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Recently my brother, Alek and I made a minecraft server. It is a HermitCraft inspired copy. We need more people to join it so we can record it for Youtube. The server IP is The server may not be on all the time. If it says "Pinging" or "Can't resolve host name" then it is not on or you typed in the IP wrong. The server will say "You are not white-listed on this server!" This is because you do not have access to join the server. To get access, you will need to message 1Luka#9323, OriginalGangsterAlek#0010 on discord, or join the "HermitCraft Ripoff" discord server and ask for access to the server, here: The server will only work on Minecraft Java Edition. All the credits in the world to HermitCraft! And remember, don't grief, cheat, or not follow rules.

Have fun, 1Luka.

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