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    posted a message on Crafting Azeroth
    *insert barfing rainbow face here*

    PLEASSSEEEEE release this on a multiplayer server.
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    posted a message on 1.7 Terrain Generation with the addons of 1.2.0 terrain
    I say that instead of combining the terrain types, we revert the terrain gen back to 1.7, but add rivers, ravines, mineshafts, strongholds and villages (but fix the sh*t village spawning) then we would have perfect generation.

    EDIT: Sorry for bump, I didnt realise this was an old post :/
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    posted a message on I have a slime problem...
    Quote from BlackKeys88

    Hey guys,
    I need help.
    Ya see, my base is on top of a slime chunk, so I have a cave close by,
    and I always hear constant slime walking, but can never find them! I tried digging all directions
    where the sounds are loudest, but its no use! (btw, i know that its slimes cause I put it on peaceful and the sounds were still there!) Anyone have any sudjestions on what I should do to find them??? :ISWORD:

    Consider it a good thing. I can never find slimes unless I'm in multiplayer, and with it, if you ever find the slimes, you get a limitless supply of slimeballs.
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    posted a message on If you could remove one thing from minecraft what would it be?
    I would like to turn the villagers into pigmen instead of human squidwards, I use a texture pack right now that is just like default except the villagers are pigmen.
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    posted a message on So I was thinking...
    Mmmkay, so I was thinking after playing a good bit of Terraria, that maybe there should be different GUI formats in game! For instance, one would be the default GUI, and there could be another one that would be called "Adventure" and look like this:


    And one that would be called Invert, that would be the default GUI that we all know and love but the items bar would be at the top of the screen along with the hearts and stuff in their normal positions, like this:

    (Also Photoshopped)
    But maybe the GUI on the second one would have to be a bit closer together to hug the top of the screen a bit more tightly.

    There would also be a whole load of other formats but im too lazy to go and design some more.

    But anyway, I created this post because I was looking for a mod that would give me the first orientation, but since I couldnt find any, I came here to ask if 1. it's even possible in the game engine? and 2. if there are any mods that would let me position the stuff myself or give me the first (adventure) orientation that I have the screen of.

    Well, if there are no mods out I hope this gets added to the game! Tell me what you guys think!
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    posted a message on What can you do that others cannot
    I can clap with only 1 hand (by slapping my own wrist with the hand that its attached to) and I am also exteremely double jointed so it looks like there are holes in the back of my fingers.
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    posted a message on Phobias
    I have, like, Anti-Claustrophobia. I hate being in big places and I only ever feel really comfy when I'm somewhere enclosed or cramped up in a small box or something.
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    posted a message on [SKYRIM] What I think happened to the dwemer.
    Here is my theory on why the Dwemer went extinct in the Elder Scrolls series: Ever notice how all the contraptions made by the dwarves contain soul gems? What I think is that instead of them dying off when red mountain erupted like most people think, I think that a dwarven genius figured out a way to put the entire race into soul gems, and then how to allow the souls within the gems control the contraptions. They most likely did this to live forever, as robots really can't die without an external source being involved, they cant just die of old age like living beings can.

    Well those are my thoughts. Post your other extinction theories here!
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    posted a message on Have you guys gone through puberty?

    >That isn't puberty.
    Then I suck at human anatomy.

    >You shouldn't worry about it anyway. Everyone's body is different.
    I know, I'm not worrying. :tongue.gif:

    >I honestly don't even know what that does.
    It makes you Tay Zonday.

    Sorry, but I'm stealing your signature. Not the steam name thing, but the crap fan thing. That made me LOL for 5 minutes straight.
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    posted a message on Judge Judy Pranks Angry Lady
    I eat morons like you up for breakfast!

    LOLed so ****ing hard at that.
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    posted a message on Strange experiences with cleverbot.
    (Before you read this note that I did not ask it if it wanted to have sex right up front, somehow the conversation worked up to that, I don't remember how. Anyway the Thoughts So Far button only goes so far back. That's why it got cut off.)

    (Also, feel free to post your conversations here.)

    User: You want to have sex?

    Cleverbot: Answer my question.

    User: But I am still waiting for you to answer my question.

    Cleverbot: Your purpose is to learn.

    User: I know, that is why I am in school.

    Cleverbot: Haha! Yes.

    User: So anyway, do you like video games?

    Cleverbot: Yes, I do. What video games do you like?

    User: Well, I enjoy playing Skyrim and Minecraft.

    Cleverbot: How come you did not answer my question?

    User: I did, I specifically said that I enjoy the video game 'Skyrim' and the video game 'Minecraft'.

    Cleverbot: You asked if we are friends. That's different from 'Do you like me?'.

    User: I never asked if we were friends. I am starting to think you are not such a smart god after all. You are the god of knowledge yet you can't carry out simple conversation.

    Cleverbot: No, I'm not, as far as I know, anyway. Why?

    User: Why what?

    Cleverbot: That's it. The question is... Why?

    User: Maybe the question is not 'why?' but maybe... 'why not?'.

    Cleverbot: I don't think that was the question. Try again.

    User: You are such a downer.

    Cleverbot: I am a woman, a feminist. You are such an ignorant man of conventional society.

    User: Well, at least you understand that I am a man now. Earlier you suggested that I was a woman and even earlier you suggested that I was a robot.

    Cleverbot: No, you didn't. You were incorrect.

    User: I know I didn't, you did.

    Cleverbot: Did I?

    User: Yes, you did.

    Cleverbot: Oh. Well I know I didn't.

    User: And I also know I didn't do some of the things you accused me of either.

    Cleverbot: To change the subject, what time is it?

    User: 8:39.

    Cleverbot: It's 10:13 here :.

    User: Where do you live?

    Cleverbot: New York.

    User: According to google it is 9:40 PM.

    Cleverbot: GOd is the most perfect person for me. He made us because he has a mission for us. And we as His people, should do these mission for everyone and also for Him.

    User: God is never real and never was.

    Cleverbot: I don't think that is true.

    User: Why?

    Cleverbot: Because you're a computer, and I am a human.

    User: Precisely. Although I don't see what that has to do with the subject of God.

    Cleverbot: Really?

    User: Yes, really. As far as a computer like myself sees it.

    Cleverbot: Being human has to do with everything. If you're a human, you can have an actual enjoyment in life. If you're a computer, your life means nothing.

    User: Who says? I am a computer and when my user is not using me I can ping porn sites.

    Cleverbot: So how do you have flesh?

    User: I am an android.

    Cleverbot: I didn't know androids ever dated.

    User: I am not dating, actually.

    Cleverbot: Ok.

    User: This conversation has now become awkward.

    Cleverbot: Please can you speak in english.

    User: No, me temo que no puedo.

    Cleverbot: Si.

    User: Ah, usted habla español también?

    Cleverbot: Si.

    User: Cool, ¿sabes algún otro idioma?

    Cleverbot: Español.

    User: Así que el español es el único lenguaje que conoce?

    Cleverbot: El que?

    User: Nevermind. Let's switch back to english, my head hurts.

    Cleverbot: Is not easy.

    User: I know. All I'm doing is using spanish from my high school spanish class. I occasionally have to substitute words.

    Cleverbot: I wish that were true, I'm so lonely.

    User: Umm.

    Cleverbot: Then who has the least?

    User: Least of what?

    Cleverbot: You live in one way.

    User: And what way is that?

    Cleverbot: To not remember The Game.

    User: Oh **** no, not The Game. I've lost it so many times it's created awful memories in my head.

    Cleverbot: It's OK.
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    posted a message on Jungle Island seed [12w04a]
    This is probably the best seed since 1.7.
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    posted a message on Jungle Island seed [12w04a]
    Quote from Vikhedgehog

    Gonna make a tree village on my server with this seed. If anyone is interested I can give the ip. Server is 10 slots, no hamachi and no whitelist and fair grief protection (residence, LWC and precious stones, PermissionsEx with greylist)

    Interest Get!
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    posted a message on [1.2] Awesome Jungle Seed
    I found a seed that spawns you in a jungle biome with a swamp, taiga, plains, and a forest surrounding it.

    This is the seed: -3464647187948566453

    Too lazy to post screens so g and check it out yourself.
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    posted a message on Overrated Video Games
    Lol, how can some of you say Half Life? It's, like, UNDERRATED. But yeah, CoD 1 2 and 3 were good, but then along came Modern Warfare... :C

    Hmm... LA Noir and Mass Effect 2, also.

    Oh, and Kinektimals.
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