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    posted a message on ** TheHubCraft ** [24/7] HOTELS / McMMO / iConomy / Mobarena / NPCS! + more
    [1.8] ??The Hub Craft?? ? MobArena ?NPC's ? WorldGuard ? iConomy ? SimpleRegionMarket ? WHITELIST 30 slots!

    The Hub Craft
    Website: http://thehubcraft.webs.com/
    Game server Ip:

    A new amazing server that you will love!

    We have many plugins that makes sure you will have the ultimate fun, and ultimate protection.


    1. MobArena - Ever get tired of creepers blowing you up. Well take your revenge and try your luck in the mob arena. There are many different arenas where you can try your luck, Defeat it and you get awesome prizes, Come to our server and try it out!

    2. iConomy - We worked days in this plugin trying to make it work and make the items the perfect amount of money. Money is in USD currency so if you have any trobule figuring it out please ask admins.

    3. Simple Region Market - This is our way of selling plots and rent rooms etc. We have Hotels and Apartments that rent you rooms for a certain amount, all currency is in USD.

    4. WorldGuard - Feel protected with WorldGuard all regions protected, no creeper griefing or endermand griefing or any kind as long as you build, in your already made plots. So less to worry more ways to have fun :biggrin.gif:

    5. NPC's - No way possible for you to feel alone anymore. There will always be an NPC by yourside, also added markets so you can buy from Npc's .. Cool uh?

    6. mcMMO - This gives you a reason to keep mining, it increases your level and for ever level you get different abilities, become the Mightiest of all, Reach your capacity :ohmy.gif:

    About us:

    The Hub Craft is a friendly server that gives you tons of things to do. We are very active and always helpful. We have 2 Owners 3 Admins and 1 moderator that will help you out on everything you need. we are most of the time in there and if not we have a website where you can tell us what you need and we will help you out.

    1. Respect all Admins and Moderators

    2. No Flying mod or Cheating

    3. Griefers will be put on jail

    4. No asking for Moderator or Admin level

    5. If you have a question ask Admins

    6. No killing people to steal their stuff

    If any of these rules are broken there will be consequences for each one of these.

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    posted a message on ** TheHubCraft ** LOOKING FOR SEVER MOD(S)
    The sever ip is I'm only accepting people that play on the sever explain to me how you would make the sever better if you were mod and why I should choose you.
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