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    Quote from TheStormex

    Wait, How's this:

    If I can't put the big train on top of a platform that's on the furnace, can It be on an empty cart that is being pushed by a furnace in cart?

    No, Minecarts (of any top) aren't blocks. It is literally impossible to make trains without mods.

    Quote from TheStormex

    Oh, on the first day, how do you get stones?

    Once again, you can't do this in survival. Make a creative world to do this and a separate world for regular play.
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    Quote from TheStormex

    Why do I want to make an artificial island, because the area I will be dropped on is random, I can't control what biome appear where I want, So I should make one myself.
    It would take YEARS to do what you're suggesting in legit survival. If you want to get it done in a reasonable amount of time, do it in creative mode (you have an infinite amount of nearly ever block, you can also fly and have access to some commands). I also recommend you download WorldPainter, TooManyItems and Single Player Commands. With WorldPainter you'll be able to make the island itself in a matter of weeks, TooManyItems will give you access to every block, item and mob in the game, even the ones you're not supposed to be able to use, and Single Player Commands gives you access to every command in the game.
    Unfortunately I don't have links to any of these, but you should be able to find them fairly easily by typing them into Google.

    Well, I have questions, I think there's stuff I'd like to do but don't know if I can:

    Can I make and put my own songs I've made for the game and make them play automatically when players enter a certain room?
    You can do it by wiring up a helluva' lot of note blocks, but it takes a lot of redstone knowledge and in the long term probably isn't worth doing.

    Someone made a server where if you enter a room, monsters appear and when you defeat them, the doors open, how did he do that?
    I'm not sure, that's quite possibly a mod, or he could have used command blocks (I'm not sure how these work, you should probably look up some tutorials).

    Some people made custom monsters as bosses in their dungeons, can I do that?
    It's possible. You have to edit an existing mobs data. Again, I'm no expert.

    Can I make a password of some kind to a door and when I say it at that door that door opens?
    It's possible to make a locking mechanism with levers, where if you pull certain levers, the door opens. You can find temples with these locks in jungles.

    Can I make keys that only open a certain door?
    As far as I'm aware, no.

    How can I make my world available for people online to play?
    Upload the world's file, but again I'm no expert, I don't how to do this.

    On the wiki, I saw that Moderators and Admins can put monster spawn eggs, If I created the world, and made it available for others to play on it, am I an Admin that can make the eggs?
    Moderators and Admins are only on servers. How it works is, you find a 'spawn egg' in the creative inventory and then while holding the egg you right click the ground, thus spawning the respective mob. If you put an egg in a dispenser the egg can be fired out when the dispenser is activated by a player or mob. If this sounds too complicated, you can just get a mob spawner block (TooMany Items), if you place it in darkness it will automatically spawn mobs around it.
    Unfortunately, none of this applies to custom mobs, ask someone more qualified if you want to know how to spawn them.

    If I can make the eggs, how long will they hatch to monsters?
    Instantly. Spawn eggs aren't actually eggs, they're just decoration for manuel mob spawning.

    Can I make my world's block not breakable by other players? (Like, they can't have axes and such)
    /gamemode adventure

    can I make a villager from an egg to sell what I want him to sell in a shop?
    This goes back to custom mobs. Edit the villagers data so it only sells certain items.

    I want to make a big train, this is my idea:
    This is impossible. Minecarts aren't blocks, so therefore can't have blocks placed on them. The best you could do for a subway is just have people ride in empty minecarts.

    When a player solves a puzzle in a dungeon, can it be reverted or is it permanent unless I go there and change it?
    It's permanent.

    If not, can I create the game that Me and my friends play in it while others can play it themselves and any changes made to the game won't affect my original world?
    When people download the world, they get the world exactly as it was when you uploaded it, anything you do in the world after that will have no affect on anyone else.

    Well, that's all my questions for now, I hope someone will tell me how Minecraft works after I get the game for my birthday! Bye!
    Everything you need to know is on either the wiki or youtube.

    EDIT: you'll need third party programs to edit mob data.
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    Just bought it today, seems really good so far.
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    Quote from Mitchyc99

    There's some great ideas, but I personally don't think that those will be included in 1.5, if ever. I may be wrong, and don't let me stop you from coming up with new ideas, but these seem too complicated....
    Let's just wait and see what comes in 1.5

    You know he was just repeating what the devs said? These aren't his ideas.
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    Quote from MarillMau5

    23232323: YEah like in early times and religion there were myths, so then comes a herobrine i guess.

    Are you agreeing or disagreeing with me? Anyway, about Herobrine: his current existence within lore is, like people said, a fan-made myth. The way I see it, Herobrine, within lore terms, represents paranoia and madness within Steve, and is created by Steve's (eventual) need to rationalise his own insanity, he is not a physical character.

    Going off the topic of Herobrine, I have a few questions about the OP. Villagers exist in a Minecraft world before the player spawns, so how can they be Steve's descendants? Also, if Endermen are angels, why do they live with the devil?
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    Quote from A_British_Gamer

    Sonic 06 was pretty bad. I didn't dislike it as much as all of the old 2D Sonic games but when a game gets released without a "new game" function... Yeah.

    That's probably my worst game ever. The game is so bad I actually enjoy playing it.
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    Australia and New Zealand do have a fairly large Minecraft community, and I'm pretty sure (though not absolutely certain) that Mojang said Minecon wont be in the US or Europe again next year, so there's a chance.
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    posted a message on Am i allowed to upload a minecraft texture pack that's not my own creation?
    If you know they're okay with it and you credit them, then yes.
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    Quote from Villanelo

    He is not part of the CODE. He is not in the game, and has never been. But he is a part of Minecraft, the same way the resurrection of Aerith was a part of ff vii, or the blood code was part of the nes version of mortal kombat, or the chaos emeralds under a bridge in sonic 1, or mew under the truck in the boat zone in pokemon r/b, or blowing the game boy / nes / megadrive cartridges to make them work. Neither of those were ever real, but they were part of the game. Videogames have always had myths, and you can't fight that, no matter how hard you try. I still blow my cartridges, even if I know that won't help at all.

    That being said, and OT now.... I don't know what to add to this thread. "Cool story, bro" maybe?

    Yes, video games have myths, but they're rarely ever part of the actual game lore. Herobrine is a character made up by fans, not an official part of the game, so he has nothing to do with this.
    Quote from MagicCreeper

    But... He is.

    But... he's not.
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    Quote from Tekkiter360

    what about herobrine

    He's not a part of the game, so he has nothing to do with this.
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    Quote from Jus275

    You aren't taking into account how difficult it is to get to Australia, plus the cost just to stay somewhere for a short time. I think Toronto would be best because it is close to MANY minecrafters, and it wont be that much of an inconvenience for people to get there

    You (and many others, not trying to single you out) aren't taking into account how difficult it would be to get to Canada for some people. Not everyone lives in North America and since Minecon only accepts around 5000 people anyway so geographical location isn't that bigger an issue.
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    posted a message on To Love Or To Hate? (A Guide To Judging Video Games)
    Pretty good guide, although I expected it to be about reviewing games rather than talking about them.
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    Quote from KillerMapper

    Jeb confirmed to WTCraft.fr that Minecon 2013 will be at Dinseywolrd, Florida (and not California, sorry) during the .Party().

    Would love to be there, I loved the Minecon 2012 !

    Link or it didn't happen.
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    Quote from ApepAbaddon

    ApepAbaddon= Apep is the name of an ancient Egyptian demon/god.
    Abaddon is Hebrew for "The Destroyer", but I prefer the description from Revelations that says Abaddon is a personified fallen star, and the angel of the Abyss.

    I study things like that for fun, and just liked the way these two sounded together.

    Hi-five for studying ancient/medieval mythology.

    I was just coming up with random ideas and I thought Kynarus (my name) kind of sounded like a god character from a typical sci-fi/fantasy game so I just went with that.
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    Quote from Ninjaaazz

    I hope they put it in LA because there are many tourist attractions here. Some of them include Universal Studios Hollywood, Disneyland, Legoland, Seaworld, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Knotts Berry Farm, LA Zoo, San Diego Zoo, Santa Monica Pier, Raging Waters and much much much more! Thereare probably a lot of people who will agree with me and others who will argue with me but this is just my thought and I hope some people who work on or are famous because of Minecraft see this post.


    Minecon should never go to LA. It's literally just a short drive away from Vegas (where it was in 2011). Minecon should attempt to reach the entire fanbase, not just stick to western America.
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