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    This is my first Minecraft fanfiction, but not my first time writing. I would put the chapters in spoilers, but my computer is glitchy, and most of the time I can't open them. Hope you enjoy,

    Book 2:


    The normal bustle and noise of the Choosing Grounds did not affect Steve. Minecrafters pondering with friends and family, advertisers, and just out-loud thinkers nearly drowned out the thoughts of any loosely determined person. But not Steve. He was searching for the perfect seed to satisfy his thirst for adventure and challenge.

    "Would you like to try out this seed I found, sir?" said a desperate advertiser.

    "Ah, no thanks." Steve said politely. The man did not respond, only to question to next woman to walk by.

    The walls, floors, and ceilings of the Choosing Grounds were completely white, with little alcoves on the walls where people advertised seeds to the public. Steve was in the "Hardcore Survival" section. Meaning, the next world he went into, he could not leave until he completed the challenge. If you die, all your progress is lost, and you start completely over, memory wiped.

    His eyes lazily skimmed over the different challenges, none jumping out to him. Oftentimes, Steve was stopped by an advertiser. He began to ignore them after his declines got shorter and shorter.

    Steve had not done too many different worlds since he spawned. Once you spawn, you go to the tutorial world, where you learn everything you need to know about Minecraft. Then, it's all up to you.

    Finally, something caught his eye. The "No Tree Seed". The description said, "Experts have explored this seed , and for miles, there have been no trees. No one, as of yet, has completed the challenge of establishing a Nether Base" Perfect.

    Steve tapped the picture three times, and five seconds later, the cold morning of a tundra nipped his nose. He crossed his arms in order to conserve heat, and instinctively looked for trees. None. Oh yeah....

    Might as well start looking, he thought as he starting heading South. Nothing but snow, dirt, and grass, which Steve extracted the seeds from. The rhythmic thrum of his feet against grass began to lull him into a doze.

    Still alert for trees, and trees only, he hardly noticed when the sun started to go down. Oh no... I'm not dying this early.... he thought, dismayed but determined.

    Steve started to gather dirt, which instantly snapped him out of his dream-like state. Only then he realized how hungry he was, and nearly stumbled from the force of his starvation. If I have to die.... It won't be starvation!

    He scrambled into a hole in the Earth as the sun dipped the edge of the horizon. Thankfully, it was a dud cave, not reaching longer than 10 blocks. The height was regrettably tall, of 4 blocks. He blocked off the entrance completely just as the sun disappeared from view.

    It was hard to see in the cave, for he couldn't get torches without trees, and the only thing that saved him from pitch blackness was the moon, which Steve left a 1 block hole in the wall for it to shine in.

    He curled into a ball, arms hugging knees to his chest, and rested his head against the dirt wall. This position hurt his backside, but it was necessary in order to not to freeze to death. The stone underneath him was hard, cold, unforgiving, and all he wished for was a warm flint and steel fireplace, or even just a torch.....

    Is this what it's like to freeze to death? Thinking only about warmth? The hunger pains in his stomach only made it worse.

    Hush Steve, you need sleep. You'll feel better in the morning. He reassured himself, but a small voice i the back of his head said Yeah, right...

    Steve dozed in and out of sleep, never fully dreaming, just to be awoken by the sheer awkwardness of his position, his legs or arms numbing, or plainly just waking up. At one point, it started raining. Steve heard the all too familiar noise he has heard so many times before....

    Not here, not now, no no no no.... he thought, putting his head in his knees. He heard the noise in front of him. Just don't look, he'll go away eventually.

    Steve flinched as the purple dust of a teleporting Enderman landed on his arms. I guess this is how I die.... No Tree Challenge attempt 1, done.

    Chapter 1.

    "What'cha looking down for?" said a heavily accented, gruff, but friendly voice said. Steve had never heard this accent before. It was....different.

    Steve picked his head up, eyes still down, to see the feet of an Enderman.

    "Come on, look up, I promise I won't attack." said the Enderman.

    Bracing himself for an attack anyway, Steve looked up. The saw the hard, emotionless, hypnotizing, purple eyes staring back.

    "Ada boy!" said the Enderman. His jaw moved ever-so-slightly when he talked. He doubted it would make any bigger movements, even if he screamed.

    He looked at a stone block on the floor with longing. "Do you mind if I.....no? Oh well." he asked, but Steve was still too scared to do anything

    The Enderman plopped down onto the block, bending his knees doing so. Then he straightened and bent his knees legs repeatedly. Steve would have found this funny, but he was afraid if he laughed, the Enderman would kill him.

    "You don't know how good this feels. Being on your legs all day, they get stiff from being so straight." he said.

    "So," he stopped, and extended a hand. "What's your name?"

    Steve looked up at the Enderman, then his hand, dumbfounded.

    "Oh geez, where are my manners? I'm End." he said, hand still out ,"This is the part where you tell me your name."

    "I-I'm St-Steve." Steve said, barely managing to choke out the words. His voice is hoarse from not using it.

    "Great! Nice to meet you, Steve!" End said, and grabbed his arm for him, and shook it.

    At first Steve flinched badly, and tried to pull away on instinct , but he realized it was a friendly gesture. He still kept a close eye on End, though. His hand felt smooth, unbelievably smooth.

    "Now," End said, leaning against the wall, "You are here for the No Tree Challenge, right?""

    Steve nodded weakly.

    "Okay. Good thing you started to travel in the right direction. I would have lost consciousness if I tried to teleport you from the other direction." he chuckled.

    Steve didn't understand, but refrained from asking questions, for now.

    End rose from his makeshift chair. "Well, what are we waiting for? Grab my hand!"

    Steve stared for a second, then tried to rise. His muscles were so sore and stiff, they barely worked. He tried again, and did successfully. He took a step toward End and reluctantly grabbed his hand.

    "Excellent! Now, brace yourself, most people vomit the first time."

    "What do yo- AGHHHHH" Steve said, but was cut off as a swirl of purple whooshed past him. He felt as if he were tumbling through midair, while shooting up into space. Finally, as fast as it started, it stopped.

    The first thing he registered was the warm sand of a desert, then a whump as End hit it, panting. When Steve looked up a second later, he fell onto his back, staring at what lie before him.

    What he saw was unlike anything he had ever seen before. Towering masses of trees, vines, leaves, but most of all wood. The sight of it all in the mist of the night brought tears to his eyes. Beautiful...

    He stared for a few moments, then he heard End panting and wheezing on the ground next to him. Steve quickly wiped his eyes, hoping End didn't see him.

    "Why are you..." Steve began, but trailed off as End raised a hand, in a "wait" gesture.

    End closed his eyes as he struggled for his breath to return. End was laying sideways in the sand, facing Steve, who was now sitting. Steve looked back at the trees. He could've sworn he saw a flash of yellow in it.

    It was a few minutes before End grunted and sat upright. "Welcome, to the Jungle." he said, and arose.

    Steve looked at End, then the Jungle, bursting with questions, when he felt a sharp pain in his back. He felt it again, this time knocking him onto his face. I shouldn't have gone with him.. he is going to kill me....

    End began speaking, not in English, in a skittering, slurping language, which sounded angry. The pain stopped, and Steve looked up to see End yelling at a spider. The spider ran away after End reached the end of his speech.

    "You'd better hurry. Spiders are easy to ward off, but not a horde a zombies. Spidies are so scared, they won't even attack you in the day because their friends aren't there to help them!" He laughed.

    "Right." Steve said, and rose. He felt relieved it wasn't End who tried to kill him.

    They began to walk to the Jungle, alert for monsters. Steve enjoyed the feel of the soft grass underneath him. The storm must've been too far away to reach the Jungle.

    "Go cut some wood, I'll find a good place for a base." End said.

    Steve began punching the tree. He'd almost forgot what wood felt like.... the trees were 2x2, much to his pleasure. Once he could no longer cut above him, he looked over to see end next to an alcove in the wall of a hill. He was holding coal ore.

    "Mine this, and put some planks up, to make a shelter in this. " End said, placing the ore. "I can only pick up blocks and set them down. Nothing else." He smirked and said, "I lift things up and put them down! Get it?"

    Steve shook his head.

    "Oh. Well, mine this and make a shelter please."

    After that was done, 2 torches were placed on the walls of the alcove. The entrance was a 2 block high opening. Steve was on the inside of the cherry-wood house, looking out.

    "Now all it needs is a door, and we should be f-" Steve stopped as he saw End in front of the 2 block entrance.

    "Oh....um....sorry." He got rid of the top block. End chuckled.

    "We need sleep. Especially you. You look like you rubbed black ink sacs under your eyes. " End said.

    Steve looked away embarrassed. But he smirked and looked up at End.

    "You looked like you've rubbed ink sacs all over yourself!" he joked.

    "Hey! That's racist!" End said, but laughing.

    But End was right. Steve could hardly keep his eyes open. It was probably only Midnight. Steve yawned and flopped onto two spaces of dirt he left himself on the right of the shelter. End had a three block space on the left. Three blocks separated them.

    End laid down on his three blocks, and for a few moments there was silence. Steve was just barely conscious when End said, "You can lay your head down on my legs...if you want."

    "Nuh..." Steve mumbled, and fell asleep.

    Chapter 2

    Steve dreamt of nothing but walking in the tundra, cold ground crackling under his feet. He looked up, expecting to see the Jungle, but there was nothing but tundra as far as the eye can see. He ran, ran for who knows what. The ground was crackling faster, louder, more intensity, and he smelled.... pork chops?

    "Wake up sleepy head!" said a voice. Steve opening his eyes to see End over a burning, crackling oven, pork chops inside.

    "Here's breakfast!" End tossed him a pork chop.

    "Thanks." He said in a sleep-slurred voice.

    He ate it, grateful for food. Realization hit him as this was the first morsel he had eaten since he had arrived. He completely forgot about food after End showed up. He would've starved soon.

    "So what are we doing today?" End said, tossing him the other pork chop.

    That took him by surprise. Steve had figured that after End brought him to the Jungle, he would leave soon after. He no longer needed his help. I'll tell him later.

    "Maybe I can start a giant farm, so I can keep eating bread. I'll collect wood for fences, and you can till the land."

    Steve went over to the crafting table and crafted a few wooden hoes, and gave one to End.

    "Let me know when that one breaks." Steve instructed.

    End nodded and went to work.

    It'll be hard telling him to go... I hope he doesn't take it personally. I just can't keep an Enderman around me. Steve thought, while cutting trees with a wooden axe.

    Feeling a deep pit of dread and anxiety in his stomach Steve went through 13 axes, and collected two 64 stacks of wood, barely making a dent to the trees around him. End was still carefully tilling land, slowly but neatly , when the hoe broke.

    "Here" Steve said, tossing him another.

    "Thanks." End said, and went back to work.

    They haven't said much while they did their jobs, Steve now collecting seeds to fill all the plots. The 2 seeds he collected in the tundra will not be enough. It's now or never.

    "End." Steve said.


    Steve hesitated, he haven't thought he was going to say next. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

    "I-I don't think I need your help here anymore. I mean, you've brought me some trees, and that's all I really needed from you...trees."

    End said nothing. He kept carefully tilling the plot he was working on. Not saying a word.


    He put up a hand, in a "wait" gesture. He kept tilling slowly, putting up an awkward atmosphere for Steve as he waited for his answer. When End finally finished tilling the land 2 minutes later, he put the hoe down, and stared directly at Steve.

    "I thought you were different."


    "I thought you were different! I thought you accepted me, that I'm an Enderman, and I don't want to hurt you!" End said, voice raised, not yelling, just raised, in complete control.

    "No I just don't need your hel-"

    "No. I'm not stupid, Steve. The reason you want me gone is because you believe I will kill you in your sleep, not even realizing it. Why would I do that? Bring you here, help you survive, just to kill you?!"

    "You are just like the rest. If they didn't try to kill me at first, they want me gone the next day. I'm angry. I'm disgusted. I'm disappointed. You should be ashamed of yourself."

    Guilt welled up in Steve like blood on a wound.

    "Do you have any idea how it's like to be hated and feared, just because your race did things, not you? No! You don't! I'm not like the rest! I want to help humans! Not enslave and torture them!"

    End paused to take a breath, then opened his mouth again to continue, but before he could, Steve asked wearily, "E-enslave and torture?"

    End closed his mouth. And Steve thought, his eyes could've tricked him but, did End's eyes widen?

    "Goodbye Steve."

    "No wait! I'm sor-" he stopped as End teleported.

    Alone. Again. He's gone. Numb, Steve maneuvered to his cherry-wood shelter, and sat down on the dirt bed. He didn't want End to leave like this. Angry, disappointed and hurt. Steve put his hands to eyes as tears began to well in them. I'm sorry!

    Grief and Guilt was so strong in Steve he almost choked. End was gone, and it was all his fault. But one something rang in his head.

    Enslaved and tortured?

    Chapter 3

    Steve looked over at End's dirt blocks that he laid on the night before. That brought more tears to his eyes. The more he thought about it, the more he missed End. You don't realize how much you need something until it's gone....

    Oh, how he hated himself for making his friend leave. Steve put himself in End's place. Everyone he meets is terrified of him, all because of his kin's reputation. Nobody has ever trusted you, all for something you can't control. Steve admired End for living with his horrible life. Steve certainly couldn't.

    Steve realized that End was his first actual friend he had ever made. He had never played Minecraft with anyone else, only going solo in single player survival. And he sent him away. Steve disgusted himself.

    End had a reason to be angry... and I completely agree with him. I'm a selfish, blind, inconsiderate person. What have I done? Notch, sitting here wallowing in self pity won't get me closer to completing this challenge. I'll just take a short nap, and maybe I'll feel better.

    Steve blocked off the entrance to the shelter, just in case he overslept and mobs spawned, the windows still giving off sunlight of late afternoon. He snuggled into the soft, but dirty, dirt, and closed his eyes, drifting into the warm and welcoming blanket of sleep.

    Steve dreamt of nothing that nap, and when he woke up, he guessed it was only around 5:00 PM. His immediate reaction was to say "hi", but he remembered, with a new pang of guilt and hate towards himself, that End is gone. I could probably finish the wheat farm End started then go to bed early.

    He had ended up with 24 seeds, and only 16 plots. Steve took up the wooden hoe that End put down, and set to work on the next plot. It was slow and tedious work, carefully kneading the earth until it was fertile enough to put a seed in.

    Steve didn't know how long it took him to till 8 more plots, but the sun was lower in the sky. Not wasting time, he began placing seeds in the soil. Place, tuck in, cover, move on, became the rhythm of his planting.

    When all the seeds were planted, Steve wiped his forehead and rolled his neck. It was stiff from looking down so long! The sun was just lingering over the tip of the horizon, so Steve walked through the now 2-block entrance of the shelter, and blocked it off afterward.

    Steve was tired, not exhausted, but tired when he laid down in the dirt bed. He closed his eyes, and prepared for night 2 in the Jungle.

    The day's events replayed in Steve's mind over and over again, only much more eerie and depressing.

    "I thought you were different! I thought you accepted me, that I'm an Enderman, and I don't want to hurt you!" End said, voice raised, not yelling, just raised, in complete control.

    "No I just don't need your hel-"

    "No. I'm not stupid, Steve. The reason you want me gone is because you believe I will kill you in your sleep, not even realizing it. Why would I do that? Bring you here, help you survive, just to kill you?!"

    "You are just like the rest. If they didn't try to kill me at first, they want me gone the next day. I'm angry. I'm disgusted. I'm disappointed. You should be ashamed of yourself."

    End teleported away, an expression of anger and hurt on his face. Steve fell to his knees and wept, unbearable sadness clawing at his heart."I'm sorry End! I'M SORRY!"he wailed to the sky.

    He heard the teleportation of an Enderman, and looked up, hopeful to see End. Nothing was there.


    The following voice reverberated in his mind, echoing off the Jungle trees.

    "Steve? Steve! Wake up!"

    "Steve! You need to wake up now!"

    Steve opened his eyes when he felt and shaking his shoulders, and the voice continuing.

    "Steve! Wake UP!"

    He blinked, and saw the fuzzy shape of an Enderman.

    "End?" he said hopefully.

    "Yes! There's no time to talk, you are in danger! You need to get out of here!" End said.

    Chapter 4

    "Wh-what do you mean?" Steve asked. Did End come to kill him? Certainly not, right?

    "I can't explain here, we need to get moving! " End said, desperately, "Grab my hand, I need to teleport us to the place."

    It was raining out, and thunder boomed in the distance.

    "Won't you get hurt in the rain?"

    "Gah! Forget about the rain! We need to move, NOW!"

    Steve grabbed his hand, and End did not hesitate. As soon as he grabbed it, End was teleporting. Steve managed to keep his mouth closed this time, but he still went cross-eyed. Steve heard End gasp as they traveled across the rain in a matter of a second.

    Steve stumbled as they stopped, and End put his hands on his knees, panting. They were in a desert, the skies still dark as the storm continued around the biome. End only wasted a few seconds before he stood upright and started running in a direction.

    "Come...on!" He panted, and Steve followed.

    "Can you explain to me now?" Steve yelled over the rain.

    "Okay...." End said, still struggling for breath as he ran, " I was born into a clan of Endermen, and that clan was a several hundred Endermen at the least. The Endermen kidnapped and trapped humans that joined this world, just keeping them on the verge of death, not letting them leave."

    "I didn't like this at all. When I was younger, I used to slip the humans half of my meals after my parents went to bed. I got more risking as I got older, letting a few slip out at night and such. One day, a guard saw me, and called the royal king. They banished me."

    Steve was shocked and disgusted at this. Why would they do this? That's horrible! I guess that is what End meant when he said "enslaved and tortured".

    "Because all Endermen born into that clan are chipped with a tracker, they can see who and what I've been with. They are still herding humans today, and they are looking for you!"

    Terror crawled over Steve like water trickling down his body. He could only imagine what it was like, to be trapped in there forever.

    "Where are we going? Why can't I mine a 2x1 tunnel so they can't reach me?"

    "They can see the blocks you've placed and mined. It's happened to someone else before. I'm bringing you to their mine, they'll only see that the person before you has mined it, not you."

    "Why do you get so tired when teleporting?"

    "Each time an Enderman teleports, it takes away energy from them, and it feels like I've sprinted from your shelter to here, that's why I'm so tired. The longer the teleport, the more tired I am. If it's too long of a length, I'll pass out, go in a coma, or even die!" End said, still slightly out of breath as they ran through the desert.

    They sprinted through the desert, and Steve started to get winded after awhile. How far is it?

    They stopped abruptly as an Enderman teleported in front of them. He was larger than End, burly, and darker, his eyes pointed cruelly. Three more Endermen teleported around him. Two were large and burly like the first, but the last one was smaller, weaker, but darker and even meaner looking.

    "The king..." End said in an undertone, barely audible to Steve, even though he was right next to him.

    End was normally dark and mysterious, even creepy if you didn't know him, but compared to these Endermen, he looked like the nice, caring person he actually is.

    The smallest Enderman of the three, Steve assumed he was the king, and the rest were guards, began speaking in Ender, the Enderman language. Even though he was the same size as End, his voice was deeper, and much, much more accented. He spoke lazily, occasionally gesturing to Steve, but End seemed emotionless.

    End said something in Ender, then the king began speaking in English to Steve.

    His voice was so accented, he could barely understand it, "And you. Scum. Worthless. Barely do damage without the aid of a so called "weapon"" he chuckled, and anger began blossoming inside of Steve.

    "Your friend, End, was stupid to help you. He knew we were going to find you. Why get himself attached? I am ashamed to call him kin." The king spat on the ground next to End's foot, and Steve's rage for himself and End boiled over, while End looked as calm as ever.

    "You are the one who is disgusting! Capturing and torturing humans like this! How can you sleep at night?!" Steve yelled, pointing at the king.

    "Ah, so he told you about our ways? How pathetic." The king held up a hand, and the guards rushed toward Steve and End, knocking Steve across the sky.

    He flew for about 15 feet in length, and cried out as he smacked the sand. Steve had rolled when he hit the earth, so he could see End's blurred shape, trying to fend off three guards. Endermen bones were much, much more stronger than human's, along with their blows.

    Steve's sight kept blurring in out of focus, his heartbeat thrummed in his ears, Help End... he willed himself, but barely managed to do anything other than lift himself to his knees.

    While End was receiving nasty blows and bruises, he was also giving out pretty good hits. Steve crawled over to End, but he only got 6 feet away when the king yelled something in Ender - for he was only watching them-, and a guard broke away from End, and over to Steve.

    The Enderman punched Steve in the jaw, and he screamed as he heard it crack. End looked up from his fight, which caused him a few blows to the face. The Enderman who hit Steve picked up a cactus block, and rubbed it over his chest, causing Steve to shriek in agony as the cactus tore through skin.

    "Steve!" End yelled in despair.

    The guard kicked Steve in the gut and shins, when the king yelled out something in Ender, frantic.

    "No!" End called out after he did, and he teleported away from the two guards, now standing over Steve, slapping the guard in front of him.

    Steve's eyesight grew fuzzy, the sounds of the fight being muffled. The last thing he remembered was End's muffled yell in his ear, "Stay conscious!"

    A pop, then nothing.

    Chapter 5

    End clenched his jaw as the stinging rain pattered over his wounds. He held Steve, now unconscious, in his hand. If Steve passed out a second sooner, the teleportation wouldn't have worked, leaving Steve there, while End continued through the failed process.

    They were out of the desert, in a hilly biome, a small cave in the side of a hill. End grunted as he pulled Steve through the horrible rain. All of his instincts told him to run, teleport, or even hold Steve above him, blocking out the rain. It took all of his willpower not to.

    He sighed with relief as he entered the cave, shielding him from the rain. He rested Steve comfortably against the floor, while he rested against the wall next to him. End closed his eyes, trying to expel the pain from his hits.

    "The human! Get the human!" The king had yelled as Steve started crawling towards him.

    End remembered his shrieks of agony that sent shudders down his spine. If only I could heal him now. Curse the magic of Ender! Blood was now soaking through his shirt, and he could do nothing.

    "Leave the disgrace and take the human back to the base!" King Ender the 4th yelled.

    "No!" End had yelled, escaping from the guards and over bloody, broken Steve.

    He remembered how the king insulted him and Steve, telling End how is family was executed for raising him. ""No, don't kill us! We never liked him! He is a disgrace to the Enderman race!" they had shouted before we killed them." Ender the 4th chuckled.

    End was as mad as Steve was, only he refused to show it.

    He remembered when he was a young Enderman, 20 years old, or 10 to Steve. Endermen live as twice as long as humans.

    "Eat your pork, End!" his mother told him kindly

    End looked down at his pork chops , stomach growling, but he knew he had to save one of them. He had eaten a half of one already, and was eager to finish it. He looked up at his parents, hungrily eating their pork, concentrating on their plates.

    End quickly sneaked the extra pork chop under the table, and set it on his leg. He looked back up at his parents, who did not notice. He ate his last pork chop, then went up to his room.

    "I have English homework," he told his parents, "I want to get it done with."

    When you first go to school at age 6, they teach you how to speak Ender, once you master that, you learn English. In high school, you can optionally learn every race's language.

    He wanted to speak English fluently, so he could communicate with the humans every night. Hiding the pork chop with his body, he strolled to his room, and shut the door. He set the pork chop on his counter, while he studied English.

    It was about 1 AM when End finally heard his parents go to sleep. He was exhausted, but he had to do this. He grabbed the pork chop, and snuck out of the house.

    He would've teleported, but he hasn't mastered teleportation yet, and did not want to risk failing. He carefully avoided stepping in the guard's line of sight, to the barracks where humans were trapped. Large stone walls 50 blocks high towered above the city, rows and rows of streets with shops, schools, and living quarters were inside them. Barracks where usually next to torture buildings, and his house was near one.

    Every day the torturers took half the humans, tortured them, then put them back. The next day, they would take the next half, and repeat. Barracks were all over the city, each of them holding about 30 humans each.

    The symbol for the city was a bloody, screaming human. It disgusted End as soon as he learned about it, but never told anyone. He didn't have any friends in school, all of his classmates called him "nerd" for getting good grades. It didn't bother him at all, for he hated anyone that supported the idea of torturing. His parents were different, the idea bothered them, but they went along with it, in fear of getting tortured themselves.

    As soon as he saw the king, basking in glory as the people of his city cheered on the idea of torture, End vowed that he will kill this man. Whether it be the last thing he did, he will kill him.

    He entered the iron door that was the barracks, and split the large pork chop into 27 pieces, that's how many humans there were. Each piece was the size of a human knuckle. He gave each piece to each of the starving humans.

    "Thank you so much, Enderman." one of the humans said. He nodded back.

    And back to the day, 2 years ago, were he was banished. He was 38, or had the mind of a 19 year old.

    He opened the iron door, and whispered in, "Come on! Follow me!"

    32 humans streamed through, quiet as mice, as End led them to the wall. He removed a block, and humans slipped under it, sobbing with relief, saying "Thank you".

    Half of the humans had gone through when he heard someone shout, "Hey!"

    Cold dread filled End, they had seen him. For the first time in 38 years, they had caught him.

    "Go, go, go!" He yelled at the remaining humans, but the king was here, and a guard ripped the block out of his hands, quickly replacing it. Only 8 humans were left.

    "Go get guards to recapture the humans, and then gather the city. I want them to see this," he looked at End which hatred, End glared back, "this traitor."

    The king had shut off his teleportation, and he could not teleport within the city. They were at town square, End, his parents, the king, and a few guards were up on stage. The whole city was below him, murmuring excitedly.

    "Please don't kill End!" His frantic mother had cried, "My baby!"

    He told his mom in an undertone, "I will get revenge one day, I will get revenge on him." That caused her to cry in his shoulder. A rare sighting, seeing an Enderman cry, they were a race of power, and it is rare for an Enderman to cry. They hide emotions very, very well.

    The curtains opened. King Ender the 4th said into the microphone, "It is late. You are probably wondering why I have summoned you. Tonight, your friend here, End, has been letting humans escape."

    Horrified gasps went through the crowd. Some Endermen were yelling "Traitor!" End glared at them, sickened to the core.

    "And that is why we will banish him." The king said lazily. Cheers rose as End's mother cried into his father's shoulder.

    The king walked up to End, and whispering in a voice so low, he could hardly hear it over the crowd.

    "I will find every human on this world, every human you help, and I will torture them like there is no tomorrow." Grabbed his arm, teleported End into a plains, then teleported away, in a matter of 5 seconds.

    End opened his eyes, It was nearing dawn again, he had slept through all of the afternoon and night, Steve still out cold. Steve was still alive, which End was thankful to Notch for, but he was bloody, bruised, and broken. The blood had soaked through his shirt, leaving a large bright red stain, his jaw was twisted, and he had several nasty bruises.

    End repositioned himself on the wall, and waited for him to awaken.

    Chapter 6

    Steve groaned as he opened his eyes, everything on him hurt, and it pained him terribly to even move his mouth.

    "End?' He said weakly, but stopped as his jaw ached too much for him to talk.

    "Shhh. Don't say anything, your jaw is broken." End's shape loomed over him, his left eye was swollen and hard to see.

    Purple dust gathered around End's hands, then he touched a hand to his jaw, and Steve felt it slowly slide back to place.

    "I just sped up the healing of your jaw by 2000%. You should be able to talk again about....now."

    "Why didn't you heal me before?" Steve asked.

    "Number one rule of Enderman magic, victim has to be awake." End said, now putting his hand over the stinging wound on his chest.

    Steve felt a nearly unbearable itching as the wound healed. Then over his gut, which was aching horribly, which now healed.

    "You are going to have cuts and bruises until they heal normally. So you will be in a lot of pain, I can't heal everything." End said, he looked tired after he healed him.

    "What about your wounds?" Steve asked.

    End chuckled, "My wounds are not nearly as bad as yours."

    Steve gasped as he saw the dried blood all over his chest.

    "What happened? All I remember was crawling towards you...a voice," Steve squinted as he tried to recall the fuzzy details.

    "You tried to help me, the king yelled at the guard to hurt you, then take you back to their base, I wouldn't let them. I grabbed you and teleported away." End said, staring out of the cave. It was raining again. End was farther in the cave, he sat next to Steve.

    Steve pondered what he had said. Finally he asked End,

    "What do we do now? We can't just keep living in fear of them."

    "I know. I had thought about something, but it would be nearly impossible for us to do this."

    "What is it?"

    "Well," End said, readjusting himself, " After I got banished, I helped humans survive and stuff. I've helped a lot of humans the past 2 years, and had a lot of free time. In their free time, we would talk. One told me, now I don't know if this is true, she heard it from a friend, that there was a man. "

    "This man spawned a world, and would hunt out mineshafts and strongholds. This guy, he was very determined and patient. He would dig out a huge bowl of space in them. When he was done, you'd see an entire floating mineshaft in this huge cavern. "

    "Over the course of his life, he had found many mineshafts, and cleared out each one. One time, he mined the stone in a mineshaft, and behind it, was a 10x10x15 room. In the middle of it, was a pedestal. The pedestal held a sphere of water. They say it was used by Notch himself as he made rivers and oceans."

    "The sphere of water spread fast, and never stopped growing, You could flood an entire Minecraft world if you left it for a few years. It goes through any block, seeping through it. If you shake the sphere, the water you placed disappears."

    "The man told everyone, and word spread fast. Minecrafters everywhere searched for it, but few were successful. Only 5 more spheres were found in existence, leaving a total of 6 ever found. Ever. Rumor has it that a sphere is in every world, hidden behind a mineshaft, always at level 19. But in a world, there are hundreds of mineshafts. "

    "The main reason because so little were found, is was because nobody could ever find a mineshaft so fast. But, our problem is solved. I can teleport you to any mineshaft." End said.

    Hope blossomed in Steve, "So you are saying we find this sphere, and use it against the clan?"

    "No! I'm saying we put the sphere on display in a dirt hut! Yes we are going to use it against them!" End laughed, playfully punching Steve in the shoulder.

    "Sorry." End said as Steve gasped, clutching his shoulder.

    "Your playful hits are like full loaded punches to me." Steve said through teeth.

    End chuckled.

    "So, when do we leave?" Asked Steve, eager to get going.

    "In a day or two, you're in no shape to travel yet. Much less mine all day." End told him.

    "Awww." Steve crossed his arms and puffed out his lip.

    "Oh come on, we both know you are too tired" End said, smiling.

    Chapter 7

    They spent the next day talking, bonding, telling stories from their past. Steve's wasn't that interesting, just playing worlds. But End's life was amazing to him. He told stories about when he was young, and other stories humans told him(including the "I lift things up and up them down!" reference!). They discussed opinions about the way Minecraft works late into the night, then finally went to bed.

    When they awoke the next morning,(End first), it was nearly noon, but time no longer mattered when mining. Steve felt less sore and stronger that day, and they spent the next few hours gathering apples to live on.

    Once Steve had 2 stacks, they were ready to start mining. End concentrated, for a moment, then looked up and nodded.

    "It's a little far, but I can make it, but I might pass out for a few seconds." End told Steve.

    Steve nodded and grabbed his hand, bracing himself and closing his eyes. He grunted as the familiar motion of tumbling overcame him. He stumbled and opened his eyes , seeing End already hitting his head on the stone wall while falling.

    "Are you okay?!" Steve said.

    End's eyes rolled in the back of his head, eyelids nearly covering all of his eyes as he struggled for breath, slumped against the wall. Steve quickly looked around for any mobs, but all he saw was dark corridors. Finally, End gasped and his eyes returned to normal, but looking around frantically. His chest heaved, too tired to talk.

    He looked up at Steve, who's palms has grown sweaty, then closed his eyes as he tried to relax. A single torch above them provided light, so Steve mined some coal as he waited for End to recover. He made some torches, then put them off, trailing into corridors a bit.

    After about 10 minutes End stood up and strolled over to Steve.

    "Ready to start?" he asked.

    Steve nodded, getting out his stone pick.

    "That's all you have? No Iron? " End asked, staring at the stone pick.

    "What? Steve asked, holding it up.

    "You didn't mine at all when I was gone?"

    "Was I supposed to?"

    "Well, no, but.... Most humans I've met would want to start mining straightaway."

    "I finished the farm...."

    "Well, okay then."

    "Alright." said Steve, starting to mine away.

    End coughed.


    "You know, I can use a pick."

    "Oh right! Sorry!" Steve said, mining the wood supporting the shaft, and making a crafting table.

    "Here," said Steve, handing End a stone pick.

    "It's about time," End said laughing.

    They mined for who knows how long, until Steve started feeling exhausted. They haven't come across any hostile mobs, watch was good. They had cleared out 1/4ths of the mineshaft, and End and Steve were resting against the wall.

    Steve's eyes were closed, nearly asleep, while End was only resting his eyes. Steve murmured,

    "Why did you save me?"

    End opened his eyes and said, "I didn't want you killed."

    Steve rested his head against End's shoulder and murmured,

    "Why did you stay with me?"

    "Because," said End, "you really were different."

    Chapter 8

    When End awoke, Steve was still asleep. No surprise there, he must be exhausted. Endermen are generally stronger than humans, so it only made sense.

    Steve was resting his head on End's shoulder, and End didn't think he could move without waking him. He closed his eyes so Steve wouldn't feel bad. His legs began to grow uncomfortable like this. Maybe if I could shift just a little.....

    End moved himself just a little, holding his breath, but it didn't work.

    "Huh?" said Steve, straightening.

    "Good morning!" End said, standing up.

    ".....Hi..." Steve said, eyes drooping.

    "Ready to start?"

    Steve looked up at End with a horrified expression, which disappeared soon after.

    "I don't know....I feel really tired.." he said, pulling out a few apples.

    "Alright, but we can't rest for long."

    Steve felt a bit better after he ate, because he got up and nodded. End grabbed his pickaxe with two hands, for picks were made for humans, and it clattered to the ground a lot, so he had to ensure a good grip. Nevertheless, it still dropped to the floor sometimes.

    He cringed whenever he dropped it, it made a horrible clattering that rang throughout the mineshaft, and Steve would jump. Steve was mining slowly, which discouraged End.

    End whipped his head around when Steve gave out a cry, and there was a disgusting crinshhhh noise. A small blue spider lodged it's teeth into Steve's arm, and others were flowing through a block Steve mined. Greenish ooze was glistening off the spider's fangs.

    "Steve!" End yelled, and bolted over.

    "Get away from him you dirt-bathing pieces of scum!" End bellowed in the spider language, swatting them away from Steve, "Yes you heard me, you tiny maggot runts!"

    The spiders hissed and turned towards End. He grabbed a piece of stone, swatted a few away, and placed it in the wall, while Steve lay twitching on the ground.

    End killed the remaining spiders, none managing to shoot venom into him, but he still got a few bites that stung.

    "Steve...." End murmured, dropping to his knees next to him.

    End ignored his own pain while he looked at Steve. Steve's left arm, the one where the spider but him, was swollen green, the wound itself oozing blood and venom.

    "...milk..." Steve croaked.



    "I don't have a bucket!" End said helplessly.

    Steve groaned and closed his eyes.

    "I don't have a bucket!" He yelled, even louder, to who knows what.

    End ran over to the chest they had stored junk in. He pulled out an ingot, and bolted over to the crafting table, ran back, and repeated until three ingots where at the table. He carefully picked up each ingot and arranged them in the right order, and they turned into a bucket.

    He teleported to the surface, not caring about the sudden fatigue he felt. He swiveled his head, frantically looking for cows. He spotted one eating some trampled grass.

    He sprinted over to it, clicked milked it, and teleported back.


    Steve weakly turned his head towards End. End rushed over and gently tilted his head, milk running down his throat. When he drained the bucket, Steve went unconscious.

    Chapter 9



    Steve groaned and opened his eyes. The world had a tint of green, and it seemed as if it was pulsing. His left arm felt numb, he moved his eyes to see End crouching next to him.

    "Steve are you okay?" End's voice seemed muffled, but not as much as before.

    The pulsing grew weaker, and the tint of green was fading.


    "Thank Notch!" He said with relief and hugged him.

    "That's ....what... 5 times you've saved my life?"

    "No, 4," End said, straightening up again.

    "No, you me from starvation that one morning."

    "You were starving?"


    "You could've told me that!" End said, about to playfully punch, but stopped himself.

    Steve sat up, feeling returning to his arm. The green swelling was going down, but it still stung.

    "So now what?" Steve asked, looking at End.

    "The logical thing to do," End said in a gruff voice, "Would be to take out the spawner."

    "And how do we do that?"

    "You would mine it, while I keep the buggers away from you."


    The milk left Steve feeling as good as new, ready to fight. He made an iron sword and pick for himself, and a pick for End to use later.

    "Do you need a sword?" Steve asked, looking at End.

    "No, my arms and stronger than blades. I could snap their necks with a single punch."


    Soon, Steve was ready. They went up to the wall, when End said,

    "Remember, break three blocks, not two."

    Steve nodded, gulping.

    He mined away the top block, and spiders filed through. End swatted them around the mine, while Steve mined away the other two.

    They burst into the corridor, and Steve went to work on the spawner.

    End was furiously swatting spiders away from Steve, yelling in the spider language. Finally, the crack of the spawner breaking. Some spiders fled, but End got rid of the rest. Steve put up torches, along the dark corridor, also cutting webs with his iron sword.

    "You can swing your sword sword, your iron sword sword!" End joked.


    "You don't know that one either? Jeez."

    "What? I'm not Notch you know."

    "Alright alright, no need to get religious here!" End chuckled.

    "Well, that takes care of that problem. Shall we start mining again?"

    "Nah, you nearly died once today, let's rest."

    They sat down at the spot they slept at last night, Steve closing his eyes.

    "Goodnight, End." Steve said softly, and rested his head on his shoulder.

    "G-goodnight." End stuttered, startled at that.

    No one had ever said "Goodnight" to him before.

    Chapter 10

    Steve and End had been mining for a few days, they cleared out the mineshaft, no sphere. They had moved onto the next mineshaft, which wasn't too far away. They haven't come across anything out of the ordinary, until now.

    Steve looked back at End, who was mining the wall opposite of him, then back to the long, dark corridor. He squinted, was that a wood block?

    He went closer to it, placing torches. End turned around and said, "What?"

    "I think I see a....." Steve said, nearing it, "No way! A chest?"

    "What?" said End, teleporting. The distance was so short, he barely felt it.

    Steve opened the chest, and gasped.

    "What's in it?" End said, looking over Steve's head.

    They looked inside, there lay two diamonds, three pieces of bread, two globs of Redstone dust, and five pieces of coal.

    "Diamonds!" exclaimed Steve, reaching for them.

    "Wow, a chest. But, who from?" End said.

    Steve stopped. Who from.....?

    "I-I don't know. "

    "Maybe from the people who built the mineshaft?" End said in a sarcastic tone, "Maybe, I don't know!"

    "Oh. Um, okay."

    End laughed, "You really didn't know? Jeez, You don't know too much about Minecraft, do you?"

    "I guess not..." Steve said smiling.

    They continued mining, Steve feeling encouraged about the chest, and alert for more. Another night passed, well, it might've been night. They went to bed after Steve felt tired, which could have been any time. They mined for awhile, when End gasped and said,

    "Whoa! Steve come look at this!"

    Steve looked over his shoulder and to where End was. He gasped too and ran over.

    The outside of his missing block was lava and water, on the bottom of a ravine, but that's not what made them amazed, the ravine intersected the mineshaft, which intersected a Stronghold.

    "Wow..... This is amazing." Steve said, gazing a the ravine, mineshaft, and Stronghold.

    "It's just amazing standing where my ancestors came from..." said End, looking at the Stronghold.

    "Shall we explore?" Steve looked at End eagerly.

    "Okay, but not too far, we are here for the mineshaft, not the ravine." End replied.

    And so, they stepped into the ravine.

    Chapter 11

    At their first step, Steve nearly died. Again.

    They took a step, and Steve almost took another if it weren't for End, who grabbed his head as he nearly fell into a pool of lava.

    "Agh, your pinching my head, if that's possible." Steve said.

    "Would you rather have a headache, or dying a fiery death in lava?" End said, putting him back on the stone, but not letting go.

    "Lava," Steve muttered.

    "Well okay then!" End said, swinging him over the lava again.

    "AGH! Let go!" Steve kicked his feet, that were near inches over the lava.

    "All right!" End joked.

    "NOT HERE!"

    "Okay okay, fine, but you need to make up your mind." End set him on the stone.

    "So, how do we get over this lava?"

    "Oh, derp!" said End, smacking a hand against his forehead.


    End grabbed his hand, and teleported to the other side.


    "Yeah, sometimes I'm not the brightest glowstone in the cluster."

    "Sometimes? More like never," Steve joked.

    "Oh be quiet."

    Steve chuckled, but stayed quiet.

    They explored the mineshaft, and the Stronghold for awhile, stopping at the portal room.

    "My ancestors came from here... my kind." End said, gazing at the portal, a faraway look in his emotionless eyes.

    Steve felt bad for End. His brethren hated him, and End hated them back, but he still, deep down, wanted them to be peaceful, and did not want his race to die out. But they must do what is right.

    "Alright, let's start mining. " Steve said, wanting to tear End away from any sad memories.

    End nodded, and they got to work, once again. They cleared out their second mineshaft, and no water sphere. This discouraged Steve, but they have to find it, for the race of Endermen and humans.

    End teleported them to another mineshaft, so far away he passed out for 10 minutes, so they decided to sleep then. When Steve woke the morning, they began mining once again.

    Steve was so sore and tired from mining all the time and all day long, he almost missed the large room he had revealed with his pick, and when did, he cried out in joy.

    End turned and bolted over to look inside. As he removed a third block, tears sprung in Steve's eyes as relief swept through him. The mining is over.... all over!

    "Wow, it looks like it really is real," said End, gazing around.

    Steve let out a laughing sob, wiping his eyes. The room was as large as End had said, 10x10x15, lava completely covering the floor, and a platform of obsidian with a sphere of foamy water on it.

    "Why are you crying?" said End, looking at him.

    "The relief of the mining, it's finally over. My hands are blistered, my arms are sore, my eyes are tired of looking at stone all day. "

    "You are relieved of the pain of mining? Steve, you have to toughen up, we are going to be battling hundreds of Endermen, and you are sore from a few blisters and aching muscles?" End replied in a gruff voice.

    Over all Steve's joy and excitement, a worm of fear started to rise in the pit of his stomach.

    Chapter 12

    Steve and End went into the room, careful not to fall into lava. Steve picked up the sphere of water, it was moving in his hands. Water currents in his hands, foam slightly moisturizing his hands. It felt soothing, like a massage. He placed a block of water, and it instantly starting shooting out in all directions, changing the lava to obsidian.

    End yipped and teleported to the entrance of the room. "You have to be careful with that!"

    "Sorry," he said, shaking the sphere so the water disappeared, and putting it away.

    "So, what do we do now?" Steve asked End.

    "We find out what time it is." said End, and teleported away.

    An instant later, he was back, and let out a breath. "About dawn."

    "Alright, so what now?"

    "We wait until night. They'll be sleeping, so we have the element of surprise. Go craft your armor and weapons with all the diamonds we found, along with a watch."

    "Do you need a sword or armor?" Steve asked, puzzled.

    "Your armor is too small for me, and Enderman skin is tough, blades don't cut well, I use fists."


    "Right. It's nighttime, we place the water directly outside the base, and the water seeps through the stone. All Endermen but the king and guards die, they don't have permission to teleport anywhere outside of the clan. We fight away the king and the guards."

    "Okay," Steve said, crafting. It seemed like a pretty good plan.

    When Steve finished crafting, End told him to rest, they had hours before night.

    "I'll wake you when it's time," End told Steve.

    Steve reluctantly lied down and fell asleep, dreams just random things, mining, cutting trees, finding mushrooms on water, and so on.

    When End finally woke Steve up, fear and dread nearly choked him.

    "You ready to go?" End asked Steve.

    "Yeah....wait...let me eat." Steve shakily replied, getting out a few apples.

    As he ate, End gazed off around the mineshaft. Steve couldn't tell, but he thought End looked nervous.

    "Alright," Steve said.

    End whipped his head at Steve when he tore him away from his trance, but then relaxed.

    "Oh, okay. Grab my hand," End replied.

    When Steve did so, End said, "It's a little far from here, I'll need a minute to recover," and teleported.

    The feeling of teleporting almost felt familiar, barely nauseating. When it stopped, he only felt slightly unbalanced. End, on the other hand, stumbled forward, and caught himself on a tree.

    They were in a forest, which was on the borderline of a plains biome. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until his eyes passed over - Steve gasped.

    What he saw in the plains was breathtaking. A wall of smoothstone blocks, nearly reaching the clouds shaped in a rectangle, lay before him. It was bigger than anything he had ever seen built before. All by Endermen!

    He would've stared at it all night if he could have, but they had to flood it. All of it. Steve didn't want to ruin this amazing structure, but he remembered what the beings inside of it did to End, and the other humans.

    End stood upright, removing his arm from the tree, and gazed at the building with dismay.

    "It's bigger and taller since I was here last. It'll take longer to flood, thus giving the guards a chance to teleport fighters out. Great..."

    The sun was just disappearing over the horizon, stars beginning to appear.

    "Alright, what you do, is go up to the wall, then place a block of water from the sphere. But while you do that, you concentrate the water to move into the wall. Understand?" End explained.

    "I-I think so." Steve replied.

    "Once you do, run back over here, and wait for the king with me, I can't get too close to the water," End finished.

    Steve ran out to the wall, End watching from the trees. He just wanting to shrink into his armor and stay there until it was over. But he couldn't. He was the one who had to kill the king.

    Steve looked at the wall, then back to End's glowing purple eyes. End urged him on. Just place the water!

    He placed the water, focusing with all his might to go into the wall. Most of the water seemed to flow into the direction of the wall, but some still traveled the other way. Steve bolted back to End, and closed his eyes. That was so scary....

    "And now," said End, "we wait for him to teleport out."

    Chapter 13

    They waited nervously for the king. It was nerve wracking, seconds felt like minutes, as the kingdom slowly flooded. Screams started to be heard within the walls, sending goose bumps over Steve's arms. Soon Endermen were teleporting out.

    Most of the Endermen were men, but then women and children teleported. The men looked furiously around, but the women and children quickly fled, running into the bushes and forest.

    End was staring at them with dismay, "No, no no no no.... It can't be...."

    This worried Steve. Why is he so worried? Why are their children and women? Surely they can't be guards!

    The king was the last to teleport. He looked positively furious, like he was about to explode. Four stocky Endermen, the ones from the desert, stood around him. The king looked like he was screaming, making huge movements with his arms, stomping on the ground.

    "Why are all these Endermen around him? I thought only he and the guards get teleport out?" Steve whispered.

    "I don't know...." End trailed off as the king looked in their direction.

    The king started to advance towards them, guards and some men after him. The killing bellowed something in Ender, close enough for Steve to hear.

    "He knows we are here...." End gasped.

    The king teleported behind Steve, and grabbed him by his neck.

    "Steve!" End yelled.

    The king's arm was fully extended, leaving Steve high above ground, legs kicking.

    "You think you can waltz into my land," the king bellowed at End in English, "flood my city, and expect to get away with it? Rules have changed since you left, you know. Anyone can teleport!"

    Steve started gagging as he ran out of breath, looking wildly around. Endermen were lined up behind the guards, End was gazing at Steve helplessly. So this is how I die....

    But then End's eyes widened, and he mouthed something. The king was too busy strangling Steve to notice, but Steve made sense of it. Sphere! End was saying.

    Steve fumbled in his pocket for the sphere, he pulled it out, lungs starting to ache for air. Before the king could do anything, End leapt back and Steve placed the water, soaking him, the king, and some guards. The king dropped him, shrieking. Steve scrambled away, clothes soaking and gasping.

    Where the water touched the king, purple blood was forming. Over the sound of him, angry Endermen, and the sound of water, Steve heard End yelling, "Spam the water! Spam the water!"

    Everything was in chaos. The king was yelling in rage and pain, guards and other Endermen were yelling, confused and angry, End was yelling at Steve to come to him(he was still in shallow water).

    End was about 10 blocks away from the king, and when Steve scrambled over, he said in an undertone "Are you alright?"


    "You have to spam the water!"

    "What about you?"

    "It doesn't matter! You are the one to kill them. I can't.

    "What? You have to live! I can't kill them alone!

    "You have to. You are more important than me. You can handle the water, that's a severe disadvantage to them. But I can't handle the water, I'll get h-" He stopped as the guards lumbered over.

    "The water!" End yelled, hitting the nearest one as hard possible.

    "Oh Notch, I'm sorry End!" Steve took a breath, and threw some water at the guard, who was now fighting with End.

    Chapter 14

    "If you would have told me a week ago I'd be fighting off the entire Enderman race, I would've told you to lay off the Redstone Dust" Steve muttered as he ran, placing water all around the fort.

    By the time he had placed water all around it, End was struggling to stay above the guard, causing the guard's ankles to swell with blood. The water was up to Steve's shins. He pulled out his diamond sword, and slashed the guard End was wrestling. Because of the wound, he crumpled and fell into the water.

    After the water had been placed, some Endermen had fled, but some were so angry they ignored the water at their legs. Steve slashed the ones closest to End, who was struggling to not let his feet touch the water.

    "I'm sorry!" Steve yelled over the noise.

    "It's only necessary!" End grunted.

    The king, on the other hand, was in a tree, screaming at the men. Most of the men were dying from blood loss, and others fled when they saw their brethren dying a horrible death. Others were being decapitated by Steve's sword.

    Before long, the water was at Steve's chest, End's hip. In order to prevent blood loss, End teleported onto a treetop. When the last Enderman died of blood-loss, Steve scrambled up the tree.

    The only Enderman that was left was the spitting king, who was uttering nonsense.

    Exhausted and bloody, End still yelled over the king nevertheless, "You are the only one left, surrender or be killed!"

    "Never!" said the king, and began teleporting across the treetops.

    He was too tired and wounded to teleport away, so he resolved to teleporting across treetop to treetop.
    "Grab my hand," End muttered.

    "No, you'll die!"

    "Grab it now!"

    Steve reached out, but underestimated where he was, stumbled, and fell into the ever rising water. He sputtered and gasped, now soaking wet, in water that was nearly twice high height.

    End looked at the king, and back to Steve. Cringing, he teleported.

    "END NO!" but it was too late.

    End had completely submersed himself in the water, grabbed Steve's hand, and teleported out. There was an agonizing scream, a horrible, dying sound of an Enderman. End had brought him all the way in front of the king,

    Time seemed to slow as Steve raised his sword eye above the king's head, and brought it down. In that split second, Steve looked at the king's face, and saw it for the first time. Fear. Horrible fear, all in his eyes. Endermen eyes almost never showed emotion.

    The sword hit his head with a sltch as it cracked his skull, killing him instantly.

    Steve looked over to where End was standing, but all that was left as an Enderpearl.

    Steve understood what happened. End had killed himself so Steve could kill the king. There was no way he could submerge himself in water, which burned away his skin, and muster the energy to teleport that far of a distance.

    Steve dropped to his knees, staring at the remains of End, then burst out sobbing.

    NOTICE: For chapter 15 and beyond, scroll down to the second comment.

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    It's really great so far ! Nice detail and plot! Don't stop writing :)
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    Very nice so far! I do like it, but everything does seem kind of rushed and lacking in some details at points. Keep writing, practice makes perfect my friend :)
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    Alright, here we go lol. The last few chapter son the first post were getting glitchy.

    Chapter 15

    Where am I? Thought End as he looked around. All he remembered was looking at himself, skin completely ate away by the water, then nothing.

    He realized he was laying down, completely surrounded by white. When he sat up, memories flooded to him.

    "Steve!" He whipped his head in every direction, but found nothing.

    Why am I here? What happened to Steve? Am I dead? Questions flooded End's mind, but he had no answers.

    He grunted as he stood up, and pain raced up his body like electricity. He certainly felt like his skin was eaten away, but he looked as good as new. Even that scar a human gave him years ago wasn't there.

    "End!" rang out a booming voice that echoed.

    "AGH That was loud!" End yelled back.

    "You have righted an ancient wrong." said the voice, which materialized into a huge Enderman.

    It was about as tall as a jungle tree. He looked, seemingly perfect, The darkest shade of black possible, not too dark or light. Same with his eyes.

    "W-who are you?" End stuttered, not sure if to feel frightened or amazed.

    "End, I am your father! Hah! Just kidding. I love pulling that on people. Nah, I'm the God of Endermen."

    "What? I thought there was only Notc-"

    "Nah, that's what everyone thinks. No, there's a god for every race. When they die, they see them. Then....well, that's top secret."

    "You can't tell me?"

    "No. Anyway, you are going to forget this talk happened when you go back."

    "When I go back? To-to Steve?" End said, gasping.

    "Yeah, yeah, your human friend. " The god said lazily.

    "But....why me? Why do I get to go back?"

    "Well, you see, long ago, Notch created Endermen. He created everything, He intended for them to be friends with humans. But, due to their appearance, humans attacked and feared Endermen. Notch had made a terrible mistake, but it could not be undone. Endermen and humans have been at war since, which should not be. The gods had no power to stop it."

    "But you," The God said, "You rebelled. You have restored the pact between humans and Endermen. But not fully. No, there is still hostile or even neutral Endermen out there. You have to convince them to like humans. You can't do that if you are dead!" He chuckled.

    "So you are saying....."

    "Yes. You go back. But this is a one-time thing. Now go! Restore the pact fully!"

    "How do I...." End trailed off when the God raised a hand.

    "You might feel a slight pinch..."

    He brought his huge hand down onto End, normally crushing him, but only the wind rushed out of his lungs. He didn't feel any pain actually, but he could feel himself lying down again.

    Everything was black, he could hear sobbing faintly. End realized his eyes were closed. Opening them, he saw the blurry object that was Steve, slowly focusing out.

    "Steve..." End said hoarsely.

    Chapter 16

    Steve didn't notice End, he was weeping so hard.

    "Steve." End said, a little stronger this time.

    "E-End?" Steve gasped, wiping his eyes.

    "Yes..." End chuckled weakly, sitting up.

    "How did you....I thought you were....You couldn't have....The king..." Steve said. He was saying fragments so fast End could hardly understand him.

    "It's okay.... I'm back."

    Steve went quiet for a moment, then started sobbing again. End hugged him while Steve cried into his shoulder. The hot tears made End's shoulder burn, but he didn't care.

    It was all too much for End. The day's events, killing his former friends, being exhausted, coming back from the dead, and Steve crying into his shoulder all made all overwhelmed him. A new emotion overcame him. Sadness. Extreme sadness. The bottom of his vision started blurring purple.

    No! I can't be..... Am I crying?

    It was true, he could feel a sob forming in his throat.

    "Steve..." he said, and broke out crying.

    No! No! No! I'm an Enderman! The strongest race alive! How can I be crying?!

    He tried putting his hands over his eyes, like Steve, but that proved ineffective because his hands were so thin.

    Gah! What am I doing!?

    End didn't think he had ever been more embarrassed in his life. Not even when he was banished in front of the clan. But he couldn't stop the purple tears streaming from his face.

    "End? Are you crying?"

    In between sobs, he said, "Yes, I'm supposed to be," another sob, "the strongest race. And I'm crying."

    Steve laughed, wiping his face, and said, "It's okay. It would be surprising if you didn't cry after today." he looked at the water, still rising, then dug out the sphere and shook it.

    "Easy for you- hic -to say."

    "Did you just.....Did you just hiccup?"

    "I guess- hic -I did."

    Steve gazed at him, then burst out laughing.

    "Hey, what's so- hic - funny?" End said, wiping his eyes.

    "It's not every day you see a hiccupping Enderman!" Steve laughed.

    "Oh shut up." End muttered, smiling.

    When Steve calmed down, End said, "We should rest for awhile, we are both exhausted."

    "Yeah," agreed Steve, unstrapping the dented diamond armor.

    They lied down on the soft leaves, gazing at the rising sun until they fell asleep.

    Chapter 17

    When End and Steve awoke, dawn was already arising for the next day was arising.

    "End, what do we do now?" Steve said.

    "Hmm. It's really up to you."

    "What do you mean?"

    "Well, I cannot teleport to different worlds. The exhaustion would kill me. So, do you want to go to other worlds, have new adventures, or stay with me?"

    The answer was a no-brainer. "With you of course."

    "Alright then! I suppose we make a house. "

    End and Steve had searched around for a place to build a house. They had traveled back to the jungle where End first brought Steve, and found a normal forest next to it. They built a rather large mansion with two floors.

    A month had passed, a day went normal at first, End made Steve decent omelets for breakfast. But things were about to change. A ragged, weak figure appeared at the horizon, holding a pickaxe.

    THE ENDerman.


    Four girls strolled down the dirt path, laughing and chatting.

    "Hey guys," said a girl with poofy brown hair, "why don't we try this seed?"

    "What are you talking about, Emily?" Said a girl with brunette hair which had red streak in it, "This is way too easy."

    "Oh come on Paige, you think everything is too easy." said Emily.

    "Guys, how about we create our own seed? That would be cool," said a girl with blonde-brunette hair.

    "No Cassidy, I want a challenging seed. Odds are we will end up with a stupid forest." said the last girl, with brown hair which had blonde dashes and purple eyes.

    They continued walking around, gazing at the seeds displayed by holograms. Birds were singing in the trees, the sun shining above them. They occasionally passed a person or two, when the girl with purple eyes stopped them.

    "This one," she said, eyes gleaming.

    "The No Tree Challenge?" The other three said simultaneously.

    "Yes. It's perfect!"

    "I don't know...." said Paige, "how will we survive?"

    "Mineshafts you derp!" said the girl, slapping Paige on the back.

    "Okay. What about you two?" she said to the two girls.

    "Alright." said Emily.

    "Fine," said Cassidy.

    They entered the world eagerly.

    Rolling tundra greeted them, instantly making them colder.

    "Thank Notch I have a sweatshirt," said the girl with purple eyes, peering down over her silver sunglasses at her grey hoodie.

    The other girls were less fortunate. Emily was wearing a black flannel t-shirt over a white tank-top. Paige was wearing a grey tank top with jeans-shorts, and Cassidy a white dress.

    "Alright, let's find some trees." said Emily.

    "Pssh." said the girl with purple eyes.

    Later that day, they still found no trees. They saw an Enderman in the distance.

    "Hey look, an Endermen!" said Paige.

    "NO! IT'S ENDERMAN! DON'T YOU KNOW GRAMMAR?" laughed the girl with purple eyes.

    "Geez, sor-ry."

    As they got closer, they saw more Endermen. There was a total of 5.

    "Ahh, I love Endermen!" said the girl with the sweatshirt, "Let's go hug them!"

    "I don't think that's a good idea...." Cassidy said.

    "Relax! I won't look at them!" she called.

    The three girls looked at the Enderman head she had stitched on the back of her sweatshirt. She absolutely loved Endermen, the three girls thought it was a bad thing, even though they never said it out loud.

    Even though the girl didn't look at them, they still attacked. But not normally, no, they tried to grab her. The other girls rushed forward to help, but the other Endermen grabbed them too.

    Because the girl with purple eyes knows so much about Endermen, she knew what to do. She spat in the one's eye, burning it and blinding him for life. The Enderman dropped her, but the others teleported away, along with her best friends.

    "No!" she screamed, hysterical, "Come back! Nooo!!"

    Book 2:

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    The story will finish. I don't think I will have time until this summer, but do not expect me to quit this.
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    Chapter 14 up :D
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    Ward, Mellohi, and Stal. In that order
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    Quote from Towermaster2

    It's cliche and forced. Dani has NO backstory, Steve is just Infatuated because Swhe Wooks Pweete. How is THAT Cute? or funny?
    Perhaps then you should look at the meaning of ADEPT (a highly skilled or well-trained individual) I am saying that I have seen this story way to many times, to the point of extreme annoyance. And just because It has End and Steve. you like it, If it had been written first, it would have been shat upon. This story is pathetic, and the first book was simple plotted, as if the owner didn't want to put creativity into it. And from those who say I am flaming, Is it illegal to express my own opinion in a Comment of the book's forum page itself? P.S If you wish to see a writer pour his heart TRULY into a story, perhaps you should click the banner below.

    If you don't like it, then get out, and stop advertising your story. I honestly don't care that you are insulting the book. And, you even stuck around just to troll the second story.
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    I've come to the decision to make a sequel to my first Minecraft fan fiction, End, because it seemed you all liked it a lot. If you haven't read book 1, I'd suggest you do, or a lot of things probably won't make sense in book 2. For book 1, click here.I'd like to thank Strechout for the name Enderpeace, and all my fans and readers for supporting me :)Anyway, enough with the boring stuff, here's the story you've all been waiting for!

    Chapter 1
    The sunshine of Minecraft shone through Steve's glass pane window, waking him up. His room was illuminated with the bright sun, shadows reaching out gently, but warmly. It was about 8:30 AM, but Steve knew that End would already be up. Steve yawned, gently pushed his bed covers off him, and rolled out of bed.
    He looked out his window, which was next to his bed. A small lake lay in front of their house, and beyond that, plains. His eyes, still blurred from sleep, mistook a figure for a cow.
    Steve yawned again, and made his way to the door, across from the window. He opened the door, and made his way down the hallway, passing End's room on the way. He peered into the 3-block-high door, but as he expected, End's room was clean and bed made.
    The stairs were next to End's room, and he slowly made his way down them. To his left was another window, in front was a door, which was a pretty neat contraption. End did not want to teleport into the house every time he entered and left, but they needed a door so hostile monsters couldn't get in.So, with major help from End, Steve had installed a mechanism with Redstone and pistons . Whenever you step on the pressure plates in front of the door, a third block retract, allowing End to pass through. And once you pass, it extends again.
    Steve slouched down the stairs, yawning again, and looked around the right corner. Sure enough, there was a tall, friendly Enderman.
    "'Mornin' sleepy head!"said End brightly
    . "Hi End," said Steve, smiling.
    "How is omelets for breakfast?" asked End.
    "I'm in the mood for waffles."
    "Well, too bad, the omelets are almost done."
    "I was just kidding about waffles." chuckled Steve.
    "I know, " laughed End.
    Not an instant later, the front doors swung open, along with the top blocks retracting, and a scared "Eep!"
    "What was-" said Steve, whipping his head around to look at the door.
    Standing on the outside pressure plates on the porch, was a girl with bugged out eyes, and shaking horribly. She had brown hair with streaks of blonde, but it was snarled and messed up horribly. Her black pants were ripped, dirty and tattered. Her gray hoodie was full of mud, dirt, blood, and was ripped. Especially that back, which just had a few pieces of black hoodie remaining. She looked as if she hasn't eaten anything in days. Her purple eyes were scared and frightened, and her silver sunglasses were cracked.
    "Who are you?" Steve asked.
    End appeared behind him, causing the girl to scream and cower.
    "Ah, maybe I should....err....." End said awkwardly.
    "Err...he won't hurt you... I promise." Steve told her.
    The girl made a noise that sounded like a dying cow, but she cleared her throat, and spoke again. Her voice still sounded very, very hoarse.
    "Are-are you sure?"
    "Yeah. End's cool." said Steve.
    "I-I'm ... Dani."

    Chapter 2

    "Ah, no offense but, aren't I in a single player world?" Steve asked.
    "Single player....?" Dani croaked.
    End looked at Steve, and Steve looked and End.
    "Why don't you come inside? We've got about a billion questions, and you look pretty exhausted."
    Dani reluctantly stepped inside, and looked longingly at Steve's chair.
    "Take it, I don't need it right now." Steve said, laughing.
    Dani sighed as she sat down.
    "Okay, first things first," said Steve, "how did you get here?"
    "I...uh...went into a multiplayer world...from The Spawn..."
    "Don't you mean Choosing Grounds?"
    "No...I mean The Spawn..."
    "Huh." Steve said, stumped.
    "What does The Spawn look like?"
    "It....it has dir-" Dani began, but was interrupted by the oven.
    "Omelets are done." End laughed awkwardly, and strolled to the oven
    ."Dani can have mine, she needs it a lot more than I do." Steve said.
    "It...um...has dirt paths, blue skies, trees, grass, birds singing, sun shining...holograms, flowers..."
    "Weird....and you went into a multiplayer world? And that's this world?"
    "I'm guessing..." Steve began, but was cut off as End slid Dani an omelet. She began tearing it like a wolf.
    "I'm guessing...you come from a different world than me. Like, different Minecraft....factions, I'd guess." Steve said.
    "So....uh....what happened after you entered?" Steve asked.
    "I-um, I.... I spawned in a tundra....and...my fr-..... I explored a cave until I found a mineshaft for wood.....I survived off zombie flesh and spider eyes. I found a mineshaft and gathered the wood and made tools....and I survived...... I've been living off spider eyes and zombie flesh, occasionally eating an apple or bread I found from a chest as a treat....."
    Mineshafts! I should have went for the mineshafts when I spawned..... Steve thought, giving himself an inward face palm.
    "I just collected all the wood, and then I went back up to find trees....I've searched for months....deserts, plains, mountains, tundras...no tree biomes...." Dani shuddered."Finally.....finally I found a jungle.... as I came out of a desert.....I found a small house in an alcove with a farm next to it...."
    Steve looked at End, who was awkwardly eating at the other end of the table. End looked back. She was talking about The Jungle.
    "I took the wheat, and traveled through the jungle....I don't know what I was looking for really....then I travel through a forest.... and then a plains, I see this house....and...here I am..." she finished.
    "Wow....that sounds terrible.... you can stay here...shower....get new clothes....." mumbled Steve.
    "I think you need some new clothes too..." Dani said, looking at Steve's shirt, which has a giant bloodstain on his chest.
    "Oh, I never cleaned that up..." Steve laughed, remembering how he got it.
    Dani laughed nervously. "So....where are the new clothes?"
    "Oh! Let me get some wool from my room, go take a shower, it's behind End."
    "Haha okay." she said.

    Chapter 3
    Steve went upstairs to his room, grabbed some wool and leather, and crafted it into a new grey hoodie and black pants. He even made new socks and black and purple shoes. Steve exited his room with the new clothes, only to get stopped by End as he turned around from his crafting table.
    "Gah! End! Don't scare me like that."
    "You like her, don't you?" he said.
    "Wh-what?" "Admit it. You like her."
    "No-no I don't!" said Steve.
    "You do! Stop lying." End said, poking Steve.
    "H-hey! S-stop! That tickles!" laughed Steve.
    End stopped and leaned back, giving Steve the are-you-going-to-tell-me-now look.
    "Okay...maybe I do...a little...."
    "Haha! I knew it!"
    "Shhh! Don't tell her!" said Steve, looking around, as if Dani was in the room.
    "Okay...." said End, looking to the side mischievously , "STEVE LIKES DANI! STEVE LIKES DANI!!!!" he sang, prancing around Steve's room.
    "SSSSSSH!" Yelled Steve, reaching for End's mouth.
    "STEVE LIKES DANIIII!" End said, now teleporting around his room.
    "END!!!" Steve yelled, very red in the face, trying to grab End.
    "HAHAHAHA" End laughed as he teleported into the hallway.
    "End, NO!" he yelled, running out of his room.End continued to sing and teleport down the stairs, into the dining room, to in front of the bathroom door. They could hear the shower running. End was directly in front of the door, hardly able to contain himself from giggling. Steve was behind him, extremely red in the face.
    "End...no....not...here..." he whispered.
    "Ooooohhh Dannniiiiiiiiiii," End sang, in front of the door, giggling.
    "You....wouldn't...dare...." Steve sputtered.
    End giggled again and said, "Widdle Stevie here wuvs youuuu!" and burst out laughing.
    If possible, Steve grew even redder, ears included.
    "ENNDD!!!" yelled Steve, tackling him.
    There was a thump as they hit the ground, Steve trying to strangle End as he laughed hysterically. End was laughing so hard, Steve could see tears in his eyes. End was hitting the ground from laughter, while Steve was very unsuccessfully strangling him, still very red in the face.
    "Oh Notch, I can't breathe!" laughed End.
    "GOOD!" Yelled Steve, which made End laugh harder.
    Just then, the shower stopped. End still was laughing and crying, but Steve scrambled off him and refolded Dani's new clothes.
    "Dani....err...I have the new clothes...." Steve said to the door, End still rolling on the floor laughing.
    "Just....stick your hand through the door....I'll grab the clothes.... and don't look..." she said from the inside.
    "Don't look inside, Steve! Don't be a pig!" said End, whose own joke made him laugh even harder.
    "I wouldn't do that!" said Steve.
    He opened the door, and stuck his hand in, not looking. Dani grabbed the clothes and closed the door, which caused End to howl.
    "Just shut up, End..." Steve muttered, face burning hot.
    End steadily began to calm down, but he was still giggling when Dani came out. It caused Steve's jaw to drop. All the dirt from her face was gone, and she was in her new clean clothes . Her hair was brushed straight and wet.
    "How do I look?" she asked.
    "Amazing.....I mean, better!" said Steve.
    End burst out laughing again.
    "What's his deal?" Dani said in an undertone to Steve.
    "He's on.....Redstone dust! Yeah, major addict." he lied.

    Chapter 4
    "By the way..... I never got your names...." said Dani.
    "Oh! Um! I'm Steve, and that laughing maniac is End."
    "Haha okay."
    Steve gulped. He thought it was really cute when she did that little laugh.
    "H-hey End! Stop laughing for a second." Steve said to End, who was still struggling to stand up from giggling.
    "Wh-what do you want?" he said, finally straightening.
    "What are we doing today?"
    "Well, I have an idea on who, I mean what, you would like to be doing today." snickered End.
    "Anyway....I think we should try and find some more Endermen to convince. Most hostile ones will probably be in the tundra you spawn in. No one knows the exact place where you spawn, only the tundra."
    Dani looked confused, but she didn't ask anything.
    "So, we start bringing peace to Endermen today?" Steve asked hopefully.
    "No, I'm saying we find them and kill them! Yes we bring peace!"
    "Okay, so do we leave now? And to the tundra?"
    "Yeah, but the tundra is really far, and teleporting both of you will cause even more exhaustion, but it's not far enough to put me into a coma." said End.
    "Well, what are you all waiting for? Grab my hand!" said End.
    Steve stepped over and latched on, but Dani reluctantly grabbed on.
    "Steve's probably used to it by now, but you'll have to brace yourself." End told her.
    She nodded weakly, pale.End teleported, a haze of shades of purple and a whooshing feeling, but Steve was used to it by now. As suddenly as it started, it stopped. End fell to the ground, out cold, while Dani fell out of dizziness.End was hardly breathing, his chest making quick, shallow breaths, eyes closed. Steve watched him, worried. Dani on the other hand, scrambled up and said,"Oh dear, is he okay?"
    "Err, I think so. The longer the distance, the more tired he is. The longest I've seen him like this was 2 minutes ..."
    End was lying on a snowy hill, while Steve and Dani nervously wait for him to open his eyes, or even start normally breathing.Ten minutes pass, then End finally gasps and opens his eyes, now breathing heavily. His pupils nervously flitted around.
    "How long....was I out......?"
    "About ten minutes" replied Steve.
    End closed his eyes and continued to relax a little. He took another five minutes before he stood up and said, "I'm alright, nobody worry about me. Okay, I suggest we start looking."
    End, Steve and Dani trudged around the tundra, for a few hours, sun slowly sliding across the sky. It was afternoon before End finally spotted a tall black figure.
    "Alright, we are going to try different tactics at this. The first one, I convince them, just me. You two stay hidden behind this hill. Sound like a plan?" End asked.
    "Yeah." replied Steve.
    "Alright, you two don't have too much fun alone." End snickered.
    "End!" Steve scowled at him.
    End laughed and teleported away.
    "What does he keep hinting towards?" Dani asked
    ."Nothing. He's delusional from the Redstone Dust."
    "Are you sure it's safe to be around an Enderman high on Redstone Dust?" she said quietly.
    "It's uh....fine. Really."

    Chapter 5
    Steve sat next to Dani for about 10 awkward minutes. They crouched, hidden by a low hill, Dani in front of Steve. Finally, when End returned, he looked frazzled.
    "Just a neutral mother, who wanted to keep her child safe. Told her to spread the word about peace, she was fine, though I think she tried to get with me," he smiled slyly.
    They continued to search for a little while, until the sun started to set.
    "I think we should get back now. If we are going to have a bonfire." said End.
    "We are having a bonfi-?" Steve asked.
    "Yes, to warm up the bones! Now let's go." he said and grabbed both of their hands.
    Why is End rushing everything? Steve wondered. When the teleportation stopped, both Dani and End fell over, Dani rather green in the face. Sure enough, they were on top of the large hill/mountain, with their campfire setup. The hilltop was rather large. The hill itself was beyond the forest behind their mansion.Steve started the fire while he waited for End to wake, and helped Dani onto his usual bench. The bench was long enough for both of them to sit comfortably.When End was better, the sun was already gone. End took his usual place at the other end of the fire, across from Steve and Dani.
    "So Dani," End said, a little winded yet, "What happens when you are first spawned, or born, or however you exist?"
    "Well....you are put into an intense training course, where you learn everything. You take this huge test, where there is like, 500 questions. It tests you everything you need to know. It drills into your mind. You can only go when you have answered all 500 correct, because you cannot die."
    "Notch....that sounds hard..." murmured Steve.
    "Who's Notch?" asked Dani.
    Steve looked at End, and End back.
    "You-you don't know who Notch is?" Steve asked, dumfounded.
    "No....should I?"
    "He's the creator of Minecraft! He puts care and delicately selects each block in every world and seed, nurtures every being , and greets each and everyone to the afterlife." Steve explained.
    "Creator of Minecraft? That's Herobrine. He is a blood-thirsty, torture seeker. He wants to torture everything and make their lives miserable. But he couldn't do that without giving them a fair chance. He created the Overworld, where everyone stays alive. But...if you die, you get sent under the Nether, to his fortress.....He rips your soul away, until you are a mindless slave...."
    "What does Herobrine look like?" Steve asked.
    "Nobody knows for sure, but all we know is his glowing, soulless white eyes...."
    Steve shuddered. That sounded horrible. He looked into her eyes. Purple, gleaming, full of life, yet shy. He couldn't imagine her to be soulless.End noticed Steve staring into her eyes, and quickly stood up.
    "Ah, I think I'm going in for the night. Pretty tired after all this teleporting,"
    Steve raised an eyebrow. Usually End is last asleep, almost as if he didn't need sleep.
    "Don't have too much fun up here. It's pretty secluded, under the stars, but anyone can hear you if you are too loud."
    "End!" Steve said, embarrassed.
    End snickered and teleported away.
    "Err, Steve, why does End keep making these sly jokes?" Dani said, looking up from the fire.
    "Truth is....End isn't on Redstone Dust. Neither of us haven't even thought about using it."
    "Then.....what does he keep hinting?"
    "I-I think it's best if I show you, rather than tell."
    "What do you me-" Dani began, but was cut off as Steve pressed his lips against hers.

    Chapter 6
    End did a silent fist pump as Steve kissed her. He was watching from below the hill. This was his plan all along. He wasn't tired at all, he just gave Steve an opportunity to make a move.
    Best. Wingman. Ever! He thought to himself smugly, teleporting to the house. But a small voice rang in the back of his head. Now that Steve loves someone.....what about you? but he ignored it.End went behind the dining table, to the left of the bathroom, where the couch and TV was. It was a two-seater couch, which was shaped a bit odd. The right side of the couch back was a bit taller than the other side, so End could sit comfortably.
    He flopped onto his side of the couch, grabbing the TV remote. He flipped through the channels, nothing too good on at the moment because of the time, which was midnight, just some reruns of Man Vs. Minecraft and NoxCrew Game Show.
    "Notch darn it!" End cursed himself.
    He missed his favorite shows, which were on earlier that day. He would always watch SkyBlock, Season Two with NFEN and AllShamNoWow and Shadow of Israphel with Steve.
    He just settled with a Man, Woman, Minecraft rerun. Steve and Dani still weren't back after that, but he didn't bother to look, just in case they need privacy.End was happy for Steve, but he also felt something else in the back of his mind he desperately tried to ignore. No! I am not jealous of Steve! he groaned.
    Steve and Dani finally came in a little after 1 AM, while End was dozing off at trying to watch Hunt For The Golden Apple.
    Dani was giggling nonstop, looking rather small compared to Steve, and Steve had a silly smile on his face, blushing.
    "You two had fun together?" End said, smirking with his hand on his hips, staring down at them.
    "End!" Steve chuckled, blushing harder.
    "Yeah, we just joked around." Dani said, still giggling a little.
    "Mmhmm sure you did." End said, poking both of them.
    "Okay, um Dani, do you want to sleep on the couch for tonight? I think I'm going to bed." Steve said.
    "Sure, um, can I have some blankets?" she said.
    "Yeah, they're in my room. I'll go get them." Steve said, running past them and up the stairs.
    "Okay, I'm going to bed. Goodnight Dani." End said, quickly teleporting to Steve's room.
    Steve just walked in as End teleported.
    "GAH END!" Steve jumped.
    "So how'd it go?" End said, ignoring Steve's remark.
    "What do you mean?" he said.
    "I saw you kissing! What is your relationship status now? Did she like it?"
    "I-I think so. She didn't pull away or anything, just a little shocked at first. She just kind of...eased into it I guess."
    "Into it?" End said, smirking.
    "No! We just uh, stopped and starting joking around after that..."
    "Aww, no action?" End joked.
    "End, please!"
    "I'm just joking!" he said innocently.
    "You better be." Steve replied.
    "Alright, get the blankets and go back downstairs, I bet she's getting cold without those blankets."
    "Okay. Goodnight End" Steve yawned
    ."And don't be too loud! The house is made of planks, which aren't soundproof!" End joked and teleported to his room.
    End climbed into his extra long bed, listening to Steve walk down the stairs. He lied there, tense, listening as well as he could to them. He heard the TV go out, and Dani giggle. Oh Notch no, thought, hoping that Steve didn't take him seriously. He felt relieved as he heard the planks squeaking as Steve walked up the stairs.
    After he heard Steve crawl into bed, End turned over and thought, Well, a lot of things have happened today.

    Chapter 7
    When Steve woke up the next day, he felt content as ever. A faint smell of bacon drifted into his room, so he knew End was cooking.He yawned, rising out of bed. He made his way down the hallway and stairs, and when he looked in the kitchen, there stood End cooking and Dani on the couch watching TV. Her hair was messed up, as were the covers on the couch. End was wearing a rather small(on him, at least) "Kiss the Cook" apron.
    "We-ell, look who could join us finally!" End chuckled, turning to look at Steve."Steve!" Dani said, scrambling off the couch to hug him.
    "Good morning both you." Steve said, smiling and yawning.
    "Is bacon okay for breakfast?" End asked.
    "Sure," they both said.
    "What's on TV?" Steve asked.
    "A movie. Survival Games 1 it said."
    Dani explained
    "Oh yeah, End and I watched that."
    "I think CaptainSparklez should've won." End chimed in.
    "No way, Paulsoaresjr only lost because of the mob spawnage!" Steve argued.
    "Well, you just spoiled it for me." Dani pouted.
    "Oh! Sorry!" Steve said,
    "Well, we can still watch it."They went back to the couch, Steve on his side, and Dani on End's.
    "It's only a few minutes in," she said.
    Not long after, End brought the bacon to them and pulled up a chair to watch it with them. Once that was over, they went back to the tundra to look for more Endermen to persuade. Once the sun started to set, they went back to their house to have another bonfire.
    "So....." Steve said.
    "Soo....." End said.
    "Um....I've been meaning to ask. Steve, where'd you get that bloodstain on your chest?" Dani said.
    "Oh, that!" Steve said, looking down at it, memories returning to his mind.
    "It's a really long story." he said, looking at End.
    "Enough to be 17 chapters!" End chuckled.
    "We have all night," Dani said.
    "Well, it all started with End." Steve said.
    Steve and End went into a long explanation about how End was born with Endermen cultists who would kidnap and torture humans. End saves Steve before they catch him, but they had to battle, where Steve got bloodstains. After Steve healed, they searched all day and night through countless mineshafts to find a water sphere that gives off endless water. After flooding their base and killing off their leader and most Endermen(and unfortunately the humans), including End even, End came back to life to bring Endermen to peace.When they were done, it was getting pretty late.
    "Wow...you've...you've done a lot," Dani said, looking at the ground.
    "Yeah," Steve yawned, "Geez, that took awhile."

    Chapter 8
    "Dang," End said, "it must be 1 AM. "
    "Welp," Steve yawned and stood up," I'm packing it up for the night,"
    "M-me too," Dani agreed.
    Steve grabbed End's hand, while Dani grabbed the other. End teleported them to the house, where Steve nearly smashed into the wall from exhaustion. He quickly said goodnight and staggered up the stairs. End also said goodnight and followed Steve.End crawled into bed, not very tired. He tossed and turned for awhile, then he thought he heard something. Was that....was that wooden planks creaking from downstairs?
    I didn't hear Steve getting out of bed! End's first thought was, but then he heard the faint snoring coming from Steve's room.
    Besides, the creaking sounded like it was moving from the couch towards the stairs.
    Is Dani coming upstairs? But then End heard the sound of doors opening and pistons retracting.
    Why is she going outside?!
    End sat up, legs swinging over the side of the bed. He rose, trying not to make too much noise. He tiptoed out of his room, down the hallway, down the stairs and tiptoed across the room to check to see if Dani was still on the couch. Sure enough, it was empty.End then teleported onto the porch, so the pistons wouldn't make their loud noise.
    Where is that crazy girl? End thought as he looked around.
    He looked and listened hard, no visible trace of her, but he thought he could hear something behind the house.End sneaked around the house, listening as hard as he could. When he made it to the side of the house, the noise was clear. Sobbing.End continued into the forest behind their house, quiet as possible, listening and looking. His heart was beating fast, he could feel the purple Enderman blood pumping through his veins.Finally, End found her, sitting, legs pulled close, head-in-knees and sobbing, back to a tree.
    "D-Dani?" End said, coming into view.
    "St-Steve?" she said, sniffling and looking up.
    "Oh," Dani said, eyes turning cold as she realized it was End, "it's you."
    "What's wrong?" End said, crouching next to her.
    "Get away from me," she whispered.
    "What?" End asked.
    "I said," Dani whispered, "get away from me!" she yelled the last part, hitting End.
    End stumbled back, "I don't understand," he murmured, puzzled.
    "Nothing your kind would understand," Dani said, hatred dripping from her voice like venom.
    "What do you mean?" End said, looking at her.
    "Can't you see that I don't want you here?!?" she said, almost yelling.
    "Fine, I just-"
    "Go!" she yelled, voice cracking and tears leaking from her eyes.
    End teleported back into his room. He heard a faint wail coming from the forest.
    Am I dreaming?

    Chapter 9
    End awoke at his usual time he wakes up, around 5:00 AM. He watched the sun rise from the nice open window in his room, to the left of his bed. Why can't Steve get up early to watch the sunrise too? It's quite beautiful.He thought.
    Steve always got up so late. Humans are weird sometimes.
    He neatly made his bed and strolled downstairs, opening curtains as he went. He could hear the faint snoring of Dani on the couch. She got up earlier than Steve, but that won't be for awhile yet. End quietly tiptoed past the couch and opened the blinds.He frowned, he would usually watch TV for awhile before making breakfast. But he can't, Dani was sleeping there.
    Maybe I can get her to start sleeping in Steve's room. He thought of the double bed in there and cringed. Or set up a cot....
    End went back up into his room to get a book. He pulled out a random book on his shelf. The Enderman's Game. Why not?He lied on his bed for awhile, reading it. He went back downstairs and started to cook breakfast. By now it was 8:00AM, Dani was still asleep.
    End began clanking around the kitchen, starting up waffles.Not long after, he heard Dani gasp and jerk up. She stills thinks she is alone in the wild when she wakes up...poor thing.
    Suddenly, the memories of last night flood into End's mind.
    Relax, End. It was probably just a dream. He reassured himself.
    "Good morning!" he called to her.
    No reply.
    Or...was it?The TV turned on, and End didn't even have to turn around to know what was playing. From the laugh, he could tell it was Shadow of Israphel.
    "Steve and I love that show, we would watch it when a new episode is released on Fridays" End said, trying to start a conversation.
    "Just shut up," Dani muttered under her breath.
    Even though it was faint, End's Enderman hearing could hear it.
    Oh.... he thought, hurt. Maybe it's best if I don't talk to her....Even though I don't know what's wrong with her.
    It was around 9:00AM when Steve plundered down the stairs.
    "Good morning!" End and Dani called in unison.
    Steve smiled, "Hi guys!"
    "I've got waffles baked up," End said, flopping one onto a plate
    ."I love waffles!" Steve yawned.
    "Want to make a chair for Dani?" End said.
    "Sure, I have some wood blocks in my room," Steve said, still groggy.
    "I'll help," End said, and ushered Steve up the stairs.
    They got to Steve's room and End went in front of Steve, blocking him from his chest.
    "Can you ask Dani something?" he asked Steve.
    "Uh, sure?"
    "Why is she being so hateful to me? Last night I saw her crying outside and I asked her what's wrong, and she yelled at me to go away. This morning she told me to shut up," End said.
    "Wait, she was crying last night?" Steve said, alarmed.
    "Yeah, she wouldn't tell me anything...Just to go away." End said, downcrest.
    "You should've told me!" Steve said, looking faintly angry.
    "I'm sorry Steve, I wasn't really thinking, and she did seem like she didn't want to be bothered anyway."
    "Agh forget it. I'll ask her why later." Steve said, waving off, looking annoyed.


    It was late afternoon now, and End had made the suggestion of going mining. They were getting low on diamonds. They were mining just above bedrock, branching out. They had barely gotten farther than 10 blocks out when there was a cry of
    "OH SH-" and a clunkclunkclunk from Steve's tunnel.
    "Steve?!" End and Dani yell in unison, flying out of their tunnels.
    Steve's tunnel ended abruptly at fallen gravel, in which he was under.
    "STEVE!" They yelled, Dani racing towards him. End, on the other hand, couldn't get in, due to the fact that the tunnel was only 2 blocks tall. Dani was scraping away at the gravel, trying to get him free. End frantically mined at the blocks above, creating a path.He started scraping at the gravel next to Dani.
    "The first thing he will see will be me, so back off!" She hissed at End.
    End stumbled back, surprised. "Wh-wha-"
    but was cut off as Steve gasped and Dani revealed him.
    "Don't just stand there End, help him free!" she said.
    "I just was-"
    "Help me!" Finally, they got Steve free, who coughed
    "Are you okay?" Dani asked.
    "Yeah, I think so," he coughed.
    "Don't worry Steve, I've got you." Dani murmured.

    Chapter 10
    Steve looked at End as Dani helped him up. End was behind Dani after she pushed him. He stood there, shocked at what she said.
    "C'mon," she said, "let's go home early,"
    End nodded, grasping both their hands and teleporting. But where he did teleport, was not the house.
    "End?" Steve asked.
    End was breathless from the teleport, but he barely gave notice to it. He said nothing as he walked across the ground in brisk steps.
    "End....." Steve said, looking around, he recognized this place.
    End stopped as he hit a dirt wall, which blocked off the entrance to a small cave. It was dead silent, except for the cold wind of rolling, treeless, tundra. He stared at the wall, Steve and Dani behind him a few blocks. End's mouth was slightly open, eyes wide, but betraying nothing as he eyed the wall.
    "What's he do-" Dani said,but Steve interrupted her.
    End removed 3 blocks of the wall, and entered the small cave. Steve followed, so Dani followed Steve. Steve stood in the entrance to the cave, which went no more than 10 blocks back. The only light that was filtering in was from the entrance End made, and a one block opening at the top. Steve watched End from the entrance, Dani from his shoulder.End walked over to the wall, and removed a block from it. He set it down on the floor, and sat on it, stretching his legs. He stared at the wall across from him

    As End sat, he felt no emotions, only compelled to do this. Nothing else. As he bent his legs, Steve and Dani faded away from their places, and the entrance replaced with dirt. Steve reappeared on the wall opposite from him, except much weaker, scared, cold, and confused. He was in a ball against the wall. It was nighttime, and now it was raining.
    End's memories of the everything disappeared. He felt as there is someone who needs him right now, but he couldn't quite place a finger on it.
    "C'mon, who is he?"something in his life was missing.
    He looked at the human curled up in a ball, covering his eyes from him.
    "You don't know how good this feels. Being on your legs all day, they get stiff from being so straight." he said.
    End was feeling a sense of deja vu, but he ignored it. This happens all the time. Help this human, don't be scary, don't fail like the other times.
    "So," he stopped, and extended a hand.
    "What's your name?"End could almost tell what he was about to say.
    His name was on the tip of his tongue! Stue? Stephen?
    "Oh geez, where are my manners? I'm End." he said, hand still out ,"This is the part where you tell me your name."
    The nagging feeling of deja vu never left his mind. The back of his head screamed at him to get back to the people. There is no one! Stop feeding lies to yourself, End, this human needs you!
    "I-I'm St-Steve." he said weakly, voice hoarse from not using it.
    "Steve!" End said in his mind, gasping as the memories, feelings, surroundings, and knowledge flooded back to him.He looked around frantically, Steve and Dani at the entrance to the cave, late afternoon sunlight spilling in. His hand was extended to where the past Steve sat. A jolt went through him as he remembered something.
    That's where the deja vu ended all those months ago, after he told me his name.


    "End? Are you okay?" Steve asked.
    "I'm fine."
    Steve looked at Dani. She looked confused, but Steve wasn't. End just reenacted the whole scene of where he first met Steve. He had said and done everything out loud, just as if Steve was actually in that corner of the cave. The last few seconds of it though, is what chilled him.
    "This is the part where you tell me your name." End had said, arm extended to empty air. He looked at the spot with the same reassuring smile he had worn all those months ago. He went silent, then his face contorted into pure shock as he snapped back to reality.
    "What happened?" End asked.
    "No, let's go back to the house." Steve said.
    End nodded without arguing.

    Chapter 11

    A few hours had passed, which consisted of Steve and Dani watching TV, while End sat at the table, dead silent. Soon after, they headed up to the bonfire pit. End sat on his usual log, across from Steve and Dani. He stared into the fire hardly listening to what they were saying. He remembered when he met Steve, he had felt so much Deja vu, just like he experienced earlier. But he had felt the similar experiences so many times before in his life. Am I going to reenact each scene?


    "So, in our world, we first spawn, we are about 7 years old. We get put into school, where we learn every single detail about religion, worlds, and most important, surviving." Dani explained.
    "The school is intensive. It's 12 hours long every day. 6:00 AM To 6:00 PM. We sleep in small, one roomed shacks that have heating and stuff, so it's nice. We go to school for about 6 months. They really drill the knowledge into you, so we have a smaller chance of dying."
    "Ohh, for us, we just spawn, go to an hour long presentation on the basics, then we are sent off. I guess that's why I just stumbled around the land when spawned, but you looked for mineshafts."
    "Yeah, haha." she said, looking down. Was she....hiding something?
    "What about you, End?" Steve said.
    "Wha- huh, oh, umm..., yeah, sure." he said distractedly.
    "I mean, what happens when you spawn?"
    "Ah, no, it doesn't work like that. When I was born, I lived a different life than other Endermen. Each time is different. My parents loved and cared for me, but what I hated about them is how they went along with our King on the human slaughter. Yeah, they were against it, but they didn't want to get banished."
    "I, however, when I learned about this in school, I was different. I immediately became an outcast for being so against the idea, everyone hated me. They called me things like, "Human Worshipper" and "Scum Listener"
    "No one ever found out that I helped the humans. Ever. Up until that day 2 years ago...." he paused, cringing.
    Flashbacks of small Endermen circling End calling him names, hitting him. An image of himself appeared, in a ball against a wall corner, surrounded by people picking on him. End tried to look strong, but you could see the fear and hatred in his eyes. This happened often in his childhood, starting from as early as he can remember to the week he got banished.
    Then came his parents. He could hear them talking late at night. Worried about him. Each day he would come from school with a bruise, a limp, a swollen eye, a cut. They grew more concerned each day. As he got older, the bullying grew steadily worse. End cared less and less as he got older. Only dwelling on the physical damage.
    "Who cares if they insult me with words? I'll be working against them one day, anyway." he always told himself.
    He had no friends, always last to be picked in games, activities, anything. Teachers hated him, neighbors hated him. End had always stayed strong, the 38 years (19 at mind, Endermen live as twice as long as humans) that everyone hated him.He thought of when he was banished, his mother, all her life, going against this idea, but trying so hard to blend in, to be normal with other Endermen, all gone to waste because of End.
    "Please! Don't kill End! My baby!" tears streaming down her face. His father looked at him sadly. He went up to his mother and said with much more certainty than he felt,
    "I will get revenge one day, I will get revenge on him."
    He remembered the attack with Steve, how the King yelled at End how his mother insulted him, pleading to stay alive just before they were beheaded.
    "Certainly she wouldn't say those things....he was lying.."
    His flashbacks ended, returning back to the campfire in front of End and Steve.
    "2 years ago, I was banished" he said.
    "You just told us?" Dani said.
    "What?" End asked.
    "Yeah, you told us everything about your life just now, do you not remember?" Steve said.
    Had End said all that in his flashback? Why was he doing this? Was he going insane?

    Chapter 12
    "You know what, I'll just go to bed...." End said, standing up.
    "Okay, good night End." Steve said, giving him a hard stare.
    End looked down at him, and teleported away.Steve sighed and put his elbows on his knees, hands on his face, and gazed into the fire.
    "I'm worried about End."
    "I'm sure he's fine," Dani said, putting a hand on his shoulder.
    "But blacking out and not remembering it isn't normal!" he protested.
    "He's lived a hard life, up until now where he has you. But then there's me...."
    "What do you mean?" Steve said, looking at her.
    "I don't...I don't think he wants me here. He just glares at me. And when I saved you from the gravel, he was getting frustrated he couldn't get to you, and he said 'back off, Steve is my friend, not yours'" Dani confessed.
    "He wouldn't have said that!" Steve retorted.
    "He did...." Dani said, looking down.
    "I'm sorry," he said, gaze softening, "but...End is a real nice guy....I just can't picture him saying something like that."
    "But...End is an Enderman, a hostile monster, and you're human...
    "Steve tensed, "What are you trying to say?""Maybe....it's what's causing him blackouts. It's not natural, humans talk to humans, Endermen talk to Ender...." Dani said, but trailed off as she saw the hostility in Steve's eyes, and the look of disgust on his face.
    "End saved me in a time of need, and I helped him fulfill his promise, we know each other too well! He hates every Enderman!" Steve said, nearly shouting.
    Dani cringed and said softly, "He needs to get over it. It's not normal, talking to humans when you are an Enderman. I don't care if he's around other Endermen or not, he shouldn't be around humans."
    Steve scowled, "It's perfectly fine. And I'm his only friend..." he said the last sentence softly, relaxing and putting his face in his hands.
    Dani wrapped an arm around Steve, pulling him close, "I understand...but if it's tearing him apart, it's best if he goes...."
    Steve sniffed, memories of when he first told End to go rushing back into his mind. His emotionless eyes glaring at him before teleporting.
    "I thought you were different! I thought you accepted me, that I'm an Enderman, and I don't want to hurt you!" he had yelled.
    He remembered the grief and sadness and regret he had felt afterwards.
    "I've sent him out once....I-I can't do it again..." he said, feeling hot tears well in his eyes.
    Dani sighed, leaning her head on his shoulder.
    "You have to, for his sake."
    "I-I'll think about it" he said, breaking off into a sob.


    End stumbled in the house, gasping for breath. He staggered toward the bathroom. He gripped the sink, looking up at the mirror, gasping as he saw streaks of blood coming from his eyes and his nose. He blinked, and the blood was gone. His hands were shaking violently.
    "What's wrong with me?" he groaned out loud.
    He teleported into his room, sitting on his bed, putting his face in his hands. He begged for it to stop, over and over. Its seemed like hours before it finally did. End collapsed into his bed, asleep, suddenly so exhausted.

    Chapter 13
    Steve and Dani came back to the house not long after that night, discovering End already asleep. Steve went up to his room, and Dani on the couch. End had a fitful sleep, twitching, feeling blood all over him, drowning in blood, spirits screaming next to him.
    "Why? What is wrong with me?" He yelled to the spirits, but as soon as he yelled it, they disappeared.
    He heard creaking floorboards from all directions, thumps and bumps, giant monsters looming over him. He stumbled over, pulling his long skinny legs into a tight ball up to his face. He threw his head up in a silent wail of desperation and fear.
    Where is Steve? he thought. The shadowy monsters towered over him, spitting in rage. The spittle burned his skin.
    Plit, Plit, Plit, it kept going on.
    He groaned, squirming from under the burning saliva. He sat straight up in his bed, heart racing and panting. But why did it keep burning? He looked up.
    Is that.... he thought, but his thoughts were interrupted as a droplet hit his face, causing him to shrink back, off his bed.
    It is water! Why is there water above my bed? Teleporting onto the roof, he discovered someone had placed water directly over his bed, causing the water to drip through and onto him. He teleported down below, picked up a grass block, teleported back up, and covered the source block. He teleported back down, replacing the block. Now exhausted once again, he trudged into the house.
    He could hear Dani faintly breathing once again as he struggled up the stairs, Finally reaching bed, he lied back down, and fell asleep.

    "End?"End woke up to Steve at his door.
    "Steve? Whattime issit?" he mumbled.
    "Like, 10AM, I woke up and you weren't up yet, I was worried."
    End groaned, he was always up early!
    "hey, are you feeling okay?"
    "Are you sure?" Steve pressed, walking in his room and sitting next to him on his bed.
    "Well, no," he confessed, "I have been having nightmares blackouts, hallucinations..."
    "Do....do you think it's because you are around humans?"
    "What are you saying?" End said fiercely.
    Steve cringed, "I....what if, Endermen aren't supposed to be around humans for long amounts of time, and....and you are feeling bad because you have been hanging around Dani and I too long...."
    "Where did you get such a stupid idea?" he spat in disbelief.
    "D-Dani suggested it to me....."
    "Pff, Dani, she hates me," End laughed cruelly.
    "What? She told me you hate her!"
    "What?! What did I do?!?" he said in disbelief.
    "Well, she said, when I was stuck under gravel, you were trying to reach me and you yelled, 'back off, Steve is my friend, not yours'" Steve said.
    "What!??! She said that to me! She gives me dirty looks, yells at me for being an Enderman..." End sighed.
    "Are you sure? Or are you just hallucinating?"
    Growing fierce again, End said, "I've been around humans two years, no problem."
    "I don't know, just...I don't know. Let's get breakfast," Steve ended the conversation.
    End nodded, mind whirling. Is this why he was hallucinating? Certainly not, he has been around humans for two years! He threw 2 pork chops into the oven, not hungry himself. Steve went into the bathroom. He waited around the table, the crisp smell of pork chops starting to waft over them.
    "How was the shower last night?" Dani asked casually, from watching TV.
    "What show-" End stopped abruptly, remembering the water above his bed, horrible suspicion crawling over him.
    "It was you-" he started to mutter, but was cut off as Steve opened the door.
    "Mm, pork chops smell great!" he commented.
    End straightened, and pointed at Dani, hardly aware of what he was doing.
    "She poured water over the roof above my bed last night!" he said.
    "What!?" Both Steve and Dani said in unison.
    "You stop playing dumb!" He yelled, a faraway look in his eye.
    Steve was taken aback. He had never seen End yell, only raise his voice, in complete control. But now, he was yelling, in no control whatsoever.
    "You...you climbed the roof and poured water all over the area above my room! You knew the water would drip onto me!" He yelled, voice becoming shrill.
    "Look at these burn marks!" he screeched, pointing desperately at marks all over himself.
    "End! Calm down! You are being unreasonable!" Steve said.
    "It rained last night, the water was just soaking through," Dani said lightly.
    "Stop LYING for once in your miserable life!" he shrieked, outraged.
    "End, it rained, stop blaming Dani!" Steve reasoned.
    "So you believe her? Her and her pathetic lies!" he laughed, a manic laugh, which chilled Steve, "This was your plan all along wasn't it? Drive me out, leaving Steve all to yourself!?!?" he said, turning on Dani again.
    "End please!" Steve plead.
    End was about to spit another insult at her, when he looked at Steve, the faraway look in his eyes disappearing.
    Regaining control of himself, he said, "Right. I'll be in my room, for........for I don't know how long." he turned and stalked off, leaving Steve and Dani dumbfounded.

    Chapter 14
    End had spent the next few days shut up in his room, not leaving to cook breakfast or even say “hi” to Steve or Dani. He had gone outside and picked up some dirt blocks, just to block the entrance to his door. Steve had tried to build a pillar of dirt up to his room, but he saw that the window was also blocked with dirt.
    “He’ll come around,” Dani had said encouragingly, but Steve had his doubts.
    “He needs to get himself out of that Notch-cursed room!” Steve thought.
    “There’s no use, he’s not coming out and, he needs time alone.” Dani tried to persuade him.
    “He’s had three days, it’s time to come out,” he retorted.
    Dani shrugged, “Whatever you say.”
    Steve reluctantly stopped and the three dirt blocks that covered End’s door. He couldn’t really knock, it was dirt.
    “End?” he called.
    “Go away,” the muffled groan came from his room.
    His voice sounded gravelly and hoarse.
    “End, it’s not healthy to stay shut up in your room like that for so long. Have you eaten?”
    “No, and I don’t care,” he groaned.
    “Do you need me to come in there?” he said, mischievously.
    Steve sighed, braced himself, and barreled through the dirt, shoulder bared.
    “I told you to go away,” End mumbled, sitting on his bed, head in his hands.
    The room was dark, little light escaped through the dirt, but just enough to leave a dim, gloomy light. The room had a musky smell, and traces of dirt were all over the floor. End’s bed looks like it had not been made in days, but then again, it probably hasn't.The smell nearly choked Steve, but he plunged in anyway. He stalked right over to End, and tried to seem tall, but it didn’t work too well.
    “What do you want,” he muttered.
    “C’mon, it’s time to stop sulking. Get out of bed, and come say hi.”
    “No,” he said, turning so his face was in his pillow.
    Steve sighed.“We both miss you, it’s lonely without you.”
    End gave a dry chuckle from his pillow.
    “Dani doesn’t miss me, she’s probably enjoying me gone.” he said, muffled by the pillow.
    “That’s not true,” Steve lied.
    “Come on, be a big boy.” He said, trying to grab End.
    Steve tried tickling his sides, and End said, “You know Endermen aren’t ticklish.”
    Wow, stupid idea. He thought, grateful End couldn’t see the embarrassment on his face.
    Next he tried pushing End, but that didn't work either, he was like a mountain, refusing to budge.
    “End please! You are my best buddy, I can’t stand to see you like this,” he tried pleading.
    End sat up, and for the first time in 3 days, he saw his face. It was tear stained, Steve could see the faint purple traces coming from his eyes. His eyes were also darker purple than before, bloodshot. Steve tried to hide his shock, but he didn’t think it worked too well.
    "Best buddies don't try to convince best buddies to leave." he spat.
    Steve was going to say something, but was interrupted again,
    “You prefer Dani over me,” he rasped.
    “No, End, I like you equally, now please come downstairs," he pleaded.
    "....Fine...." he mumbled.
    "Let's clean this mess up," Steve said, gesturing towards the dirt all over.
    Once the dirt had been cleared from End's room, they made it downstairs. Dani had been sitting on the couch the whole time, seemingly not caring.
    "Oh, hey, you are finally done skulking," she said, rather aloof.
    "Right...I'm gonna go...umm..yeahh..." Steve said, heading towards the bathroom.
    End pulled out a chair and sat in it, and sighed. His eyes were heavy and bloodshot.
    My life is a living Nether, he thought, rubbing his face.
    "So, the big, tough, Enderman, End, skulking in his room, crying. When will you leave?" Dani sneered.
    "Wha-" Was he hallucinating again?
    "Honestly, I'm sick and tired of Steve being so worried about yo-" she kept going on, but was interrupted as Steve opened the bathroom door.
    "Dani?" he said, looking from Dani's accusing finger, pointed at End.

    Chapter 15
    All was silent for a moment, but Dani quickly recovered."Steve! You wouldn't believe it! End tried to murder-" Dani tried to lie, but was interrupted.
    "End," Steve said, ignoring her, "can you tell me what happened?"
    End looked at him for a moment, swallowed, and said, "Dani tried to insult me again,"
    "Again?" He asked quizzically.
    "Y-yes, she's done it be-"
    "NO! Don't listen to him, he's LYING! Hallucinating!" She yelled, frantically.
    "Dani. Why are you insulting End?" Steve asked, remaining unusually calm.
    "I wasn't, he's ly-"
    "Dani,"She went silent, the frantic look in her eyes disappearing, turning to hatred and calming.
    "Alright, it's about time you should find out," she said, much more calmly now, leaning back against the table.
    Steve leaned back against a wall also, but End remained upright, gazing at the two of them with a confused look in his eyes.
    "I've been trying to get revenge on both of you," she stated calmly, looking at her fingernails.
    "What have we done?" End asked, outraged.
    "You killed my best friends. My family. The reason that I live." she replied coolly.
    "No we didn't!" Steve retorted, leaning forward.
    "You drowned them! On that day you overwrought the Enderman clan, you also killed hundreds, if not thousands of innocent human beings!" She said loudly.
    Steve was about to retaliate, but he closed his mouth and leaned back, looking shocked.
    "Yeah, think about it. All dead because of you,"
    "Then why were you being so rude to me?" End said, looking at her.
    "I could easily trick Steve, he's a human male, just by using feminine charm," she said, Steve turning a little red, "but I know Endermen. They are smarter, and I couldn't trick him. Just by getting Steve to fall in love, then to betray will hurt him the most. Just being flat out rude to End and dragging Steve away was as much pain as I could inflict on End."
    "I used to love Endermen, with all my heart, I really did. I had one on the back of my old clothes. But," she blinked away some tears, "after that group captured my friends and left me....I tore it off..." she made a small choking noise, but looked back up with more defiance. "You were part of that guild. I needed revenge. You helped Steve murder all those humans. I swore to get revenge."
    "I-I didn't know about the hu-" Steve stuttered.
    "Of course you didn't know about all the lives you killed! They all had normal lives like you, family, friends! You didn't think a second about them before you killed them all. You thought you were doing the right thing, But you were wrong."
    "Dani,I-" he choked.
    "No, I don't want to hear it." Dani interrupted him, "I-"
    She was cut off by a small squeaking noise from the door.
    "What-" End began to say, but was cut off as a loud chorus of squeaks came from underground, in the walls, and the ceiling.
    "What is-" Dani said, looking around.
    Suddenly, the door burst down, dozens of holes appeared in the floor, and millions of small silverfish streamed through.
    "Wh- NO!" End realized what was happening, and the other two stared at him for a moment, just before they were sweeped off their feet as silverfish appeared beneath their feet.
    "Brace yourselves," he said, but was hardly heard over the squeaks.
    He gazed sadly at the other two as the silverfish tripped him, knocking him the ground, unconscious.
    "End!" Steve yelled, but he and Dani soon met a similar fate.

    Chapter 16

    Hours later, when End regained consciousness, everything was blurred. Where am I? he thought.
    He tried to sit upright, but his body shrieked in pain, he grunted, relaxing back on the ground. He heard a faint squeaking.
    Silverfish... Did they see me? he thought.
    When he was younger, he learned nearly every language in Minecraft. Silverfish, on the other hand, were harder, because no one could ever find them to learn their language fluently. End had tried to learn as much of the language which was recorded, and it wasn't much.Many words he could not understand, for they were too accented and too fast to comprehend, or he just didn't know the word, but he picked out things like, "Kill, prisoners, lunch, hidden"
    "Enderman, separated" one said, and he felt himself blacking out again.
    This time, when he awoke, things were clearer, and he could move without as much pain. He seemed to be in a dark corner, and when he sat upright, he found he was in a dark, dank cell, light coming from outside in iron bars.Two other Endermen sat on a bench, to the right of him, talking in low undertones, in heavily accented voices.
    "Wh-" End stopped himself. I have too much of a human accent, they might recognize me!
    Clearing his throat, and mustering his best Endermen accent, he asked, "Where am I?" in Ender.
    The two stopped talking and looked at him, "Silverfish jail. Deep underground. There's no teleporting, we tried. There's no way out."
    "Why are we in jail? How long have you been here? Are other species here?"
    They didn't seem to intent on starting a conversation, just answering questions."They kidnap everyone they see, Notch knows why. Eclipse has been here for 3 months," he said motioning towards him, "and me for 5. They keep species from any kind."
    "What about humans?" End asked.
    "Kept 3 cells down, opposite side, end of hall. Women of every species are killed though. Dunno why."
    End almost choked on the last 2 sentences. Is Dani...dead? But...why should I care? She tried to hurt Steve and I! Still, she doesn't deserve to die...
    End sat on the bench to his left, and let Eclipse and the other talk again. He put his face in his hands. How will I get out of this one?
    He must've dozed like that, for the next thing he remembered was numbness in his elbows, hands and legs. He tried wiggling, but it didn't work. Sighing, he found that the wall across from him had a bunk bed, which was occupied.For the first time, he went up to the iron bars. Across from his were a few lonely creepers. To left was another pair of cells, a glowstone block on the floor, and a pathway which we could not see. His right had 3 more cells, and more glowstone in the floor.He tried to peer into the third one down, but it was too dark to see
    .Don't worry Steve, I'm trying my best....he thought tiredly, muscles aching from sleeping like that.He trudged back to the bench, and lied down, trying to curl in a ball. The hard plank was uncomfortable and cold, but it would have to do, for now.
    I'm going to get you out of here, even if it's the last thing I do.
    This bed isn't going to be mine for long. He thought, falling asleep, once again.

    Chapter 17"
    Oh Dani, I love you," Steve said, holding her hand.
    They were standing in a meadow, with flowers everywhere, sunshine shining bright down onto them. A gently breeze was blowing, causing her hair to be pushed back slightly.
    "I love you too, but it's too bad the only way to get back at hating Endermen is to kill you," she said, the same note of happiness never leaving her eyes.
    "Wha-" but it was too late. A massive, dark ravine opened up beneath his feet, with thousands of shrieking silverfish below. He looked up, seeing Dani with a doleful, but happy look on her face.
    He woke with a cry, and in cold sweat. He was shaking all over, but he couldn't see anything. Steve pulled his legs close, curling in a ball.
    It's not real, you are fine... you are in bed at home...shhhh.He opened his eyes, and realized he had been wrong.
    Where am I? He tried to remember what happened, but everything went fuzzy, the last thing he remembered was End yelling "No!" and squeaking.
    He adjusted his eyes, and realized he was alone in a dim jail cell. No one was around him, from across him, he could see the glowing eyes of two spiders. But instead of the normal, bright, malicious blaze, it's more of a dim, weary light.
    Am I still dreaming? Steve thought.He pinched himself on the arm, and felt a jolt of pain. Guess not. Alright, then why am I here.....Steve stood up, from the dark corner he was in.
    He had dirt and blood all over his body, and he was quite sore. Wounds stung all over his body. There was a bunk bed on the wall to his right, and two benches on the wall he was in.
    Where's End? Where's Dani? Then, he remembered everything she had said. He felt tears well in his eyes I thought she actually loved me...
    He tried to call out, but his voice was hoarse and weak. The spiders from the jail cell across hissed at him.
    "End..." he murmured helplessly. Where was his friend? He paced around the cell. Thinking, and growing frustrated. Then sad. But most of all, helpless. He started muttering angrily. Steve's mutters turned to talking to himself. Then yelling. He banged his fists on the bunk beds, screaming in frustration.
    "END!" He yelled for his friend.
    I've got to get out of here. He continued beating his bunk bed, until he heard some squeaking coming down from the hallway. He heard some skeleton bones rattling in cells, creepers and spiders hissing, until the silverfish got in front of his cell. There was about ten of them. They squeaked angrily, and one slithered into the cell. Steve screamed and tried to hop away, to climb on the bunk bed, but the silverfish easily slithered to him.The creature bit into his leg, rather deep. Then, it slid out of the cell as if nothing happened, it's cronies behind him.
    Steve was breathing heavily, standing atop the bunk bed. Suddenly, aside from the stinging in his left leg, he felt sudden fatigue. His eyes drooped, and he fell forward, onto the bed, out cold.

    Chapter 18
    End was awoken not too long after, or at least felt like not too long after, by squeaking and hissing. The bunk bed groaned as Eclipse and his friend turned over, trying to block out the noise.
    "What's hap-," he said in English, but then quickly switched to Ender, "What's happening?"
    "Just the silverfish taking care of a prisoner who is causing too much racket. Go back to sleep," Eclipse grunted.
    But End got up, and went up to the bars. Silverfish were streaking past the cells, going toward his right. He listened closely, but...was he imaging it, or was that Steve yelling? The silverfish got to the end of the hallway, and stopped. He heard a shrill scream.
    Steve's scream.Well buddy, now I know where you are. The silverfish started to make their way back. The creepers across from him were grumbling and hissing angrily. An idea creeped into End's mind. Maybe.....
    He waited a few minutes until the silverfish were out of sight. Then, he called out.
    "Hey, hey creepers! Yeah, you guys!" he said, as the creepers turned their heads to look at him, hissing.
    "Why are you locked up, you maggots? Why don't you just blow up? Ya filthy, dirty, rotten...."
    A creeper exploded, making a hole in their cage. The other two filtered through, closer to End.
    "What are you doing?" Eclipse yelled.
    The other two exploded, knocking End back, but also made a hole in their bars. Eclipse and his friend jumped down from their beds, went through the hole, and instantly teleported away.
    Must have only shut off teleportation in this cell...he thought, struggling to get up. All the other prisoners were going mad.
    End heard faint squeaking coming from the passageway to his left. He scrambled through the hole, instincts telling him to teleport NOW. Instead, he ran to his right. Monsters shrieked at him to let them free also. He ignored them and ran to the end of the corridor, and he looked into the last cell on the left. In it, he saw the dim figure of Steve, half off the top bunk, blood spilling from a wound in his leg.
    "Steve!" he yelled.
    No movement. End's heartbeat was beating so fast, he thought he was going to explode.
    "STEVE!" He yelled again.Looking to his left, he saw swarms of silverfish rushing down the corridor. The deep hole between the Enderman and Creeper cell slowing them down.
    Voice full of desperation, he closed his eyes, and bellowed, "STEVE!"
    It was so loud, his vocal chords hurt. Every monster stopped making noise. Even the silverfish stopped momentarily. He breathed heavily for a few moments, then Steve moved.
    "Steve come on, get over here!"
    The monsters started shrieking, louder than before, and the silverfish were now moving faster. Steve practically fell off the bed, and crawled over to End.
    "Grab my hand! Reach through the bars!" End yelled.
    End glanced over, silverfish just 5 blocks away, and moving quicker than ever seen. Then he felt Steve's fingers clasp around his hand, and in that moment, they were gone.

    Chapter 19

    End had thought of the only place. Up. He had teleported them directly upwards. The night sky twinkled above him. Steve was gasping in pain. End stood next to a deep pit, with, where those....bodies?He squinted. They were bodies. And among them, was Dani's body. Broken, bloody, and dead. He stumbled a bit, and he was still holding onto Steve. Steve was still gasping, eyes closed.
    I need to get Steve out of here, before he sees. He was still laying on the ground.End took a deep breath, and teleported again. Far, far away, in a cave. The farthest teleportation he has ever made. He was instantly out cold.
    Hours later, End was awoken by Steve shaking his side."End! Wake up buddy, please!" the desperation in his sore voice hit End like a wave.
    "Wha-, Steve-" he stopped and looked at his surroundings.
    End had teleported them into a cave that was under a swamplands. He looked out from under the cave, and it was nighttime, so he couldn't have been out for too long.
    "You've been passed out all day End. A day has passed," Steve said with worry.
    " A day?" End gasped, almost choking.
    "I was real worried.."
    "Wait, Steve, your leg?" End suddenly remembered.
    "Oh, it's fine..." End looked down at his leg, which wasn't very fine.
    There was dry blood caked around a rather deep bite wound. Dried blood was on the floor around Steve's leg. The wound itself was still oozing. Steve looked rather pale. End positioned himself closer to Steve's leg, and he found out that his muscles were sore and stiff, he groaned slightly. Steve was to his left, father into the cave.
    "No End it's fine...you need to rest..." Steve gasped as End put a hand to his leg.
    "Once more I sped up the healing process, so it should be healed in about a half hour," End sighed as the fatigue washed over him. He leaned back and rested his head against the wall.
    "You teleported us right outside here, right into a pit under the sky. I had to drag us into here," Steve reported.
    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry for this and for everything I've done,"
    "No, it's fine. It should be me that's sorry, I wouldn't listen to you, and I got us in this mess. " Steve said sadly.
    "I'm sorry for Dani," End said.
    "What happened to her?" Steve asked.
    "Oh, I don't know. She may still be alive, I'm not sure...But two Endermen in my cell told me that they killed females..." End said, leaving out the full truth.
    "Oh." Steve replied shortly.
    "I'm sorry,"
    "She deserved to die anyway," Steve muttered.
    End, for the first time, had trouble reading Steve's emotions. He stared blankly at the ground, unreadable. Were his eyes shining?He quickly snapped out of it, looking back at End, "So, do we go home now?"
    "Well, from what I picked up, Silverfish don't remember stuff well. And they live a short lifespan, so they probably won't remember where our house is. And, their jail is very far from our house. So chances are we'll be fine. "
    "We will go home in the morning," End concluded.
    Steve nodded, and fell asleep next to End.


    When they both awoke, End teleported them to their old house. No blocks were broken, for all the silverfish managed to slip between each block. They decided to watch TV, as usual.
    "So, Steve, what have we learned from all this?" End said, as it went to a commercial break.
    "Don't fall in love,"
    "What, you can't be that cruel," Steve said, punching End on the shoulder."Fine. Don't fall in love with lying, dirty girls,"
    "Girls? What if I fell in love with a lying, dirty guy?" Steve said, looking up at End, who had risen an eyebrow quizzically.
    "Hah, kidding,"
    "You sure? I'm always here for you, Steve!" End said, smirking, "But in all seriousness, I really hope you didn't consider that I'm being driven insane because of human contact," End said.
    Steve looked down.
    End turned to look at Steve,"Every time I look at a human, my instincts tell me to attack. The impulse has gotten lower the more I was around humans, and it's especially low with you. But it's still there. A tiny, tiny, insane voice in the deep recesses of my mind. I have, to this day, never listened."
    "I have been around humans since the very first day of my existence. And hated every other Enderman in sight. Do you really think that I was going insane for lack of Endermen? When I've grown so accustomed to you?"
    "No..." Steve mumbled, he felt ashamed.
    "Good!" End said, smiling, and looking back up to the television. Steve smiled again, and the two of them proceeded to watch the TV, like a normal afternoon, like two best friends.
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