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Update 31/1
Now I bought a wolf package from beastnode to recreate peakville, basic spawn done, installing plugins. For those peakville veteran, please join the server! It will not be peakville without you guys! Please pm me if interested to alpha testing.

Its a long story, so I put it in spoilers
[spoiler]Started playing Minecraft in 2011, 19th of November. 18th is my Birthday. And I can't decide what to buy for birthday. So I decided to buy minecraft in 19th.

P.S. If I bought it on 18th maybe before minecraft was officially released. I can pay less money. [img][/img]

Hello guys. I'm 123sendodo. Minecraft changed my life a lot. Gave me fun. Helped me to save my money. Bought less games. Blah Blah Blah.

Minecraft was a great game. My first world was a taiga biome. If you're an old player you would know that 1.0 taiga don't have snow. And I hate them now. Cause they have snow. My first world lasted for about 20 mins.

And my next world, ended up badly. I created my home then I got lost. Created a underground temporary shelter. I get of of my shelter then... ssss... BOOM

And after some more tries at player good. I finally created a world with a giant plain. A forest nearby. I created a house with a bed covered with slabs. Cactus protected door. A moat with no bridge so you need to jump. A pumpkin farm placed like wheat. A emergency door under the moat. And a watchtower for sniper creepers at night and go to get loot in the morning which the loot disappeared. That was fun.

Then is the second great thing I did in minecraft. I joined a server called peakville. It was really, really, really, really, really good. I can't tell how great it is. maybe 20/10. (doubled the score) When I first joined. The biggest faction of pv called parler invited me. The admin and moderator also live in there. It was a sky city with loads of facility. It was awesome.

I built my first house. But don't have enough resources then I slept. When I woke up it was removed. Then a guy called feva built on my plot. So we lived together. We built a extra size farm. 3 story building which made the owner (the moderator) mad. Because my building extruded out. It was really great. I build a well. Cobble farm.
Also, I applied for VIP. Which has access to mob disguise

But until one day. A strange waterfall appeared under my building. Then few days later the moderator spotted it. He asked me and feva about the water. And we didn't do it. Then it should be some greifer. Which made me made me mad about this thing 1 year. The mod removed out house. But the house remove thing the owner knew it. And demote the moderator for griefing. The moderator was a good guy. But a bit harsh. Mythbustern became the new owner of parler. And created a quick smooth stone generator. He's a master of redstone. But his house is extremely extruded out(even before he was the owner). MY cousin played my computer and then jumped off parler. He died and I took the computer. I took the computer and used the minecart roller coaster to go to the ground. But the items despawned and it is lost. :)

Then after few weeks, I thought parler is boring and I joined Luke's faction. It is called Trading Gold Company a.k.a. TGC and it was built underground. There is a farm of vegetables. My house was build in the side of the cave so I got a special view of the cave.

There is also a new spawn. Maybe it was not on this time. But I would like to share to you all. It is build on the top of the peak. Because it is peakville. It has stairs connecting to the ground and there's mayor's house, shops and other things. It was lagging and the server spammed me flying. It was funny. Until one day, the server crashed because the spawn is destoryed by a World Edit bug and a super giant chunk of wood appeared above the town. And we had to start from the beginning

Then the owner JJ restarted pv. It was a spawn in the desert. I am invited to participate in the building of the new spawn. I build a cobble gen. And I remembered that there is a giant nether tower with warts and pigmen. But JJ thought that the spawn was too easy to get the resources. So we made a new one. It is a town with a lot of shops. There are NerArth (Not sure is it spelt like this), Myth, Luke, Me, Frosslass and general eagle eye. They were all friendy and became the moderator. I don't remember most of the things after being a moderator. The server switched to towny and I doesn't like the plugin. I am not active in town and most of the time I spent is to talk with my friends on the server. The moderator plugins were good and I used it to check the people's daily life. I also asked NerArth on how to check if other people is X-raying. He told me to install a X-ray mod and it was fun.

And then on another unknown day. It crashed again and I did not participating in remaking the spawn. It was a beautiful one in the sky. There are teleport pads to go to the ground. I joined Gen's town (General Eagle Eye) I forgot the name but it was related to mining. There was a quarrey and I mined in the every day. It reached bed rock and we started to mine for diamonds. I enchanted (Actually cheating) my stone pickaxe with /enchant (At that time it was a plugin, there's no such command at the time vanillaly) to effiency V and it was ultra fast to mine but ultra fast to break. I played with WE (World Edit) in the flat world. I made buildings in the world but the WE bug happened and it crashed the server for few times. I was caught and remove my moderator status.

Apologies to all people affected, especially luke and JJ. I was not active on the server starting since my mod status was removed. The server started to grow big and people can't notice all of my posts. I couldn't apply for citizenship for a long time since I was temp banned. I continue to like in Gen's town and he invited me to join a underground town hall project. It is very huge. About 10000 blocks (Maybe more) I kept mining in the mine and I remembered that there is a man that owned a lot of dogs and he teleported all the dogs to the underground project and it was funny. We got thousand stacks of cobble stone and sold it for money. I also found few diamonds. It took a lot of time so Gen used his mod power and creative mode to clear the area. It was an abandoned town hall and it is quite beautiful but creepy. But few days later. The server is shut because JJ and co-owner bill have some problems. I almsot cried and raged on the forums. Hoping that they won't close the server. Peakville FTW

Then Luke tried to remake the server. He is now the second in charge but he doesn't have enough money to make a server. He tried two times but it was shut quickly. I really hope someone will make a new one

I kept searching for new servers, but there's none that is better that peakville. Peakville is the best server I've seen. BIg servers are too crowded and I couldn't find a good friend in the crowded chat. I played on a vanilla server which is quite good. I had a super awesome cavern which leads to alot of ores. But it crashed quickly.
There's one called skicraft. It is very popular now and it is very good. But I didn't play on it for a long time already. It doesn't look like Peakville. I just hope PV will return.

I also tried a make a server for PV. It was a plot build creative server. But no one joined. They quit the conversation and I couldn't do anything. I was sad. I was thinking that if I didn't made the server crashed with WE, how will the result be different. I'm writing this because now I don't really have a best friend. 29/1/2014[/spoiler]


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