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Well, for starters, I like to do stuff on my computer a lot. I also like to write fiction, program, and game.

I don't play Minecraft that much anymore, I moved on to games on Steam. Some games I really enjoy are Dungeon Defenders, Terraria, Mount and Blade, and Counter Strike Global Offensive. I do game on my Xbox a bit, since my brother plays on it, but I only use it to play splitscreen. If you wanna play with me, send me an invite on Steam, my name is mrostrichman.

My programming skills are basic, still. My two strongest languages are Java and C#. I've only created a few apps to help me out with stuff like launching games easier, Mad Libs games, and organizing stuff. I plan to create some mods once the official Plugin API comes out for Minecraft.

Well, see ya. I just felt like rewriting this thing because it was terrible.
Interests Uh, this?

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