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    Quote from DoomRater»

    Repeat after me:


    Now look at the Sushi recipe and tell me what's wrong here.

    If you want a mod author to make changes, being a condescending asshole about it generally doesn't encourage them to listen to you. Especially when you don't even know what you're talking about, as DizzyAlyx just kindly explained. If you care this much about a recipe in a Minecraft mod that hasn't updated for months, I encourage to go outside and find a hobby.
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    Quote from djkp»

    How i didnt find this mod earlier until modsauce 2 update came and added the mod :)

    Jesus, HermitCraft used our mod? That's seriously flattering, I used to be really into a few of their channels back in the day :)

    I'm currently getting myself up to speed with 1.8 modding, they've changed literally everything since I last did it so I'm completely out of the loop. BUT if I can get my head around it, there's a possibility (please picture that word in massive neon flashing lights, I can't make any promises yet) that this mod may be coming back from the dead. I'm really enjoying work at the minute and my life is generally in a pretty good place, so I'm starting to get the urge to dive back in again.

    If I do update, it's going to be a complete rewrite from scratch - there's always been a lot of things I wish I could have done differently with Still Hungry, and it'd be good to go back and fix some of them. Mainly in terms of the tech-tree and the general progression of the mod. So yeah, if that's something you're interested in, let me know - just be aware that this isn't any kind of confirmation just yet!
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    Still Hungry!

    By 17CupsOfCoffee, DizzyAlyx and bethw08

    Version 2.1.1, for Minecraft 1.7.2 to 1.7.10

    The Still Hungry mod adds a LOT of new foods (more than are currently available in vanilla Minecraft), 3 extra crops and some extra fancy cookery based game mechanics for you to play around with! The inspiration for this mod was simple, while playing Minecraft, you get those moments where you just go "Why is that not a thing?" We made them things. The bonus idea of this mod was to basically make more uses out of items you don't use a lot in Minecraft.


    Coder: 17CupsOfCoffee - Profile

    Artist (blocks, items, GUIs, etc): DizzyAlyx - Profile

    Texturer (mob/NPC skins, armor items, etc)/Community Manager: BethW08 - Profile


    Adf.ly link: v2.1.1 for Minecraft 1.7.2, 1.7.4 and 1.7.10

    Direct link (please only use if the other isn't working!): http://stillhungry.s...ps.net/download

    Old versions of the mod are available on our website: http://stillhungry.seventeencups.net/




    We got featured on Cupquake's Kitchen! :D

    And on the mod spotlights by XerainGaming!

    Installation Tutorial by Jbaren (great if you're new to modding your minecraft!):

    Mod review by iBlameCoco (a nice introduction to all the new stuff!):

    Mod review by Vinbuster (goes into a little more detail on the hunger):

    Mod showcase by MrRazamataze:

    Mod spotlight by TheIdiotFarm:


    The Stove:

    The new custom furnace is the stove, which lets you cook new recipes using a frying pan or other utensils.


    You need a frying pan to use the majority of the stove recipes, it is placed above the flame inside the stove.

    Frying pan:

    The stove can't cook the recipes a furnace can, so you still need to use a furnace for that, but it does require fuel such as wood or coal.

    Stove Recipes:

    Taco shell:

    +3 hunger


    +7 hunger

    Lamb steak:

    + 5 hunger


    +3 hunger

    Scrambled egg:

    +4 hunger

    Fried egg:

    +2 hunger

    Omelette x2

    +2 hunger (each)


    +5 hunger

    French toast:
    The recipe for this changed and we haven't remade the picture for the recipe yet. Ingredients are bread and an egg over a frying pan.
    +3 hunger

    Hot chocolate:

    +2 health regain

    Potato cake:

    +4 hunger

    French fries:

    +3 hunger


    In version 2 we added barrels, which allow you to make wine and cider! These are great for the early game when you don't have the resources (or the courage) to venture into the nether for potion materials. You create a barrel like so:

    and some bottles to fill like this:

    The barrel doesn't work like anything you have seen in vanilla minecraft, so we'll explain how it works.

    You first place a bucket of water into the top slot - you will then see the barrel fill up in the background. Then, in any order you choose, place 1 sugar and 4 fruit (grapes or apples) into the top slot - you will see the fermenting process take place! Once the liquid has reached full colour and is fizzing, place one bottle (Stacking them won't work! This is a technical limitation that will be fixed in later versions) under the tap slot, and the booze will drain into the bottle! Alcohol will give you strength and regen for around a minute and a half as long as you keep chugging them - be warned though, if you let the timer get too low the hangover will set in, and that is no fun :P


    Tired of having to carry all your precious homecooked food around? We can help with that :D

    This will give you a 6 slot portable inventory to use for your cooking - perfect to take down the mines with you. Don't go trying to put anything that isn't food in there though, it won't work!

    Additional cooking:

    We have also made a few new items for the furnace.

    Cooked squid meat:

    +3 hunger

    Cooked lamb:

    +4 hunger

    The cheese recipe now consists of two steps: cooking the bucket of milk, then removing the cheese from the bucket.

    +1.5 hunger

    New food recipes:

    Apple pancakes:

    +5 1/2 hunger

    Beef burger:

    +9 hunger

    Chicken burger:

    +8 hunger

    Lamb burger:

    +9 hunger

    Pork burger:

    +9 hunger

    Fish burger:

    +9 hunger

    Apple pie x2:

    +4 hunger (each)

    Box lunch:

    +5 hunger

    Chocolate bar x2:

    +2 hunger (each)

    Muffin x3:

    +2 hunger (each)

    Chocolate muffin x3:

    +2 hunger (each)

    Fruit salad:

    +6 1/2 hunger


    +4 hunger

    Strawberry jam:

    Apple jam:

    Melon jam:

    Grape jam:

    Strawberry jam sandwich:

    +8 hunger

    Apple jam sandwich:

    +8 hunger

    Melon jam sandwich:

    +8 hunger

    Grape jam sandwich:

    +8 hunger

    Cheese sandwich:

    +8 hunger

    Macaroni and Cheese

    +8.5 hunger


    +9 hunger


    Cheese Burger:

    Full hunger bar refill - perfect for if you're starving!

    Other crafting:




    Jam jar:

    Hedge: perfect for any garden

    Rose hedge:

    Dandelion hedge:


    Strawberries work in exactly the same way as wheat, going through 8 stages of growth when planted near water, when harvested, they will drop strawberries and possibly some seeds. They will spawn at random in patches in the world where there is grass.

    Rice and Grapes:
    Again, works in exactly the same way. Simple right? You can also now obtain seeds for these plants by placing one of their dropped crops in the crafting grid. Grapes can be harvested from their vines by right clicking on them - this avoids breaking the plant itself, letting it regrow faster.

    We actually do take requests for things and food you would like to be in this mod in the future, as long as they aren't too stupid or overly complicated. Send these to DizzyAlyx in the form of a PM or just post it on the thread. Also if you happen to stumble across a bug despite testing PM 17CupsOfCoffee or post it on the thread, any help needed with downloads post on the thread only, someone there may be able to help or will be answered by us eventually.We hope you enjoy playing this mod :D

    Modpack Policy - We would prefer for our mod to be used in private modpacks only. Allowing other people to distribute it freely would make it harder for us to make sure everyone is on the newest version of the mod, and prevents us from getting fair compensation for the work we put in to making it.

    Signature banners:

    <a href="http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1627977-146-forge-sspsmp-still-hungry-new-foods-and-crops-v100/"><img src='http://i.imgur.com/N6QbZ.png' /></a>

    <a href="http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1627977-146-forge-sspsmp-still-hungry-new-foods-and-crops-v100/"><img src='http://i.imgur.com/fsjpGQ6.png' /></a>

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    Quote from sheepstack»

    Well in any case I wish you three the very best! Has been a "great ride" so far!!! Lots of hours to remember. And don´t pay attention to some of the people in these forums; good manners are unfortunately not granted freely. XD If 17 finds some motivation in the future, a lot of people will rejoice for sure.

    I´ll stop spamming around now. Thanks a lot for your reaction and good luck with your art!!!. :lol:

    I appreciate the kind words :) When more of the more established mods have started to move to 1.8, I'll probably make the effort to do a bugfix update and get it working on newer versions. As much as I don't really have the motivation to add new features any more I'd hate to leave the people who do still enjoy the mod out in the cold.

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    Quote from Woulfgang»
    that's understandable. real life comes first. I'm glad you enjoyed some of the suggestions.
    I do agree that a mod API would be very sweet. There is something called MCreator though I'm not sure how easy it is to use.

    Quote from CyberSmoke3000»

    Just a bit of my opinion, using things like that is terribly boring, because it does not require any Java knowledge >_>

    Yeah, personally I'm not a big fan of using software to create mods, cause if a bug springs up or you hit a limitation of the software you can't dive into the code as easily to fix it. No hate to people who do like that kinda thing though, just my personal preference is to code stuff from scratch :) Thing is, the reason I'm not a big fan of there being no official modding API is that it feels like Forge are constantly battling Mojang to keep their stuff working and up to date? Every time a new update comes out the MCP guys have to decompile it and rebind all the function names, and it just makes me question why Mojang don't just give them access to the source or something. Mods are such a big part of what's kept Minecraft popular for so long, and the developers don't seem to care all that much about them :/
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    @ the last three posters:

    I appreciate the comments and suggestions :) That said, I would direct your attention to a few posts above where I mentioned the current state of the mod's development:
    Quote from 17CupsOfCoffee»

    Kinda! I got a job, which has been taking up a lot of my time, but the main reason I've not been around is that I've not really been enjoying modding Minecraft lately. I don't really play the game itself any more, so it's hard to maintain an interest in creating content for it. So yeah, the mod is on hold for now! I'm not ruling out updating it in the future, but for now, probably not. If Mojang added a proper modding API that might tempt me back, but I think hell will freeze over before they bother with that...

    So yeah, sorry to disappoint but new things won't be being added for the foreseeable future ): I really do appreciate your interest in the mod though, hope you have fun with what's in there currently, and who knows, maybe I'll get around to some of these suggestions someday!
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    Sorry for the thread being kinda dead this week guys, there's not really a lot to report, I've hit sort of a stumbling block with the new blocks cause I have no clue how to use the 3D model importer in Forge properly - could be an issue with the code, could be an issue with me sucking at using Blender3D. Either way, that in combination with searching for a real job like an actual adult, it's kinda sucking my motivation to work a little. Rest assured, an update will come eventually though, I appreciate the patience.
    Quote from Tommyzilla»
    is there ravioli?

    Someday, maybe! A pasta maker item would be pretty cool.
    Quote from thundernova308»
    I remember this in it's early release, and I loved it! I'm glad it's still being developed!!!! :)

    Thanks for the kind words, welcome back :)
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    Quote from CyberSmoke3000»
    You obviously know, that we will accept everything you add in mod, but still.

    Me, I like your ideas, especially about Cooking Mama and cupboards :D

    Glad you like the ideas, and glad people do have faith in me to not balls this up xD Still, I wouldn't want people to just blindly accept what I say, the people in the thread are the ones who will be playing it so I think they should always have a say in what happens to the mod :)
    Quote from rylechoco009»
    Hi sir! Mind of porting this to pocket edition? :) this is so awesome so far

    Glad you like the mod! I doubt this'll get ported to pocket any time soon though, I know literally nothing about doing stuff like that and I don't own a copy of pocket edition to test it on. Someday, maybe! Don't hold your breath though xD
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    I like those ideas :) Although we want to strike a balance when it comes to recipes, I feel like we can be a lot more creative with cooking mechanics than just using the standard crafting grid to create sub ingredients? Obviously we're not going to replicate EVERY in depth step, but we want it to feel like you're cooking, not just making items in minecraft. Thanks for the suggestions as always :D

    Also just an FYI for everyone checking on the thread:
    New updates are a long way off, I'm sorry to say. I'm planning out a really in depth overhaul of the mod's mechanics for next version to give the mod more of a sense of depth and progression, as I think that's what a lot of cooking mods (ours including) are missing. That said, I want to keep you guys informed and give you all chance to help shape the mod by giving feedback, so I'll be posting more often as soon as I have something to actually show. Some stuff I'm planning on though, let me know what you think:

    • Cookbooks are pretty much 100% gonna be added in some shape or form next update, I'm sick of updating recipe images in the thread and I feel like having the documentation integrated into the actual game is a much better solution than constantly having to Alt+Tab anyway.
    • The main feature I'm thinking over at the moment is to add some level of variation to the cooking process, in a similar vein to The Sims and Cooking Mama, where it's possible to burn your food, or make a ridiculously tasty meal, or anywhere in between. To assist you in this goal, you'll have much more ability to upgrade your kitchen as time goes on, better utensils and stoves and utilities should bump up your ability to make quality food. If anyone has any ideas/suggestions on things that could be done to make that a fun system, speak up in the thread :)
    • Maybe more decorative items so you can build a full kitchen? Cabinets, cupboards, maybe a garbage can, stuff like that.
    • I'm thinking maybe it might be time to add a few more steps to some of the recipes as well; as it stands a lot of our foods basically give you a full hunger bar refresh cause that was the only way to not make crafting them a BAD thing in terms of reducing the overall value. I don't want to go too deep down that rabbit hole for the reasons I've explained earlier in the post, but I think stuff like turning meat into burger patties and stuff like that should go in. You've all given lots of suggestions for stuff like that so far, they've been very helpful :)
    • One thing I will say - I'm PROBABLY not going to be adding any new crops this update, I want to make sure the ones we have are working well and their recipes are sorted before I start adding anything new. They're on our to do list for the future though!
    I could go on and on, but those are the main things that are on my mind right now. I think adding more depth to the mod is going to make it more fun for you guys to play, and more interesting for me to work on, I hope you'll agree! Let me know what you all think.

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    Quote from CyberSmoke3000

    French toast? They have it already!
    Pudding, Waffles? I guess 17Cups would say "I'll add it to suggestions list! :D" =D

    EDIT: "I'll add it to suggestions list and forget" =D

    We don't forget suggestions, I assure you. Alyx keeps good track of them! Whether we add them or not is another story :P
    Quote from Ninja5643

    I love this mod, its adorable. But I would really like to see peanuts, peanut butter, peppers (that burn you), and plates to put food on.

    I completely understand if this cannot be done. Thank you.

    Plates are planned eventually! Just need to figure out how to make them pretty to look at ;D (also peanut butter is my favourite thing in the world)
    Quote from Olivenpizza

    i really like this mod, so i decided to take it into my personal modpack that i play with 2 friends... but i cant remember the crafting recipes... maybe you could add a book or something else so you know the crafting recipes? cause when i used NEI it didnt show the crafting recipes in the stove

    Cookbooks are coming next version. Confirmed!
    Quote from Ninja5643

    Oh and I forgot, what if you added salt (if you didn't already) like make it an ore. So you can mine it cause I think its supposed to be underground. And again, I completely understand if this cannot be done.

    I like that idea! I've been wanting to add some more world generation stuff for a while. We'll have to make sure to make it compatible with other mods' salt items though, I know a few others add that too :)

    EDIT: also FYI, I'm away from home this week, I might be slower to respond to posts than usual! Sorry about that <3
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