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    Quote from Malloon

    Support. It's sensible, well stated and indeed much needed.

    The only thing I don't like is the rearing. If a horse runs at a high speed and tries to rear (in real life), it would fall over. I suggest just making the horse take damage if you run head first into a wall and rearing being impossible while running fast. Rearing could make for an interesting combat mechanic, though. Maybe with a high knockback?

    One other thing: If you let go of w, you should decelerate, with s just making the deceleration faster (I wasn't sure if you meant it like this or not, so I decided to add it in anyway).

    As far as rearing goes, I agree. But in real life, you have to tell the horse to slow down/stop. I would have the horse keep its speed unless told otherwise, not to mention you wouldn't have to worry about it. Also, I would want to see the ability to hold a speed that isn't the max. For example, a slow walk or a steady trot.

    Anyways, I fully support this idea. Can someone make a mod that does this?
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