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    Since MCF is going into read-mode only, this project is moving to CurseForge and Discord!

    "LB Photo Realism Reload!" is a photo realistic resourcepack based on work ofScuttles (LB Photo Realism). "Reloaded" version is very different from the original, because it uses very old textures of LBPR. The main purpose of this resourcepack is to make minecraft look not only as realistic as possible, but also to make it look beautiful and attractive to new players. LBPR Reload is prettyclose to default Minecraft textures, so it won't be a big issue to start playing with it. The pack includes many 3D-models, animations and random textures.

    If you have some cool screenshots with LBPR: Reload!, please post them in the comments down below and I will upload them to this gallery.

    If you have any video of playing with this resourcepack, please post it in the comments down below and I will post it here.

    The latest Video I've found:

    Minecraft 1.9 Test Optifine + Seus by ZEN PAT


    Other Videos:

    Minecraft + LB Photo Realism + Sildurs Vibrant Shaders + Matmos | Mezcla espectacular!! by Trocolman
    A Textura Mais Realista Do Minecraft (LB PHOTO REALISM) (1.9 E 1.10) by Marquinhos Gameplay
    (テクスチャ紹介) LB Photo Realism by Metashisu/メタシス
    Minecraft Texture Pack Review l Photo Realism Reload 128x 1.8 by StormehGames_
    Best Texture Pack Made! LBPR reload by The Junglekings
    LBPR Showcase by Mr.Power

    LBPR Installation Tutorial by TheAlfa96

    Minecraft Resource Pack Test: LBPR Reload 1.8 Pre2 128x by SillyConSkydive
    LB Photo Realism Texture Pack para Minecraft 1.8 by pinguino 1st

    LBPR Reload!

    LBPR Reload! Classic

    Classic version has the same textures, but less models (for slower PC)

    LBPR Reload! Xmas add-on

    1.8 Changelog:

    • More vegetation
      • Snowed grass
      • Roots
      • Shrubs
      • Tansy
      • Random models for lilypads
    • Custom models for double slabs
    • Custom model for quartz slabs
    • Custom model for item frame
    • Fixed model for wooden stairs
    • Finished model for command block
    • Changed stone stairs model back to default (new model coming in 1.9)
    • Changed leaves models a little bit
    • Fixed the position of items in hands
    • Changed models of oak and iron doors
    • 3D model for boat item
    • New models for rails
    • New texture for cocoa beans
    • New models for trapdoors
    • Fixed display of items in item frames and on ground
    • Many optimizations

    1.9 Changelog:

    • All 1.9 mobs/blocks/items.
    • New cobblestone/sandstone stairs model
    • New grass blockstates
    • Butterflies on some flowers
    • New random cobblestone textures
    • New 3D acacia door model
    • New main menu background
    • New enchanting table model
    • New brewing stand model/textures
    • New double slabs models/textures
    • New double plants item models
    • New syringa model
    • All glowing blocks now have no shadows
    • New potato crops texture
    • New pumpkin blur texture
    • New redstone wire blockstates/models
    • New acacia & dark oak fence models
    • New ender crystal texture
    • New boats textures
    • New boats item models
    • New textures for some stone tools (to be continued in 1.10 version)
    • New water bucket texture
    • New dyes textures
    • and more...

    1.10 Changelog:

    • Added Magma block texture
    • Added Bone block texture
    • Added Nether Wart block texture
    • Added Red Nether Brick texture
    • Added Polar Bear texture
    • Added Stray texture
    • Added Husk texture
    • Added random Bookshelf models
    • Added Blocked Hopper model
    • Added new Jukebox model/texture
    • Changed Stone and Grass block states
    • Changed colormap to brighter and more vibrant colors
    • Changed Wooden Stairs textures
    • Removed He▓o▒ri░e
    • and more...

    See this?

    Switch your graphics to Fancy

    Or if you use Optifine, go to Video Settings > Details and set Trees to Smart

    1. Download the resourcepack.
    2. Open resourcepacks folder(%appdata%\.minecraft\resourcepacks).
    3. Drag and drop LBPR-1.8-Release x128.zip archive to the resourcepacks folder.
    4. Launch your Minecraft.
    5. Go to Options > Resoursepacks.
    6. Move the pack to the right side of menu.
    7. Click "Done"!

    Textures used:

    • Scuttles' LB PhotoRealism: Thread
    • GKrond's version of LBPR: Website
    • Misa's Realistic pack: Thread



    Licensed under the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL).

    Not for sale! You can't make money in any way using this resource pack (adf.ly or any other link-profiting systems are also forbidden)! But you still can make videos on youtube and monetize them... =) Any donation systems are allowed. If you want to post my add-on on your blog/website/etc. you have to post the link to this thread:


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    We have a discord server now!

    Go check it out for te sneak peeks of the pack's development and more! Don't forget to bring your friends with you to create a nice community =)


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    Quote from The_Architect2»

    where do we go to get the version for 1.7.10?

    I'm really sorry, but not now. I'm really busy with study and barely have time to work on the latest version. Maybe later.
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    1.12 Version is finally out!

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    Yep, it is in fact a butterfly :3 It's pretty rare for now, but I'm working on butterflies for other flowers, so the chance to find one will be a bit higher. And it also makes Minecraft more alive =)

    P.S. Spent a few hours making this one...

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    Hey guys! For those who is not subscribed to my fb-page, here's some progress of 1.9 pack I've managed to do for now =)

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    Quote from Thaurane»

    is there any way you could make a x32 or x64 version? i'm wanting to use a shader mod but x128 is too demanding on my computer and keeps crashing. even with bumping it up to 8gb

    Good news! I've got a little bit of time to convert the textures to smaller resolutions. So I think today-tomorrow it'll be ready ;)

    Quote from Quin281»

    I think this texture pack is AMAZING! It must of took forever to finish it. I'd just like to say great job!

    Quote from Eawyne»

    Hi =)

    I very recently bought myself a new computer, able to run Minecraft in full settings. So I looked for some shaders and ressource packs, and yours was my final choice. In conjunction with the shader, Minecraft never looked so gorgeous ! Some textures feel a bit like "photoshop textures", but when ingame, that doesn't even matter anymore ^ ^ So I wanted to thank you for your good job. Below is a screenshot of my Mayan Ruins, which never looked better before !

    Well, I'm glad I didn't spend 2 years for nothing =D Thank you, guys, for sharing your opinion! =)
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    So, kinda late with the surprise, but it's here now! For now the pack its uploading to the Curse, so here's a link to mediafire:http://www.mediafire.com/…/m59hrr8hrsejsbf/LBPR-1.8-Xmas.zip
    To install, just drag and drop the archive to %appdata%\.minecraft\resourcepacks, launch Minecraft and put the Xmas pack above LBPR. Done!
    Merry Christmas everyone!

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    Anybody alive?

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    I paused making textures for 1.9, but instead I'm working on a surprise for you! =)

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