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    So, how do you usually die on your worlds?

    I don't really play on survival lately, but in my last long survival world, falling. See, after some exploration, I moved my house to a rather safe desert to the mountains; specifically on top of a mountain. There just so happened to be a small lake in the valley in front of it, and since it was a long climb down (I never got around to installing stairs) I tended to just jump down into the lake. I couldn't tell you how many times I fell just short or missed entirely.
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    Also likely!
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    Crap, that's a lot of butterflies.
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    After fairly little deliberation, I tore down the old base and moved into the mountains. I lost Jerry II and the last chicken, but I've caught more.

    I built a home atop a peak, overlooking the bay where Providence is docked. I built a rocky path to help my path down, and planted sugar cane and palms around it.
    I've dubbed my new home 'Sakura Heights' for the cherry trees I surrounded it with. The roof and logs are eucalyptus (also plentiful here), though the planks are sakura. I thought the pink was too bright and contrasted too sharply with the logs. I've got plots of cotton, melon and pumpkin in the yard.

    On the other side of my mountain, inside a mostly flat valley, is the barn. I've got a single cow, two chickens, and three chocobos inside. Only the yellow male is shown in the picture, as I caught and bred the other two afterwards. I also grow ghysal greens, wheat, barley, and maloberries here. The area is riddled with caves, and I did a fair bit of exploring and mining.
    I also located a redwood forest, and planted some saplings around the hills. There isn't much else of interest.
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    People that remain ignorant in the face of piles of evidence. Especially BANDits.
    If you didn't know I love dinosaurs.
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    This was terrible. I don't know why you're praising it.
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    Or you could do it yourself instead of being lazy.
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    It's rather upsetting when someone decked out in diamond armor with a fire aspect sword comes and kills the newbies for existing.
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    Burn it all.
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    Quote from Whitewolf422

    Bosses should not be tameable. It should drop an egg block like the Enderdragon egg, with its own texture.

    Ain't no breaks on the mob traaaiiin.
    Appearance: Very, very colorful, mostly in line with the modern description. Head and neck are golden, body is dark blue. Has a long peacock train with golden, green and blue feathers. Has long legs and a long neck like a crane, and a parrot's beak. The wing edges and tail tips are black and white.
    Health: 26 points
    Attack Damage: 6 points
    Behavior: Fenghuangs are rare, and spawn in flower forests and mountains*. They fly away from the player if they are approached, and never attack you. However, they attack snakes on sight and are immune to poison**. Can be brought places with a lead like passive mobs. Fenghuangs spawn flowers and tall grass around themselves, and occasionally perch in trees and sing.
    Drops: 0-1 golden carrots, 1 golden apple (enchanted kind), 0-1 glistering melons, 1-2 feathers
    *Flower forests seem like the kind of place you'd find them in. They spawn in mountains because they are said to live in the Kunlun Mountains.
    ** Fenghuangs are commonly depicted diving down on snakes like a bird of prey.

    Appearance: Like a horse. Hooves are cloven, and mane appears to be made out of bulrushes or cattails. Coat is black.
    Health: 30 points
    Attack Damage: 8 points, poison damage
    Behavior: Wild kelpies spawn near water in any warm biome (that is; anywhere the water won't freeze over). They attack on sight like other agressive mobs. Randomly when attacking, they give you a 6 second poison debuff. Tame kelpies act like other horses. Kelpies cannot be drowned, move slowly on land, but quite quickly in water.
    Drops: 0-1 hearts of ocean (rare), 0-3 leather, 1-2 raw fish, 0-2 raw salmon, 0-1 clownfish, 1-2 pufferfish.

    Essence of Ocean
    Fed to a zebra to create a tame kelpie. Crafted in the same pattern as other essences, with a Heart of Ocean as the heart and a raw fish as the other object. Heals tame kelpies.
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