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    posted a message on Nilla Wafers (PURE Vanilla Server)

    1) Why do you want to join Nilla Wafers?:[/b] I've been looking for a vanilla server for a while, and I would love to be able to play on this one! I've been dying to build and mess around with other players.

    2) Have you been invited by another member?: [/b]Nope!

    3) What is your age?:[/b] I'm 18.

    4) What part of vanilla Minecraft do you most enjoy?:[/b] I really enjoy building, especially castles/small houses.

    5) Would you be able to record your content?:[/b] I have the ability to record, but my internet's not good enough to upload. So sadly, no.

    6) Tell us more about you:[/b] I enjoy reading, sports, and learning how things work and how to fix them.

    7) What is your Minecraft Username?: [/b]vNart

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    posted a message on VolkCraft Survival SMP! Amplified Terrain! 19 slots remaining
    - Real name: Nathan
    - Age: 18.
    - IGN: vNart.
    - Skype: 123nart.
    - Timezone: CST.
    - Maturity: I'm a mature person, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy having a good laugh. I think maturity is knowing when to not make a joke about something, and knowing when you should take something seriously. And those are both things I'm fairly certain I can do.
    - Why do you want to join?: I used to really enjoy playing on SMP servers, but I've taken a break for a while. I really want to get back into playing survival mode, building with people, and having fun with others on the server.
    - How often do you plan to play?: I should be able to play on weekends almost always, but I'm sometimes pretty busy during the week. I'll most likely be on every other day during the week.
    - Building(1-10): 7. I'm a pretty good builder, but I haven't built much as of late, so I'll need some warming up.
    - Leadership(1-10): 8. I think I'm a fairly good leader, at least in actual real world situations.
    - Redstone(1-10): 7. I have a knowledge of pretty much all of redstone's mechanics , but I'm not a master with it.
    Here's a couple small things I've built in the past:

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    posted a message on Vanilla Minecraft Server! - Mature - Whitelisted!- 1.8. No Plugins! PURE SURVIVAL! Still NEW!

    Hey there! I'm Nathan(IGN: vNart), and I'm 18-years-old. I'd love to join your survival server, I've been dying to get into pure survival mode again, after taking a break for a while. I live in the US, and I'll message you my skype if I'm accepted. You can PM me on here if I am accepted. Thanks a ton!

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    posted a message on Gated Minecraft 18+ Community | Apply Now | Friendly People | 24/7 & Lightning Fast

    Minecraft Username: [/b]vNart
    Skype Username: [/b]123nart(although I can't Skype very often, I can explain why if I'm accepted.)
    Age:[/b] 18.
    Gaming Experience:[/b] My older sister was the one who first got me into video games back when I was much younger. I've played over a reasonable amount on consoles in the past, in the following order of Gameboy, PS2, DS, XBOX/XBOX360, then finally migrating to playing PC games. Some games I've really enjoyed are Zelda: A Link to The Past, Spyro: Year of The Dragon, Ratchet & Clank, Star Wars Battlefront, Skyrim, and Runescape(aka days of golden glory).


    Why do you want to join?:[/b] I really enjoy building and playing with other people, especially on small community-focused SMP servers. I haven't played SMP in a while-I've been doing more PVP as of late, so I figured I'd apply!
    What would contribute to the server?: [/b]I'm a pretty good builder, active player, and I enjoy being nice to people. I could help be active on a website as well, if that happens in the future as you mentioned.
    What are your views of Greifing, Trolling, Ect?:[/b] Griefing isn't ever funny, but let's admit, a small amount of trolling can be funny from time to time. But no, speaking seriously, trolling isn't okay in my opinion unless it's something done in a friendly and non-destructive manner.

    Personal Details:[/b] I'm 6ft, I have blue eyes, and doesn't this sound like a dating website? No, but I'm a senior in Highschool, I'm a part of 4-H, and I come from a pretty large family.
    Describe your personality: [/b]I think I'm a pretty happy person, I enjoy trying to be funny(which I don't think I always succeed with), and I am usually willing to chill with people and help them with stuff.
    What are your Hobbies?:[/b] I enjoy video games(obviously), doing yardwork, buiding things, and working out with people I know. I also really enjoy listening to music, and avoiding dubstep.

    Thanks for reading, have a nice day!

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    posted a message on Vanilla Whitelist Server looking for 3-4 New Players (16+)

    In-Game Name: 123nart
    Name: Nathan, but I usually just go by "nart" online, as that's my usual username.
    Age: 17.
    Experience: I've been playing since beta 1.8, so around 4 years! I'm a pretty good builder, I'm decent at PvP, and I have a pretty large amount of knowledge about most everything in Minecraft.
    Why would you like to join our server? : I've really been wanting to play on a small SMP server, and this sounds like what I've been wanting!
    Anything else you want to add?: Nothing, other than a "thanks" for reading my application. Hopefully I'll see you soon!

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    posted a message on Happy Valley 1.8 smp.

    -Username: 123nart
    -Age Group: 15-17(being 17 currently).
    -Experience Level: I would have to say expert, as I've been playing Minecraft for nearly 4 years. I'm a pretty good builder, and just about as good at PvP.
    -Skype: Yes, although I won't be able to use it all the time.


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    posted a message on Brand New Private Server - Looking for Some People to Play With

    1) What is your IGN?: 123nart.

    2) How old are you?: 17.

    3) What is your Skype name, if you have one?: 123nart, although I'm not able to make Skype calls often, due to reasons I can explain if accepted.

    4) How long have you been playing Minecraft?: I've been playing since beta 1.8, so around 4 years.

    5) Why do you want to join my server?: I'd recently been playing on a lot of PvP servers, and I just suddenly began wanting to play some more "normal" survival Minecraft.

    6) Have you ever been banned from another server for grief or stealing? Or for any other reason?: I've never been banned before.

    7) Are you a builder, adventurer, or a mixture of both?: I build more than I adventure, but exploring is still fun for me.

    8) How active would you be if you were added to the whitelist?: I'd be as active as I could. I'd most likely be playing on weekends regularly, and at random points throughout the week.

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    posted a message on The best way to get food in Minecraft.
    This does seem like it's a good way to get pumpkin pie, but I think the "best" way of getting food is something different. The best automatic way of getting food would probably be a chicken farm, because you're able to make those fully automatic. But in terms of saturation value and hunger-bars filled, the best way of doing it would be a cow farm. You'd want to plant lots of wheat nearby for breeding, and a looting sword always makes getting meat much easier.
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    posted a message on New to Minecraft, some questions.
    1. It's because you have to manually enter the ip's in before they show up.

    2. It'd probably be best to apply for one here, because whitelisted survival servers tend to be a lot better compared to non-whitelisted ones.
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    posted a message on Mineshaft Entrance: Yay or Nay? [Update 1]
    Because of the wooden arch on top, it sort of seems like a temple to a snake god or something. But still, it's unique and I like it, nice job!
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    posted a message on Best multiplayer darkroom grinders?
    I'm pretty sure it's just that people aren't sure what the problem is. Based on what I asked you and what you answered, I really don't know what the problem could be. From everything you told me I'm guessing that the problem is either there being other places where mobs are spawning, or something is affecting the mob spawning on that server. That's just my guess though, I can't really help you any further. Hopefully this works out for you, good luck.
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    posted a message on Another beginners doubt !
    TerraFirmaCraft is another really cool mod that completely changes survival mode. They've called it “Survival Mode as it should have been”, which I don't entirely agree with, but it definitely makes surviving much harder.

    Some of the most notable changes are no punching trees, you have a thirst bar as well as one for hunger, and you end up dying a lot, ever if you're decently experienced. It's a really challenging mod, and really rewarding as well. Check it out below if you're interested, and good luck!

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    posted a message on Any Ideas for my Base?
    The Aztec temple sounds like it'll be really cool, good luck! Also, not sure if you're planning on doing this already, but making bridges supported by pillars leading to the temple might look good.
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    posted a message on The best thing you ever saw an enderman do
    I was playing in a UHC, and no kidding, and enderman removed the block above me when he was attacking me. Yeah... I didn't win that UHC.
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    posted a message on What do you take the most damage from?
    Probably from falling. I usually build a lot of towers and tall structures, and I also use enderpearls pretty often.
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