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    Quote from UltimateTurkk

    i think that topic is dead lock or remove . Because author do not cares about us we want him to work with forge authors because its extacly we need and its not hard to do teamwork. Again lock or remove this topic.
    It's obvious that this topic isn't dead considering the fact that sdk is posting news on the front page about various things that are happening. He is probably just having personal troubles or is doing a complete overhaul of the gun mod.
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    Quote from minerdude14

    Why cant people just put minecraft.jar fles from the bin folder to download i mean u whant us to have it then do the hard work for us but still well done i watch captin spaklez vids on it and well all of u r awsom
    Because that wold go against Mojangs' Terms and Conditions.
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    Quote from NetWalker

    I see flaws with the XBox version.

    - Hosting/Server add-ons
    No Bukkit or other server add-ons. A greifer's paridise.

    - The community
    Not to generalize but the XBox comunity is a group of people who go into a coma if they spend five minutes not killing somone in a video game. These people are very apt to be greifers. (Keep in mind I own an XBox and live, so i've seen it firsthand)

    - Joining servers
    It's a pain to find your XBox's IP (And alot of XBox'ers won't know how to do it) OR the server you join will be random. Also not a very good idea.

    I see flaws with your whole entire statement. Sure there would be no mods or anything like that, but what fun is modding Xbox servers? It might provoke others to mod Xbox servers on other games, causing every Xbox server to become unsafe. Also, why would FPS loving idiots even think about buying MineCraft? Guess you didn't think much there. And lastly, joining servers would be easy, you'd get a server list like in BattleField 3, or Team Fortress 2, and there would be an option to host a server. It would probably be easier to host and play on servers than on PC. Your argument is now invalid. Enough said.
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    I made some stuff for the Steve Jobs memorial park and decided to share! Here are my creations.

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    Quote from weaht

    Great mod Idea. About time someone made a non-sexist minecraft XD. It bothers me that minecraft doesn't already have a option for female characters. somewhat related: I'm not a girl, but I do not approve of people who have that attitude that girls are ''inferior'' to guys.

    Same. Girls can do everything guys can do. Except when they don't want to. :wink.gif:
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