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    posted a message on [BUKKIT] SOLAR APOCALYPSE
    Is it possible to make the sky red? The friendly blue sky kind of ruins the mood for me.
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    posted a message on [V1.7.3] [1.0] Crying Obsidian
    Could you change the recipe to use lapis lazuli? Diamond seems a little expensive...
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    posted a message on Seeds and the New Terrian Generator
    Quote from iampeppino

    the seeds will all be gone. jeb has said so and with the new worlds i saw on the live stream from pax they wont be similar. they couldnt be.. go here http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/573419-the-minecraft-seed-vault/ this is to save the 1.7 seeds like gargamel and glacier. its atleast worth checking out if you have any seeds you like

    I'm disappointed this isn't getting more attention. :sad.gif: I suppose once 1.8 is out new epic seeds will be found in no time, but it would be nice to have the old seeds for posterity.
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    posted a message on Seeds and the New Terrian Generator
    Quote from Apyrax

    All the seeds will change, sadly. That includes popular seeds like glacier and gargamel.

    Gargamel is my favorite seed. In preparation for the coming patch I've filled up an entire map page and placed a portal just outside the area I've explored. I'll have Old Gargamel and New Gargamel.

    Everything is going to be larger , but i think some old stuff will remain , notch wouldnt change everything that fast.

    I don't think it can be helped. Since Notch completely overhauled the terrain generator to use fractals, the way the game interprets seed data may be completely different. I wouldn't be surprised to find chunk errors at the boarder of New Gargamel.
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    posted a message on Seeds and the New Terrian Generator
    Does anyone have any theories on what will happen to seeds when the new terrain generator kicks in? Can we expect totally new environments or will some of the old features remain?
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    posted a message on Redstone Geeks Support [Official Redstone Geeks Redstone Help Thread]
    I have a small problem that I don't want to post in the forums, so I'm posting here and hoping for a response. Here's what I need to happen:

    "On" First piston A lifts block 1, then piston B extends block 2 forward. This part is working.

    "Off" First piston B retracts block 2, then piston A lowers block 1. In the "off" position piston B is working but piston A is not. I need to reverse the order but I'm not sure how to do that. I'd like to use only one switch to make the whole thing work.
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    posted a message on Bethesda, Mojang & "Scrolls"
    I'm going to name my baby Scrolls. What are they gonna do, sue me?
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    posted a message on [Challenge] The Quest for Fire
    Thanks! I'm open to suggestions on how to improve it.
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    posted a message on [Challenge] The Quest for Fire

    This challenge is a variation on the nomadic play style. I’m using the seed Nomad but you can use any seed you want with the exception of 404. You are a wandering nomad in search of a roaring campfire. Unfortunately, Minecraftia’s wood is too brittle to burn the whole night through. You can break it with your bare hands for goodness sake! So it is time for a quest… a quest for fire!

    Bravely you shall cross mountains, deserts and tundra in search of the deepest caves, never pausing to sleep and killing all who stand in your way. In the bowels of Minecraftia you shall gather the materials for a Nether Gate and steal immortal fire from Hell itself! Why? Because you’ll do anything for smores.

    Do NOT…
    :Flint and Steel: Spawn any items… obviously.
    :Flint and Steel: Carry more than one stack of any item (unless told otherwise). You need to travel light so throw away any extra items!
    :Flint and Steel: Carry more than 8 iron at a time.
    :Flint and Steel: Wear iron, gold or diamond armor.
    :Flint and Steel: Use iron, gold or diamond weapons. (Bows and arrows are acceptable.)
    :Flint and Steel: Build farms of any kind.
    :Flint and Steel: Dig any mines.
    :Flint and Steel: Craft beds or doors.
    :Flint and Steel: Play on easy or peaceful.

    :Flint and Steel: Carry as much food as you want.
    :Flint and Steel: Carry as many torches as you want.
    :Flint and Steel: Always carry 1 crafting table and 1 stove.
    :Flint and Steel: Craft wood, stone, iron or diamond tools.
    :Flint and Steel: Use anything you find in dungeons, if you want to.
    :Flint and Steel: Destroy monster spawners.
    :Flint and Steel: Tame wolves to fight and die by your side.
    :Flint and Steel: On the other hand, kill wolves!
    :Flint and Steel: Battle monsters.
    :Flint and Steel: Explore caves.
    :Flint and Steel: Use only acceptable shelters (see examples below).

    :VV: Hunt down and destroy dungeons for the monster’s delicious coco beans. Collect mossy cobble and coco beans to add to your score (1 mossy cobble = +5 points, 1 coco beans = +10 points).
    :VV: Craft a diamond pick axe and build a Nether Gate out of no less than 14 obsidian.
    :VV: Harvest netherrack for your campfire.

    Bonus Goals:
    :VV: Craft a map and fill it up. (Remember you can’t farm sugar cane!) +10 points
    :VV: Play on hard. +3 points
    :VV: Never wear armor. +20 points
    :VV: You’re trapped in the Nether, but luckily you brought extra obsidian! Traverse Hell and construct a second portal far away from your first. +10 points
    :VV: Ghasts want to steal your smores! Kill them all! +5 points per Ghast

    Click the spoiler for shelter examples. These should give you a basic idea of what you can build though you don’t have to follow them exactly.

    This was your first shelter in Minecraft. It will NOT be your shelter here. This challenge is designed to keep you exposed to the elements.

    Now how are the monsters going to get you way up there? Come down, silly!

    This is your basic shelter. You can make it out of any material. When you leave the area you can either leave it standing or take it with you. I’m using a jack-o-lantern as my campfire. Real campfires are for winners only.

    Natural caves make great shelters.

    Or you can carve your own shelter in the side of a cliff. Just keep it shallow, no more than 4x4.

    This shelter is for MEN and MANLY WOMEN. No walls, no roof – just you, a torch and your sword. Good luck!

    What you get when you win:
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    posted a message on What are YOU gonna do when you first see a Enderman?
    Study it for a little while, then try to kill it.
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    posted a message on Ender in a Zoo?
    Glass is probably your best bet. Hopefully they won't see through it.
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    posted a message on What do you think the Endermen will drop when killed?
    Quote from Bindal
    Not every mob has to drop something.


    Every hostile mob has to drop something, otherwise they're just an annoyance and the player will have no incentive to fight them.
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    posted a message on Golden rule
    Never dig straight up or down. Shelter is easy to come by in Minecraft. Just dig a hole in the ground and you're golden. Oh, but don't dig straight down. Stand to the side. :iapprove:
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    posted a message on If Endermen/Farlanders...
    I've only seen Endermen with dirt and sand blocks so I'm guessing they can only move blocks the player can break with their bare hands.

    When I see Enderman with a pick axe, I'll be worried.
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