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    Quote from thedopeydawg»

    umm am i able to install this mod into minecraft bedrock edition 1.17 version and will it work on it

    This is for Minecraft Java edition 1.4 which is currently 8 years old, so it will not work with Bedrock or any Java version higher than 1.4

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    posted a message on The Dalek Mod - Updated (Oct 2021) - Tardis, Sonic Screwdrivers, Daleks, Cybermen, Time travel and much more!

    Forgot to post the update here, but the 2019 Dalek Mod Advent Calendar is out!

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    posted a message on The Dalek Mod - Updated (Oct 2021) - Tardis, Sonic Screwdrivers, Daleks, Cybermen, Time travel and much more!

    Dalek Mod Update 50 has just been released!

    Download: https://swdteam.com/p/dalek-mod


    Title Screen:
    Added: Added 13th Doctor falling from tardis background
    Changed: Bug Report button now redirects you to a google form
    Fixed: You should no longer crash on angel screen (Removed Static noise for now)

    Fixed: K9 doesn't shoot at everyone anymore

    Fixed: Nasa Suit Texture
    Fixed: Fez's no longer copy their color onto inventory buttons

    Added: Fob Watch
    Added: Vortex Manipulator
    Fixed: Solar Cell Crash
    Added: Laser Screwdriver now has Sonic & Laser mode!

    Changed: Right Toyota Panel locks door (Left still opens/closes)
    Changed: Hartnell Back Panel can now open/close door
    Changed: Coral Panel 3 can now open/close door
    Changed: Copper Switch Panel can now open/close door
    Fixed: Oxygen Refiller Station no longer crashes and now charges oxygen canister (One at a time)
    Fixed: You can no longer see trough blocks with the Solar Panel
    Fixed: Echo Command on Tardis panel no longer shows "echo" on output
    Fixed: Floor Grates now emit smoke again
    Fixed: Fire Log : You can now see the fire from any angle
    Added: Fire Place now shows fire
    Fixed: Image Loader now shows from any side
    Fixed: DM Leaves now decay and won't crash you anymore
    Added: Rani Console and Console room blocks
    Added: Kerblam Box!
    Added: Crystaline Interior Blocks (13th Doctor)
    Added: Thirteen Doctor Statue
    Added: Chronotis Console Hybrid (Monitor and Lever merged)
    Fixed: Sonic Charges now gives sonic their respected offset

    Changed: Davros Chair can now go trough a 1X2 area
    Added: SteamPunk Dalek

    Added: Epsimo Tardis
    Added: 2018 Tardis (Thirteen's Doctor)
    Removed: Edinburgh Tardis
    Added: Chronotis Tardis

    Tardis Interiors:
    Added: Epsimo Interior
    Changed: New Copper/2010 Interior
    Added: Vending Machine Interior
    Changed: new First Doctor Interior
    Changed: new Hell Bent Interior
    Added: 80s Interior
    Added: Rani Interior
    Changed: new Toyota Interior
    Changed: new War Doctor Interior
    Changed: new Coral Interior
    Changed: new Vanilla Interior
    Changed: new DM_A Interior
    Changed: new DM_B Interior
    Changed: new DM_C Interior
    Changed: new DM_D Interior
    Added: 2018 Interior (Thirteen's Doctor Interior)
    Added: Chronotis Interior
    Added: Alpha Interior
    Changed: Floral Interior
    Changed: new Default Interior
    Added: Beta Interior

    Tardis Functions:
    Fixed: You no longer tp to the void after flight in the end
    Fixed: You can't get stuck in glass panes anymore or blocks
    Fixed: You can now set the angle you're facing with interior command. (Will copy the way you're looking)
    Added: Crash Sound upon crash while regenerating
    Fixed: Armor or Items no longer render while being in flight mode.
    Added: You get teleported to the inside when someone materialised around you
    Added: Forcefield now prevents you from suffocating
    Fixed: You can no longer enter another tardis while in flight mode
    Added: You can not leave your tardis while it's locked
    Fixed: You now land on an island in the End Dimension
    Changed: Forcefield transparancy has been lowered, Lights up when shot
    Added: Tardis Health System (To heal tardis fast place it ontop of zeiton block)
    Added: Hostile Action Displacement System (HADS)
    Fixed: You can no longer exit at the destination dimension without traveling.

    Fixed: Regeneration Color
    Fixed: River Song Diary now shows 12 regens instead of 11 upon new regen cycle
    Added: Store your regeneration cycle into a fob watch!
    Changed: You can no longer move while regenerating

    Added: Cheese

    Changed: Demat Sound now streams to everyone around the console

    Added: Pizza Recipe
    Added: Cheese Recipe
    Added: Zygon_Stew Recipe
    Added: Epsilon Outline Recipe
    Added: Epsilon Roundel Recipe
    Added: Fob Watch Recipe
    Added: Water Pistol Recipe
    Added: Crystaline Chameleon Recipe (13th Doc)
    Added: Crystaline Tardis Recipe (13th Doc)
    Added: Crystaline Orange Crystal Rotor (13th Doc)

    Added: Vortex Manipulator Model
    Added: Epsimo Tardis Model
    Fixed: Offset for 2nd Doctors Recorder
    Added: Fob Watch Model

    Changed: DutchBear LightSaber : Choose between 3 diffrent colors
    Changed: Spicy's Sonic : Display Name change and death message
    Added: Seraph Blade now shows on your back
    Changed: Seraph Blade can now be accesed by all staff
    Added: Spicy's LightSaber now renders on your skin.

    Dimensions & generation:
    Fixed: Gallifrey Trees now generate properly
    Fixed: Gallifrey sand now generates on gallifrey
    Fixed: Removed Rain from TARDIS dimension
    Fixed: You can now clearly hear the tardis hum
    Added: Classic Dimension is back!

    Changed: New Texture for Copper Roundel
    Changed: Epsilon Roundel Texture Fix
    Changed: Removed white background from items

    Added: Option to limit the tardis's per player
    Added: Option to enable/disable tardis limit

    Added: Spanish Lang
    Changed: Dutch lang
    Changed: Lolcat language?

    Fixed: NBT Bug should no longer happen (0 Tags on other items)
    Fixed: Null Pointer warnings in console spam

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    posted a message on The Dalek Mod - Updated (Oct 2021) - Tardis, Sonic Screwdrivers, Daleks, Cybermen, Time travel and much more!

    Dalek Mod Update 49.1 has just been released!

    Download: https://swdteam.com/p/dalek-mod


    - Added Force Fields
    - Added Force Field control panel
    - Added /tardis-list command. Used to list all the ID's of Tardises you own
    - Added ability to use animated image loaders (DMU)
    - Added /dalek-mod tardis list [user] command. Same as the /tardis-list command. Useful for server admins
    - Added crafting recipe for gallifrey sand (Shapeless: 1x Sand, 1x Gallifrey Stone)
    - Added config option to build invisible walls around Tardis interiors to prevent bridging

    - Updated Tardis Exteriors
    - Tardis now hovers when there are no blocks under it
    - Reduced generation time of interiors
    - Changed Christmas Tree
    - Reverted back to the "pre-stroke" handles model

    - Fixed custom naming issue with Daleks
    - Fixed Dalek @e[] name target bug
    - Fixed console spam due to "hand in a jar"
    - Fixed rain in the Tardis Dimension
    - Fixed transparency issues with a number of textures
    - Fixed Story Mode cow rendering bug
    - Fixed Auton shooting time
    - Fixed Force Field data not copying over when using a key
    - Fixed item.scredriver.name, now displays correct name
    - Fixed item.gzr_sonic.name, now displays correct name
    - Fixed gallifrey leaves not being dropped when using shears
    - Fixed metadata blocks dropping the default state of 0

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    posted a message on The Dalek Mod - Updated (Oct 2021) - Tardis, Sonic Screwdrivers, Daleks, Cybermen, Time travel and much more!

    Dalek Mod Update 48.1 has just been released!

    Download: https://swdteam.com/p/dalek-mod

    There are still U48 bugs present in this update, however a lot of bugs have also been fixed. The main changes are as follows:

    - Fixed titlescreen logo

    - Fixed titlescreen button sound

    - Fixed Tardis spawn rotation bug

    - Fixed Tardis rendering rotation offset bug

    - Fixed player rotation bug when exiting a Tardis

    - Fixed player rotation bug when entering a Tardis

    - Fixed players not being able to access the chameleon circuit

    - Fixed Waypoints not updating

    - Fixed Bill and Ted's Phone box skin (Doors will now open and close)

    - Correct sound is now played when the Bill and Ted doors open

    - Correct sound is now played when the Bill and Ted doors close

    - Fixed Coral Tardis interior having an extra door hitbox where a coral wall block should be

    - Fixed Eighth Doctors exterior spawning offset issue

    - Fixed Ed's exterior spawning offset issue

    - Fixed Ambients's exterior spawning offset issue

    - Fixed Gallifreyan Wardrobe exterior spawning offset issue

    - Fixed Wardrobe exterior spawning offset issue

    - Fixed blank template interior spawn offset issue

    - Fixed vending machine exterior spawn offset issue

    Please note: Update 48 will not be on the public server until all bugs have been fixed

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    posted a message on The Dalek Mod - Updated (Oct 2021) - Tardis, Sonic Screwdrivers, Daleks, Cybermen, Time travel and much more!

    Forge 1.12.2 Update 47



    - Supports 1.12, 1.12.1, 1.12.2
    - Repaired gamerules bugs
    - Moved some chat messages to status bar
    - Edits to add MDL states
    - New config laypout, moved to thedalekmod.cfg
    - Report Bug GUI

    Title screen -
    Re-added - Leaderboard
    Added - Tenth Doctor regeneration background

    Added - Adrics star
    Fixed - Scaling on some clothes
    Added - Cyber-hat
    Added - Missy's hat

    Feature - Bessie now supports two riders
    Added - Toclafane
    Feature- Adipose now tameable by adipose pill
    Added - Silence
    Replaced - Mondasian Cybermen
    Added - Whispermen
    Feature - If driver of bessie presses their jump button, Bessie horn is played
    Re-implemented - Delorean teleports when struck by lightning
    Added - Angels now give the player looking at them Wither effects when looked at for too long
    Added - Ice Warrors
    Repaired feature - Cybermen are now more easily damaged by gold items
    Repaired feature - Nothing can hurt weeping angels aside from pickaxes, punching will hurt them but also you

    Added Crystal ores, when mined will drop an ingot which can then be smelted into crystals in order to craft sonics

    Added - Adipose pill
    Added - Laser Screwdriver
    Added - Second Doctors recorder
    Added - Spawners for Delorean, Classic players, Toclafane

    Feature - Sonics once again
    = Turn sand into glass*
    = Burn leaves*

    - Blow up terrain*
    *These can be turned on and off with permissions on a server
    *Explosions will need to:
    1. Be enabled on server
    2. Player must have the permission

    Semi-re-written for Jsons, Some recipes may have changed


    Re-Did - Skaro Sand
    Re-Did - Skaro Stone
    Re-Did - Planet GUI

    Added - Ky's Keyblade
    Added - Recorder model
    Added - Bobs sonic model
    Replaced - 12th Doctors sonic model

    Added - War_majors infernal ODM gear
    Added - Bobs sonic

    - 360 Landing
    - Removed chunk loading
    - Optional tooltips on controls

    Dimensions & generation:
    - Re-Did Skaro Regen
    - Added Trenzalore
    - Moon gravity now affects mobs aswell

    Changed - Sounds are no longer in the "dalek" folder, they have been moved to assets/thedalekmod/sounds instead of assets/thedalekmod/sounds/dalek
    Added - Subtitles to 90% of sounds
    Added - Bessie Horn
    Added - Misc Sonic noises
    Added - Trenzalore wind

    > Fixed Delorean & Bessie crash (Was calling a client side method to set passengers rotations)
    > Chameleon panel now tells you what cartridge you just installed
    > NBT tag "tardisID" used on the TARDIS block is now "tardis_id"
    > Stopped all blocks sounding like dirt
    > Fixed Roudels crashing the game (They thought they were holograms...)
    > Removed DM Options button (Use the forge mod screen)
    > Re-wrote ODM Gear, no longer displays in tab and is now a render layer instead of normal clothing
    > Skaro and Trenzalore crash fixed (Too many mobs were spawning causing a out of bounds crash)
    > Interiors load correctly
    > Fixed Angels spawning with keys in hand
    > TARDIS now plays cloister bell when Angels are within 10 blocks of it (exterior only atm)
    > Removed Rain in TARDIS dim
    > Removed lightning striking interiors(?)
    > Removed loot_tables from files, were never used and easier to do via code
    > Server never downloads classic names, causing them to be un-useable on servers, now fixed
    > Added Latest Crash Report Checkbox on Report DM Bug GUI
    > In theory, fixed the floor Grate crash with particles (If below -1, it'll just default to -1)
    > Disabled Elytra flight, Cosemetic only until Forge merges this pull request
    > Fixed the Entity overlay
    > In theory, fixed weeping angels moving when you look at them
    > Posed on behalf of @Kaneras, Silence model doesn't look messed up but does still need animated
    > Angels now check if the player is blinded ;)
    > Fixed Xray issues with this block.
    > Fixed Toyota Pillar
    > All weapons / tools now render correctly.
    > Toyota Door / Sign fixed
    > Fixed Sonic overlay crash
    > Commented out more Elytra code
    > Handles can now remat/demat TARDIS
    > Altered multidrop on some ores
    > Added a null check to classic players
    > Fixed more Dirt noises
    > Fixed leaves transparency
    > Weeping angels now depends on the data-manager more for no reason, just looked cleaner
    > Fixed game crashing when teleported by a angel
    > Fixed Classic TNT sounding like Wool
    > Repaired Toyota pillar [Model is placeholder]
    > Fixed a lot of rendering issues
    > Removed concept of weather from TARDIS/Moon dimensions
    > Fixed broken chair
    > Removed more old Elytra code, should be the last of that bad reflection stuff
    > Fixed explosion feature on 12th Sonic screwdriver no longer working
    > Added Uncharted Waters (Music)
    > Added Transition (Music)
    > Fixed elytras not going on stands
    > Patched spammy angel noise
    > All interiors now generate correctly
    > Various HireSWDS added
    > Finally fixed Roundels
    > Fixed bobbing up and down while riding vechiles
    > Added a few door models
    > Fixed flight panel
    > Ice warriors no longer fire lasers
    > Fixed missing ODM sword texture
    > New Aces jacket Icon
    > Fixed being able to use commands in flight
    > Fixed being able to walk while the TARDIS is on the ground
    > Readded all smelting
    > Renamed exteriors
    > Cybermen now draw steel
    > Cybermen now drop steel
    > Fixed mouse disspearing in TARDIS interface GUI
    > Daleks no longer have footsteps
    > Fixed broken particles on ODM gear
    > Fixed sonic overlay crash
    > Fixed Sound not playing Bobs sonic
    > Fixed Special weapons crashing players, no longer a need for a inventory reset
    > Autons now drop ammo and plastic
    > John has fixed Font renderer
    > Fixed missing texture spam on some TARDIS models
    > Smelting
    > Tardis now remats facing you
    > Tardis key summoning is now permantly repaired
    > New Handles commands
    > A lot of new sounds!
    > Fixed Sonic overlay crash
    > Changed the DMU flight overlay a bit
    > Overhauled Flight
    > Some HireSWDs
    > Fixed some TARDIS models
    > Skaro Radiation
    > Overhauled Entity Registration
    > Overhauled ore Generation
    > New Cybermen sounds
    > 360 model viewing in the TARDIS GUI
    > Handles TARDIS summon command redo
    > Keys will now ALWAYS work, no more summoning TARDIS's (Unless a player is being reaaaaly dumb)
    > A lot of fixes to reduce lag

    > TARDIS now remats facing the player

    > Flight panel fully repaired

    Update Video



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    posted a message on The Dalek Mod - Updated (Oct 2021) - Tardis, Sonic Screwdrivers, Daleks, Cybermen, Time travel and much more!
    Quote from JFunkyK»

    Hello? Where did everyone go?

    People mostly talk now over on the SWDTeam forums


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    posted a message on The Dalek Mod - Updated (Oct 2021) - Tardis, Sonic Screwdrivers, Daleks, Cybermen, Time travel and much more!
    Quote from InsanityPie»

    Just a friendly reminder that selling early betas/pre-releases that non-paying players have no access too is against the minecraft EULA, in other words illegal( since your technically selling Mojangs and by extension Microsofts property without permission from them ). Figured you probably didn't know since your main site has a entire section dedicated to promoting beta/pre-release sales.. and lets be honest, who else but someone like me even reads the EULA in the first place?

    I can count the amount of people I know that have read the whole thing on one hand. Literally one hand.
    One. Hand.

    We actually looked over the eula again not so long ago and we changed beta and how it works.
    Beta now just gives you early previews at new features coming to the mod, as well as our other mods, games, software etc
    By previews we mean, videos, screenshots, information etc

    It also gives you access to our DM Beta Creative server (which does not violate the eula. "Charging access to a server"), which is loaded with the current test build / release. It'll be on the Update 47 1.12.2 test build we released yesterday within the next 2 weeks if all goes well with updating

    Thanks for pointing it out though. There are a good handful of people out there that still aren't aware of this.
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    posted a message on The Dalek Mod - Updated (Oct 2021) - Tardis, Sonic Screwdrivers, Daleks, Cybermen, Time travel and much more!

    Update - Dalek Mod Update 46.2 Patch

    - DMU Hub (Needs some extra work to fix up bugs, will be readded when the changes are made)
    - Entity tracking on EntityClassicPlayer
    - Entity tracking on EntityK9Regen
    - Entity tracking on EntitySnowmanADV
    - Entity tracking on EntityStoryMode
    - Entity tracking on EntityCyberMat
    - Entity tracking on EntityBlockJohn

    - 1967 Emporor Dalek renamed to 1967 Emporor's Dalek
    - 2015 MK2 Emporor Dalek renamed to 2015 MK2 Emporor's Dalek
    - 2012 Skaro Dalek renamed to 2012 MK2 Skaro Dalek
    - try catch added to catch error when registering skin layers on old versions of forge 1.8
    - Custom NPCs crash
    - Classic player movment
    - Fourth Doctors secondary console
    - TileEntityImgage crash with empty String for name
    - TileEntityMonitorCopper2010 now supports rotation
    - Dispenser logic for EntityDalek fixed
    - Dispenser logic for EntityAdipose fixed
    - Dispenser logic for EntityBessie fixed
    - Dispenser logic for EntityCyberMat fixed
    - Dispenser logic for EntityDavrosChair fixed
    - Dispenser logic for EntityK9Regen fixed
    - Dispenser logic for EntityK9 fixed

    - Mob spawning rates reverted to U45 levels


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    posted a message on The Dalek Mod - Updated (Oct 2021) - Tardis, Sonic Screwdrivers, Daleks, Cybermen, Time travel and much more!
    Quote from JFunkyK»

    I wonder if they will do an Update 47.

    Yes, but not yet, we've only just released U46
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    posted a message on The Dalek Mod - Updated (Oct 2021) - Tardis, Sonic Screwdrivers, Daleks, Cybermen, Time travel and much more!

    Update - Dalek Mod Update 46.1 Patch

    New Additions

    • Spaceblock Exterior
    • Blocktor Exterior
    • Spaceblock Interior
    • Added 4th Doctor's Secondary Interior - can be found inside Baker Exterior
    • Added MDL Model/Resource Pack System - Tutorial thread: https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=3236


    • Replaced 2016 Dalek Mod Tardis with 2017 Dalek Mod Tardis
    • Changed sign text for most Dalek Mod Tardises. Exceptions: Floral Exterior, Hexon Exterior, Fridge Exterior, Blank Template Tardis, Rani's Tardis Box
    • Most Tardis Exteriors are now replaceable with resource packs
    • New Model for the TT Capsule


    • Tardis being able to summoned inside the Tardis using Stattenheim Remote
    • 80s Tardis door now has opening animation
    • Titanium Ore now spawns on the Moon again!
    • Lego Dimensions Tardis door model


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    posted a message on The Dalek Mod - Updated (Oct 2021) - Tardis, Sonic Screwdrivers, Daleks, Cybermen, Time travel and much more!

    Forge 1.8 - Update 46


    Title Screen: 
    Replaced - Chooses title screen at random

    Added - Weeping Angels
    Added - 'Story Mode'
    Added - Cybermat
    Added - Davros Chair (Also fixed leg rendering bug!!!!)
    Added - Find this one yourself ;)
    Added: 1963 Skaro Dalek
    Added: 1965 Chase Dalek
    Added: 2012 Skaro Dalek
    Added: 1965 Black Supreme Dalek
    Added: 1965 Warrior Dalek
    Added: 1967 Emporor Dalek
    Added: 1972 Grey Warrior Dalek
    Added: 1972 Commander Dalek
    Added: 1979 Warrior Dalek
    Added: 2015 MK2 Warrior Dalek
    Added: 2015 MK2 Emporor Dalek
    Added: 1964 Invasion Black Supreme Dalek
    Added: 1964 Invasion Black Supreme Dalek
    Added: 1979 Suicide Dalek
    Added: 1974 Silver Dalek Warrior
    Added: 1984 Renegade Dalek
    Added: 1988 Renegade Dalek
    Added: 1984 Supreme Renegade Dalek
    Added: 1988 Supreme Renegade Dalek
    Added: 1988 Imperial Dalek
    Added: 1988 Special Weapons Dalek
    Added: Skaro Movie Dalek - Blue
    Added: Red Commander Skaro Movie Dalek
    Added: Movie Black Dalek Commander
    Added: Movie Dalek Saucer Commander
    Added: Movie Dalek Soldier
    Added: Movie Gold Dalek Commander
    Added: 2005 Time War Dalek
    Added: 2006 Dalek Sec
    Added: Ironside Dalek
    Added: Ironside Dalek
    Added: Red Supreme Dalek
    Added: 2010 Paradigm Dalek Drone
    Added: 2010 Paradigm Dalek Eternal
    Added: 2010 Paradigm Dalek Scientist
    Added: 2010 Paradigm Dalek Stratagist
    Added: 2010 Paradigm Dalek Supreme
    Added: 2012 Paradigm Dalek Drone
    Added: 2012 Paradigm Dalek Stratagist

    Added - Dalek Cookie
    Added - Kronkburger
    Added - Kronkdog
    Added - Kronkdog with mustard
    Added - Kronkdog with ketchup
    Added - Fries
    Added - Kronkshake
    Added - Nutella
    Added - Pepsi
    Added - Doughnut
    Added - Ice Cream
    Added - Pizza

    Mobs Changes:
    Replaced - K9 Model
    Added - K9 particless (When health is under 15, K9 emits smoke. When under 5 Emits More smoke and flames)
    Added - K9 Self Destruct, One in 10 chance of K9 self destructing upon death (Like in the Aussie TV Show)
    Added - K9 is now rideable!
    Added - Aussie K9 (it flies omg!)
    Replaced - Update to Bessie Model
    Added - Angels can break lights
    Added - Angels can steal keys
    Added - Angels can teleport players
    Added - Cybermats break most things redstone related
    Added - Delorean zaps away to random coordinates when stuck by lightning
    Added - Delorean zaps away when player reaches 88mph (May look into changing the time in a singleplayer enviroment..)
    Replaced - Every Single Dalek Model!!
    Replaced - Existing Dalek spawn items!
    Fixed - Bessies transparency issues

    Added - Shades Keybind
    Added - Skinpacks Keybind
    Removed - TARDIS Particles keybind

    - Added; K9 Head, Tail, Body, Regen Unit. See sentence below

    I'm not going to list these here, waaaaaay too many!
    Check the forums after the initial update for a thread on crafting updates! (or install JEI/NEI/TMI)

    Replaced - Copper Exterior
    Replaced - Coral (2005) Exterior
    Replaced - Toyata Exterior
    Added - 1966 Exterior
    Added - 1963 Exterior
    Added - Rani Box Exterior
    Added - Tom baker Exterior
    Added - Moosewood Exterior
    Feature - TARDIS's now emit light again!
    Feature - TARDIS's can be toggled to emit particles on/off (DM Options/Config)(CS)
    Feature - TARDIS's can spin in all directions (DM Options/Config) (CS)
    Added - Telephone Exterior
    Added - A hireSWD Exterior (DrWho)

    Replaced - Fridge Interiors
    Re-added - All the 1.7.10 Interiors! (TARDIS A, B, C, D contain these)
    Added - Coral interior
    Added - Secondary interior

    Temp Soultion - TARDIS Command block text changed from "WWWWWWASDF" to nothing
    Fixed - Fixed rendering bounds on larger models, They will no longer disspear when they are on the side of players view
    Fixed - Handles is now held correctly in players hand! No more selfie stick rubbish...
    Fixed - Too many Emeralds being dropped by Bessie on collide
    Added - Keybinds!
    Fixed - Bessie no longer dies under water

    Fixed - Sounds no longer all play through the Main volume slider

    TARDIS -
    Replaced - Demat & Remat sounds
    Added - Sound now emits when TARDIS is locked
    Added - Cloister bell Sound

    Added - Sonic messages to various Admins
    Removed - Removed DMU plus button as server isn't used
    Added - some splash messages
    Replaced - Entire resources folder was re-done, Dalek mod resourcepacks may need to update to new system
    Fixed - Damagesources
    Re-Did - Skaro Generation
    Fixed - Fixed the Badwolf TARDIS item, it used the normal 10th one and now it uses the proper one with the little text on the side
    Fixed - Chunk Hologram changed to transparent instead of purple block thing
    Fixed - MobPlinth wasn't named correctly, Fixed
    Fixed - Other blocks that weren't meant to be purple such as the original SWDJ one and Image loader
    Fixed - [Admin Wep] Weirdo's sword model change
    Fixed - Oxygen tank refiller now has a texture
    Fixed - Some serverside issues
    Added - Mr Smith sound (I hope..)
    Added - Various sounds I forget the name of
    Fixed - Dalek Spawner being infinite to a survival player
    Changed - Tardis Panel commands now use ; to separate / stack commands instead of ,

    Added - Angel Light break (On/Off)
    Added - Angel Teleporting players (On/Off)
    Added - Cybermat Grief (On/Off)

    Added - Romana Sonic
    Added - Timelord Rifle!
    Added - Dalek Weapon!
    Added - Circuits (For Crafting)
    Added - Silicon Ingot (For Crafting)
    Added - Cybermat Spawner (Forgot one in beta)
    Added - DrWho HireSWD sonic

    Admin Weapon:
    Added - Keyblade

    Added - 2Dis model
    Added - Sonic Blaster Model
    Added - A load of 2010 Corridors!

    Replaced - Seventh Doctors Hat
    Replaced - Fourth Doctors Hat
    Added - LOTS OF HATS!!!!

    Added - Silicate ore (Can be smelted into Silicon)
    Added - Blue/Red Toyota Corridors
    Replaced - Corridor Entrance
    Replaced - Coral Console Model
    Replaced - Copper Console model
    Replaced - Some models
    Added - bTEMobPlinth (Used to create statues of entities!)
    Added - NPC Shop (For server Owners!)
    Added - Solar Panel?
    Added - bTEClassicConsole
    Added - bTETotterGateLeft
    Added - bTETotterGateRight
    Added - bTEFoodMachine
    Added - bTEHartnellBackPanel
    Added - bTEHartnellSidePanel
    Added - bTESecondaryConsole
    Added - bTEHartnelLFrontPanel
    Added - bTEHatstand4thScarf
    Added - bTEHartnellRotor
    Added - bTEkeytotime
    Added - bTEHartnellBackWall
    Added - bTEToyotaCorridors
    Added - bTE4thSecondaryChair
    Added - bTE4thSecondaryTable
    Added - bTEHartnellArmilarrySPhere
    Added - bTEHartnellPole
    Added - bTEHellBentPoleHemisphere
    Added - bTE4thSecondaryMonitorWall
    Added - bTEHartnellLightBox
    Added - bTEHellBentPole
    Added - bFourth
    Added - bTEHartnellDoor
    Added - bTEHartnellFloor
    Added - bTEHartnellDoor2

    Added - bTECopperTARDISAtomAccelerator
    Added - bTECopperTARDISHandbrake
    Added - bTECopperTARDISPanelDivider
    Added - bTECopperTARDISRedLever
    Added - bTECopperTARDISSpinner
    Added - bTECopperTARDISTube
    Added - bTECopperTARDISPanelGramophone
    Added - bTECopperTARDISSwitchPanel
    Added - bTECopperTARDISKeyboard
    Added - bTEHellBentDoor
    Added - bTECopperTARDISRotor
    Added - bTECoralEntranceThing
    Added - bTEPowerHexagon
    Added - HartnellRoundel1
    Added - HartnellRoundel2
    Added - HartnellRoundel3
    Added - bTEHandinJar
    Added - bCoral_Tardis_Blocks_B (Metablock, So there are a lot more than one block here)
    Added - bCoralSlab1
    Added - bCoralSlab2
    Added - bCoralSlab3


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    posted a message on The Dalek Mod - Updated (Oct 2021) - Tardis, Sonic Screwdrivers, Daleks, Cybermen, Time travel and much more!

    Small update for the people who still check here.

    Update 46 is almost ready. We have a few Daleks to finish recoding and then we should be good to release!

    Keep an eye on SWDTeam.com for more updates on the U46 progress!

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