into the earth? Check. Floating demons that rain hellfire upon the unwary? Check. The lack of any flora except mushrooms? Check. The ruins of once-mighty fortresses inhabited by the ghosts of the past? Check. Chaotic, disorientating geography? Check. Enticing treasure that once reached will probably be blown to bits? Check. Biome code called 'Hell'? Check.

    Yep. The Nether is hell, we don't need another one.
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    posted a message on Adventure Mode: Creeper Destruction
    Yes, great idea.
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    posted a message on The Elder Scrolls
    Quote from Gheart

    Morrowind image dump time?

    The Doctor has arrived:

    Stupid as that sounds, it would be a lot more interesting than the most recent Doctor Who episodes.
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    Quote from PED_Frozen

    Classic Gamecube Games like Metroid Prime, Pikmin 2, Super Mario Sunshine.. all that good ****.

    Those games don't hold any relevance here, we're talking about FPS games, not platformers or strategies.
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    posted a message on Animal Genders
    This would add variety to the VERY boring breeding system, I support.
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    posted a message on Throw Out Emerald Currency, Bring in...
    Quote from Neospector

    It's currency because we're intelligent. Do you still trade home-grown chickens for your French dinner? I didn't think so. We see "trade systems" as an economy; "This object for ten of those shiny chips" basically. So it's easier for people to actually trade with an economy system (sell whatever for emeralds, buy whatever for emeralds) than it is to barter, since we've grown up with the idea of economy.
    Besides, who said they were dumb? They can craft pickaxes, since I'm obviously able to buy one from them. They have a chicken farm, since I'm able to buy 21 cooked chickens for emeralds. You're confusing AI for their in-game intelligence. AI isn't finished yet, so it can't be compared to anything just yet. (In-game intelligence, on the other hand, would be their intelligence if you were actually in the game. Zelda in-game intelligence is high; the people can talk to you and such. But their AI is barely greater than that of Minecraft; they wander around, sometimes into walls, they scamper away from danger with a few triggered cutscenes, ect.)

    I gave you a +1 for that. Well said.
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    posted a message on Detailed Nether Villagers (Lots of Images)
    Quote from tanksverylot

    With GREEN blood... (Sorry for the late post.)

    Let's compare, shall we?

    Zombie Pigmen: Healthy flesh, green blood, exposed bone.

    0_Zippy's Minotaurs: Healthy flesh, no blood, exposed bone.

    I'm not sure I understand the problem.

    Quote from JacobTheGreat2

    I like this idea. But you don't know what minotaurs are.

    A minotaur is a human-bull hybrid, that's pretty much what these ones are.
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    Quote from iSoulCalibur

    Let us settle this dispute with a game:






    Neither, seriously.

    Halo would win since it has more strategy (and chess being a strategy game and all...).
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    posted a message on What do you think of people saying pokemon is bad for kids today
    Quote from Simpa

    What's that website?
    I need some good laughs.

    Also, of course it doesn't. How can a pet training game do ****?

    Landover Baptist Forum.
    They also did Portal 2, TF2, G Mod, MLP and Amazon.
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    Quote from Gheart

    With GoW1 I didn't even try insane. :P

    Neither did I. I just assume RAAM to be harder because I could beat the lambent zerker on hardcore without too much trouble but couldn't even beat RAAM on easy (rage-quitting, oh the shame!)
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    posted a message on MW3 or Halo: Reach?
    Quote from Gatling_Tech

    thank you for typing that out so i didn't have to :)

    You're quite welcome. It definitely was hard work.
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    posted a message on What is the worst game you have ever played?

    sonic 06. good idea, EXTREMELY POORLY EXECUTED

    A list of reasons why Sonic 06 is terrible.
    1. overwrought story
    2. bland characters
    3. satanic references
    4. the lava creatures are just re-skins of the Shadow the Hedgehog aliens
    5. slow movement
    6. TERRIBLE camera
    7. ugly graphics
    8. ugly aesthetics
    9. cheap deaths
    10. boring combat
    11. repetitive level design
    12. cliched soundtrack
    13. some of the worst voice-acting ever
    14. long load times
    15. boring multiplayer
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    posted a message on MW3 or Halo: Reach?
    Quote from SirMa7hewSexy

    25 reasons why Modern Warfare 3 is better than Halo Reach.

    1. MW3 has better graphics, playing Halo is like playing a cartoon.
    Remember which forum you're on, and Halo's graphics are stylised to look more 'alien'. That's like saying CoD is ugly because it looks realistic.
    2. MW3 uses more team work compared to Halo: driving Wraiths and betraying your own teammates.
    You can betray your teammates in CoD.
    3. Can't forget about Halo spawn traps. (Those are really fun)
    You can do this almost every shooter.
    4. The weapons are retarded, one assault rifle, one sniper, one shotgun, they couldn't be any more generic.
    There are at least 4 assault rifles, at least four snipers, though there is only 1 shotgun.
    5. MW3 has better maps, Halo maps are open fields if you ever pay attention.
    That's because the 2 games use different styles, I don't see how this is bad thing.
    6. Halo Reach is in the year 2552, I'm positive by then they will have armor piercing bullets that can pierce and inch of body armor no matter what type of metal on the periodic table its made of.
    The armour has a force field around it, once thats gone you die in a couple of hits.
    7. MW3 campaign is way more touching, realistic, addicting, and fun. Halo's campaigns are always dark, gritty, and boring.
    I haven't played much of MW3's campaign, but this is the first (of many) reviews that's complemented the story. Also, Halo is dark now? We must be playing different games.
    8. MW3 IS HARDER, WHY? Running around the map being able to be killed having to beat people to the draw and kill them while aiming down your sights is harder because reflexes and reactions have to be instantaneous, if the enemy has a reaction faster than yours by a heartbeat, you're already dead.
    That sounds worse rather than better. Halo is about shoot outs, not hide and seek.
    9. In Halo when you see an enemy you start spraying and jumping in a circle with them for 10 seconds until someone finally dies.
    I've never in all my years seen this happen.
    10. Explosions have no damage in Halo, grenades are piratically useless. But in MW3 where explosives do a huge part in killing which is more reasonable.
    No, grenades are very useful, you're just using them wrong. In Reach your supposed to use them to flush people out of cover or as a distraction, not as an actual killing device.
    11. 100% Customizable classes in COD is amazing, it can fit the player's playing style on the dot.
    Halo has classes, but they're used differently because Halo is a different kind of game.
    12. MW3 has 40+ multiplayer gametypes.
    Good for it.
    13. The guns in Halo are extremely unrealistic, the missles are too slow, in forge mode you can beat a UNSC rocket launcher missle in a race when your in fairy mode, or umm I mean ball form.
    That's so you can't just run around the map with a missile launcher being invincible, and forge isn't meant to be used for combat.
    14. Halo isn't a first person shooter when all you do is spray (literally) and drive vehicles.
    ...I don't even know where to start on how stupid this is.
    15. MW3 has special ops mode and the other CODs have zombies mode, which is way better than infected.
    Explain why, otherwise your point is invalid.
    16. Halo has never had a record sale.
    17. MW3 doubled its sales compared to Reach, and MW3 is recognized as the worst Modern Warfare. I wonder why is sold so much maybe because it has more fans and COD will always be recognized as the best FPS of all time. (Survey results show it)
    Being the 'best selling' game doesn't mean your game is the best ever.
    18. Don't forget about how MW3 is more fast paced and More of an action and war game, in Halo you can't even go prone.
    Needs more explanation.
    19. I don't understand assassinations, you can stab someone in the back with a knife and it will pierce their armor and kill them, but a 50 caliber shot to the stomach won't. A bullet travels faster than the speed of sound but the swing of a knife will kill you.
    For the sake of balance. If you manage to sneak up behind someone without them noticing you should be rewarded.
    21. MW3 campers are easy to deal with. EVERY building in EVERY COD map has more than one entrance for a reason.
    Halo campers are easy to deal with. EVERY building in EVERY halo map has more than one entrance for a reason.
    22. No special grenades like Flashbangs, Concussion Grenades, Smoke Grenades, EMP Grenades, or 9 bangers. Oh wait I forgot their radius isn't big enough for a massive open field.
    *COUGH*spikers*COUGH*flame grenades*COUGH*
    But again, grenades aren't a large part of Halo's play style.
    23. In MW3 movement is more fluid than compared to hopping around like a little bunny in a war.
    I've never noticed a significant movement difference
    24. No headshot kills because in real life no one instantaneously dies when they get shot in the head. (Being sarcastic)
    There are head-shots in Halo...
    25. The vehicles are retarded:
    Scorpion- It goes 2 miles and hour and is a moving target, nowadays an M1 Abrams goes 75 mph, in the future, in Halo days they should have a tank that goes 200 mph.
    Balanced gameplay strikes again. The Scorpion can kill any player (and any vehicle) in a single hit.
    Mongoose- ​ Basically a mini deathtrap, the point of having a forerunner in a war is beyond explanation.
    I actually agree with you here.
    Wraith- Same thing as scorpion.
    Same thing as Scorpion.
    Warthog- The only reliable Vehicle in the game, but it should look more Humvee like. (Include doors and roof)
    Your problem is the design!? Okay, now your just struggling for reasons to hate.
    Falcon/Hornet/Banshee- These should be know as "floating targets" they litterally float and should be able to dodge the 10mph missles. Maybe pop flares or a maneuverability system.
    They're actually fairly hard to hit if you use them right.
    Ghost/Revenant- 2 out of the 3 reasonable vehicles.
    Not sure what your trying to say here.

    Bonus- Having to wait 5 secs to respond is dumb, especially when you have to wait 10 secs because your teammate drove you off a cliff.
    It's so you have time to get ready, and if you don't like it you can turn it off.

    Thats a short summary of why MW3 is better than Halo Reach. I'm not trying to insult anyone, just prove a point. BTW before you say I'm a Cod Fanboy, I play BF3,MW3, and Reach.
    Most of these reasons really sound like something a fanboy would say.

    Quote from SirMa7hewSexy

    People should realize that they shouldn't play that cartoon of a game many may call "Halo". It is a disgrace to all FPS. After your done reading this and my earlier post from before you should find that "Halo" game disc and snap it in half.


    Look at that 25 reasons list

    Yep. Definitely a fanboy.
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    posted a message on What is the worst game you have ever played?
    Quote from Dairuka

    This entire thread has reinforced my sympathy to this generation of teenage gamers.
    Not sure how a thread about bad games could do that.

    Ten to fifteen or so years from now when Kickstarter clones have decimated the EA and Activision dominated markets, and video games with challenge and depth (Graphics have advanced as far as they're gonna go) are revered over Halo 2/Call of Duty 4 clones; your children will be mocking you for how easy your games are by comparison to their generation's, and the generations that came before you, will laugh with them.
    I can predict thousands of possible futures for the gaming industry and this isn't among them. For a start; graphics are constantly improving, so I don't see why that would suddenly stop. Secondly; games with depth and challenge have and always will be revered, so will simple FPSs, just by different audiences. Third; I highly doubt teen's children will mock them because CoD was made while they were young, that's completely beyond their control.

    This generation of gamers truly will go down in history as the worst gamers.
    There are 2 obvious problems with this statement. 1: todays teens aren't a single synaptic organism, they all have different skill levels. 2: since when are awards given out to entire generations for their average skill?

    Hey, at least you guys got ****-talking down to an artform. Maybe your kids will appreciate that.
    Teens have always been the most immature part of society, this is nothing new.

    Pick up a copy of Dark Souls and Demon Souls and beat them both. Hurry, before it's too late to save your children from becoming disappointed in you.
    My parents struggle with Halo on the higher difficulties, they'd probably rage-quit Demon/Dark Souls in the first 10 minutes. I'm not disappointed in them.

    Bottom line. I question your logic.

    OT: I recently tried Sonic 06, I'm still having nightmares about it.
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