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    Hello I am looking for a server investor my server recently had to be shut down sadly so i am now looking for someone who also wants to create a community with new games!


    About me:

    So i am a female i am 17 ive had loads of experience with servers but i sadly dont have any money to make my ideas come true so i was hoping someone could help it happen and also make there ideas come true too!
    I have loads of new minigame ideas so if your looking for a server to stand out i definitly have ways for that to happen, i am a professional builder so if we cant find any builders i am a big help in that area. i also have a few staff members from my old server who are a big help and could definitly help us out if we need a few staff in the beggining.


    What im looking for:

    So im looking for someone to yes sadly pay all the expenses into the server in the future i 100% can pay into it but since i cant pay into it i can do all the work for you! or just be a co-owner i do not mind i am just looking for someone to help my ideas come true with a great community and brand new minecraft minigames appear and start somewhere!


    If your interested please add my discord: SmexyNugget#4563

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    Hello Everyone!


    I have started a new equestrian server it is still a WIP but it is coming a long very well but we only have a few staff and no builders, so we are hoping you could apply!

    Ranks Open:

    Server Guide



    Must be mature
    Must have some experience


    So if you want to apply add my discord or join our discord server!

    -My Discord-


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    Hello I am looking for someone to make me an equestrian texture pack for version 1.15.2! i might be able to pay you not sure yet if i cant pay you i can just make a deal with you! i have an idea of what i want i just need someone to make it for me and my server! it is an equestrian server! So please add my discord: UrBabyBoo#4563

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