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    Hey guys! I've been thinking up a storm lately trying to come up with ways to make Minecraft more entertaining... Unfortunately, I am not a modder (though I would like to learn how to mod in the future) so I wanted to get the message out to you modders who have nothing to do and know how to make us Minecraft people happy!

    I invite all of you to put your mod ideas in the comments :D I will add them to this topic!

    Modders! If you're out there then let us know if you're interested in making our ideas become realities! ... and it might be helpful to let us know if you end up doing one and where the final product will be found.


    So... I'll start with some of my ideas (a few could be described in more detail, so let me know if you're willing to do one and which one so I can give you as much detail as possible):

    1: SHOES
    Boots should be more meaningful... If you don't have boots and you step on a dead bush in the desert or something, you get hurt. I also think there should be a rare change of being poisoned for a bit if you step on one as if something was stuck in your foot. The ways to get hurt if you don't have boots are 1. if pigs or cows "step on" you 2. walk into a dead bush (as stated earlier) 3. a random, but rare, chance you "stub your toe" by walking into a block 4. I think there should be more fall damage without boots.

    2: WATER (exists here)
    I think there should be a mod that allows you to drink water. I think when you sprint, thirst goes down instead of hunger and hunger goes down over time. If you don't drink water within 3 MC days without sprinting or jumping, you die... And if thirst is about 25% down, you get a slowness buff. In order to do this mod, though, there should be fresh and salt water. If you drink salt water, your thirst goes up temporarily but after a min or two it starts dropping about twice as fast as normal (less saturation for water basically). If you drink fresh water, your thirst goes up, as normal, but when you're quenched (full of water) you get a 2 sec regen buff. You could drink water by filling glass bottles, or simply sneaking near a water source. I don't think you should be able to tell the difference between salt water and fresh other than the fact that large bodies of water are salt water.

    3: HELM
    When mining and sand or gravel falls on you without a helmet, you should take 5 hearts of damage (no matter what other armor you have on). With the helmet you take 2 hearts of damage. There should also be a new helmet that has a spike on the top, so when anything falls on your head the item breaks and you only take a half a heart of damage (per block that falls). A helmet like this should be made like so: (o's are diamond, x's are any base armor crafting items -- ie. leather, iron, gold, and diamond -- and -'s are empty)
    The armor value is not the material + the diamond tip... the diamond tip is just an add-on and has no extra armor value

    I think that the first thing you need to create is a backpack so you actually have an inventory. Without a backpack, you only have your hot bar and your inbound crafting. You should be able to upgrade your backpack later on to gain more inventory space. You should only be able to create 1 backpack per world. The backpack should be placed near the torso armor slot in the inventory GUI. Backpacks should be crafted like a chest, but instead of wood, it's leather. To upgrade, do the same thing but put the previous backpack in the center. Each upgrade should only add 9 (another row) onto your inventory. Your first backpack should only allow 1 row of items. It should go all the way to 5 rows of inventory space (leaving a 5x9 square of space and 45 total slots available).

    I think that you should only be able to craft certain things at certain times. If you press L a GUI should come up asking what category you want to advance in. Categories cost materials (stone, wood, wheat, etc.) not levels. The categories should be: technology, military, beast mastery, agriculture/industry, and interaction (highly likely these names will change). Selecting technology grants things such as: redstone usage, furnaces, etc. Selecting military should allow you to create better weaponry, allow you to duel wielding, grant usage to TNT, etc. Selecting beast mastery should allow you to tame wolves, train them, eventually tame baby mobs, etc. Selecting industry should allow you to farm, create factories (cobblestone generators, etc.), etc. Selecting interaction should allow villager trading (only simple things like stone for wood and visa versa), hire villagers to trade things for you (these villagers are limited to 1 trade per day), hire villagers to work, player --> villager marriage, etc. There should also be another option that reads "New Era" which allows you more crafting recipes (ones not mentioned already). Each selection should be able to be upgraded 5 times, working up to unlock more advanced recipes. No selection should be able to be upgraded twice in 1 era. In order to pass the Era, you need to have 3 other selections upgraded (since last era). YOU MUST UPGRADE CHRONOLOGICALLY.

    Each era should spawn more villages or expand on existing ones. Villages upgrade as you do.

    6: BETTER RAIN (exists here)
    When it rains, there should be puddles. When in them, puddles should slow you ever so slightly. After it rains, there should be a rainbow :steve_shocked: . It shouldn't be interactive. When it rains, exposed fires should be extinguished and crops should act like 1 bone meal has been used on them.

    Instead of having placed blocks completely disappear when on fire, they should blacken. If its wood that is burned, it should turn into charcoal. If its wool that's burning, there should be an item drop called "ashes". Leaves disappear, as normal, but leave smoke particles. You can use ashes as a black dye. If, after the wood turns to charcoal, the charcoal block burns it should disappear, also, leaving no drop. If TNT explodes, blocks around the blast radius should blacken, also. However, if TNT hits wood, it should not turn to charcoal like it would for fire. Volcanoes should generate randomly, but rarely, on a map. They should activate at random (not all at once) and the tips of them should also be blackened.

    When stated "blackened" I mean that a layer of "ash" covers the side of the block nearest to explosion/fire.

    8: TEMPERATURE (exists here)
    There is a mod similar to this idea but I don't like all the features it has. There should always be a meter at the top of your screen showing you your temperature. Half way is a stable temperature but after half is cold and before half is hot. Effects from either only occur when the cold/hot indicator is either 25% or 75%. When at 25% you get these buffs: nausea, slowness (and if attached with thirst mod, thirst rapidly increases). When at 75% you get these buffs: slowness, poison. In ice biomes you get cold. You can make wool under garments to warm you down. Torches, a furnace, and lava can all warm you down. When in the nether you heat up. You cool down by either taking all your armor off or by having ice in your inventory. You freeze faster standing in water with ice in/by it. Even after you get out of the water the effects will continue unless you replace your under garments with dry ones, thus creating another item - the dryer. When the bar drops all the way, you burn to death. If the bar gets full, you slow down a ton (as if on soul sand with potion of slowness) then your health rapidly decreases until death.

    Deserts generate more plants such as: different species of cacti, sagebrush, etc. Deserts should have another block called "rock". Rock can be found on generating desert canyons. Deserts can also generate as dunes. Dunes have no plant life. When entering a dune biome, rendering distance should automatically be set to small. The sky fill should be a sandy color.

    10: FOOTSTEPS (exists here)
    Everywhere you go, footsteps should follow. I think footsteps should be most visible on sand, less visible in swamps, least visible on grass, and not visible on stone or any hard blocks (or wool). Footsteps should also follow mobs but despawn when the mob does.

    11: FRIGHT (claimed by damo333333 -- guaranteed -- WIP)
    I think that, if you get too close to a passive mob, they should run away from you. They shouldn't be able to run as fast as you, so you should easily be able to catch up to them by sprinting.

    12: QUESTS (exists here)
    I think each villager should have quests for you so you can gain experience or, if another mod introduces it, money. They should ask you to deliver things to other NPCs or to themselves for a reward. (this could possibly be done by having a variation of preset NPC names and have a specific NPC name ask for something specific such as: wood, wheat, or even delivering things to other NPCs. There should only be 1 of a given name in each village - ex. there should not be two "Bob"s in a village)

    13: SWORD SHEATHE (claimed by AwashOrphan4060 -- guaranteed -- WIP)
    Maybe, instead of having your sword constantly in your hotbar, you could simply press a button to "unsheathe" your sword. There could be a armor box next to your leggings in the inventory GUI that is specifically for a sheathe. If this were made, sheathes should be made like this:
    (x = leather, z = changes -- see below, - = nothing)
    - - z
    - - z
    The z is only dependent on what sword you're sheathing. The z would be the same material as your swords blade. In order to sheathe a blade, press alt over it while it's in the hotbar. From there on out you can just press alt to sheathe and unsheathe your blade. When unsheathing, the blade will not go in your hotbar, but it will appear to the left of the hotbar as a separate item. To replace the sword that has been set to be sheathed, unsheathe it and drag the sword, as it appears on the left, into your hotbar and press alt over a different sword. Keep in mind that you can only sheathe one sword at a time and you can't sheathe items or tools. :D Sheathes durability will go down every time you unsheathe a sword. Durability is also dependent on item z in the crafting recipe.

    14: NIGHTMARE MOD (recruiting -- WIP)

    15: BETTER FORESTS (tameable squirrels!!)

    That's all I can think of right now... Maybe there will be more later.

    Other peeps mod ideas:
    ELEVATORS: (requested by robshot)
    Instead of taking forever making complicated, cluttered redstone elevators, there should be a more compact version. In this mod you will need to make 4 things: an "elevator", a "caller", a button, and a shaft (the borders of your elevators). First, the shaft would need to be built. The shafts would be crafted like so:
    (x = string, o = iron blocks, - = nothing)
    Vertical shaft:
    [makes 3 shafts]
    Horizontal shaft:
    [also makes 3]
    The shafts would be used to set a max height or distance to an elevator. Shafts must be stacked in order to function correctly and they must be touching at least one elevator block every block the elevators go up.
    The elevator would be the actual moving pad. It would need to be touching a shaft in order to move. This is where the player would stand while being elevated. It would be crafted like this:
    (o = diamond, x = redstone, z = iron)
    [makes 4 elevators]
    In order for the elevator, as a whole (shaft + elevator), to work, the elevator blocks must be placed into, at least, a 2x2 surface.
    Callers would do exactly what they sound like they'd do. They'd call the elevator to your floor. They would be placed where you would want the elevator to come. Callers would be made like this:
    (x = redstone, o = redstone torch, z = iron, - = nothing)
    [makes 2 callers]
    And finally the button. The button is crafted as a normal button, either wood or stone, but they would need to be placed in the right places in order to power the elevator. The button will go on the inside of the elevator to power the caller. Upon right clicking a caller, a GUI will show asking you to "name" it. There will be another option to "select a level" with in this drop down will be another option that says "add level". After you press "add a level" you will need to enter a name of a different caller within the same shaft. Another option on the caller will be "recall" which calls it to your level. So before you use the elevator, you will need to select a level you want to go to.

    Pictures representing the process will be posted in the future.

    WERESPECIES: (requested by KingYazdegerd)
    Were - wolf, cat, fox, rat, bear (each of the species would have different special abilities) (Civilized ones you can trade with) (farel just are agro all the time)
    Hunters (humans who hunt down weres
    Angels & Demons
    Silver ore used to craft silver tools and weapons that are effective against the weres

    Contacting the were disease (either through fighting which would be like a 10% chance of it happening OR through a completely expensive Potion)

    Benefits of the disease (Speed 1, regen 1, resistance 1 ONLY during night though, the disease is nocturnal only)

    Downside of the disease (Hunger 1, and you cannot eat any non meat foods at night while the disease is working)

    An Angelic Dimension would be a sorta Aether-like world full of angels and other beings that go along with them.

    pm him if you'd like more info

    YOUNOSEEMYNAME MOD LIST: (requested by youdontdeservetoseemyname)

    GRIEF PROTECTION: (requested by faissaloo)


    If one of these mods is already out there, please don't be rude and just tell :) I've done a lot of research on mods.

    Thanks peeps!

    Want to get the word out about these mods? There's a banner!

    Copy this into your signature!

    Don't forget to press the button! :D
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    I need to edit this again to specify the 1.7.2 trees lol... I'll do that asap
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    Had this mod idea... It originally only added tamable/trainable squirrels, chipmunks, and added acorns... but then I thought bigger... If you see any errors, let me know :)

    Modders, if you would like to mod this, please comment when/if you would be able to do this. I do have more details for this mod :)

    So... Did you know oak trees grew acorns, not apples? True story. In fact, a lot of existing trees in minecraft don't actually drop what they would irl (in real life). Shouldn't there be a mod to change that?.. and add squirrels and chipmunks?

    One of the things this mod would do is make acorns drop when the leaves are broken on oak trees instead of apples. Acorns would be able to be cooked to make a nut. Nuts can heal 1/2 a heart but they are eaten 50% faster than normal food. Raw acorns could be used as some sort of projectile, like snowballs... except they only do 1/2 heart of damage... and wherever they hit, it attracts squirrels. These would also replace oak saplings... trees grow from seeds, too :P Since acorns and nuts do so little, they should have a 30% drop rate when leaves are broken. Another function of the acorn would be to tame squirrels.
    Note: Apples would grow on a new tree called an 'apple tree' :D Leaves with apples on them will be textured differently from the other trees.

    Squirrels and chipmunks would be new mobs. Squirrels only spawn near oak trees. Chipmunks spawn near spruce trees. Before squirrels are tamed, they are passive until hit... like wolves. Squirrels can climb like spiders, run fast, and jump high. Squirrels are attracted to acorns, so when your holding still and have an acorn in your hand, they will come to you... like ocelots... except when they get close enough they'll take the acorn right out of your hand. So you have feed them fast! They can be tamed with 1-3 golden acorns (guess how those are crafted! Posted Image). When squirrels are tamed, they follow you and attack when you attack... much like dogs... only squirrels have a 10% chance of dodging attacks because of how small they are. Because of this, squirrels only have 10 hit points to start. Squirrels could be healed with nuts or golden nuts (guess how that's crafted, too! Posted Image). Feeding your squirrel with golden nuts will completely restore its health while feeding it a normal nut will only heal it .5 hit points (20 nuts until full health). Health of your squirrel is shown by a bar over its head. Squirrels drop a named ball of fur when they die. If you put this in a crafting table along with 2 mother acorns (crafted with 2 big acorns (crafted with 9 normal acorns)) you can revive your pet. Squirrels do 2 hit points of damage to start. Chipmunks are treated the same way.

    Like the 'pet bats' mod, squirrels can improve with experience. They start at level 0. Level 1 increases your squirrels health, level 2 increases its attacking damage, level 3 increases your squirrels dodging rating, then it loops until it's a level 30. At level 30, your squirrel has 50 hit points of health, does a max of 10 hitpoint damage (min is 5), and his dodge rate is 25%. After your squirrel is a level 30, you can feed it 'acorn heaven' (crafted with 1 mother acorn, 2 blaze rods, 1 diamond, 3 golden acorns, and 2 golden nuts) which allows your squirrel to either fly, attack creepers, or do fire damage. You should have a choice.

    Spruce leaves drop pinecones. Trees now have "stages of growth" like any other plant. Trees start as a seed (all tree seeds (acorns and such) plant themselves if left on the ground long enough. If a seed is placed in a pot, it's growing size is limited to a baby tree). Following a seed is a sapling and then they grow into a "baby" then "child" then "mid-growth" (which is full grown in vanilla -- 1x1) then "adult" (4x4) then "aged". Using bonemeal on a sapling will send it through these stages, as well as time. As a "baby" tree, you will be able to harvest sticks. So if you destroy the trunk of a baby tree you will get a bundle of sticks (2-4). As a "child" tree, you will be able to harvest a new item called a "log". Logs can be placed into sawmills (later described) to create a "wooden post". Wooden posts are like fences but they do not connect and they are only 1 block high. Leaves on a child tree can be harvested, too... With shears. They will be called "child leaves". If these leaves are broken you can receive "twigs". 2 twigs and a new item called "sap" can be crafted to make 1 stick. Sap is found while breaking the trunk of any tree besides any baby trees.

    A new crafting interface will be issued as well. It will be the "sawmill" (made with 2 sticks, 3 wood planks, and stone). When putting any wood in a lumber mill, you will receive 3 outputs: sawdust, sap, and your desired output (replaces any wood building from crafting table except tools). If any tree trunk is placed in here, it will give 2-4 wood planks back. Sawdust can be used on any hoed ground to speed up crop growth (not like bonemeal. It will be a small layer on top the soil, just like seeds and disappear when plant is harvested). There will be another crafting interface called the "compactor". Place 4 sawdust and 1 sap into this, you receive 1 "plywood". In a crafting table, you can also create "kindling" which allows you to create a camp fire. Kindling can be created with 3 sticks, 1 sap, and 3 twigs. After placing this on the ground it can be lit using: flint and steel, a torch, or a "stick and log" (idk what it's really called lol)... Which is made by placing a stick and a log in a crafting table. This has a short durability and has a rare chance of starting an actual fire... But it's good for when resources are sparse. Campfires provide a large source of light and it will have a GUI that allows cooking (only food). Fires are fueled by anything wooden or charcoal or coal.


    If this mod requires a team, I'd be happy to join and help search for helpers.
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    Phew! Finally got to it lol... It only took 30mins :P Please post your feedback :) It's very helpful.
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    sorry peeps! I need to find time to format it. I haven't been able to yet lol
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    interesting... so this would prevent stuff like accidentally tripping a tripwire or a pressure plate and the destruction of your build? or.. go through walls so you don't have to break everything to get to your buggy redstone? If so, then this would be awesome!! lol it would be nice to see through the walls when you press it, too... that way you're not blindly going through walls lol
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    Congratulations on becoming a "Hot Topic" Never had my own anything be posted on the OP of a hot topic, feels good.

    lol thanks... I never imagined this would be hot. This was my first topic! haha it could be because I kept adding to it.
    Quote from Star_Shade
    And the worst part about making them all tiny mods is, I would release these mods: A Cool Mountain Generation Mod A TV Mod A Bacon Mod Better Rain Mod A Cool Castle Mod More Uses for Obsidian Mod A Trampoline Mod Special Paper Mod Rain Controller Block Mod Teleport Staff Mod... See? That's just not right, each mod would contain one feature? But I can't put them all in one mod. After my current indev dimension I am literally going to make a mod where I put whatever I want in it. I don't care if it doesn't follow a theme! Look at OreSpawn, they have a million mobs and only a few actual ores. Anyway, I mod for my own enjoyment, it's my hobby. so I don't really care if everyone wants me to be based on a theme.

    Eh. Do what you want ;) don't let other peeps tell you what you can't/shouldn't do. As long as you're having fun with it, right?
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    Quote from Star_Shade

    But you see, that's takes more time to create, it takes up more space, and it takes longer to update.

    I originally wanted ALL these ideas to be one giant mod... but I know that other peeps opinions would conflict with that :P that's why I broke them down into smaller ones. Another reason I did it was so that it wouldn't take as long (assuming all mods are claimed)... have several different modders working on different sections and make sure they're all compatible in the end lol... Then you could make a mod pack or something lol. I do see your point about the updating though... that will be a pain

    NOTE: this thread is "HOT" now!! :D I'm so happy lol
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    theres a mod like this already... lemme find a link for you real quick ;)http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1314911-164-safechat/ here ya go :D
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    Quote from IriishPenguiin

    Will do! Thanks for posting!

    which one would you be interested in making? O.o lol there's like 5 that haven't been claimed :P
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