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    posted a message on RingsCraft [Lord of The Rings Roleplay] *NOW CLOSED FOR 4rth AGE*
    Irl name: Jack Turner

    In game name: 14Tornado2002

    Experience w/ roleplay: I have been playing roleplay LOTR servers for about 2 years now as a hobbit and I have been the oldest hobbit on most LOTR servers and I would love to join your LOTR server! Ps LOTR means lord of the rings
    Age: 15
    Why you want to join the server: Because I am a huge LOTR fan an bring LOTR is my favorite game is the best thing that happend to me!

    Country/timezone: Midwest time

    Character: Hobbit

    Characters background: Was found wandoring around in mordor and was held hostage for 5 mounths till he escapes and made it back to to shire and lives there to this day

    I would be very happy if you accept me just email me if you let me in the server! My email is [email protected]
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