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    Hello my name is Zero and i built myself a server but i wanna know is there a plugin or mod to add bedrock behavior packs to my java server so i can use my server crossplay and if there is no plugin/mod for it its a request so if there will be a mod for it please make it server side so its easier to use it with bedrock instances and i mean with behavior packs also addons not just textures

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    posted a message on need some help setup my server

    Hello my name is theundeadsaker from the youtube channel D3m0n Lik3 and i am searching for people to help me build my server

    i am searching for staff members and builders

    if you wanna help me

    enter this forum or my discordchannel

    using this format


    Apply for 0 Builder / 0 Staff

    if you place an x instead of 0 by builder

    from 1 to 10 how are your build:

    staff will be first mod and get promote to admin

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    posted a message on D3m0nLik3 Mc server!!!

    hi my name is TheUndeadSaker i am the owner of the server D3m0nLik3 MC

    i am searching for 4 admins and 3 moderators my server is faction based survival its good for making movies and play together

    We give free 10 Vip memberships to the server and if thay are gone you need to pay

    to join the server is this the ip/hostname ": d3m0nlik3.mcworlds.pro

    if you wanna become staff reply here we are english and dutch

    staff appeal:



    InGame name:

    hours to spend:

    we using discord to click here

    and if you wanna buy something from our server click here (The first ten get a free coupon to get vip on this)

    or check our youtube channel here

    hopely we see you

    greetz TheUndeadSaker

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    posted a message on DarkRage Studios Production Is Creating a MineCraft server!!!!!!

    server is installing minecraft ip is not confirmd yet

    and we dont have plugins in it yet

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    posted a message on DarkRage Studios Production Is Creating a MineCraft server!!!!!!

    Hello my name is Micvintho and DarkRage Studios Production is willing to create a server they need builders Editors and other staff members for free

    if you are intressed reply this tread we will host the server on a quad core based pc with 4 gb ram for minecraft we are searching for pepole to build/game

    so if you intressed

    do a little survey

    In game name:

    hours you can help:

    what kind of help: #chose between Admin, Moderator, plugin manager,builder.

    thats all enjoy

    when server is ready ip wil replyd

    and if the server name you want is not in it pm me for a better name

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