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    posted a message on jeb to nerf silk touch slightly.
    +1 for explanation. I think if the person can get to level 30+, get the enchantment and then somehow get a mob spawner, that person deserves the mob spawner. Although we never could pick em up...
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    posted a message on Nether Wart Farming
    I swear I read "Nether Fart Warming".
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    posted a message on Dear 99% of the forum.
    Quote from TYTHERDGOON

    Most of the forum complain that there are not enough updates,then they get updates faster than usual and complain.

    New mob? = COMPLAIN
    New Generation system? = COMPLAIN

    I think you forgot something:
    Nothing New? = COMPLAIN
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    posted a message on Anyone else notice the past few updates are stolen mods?
    Umad bro?

    As long as notch does not copy the code, he is free to do what he wants. He can add guns and you will say that he copied 'More Weapons mod' or w/e... He can't do **** without it already been done.
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    posted a message on Awesome Colors!
    Badly conducted redstone experiment gone bad?
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    posted a message on Should we continue to as-- NO JUST NO!
    I have seen throughout the forum (1.9 discussion) many threads ASKING the community what should, and i repeat, should, happen with minecraft's development.

    E.g. Should notch hand- NO HE SHOULD NOT
    and Mushroom Biome, too- NO IT IS NOT GOING TOO FAR
    and Oceans, should they- NOPE! Chuck Testa.
    SURPRISE! another example: Potions, do they-- Not even bothering with this one.

    I am interested in psych, so anything explained will be appreciated :biggrin.gif:
    I am just wondering why these humans are not thankful for the great, versatile game that they have... MineCraft is fun, re-playable and is being updated 'often'.
    Jeb_ (aka Jens Bergensten) and Notch (aka Markus Persson) are working cooperatively and con-currently (right word?) on minecraft. They are also working on other games, and not once did they mention that they will work to our standards, now i know that if they did it would probably earn them more money, which is the aim of any company. /endpoint1

    Now i want to ask the Mods:
    There are many threads that are redundant, i.e. 10 threads about disc 11 or w/e. Now why are you not locking them and redirecting?
    Is it because you are lazy? (i dont think so) - no disrespect.
    Is it because you don't have time?
    Is it because you just couldn't be bothered?
    Is it because they got buried too quickly? (unlikely)

    And again we come to the conclusion of complaining, and i am not denying the fact that yes, i am certainly complaining about complainers which is ironic, but the amount of positive, encouraging threads is almost nil...
    Added: Why is this community so demanding but when they receive their... 'toy' then they criticise the living bejesus out of it.

    On the first thread i linked Sidben mentions how he is a developer and ... just read the quote.
    Quote from sidben

    Since I'm also a developer, I know that sometimes you have to work on something else, you get stuck on some code and is better to cool your head, or else you'll spend days with no progress. A nice idea can get stuck on very "simple" things.


    If you could reply in a constructive manner then it would be appreciated, but be warned if your post is off-topic i can ignore it, and i will report when i see fit.

    Thanks for reading :biggrin.gif:

    TL;DR - GTFO my thread you little mongrels! READ!

    P.S. i would love to have a provocative and interesting debate about the update, whiners, psychological state of some whiners etc.
    GL! HF!
    P.P.S. Can i say inb4 Phar? :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on haters faq
    I found that village thing funny... "Have an audience while you burn their village down"

    Although i think you could make this more aesthetically pleasing, i think this is worth +1 :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Animal Breeding
    He will include egg blocks when he doesnt remove herobrine in an update.
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    posted a message on What the fudgecakes is a ghast tear
    When you complain a lot, Notch cries. When notch cries, the mobs cry. The tears are due to your complaints.

    Have a tear. :_(
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    posted a message on Thank you Notch and Jeb_ For 1.9!
    I would like to thank you personally that you release massive changes early so we can test, and i know that there are some whingey people that are disappointed.. well it's just too bad for them :biggrin.gif:

    I think i speak for most of the mature, 13+ community, when i say that you are great developers, keep on going as such beasts and plow those bugs and add or remove anything you think will improve the game. Don't be repulsed by some of the children that stopped the endermen from carrying blocks (:C) etc.

    I also think that releasing 1.9 really early might help get bugs, but some people still want it late, such as friends of mine. IMHO I think that you should decide w/e not 100% based on your fan-population, dont get me wrong, but it seems that people are always disappointed and want something changed...
    That jump thing? I didn't like it because certain hand-harming reasons, but i am not gonna make a thread about it to whine! I can just adapt and maybe get a mod :biggrin.gif: (I saw that Notch put it back).

    So on account of all the things that are great, i.e. Minecraft, Thanks for letting us join you in the beta testing, thanks for being good developers and don't back down because of such depressed people who want everything changed! :biggrin.gif:

    Thank you Notch, Jeb_, Mollstam, Jakob, and everyone else that is in Mojang!

    I will start this way. In something I can perhaps relate to. I am an artist and as an artist I find constructive criticism useful. It allows me to improve my work, especially if I am given examples as to how I can fix it. Often times Constructive criticism comes from other artists, they are usually quite willing to help. “if you were to shade it in this manner, you might get the effect you were after.... (describes manner in which to shade)”

    Then you get destructive criticism. Destructive is very unsettling and upsetting to an artist. Art is a medium that is extremely subjective. Some people will like it and some people will not. There are neutral groups. I have seen artists with potential give it up over a few extremely rude and heart shattering comments. “Wow, my dog draws better than you can.” or something to that effect. Not everyone is a Rembrandt and they need to learn through trial, error and guidance.

    You can get useless criticism. It's usually dished out under the name of constructive. I have occasionally pointed out in some art “I'm not happy with my perspective” and have it written in my description of the piece only to have some numb skull cheerfully point out the perspective is off. It would have been better had they given me some idea as to how to fix it.

    Read ^^^

    Instead of finding problems and whining about them, lets find solutions!
    "Hey, notch! That cow thing sucks" - Useless
    "Hey, notch! You can improve the cow by making it smaller and so it can be more agile" - Constructive, well mannered and points a solution to the problem.

    Lets all try to point out solutions, either by code:
    Hey notch, i think that:
    main text(String[] args){

    Will be better if it is
    main text(String[] args){

    Or by description:
    Notch, i think that the cow will be more balanced if it just reduces the player's hp on contact, and not killing him.
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