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    I pray this becomes at least 1% more popular than my "The Haven" idea. Like the latter idea, this post contains images of what I'm trying to show off. Better I give you that than a baseless wall of text. If this idea gets enough support, I will keep adding to it. This includes good suggestions from other people as well.

    This also mixes in with KakarottoYo's idea:

    Shouldn't the Nether Villagers be pigmen or something?
    No. And I'm probably the 0.00003% of Earth's population that thinks this way. I think Nether Villagers should be something original, or something's that close to being original, and not some cheap Pigmen copy (zombie or otherwise).

    I think large minotaur-man creatures represent their defensive nature better than pigmen anyway.

    I don't care for the details, I just wanna see images!
    Keep scrolling down until you get to the first picture of the red Nether Villager.

    So... The Nether Villagers in that image... What are they?
    They're a mix between minotaurs and humans. These creatures are a combination of two things, which is sort of like pigmen, so if you wanted these creatures to resemble pigmen in some way, there you go. They are a bit taller than the player.

    Why are their left arms nothing but a bone?
    Perhaps they all have the same genetic defect. These are one of those things where players must debate that for themselves.

    How do they behave normally?
    Like their Overworld counterparts, they stay together (although not as tightly) and have different color versions to "resemble" their occupation. They don't need some hulk or golem to protect them, as they can beat the living hell out of enemies (players and mobs alike) all on their own, if provoked, but they attack alone, and not together. They walk slightly slower than a zombie.

    With addition of Nether mobs coming out of portals to the Overworld, the Nether Villagers can do this too, though this is painfully rare. Every night has a 1% chance of this happening, and can only happen on a non-raining night. If a N. Villager enters the Overworld, it will just wonder around aimlessly.

    How do they behave on the Peaceful difficulty?
    Exactly the same as this thread describe's them, but they don't get provoked. Meaning you can beat them as hard as you want without penalty. On Peaceful mode...

    What do they live in?
    Caves found in the Nether. These caves are often supported by Nether Brick. Torches can be occasionally found in these caves.

    How rare are these villages/caves?
    About 20% rarer than that of an Overworld village.

    What sounds do they make?
    They rarely make sound, but when they do, they sound like normal human grunts, although with a very deep pitch and echo. The "Mystic", "Collector" and "Colossus" variations have a much more powerful and distant echo.

    When taking damage, they emit a deep "human plus bull" type grunt.

    How do they respond to specific world hazards?
    Much like any other Nether creature, these new Villagers are unaffected by fire and are slowed when in lava.

    If a N. Villager manages to reach the Overworld through a player's portal. The sun not will damage them.

    How are they provoked?
    They are provoked by either hitting them or stealing from their chests (if they see it). They only get provoked individually, and do not attack in groups like wolves or Zombie Pigmen.

    How do they attack?
    Just by following you and touching you. Each hit varies depending on the type of N. Villager you provoked. They do not stay hostile, as they will hit you 1-2 times for every time you hit them, stand still and stare at you as if to wait for a response. If you hit them too many times, they will keep hitting you until death. They do not attack as a group if just one N. Villager was hit. A "Collector" N. Villager will never lose its hostility.

    Wait, you said they have their own chests?

    Yes, unlike the light brown ones found in the Overworld, the ones found in Nether Village caves are a dark red with a yellow lock, but have the exact same mechanics as an Overworld one. You can call them "Nether Chests" or "Dark Chests" if need be. The GUI on the new chests is dark red, rather than the normal grey.

    What do they drop on death?
    They drop 0-1 horns. They can be used to brew an Angry Potion. The "Baron", "Mystic" and "Collector" types can drop more than just their horns.

    What could be found in these new chests?
    Look at the list below. Top to bottom = Least to most rare:
    • Netherrack
    • Soul Sand
    • Netherbrick
    • Flint
    • Netherbrick Fence
    • Iron Ore
    • Gold Ore
    • Iron Ingot
    • Gold Ingot
    • Nether Wart Seed
    • Ripe Nether Wart
    Ripe Nether Wart...?

    A "Ripe" Nether Wart is something that is only found in a N. Villager chest in an area where an Alchemist lives. As you could have guessed, this new Ripe Nether Wart is chemically altered rather than just physically. In brewing, the Ripe Nether Wart added to a water bottle will create an Excess Potion. Ripe Nether Warts can also be eaten, which will regenerate both health and hunger for 2 minutes.

    Excess Potion...?
    These potions act like Awkward Potions, but will double any effects and double the time. Any potions created from an Excess Potion will have a green aura, rather than the standard blue one.

    Do different colored Nether Villagers have their own attributes?
    Yes. See below:


    Health: (16)
    Damage: (6)
    Added Abilities: None
    Spawn Chance in Village: 50%


    Health: (16)
    Damage: (8)
    Added Abilities: Does +2 damage. Moves +15% faster. Drops an extra 1-2 exp. orbs on death.
    Spawn Chance in Village: 20%


    Health: (18)
    Damage: (8)
    Added Abilities: Does +2 damage with extra knockback. Moves +25% faster. Drops an extra 2-4 exp. orbs on death.
    Spawn Chance in Village: 18%

    Rampant (Colors based off ShadowKreach's idea)

    Health: (8)
    Damage: (4)
    Added Abilities: Does -2 damage. Moves +50% faster. This is a mob you may not want to kill due to its potential trades. Drops 3-6 exp. orbs on death.
    Spawn Chance: 5%

    Hunter (Based off DeJoth's idea)

    Health: (20)
    Damage: (8)
    Added Abilities: Does +2 damage. Moves +15% faster. Attacks Zombie Pigmen, Magma Cubes and Ghasts that come near them. Drops 2 extra exp. orbs on death. Can jump up to 3 blocks in height.
    Spawn Chance in Village: 15%


    Health: (22)
    Damage: (8)
    Added Abilities: Does +2 damage with extra knockback. Moves +10% faster. Can seldomly "telekenetic" punch any enemy from 10 blocks away, although this can easily dodged as the Mystic will remain completely still when "charging" this "telekenetic" punch. This is the only mob that can flawlessly hurt a Ghast if they're close enough. When killed, this mob can drop any valid item in Minecraft's existence. Drops an extra 2-4 exp. orb on death. Can sometimes deflect arrows. Immune to all splash potion effects.
    Spawn Chance in Village: 7%


    Health: (30)
    Damage: (12)
    Added Abilities: Does +8 damage with insane knockback. Will never lose its hostility once made. Each hit has a 30% chance to make the player drop any item in his inventory at random. Will drop 1-3 of any rare item on death, as well as 35 experience.
    Spawn Chance in Village: 2%


    Damage: N/A
    Added Abilities: Oh my friend, you're looking at the rarest gem of Nether Villagers. Moves +20% faster. Will never become hostile against players, although it can never take damage. Receives -30% knockback. Can teleport just like an Enderman, but this occurs only when it wants to return to its "village area" and can't get back to it by just average walking and jumping. Go ahead, add some ingots in his village's chest, and see how friendly he really is.
    Spawn Chance in Village: 0.05% (1% on Hardcore)

    Do these Nether Villagers have their own spawn eggs in Creative Mode?
    Yes, and each Nether Villager type has their own chance amount of appearing when the egg is used:
    • Normal - 90%
    • Torus - 85%
    • Baron - 70%
    • Rampant - 50%
    • Hunter - 45%
    • Tormenter - 10%
    • Colossus - 0%
    New Questions/Answers Added as of 3/7/2012 9:31PM

    Where exactly in these Nether Villager caves do the dark red chests exist?
    In the deepest part of their caves, although they can be rarely found near the cave's entrance as well.

    How big can these caves be?
    Imagine a normal Overworld village fitting inside a cave, that's how big they can be.

    New Questions/Answers Added as of 3/29/2012 9:31PM

    How do they inflict damage?
    They do NOT always do the max amount of damage that you see in the list of Nether Villager types. They can also do a minimum of -4 hit points of damage. For example, a Baron is capable to doing between 4 and 8 points of damage, which is randomized between these limits.

    New Questions/Answers Added as of 7/13/2012 3:41PM

    Do these Nether Villagers trade like the normal ones?
    Yes, the currency they accept is Blood Diamonds, here is a chart of what each N. Villager trades.

    Normal, Torus and Baron


    They do not sell items.

    Hunters have no interest in trading.


    Tormenters have no interest in trading.

    Tormenters have no interest in trading.

    New Questions/Answers Added as of 7/28/2012 1:59PM

    What does an Enchanting Orb do?
    If you're lucky enough to have a Mystic appear, and not ed off enough to not trade with you, you'll have access to this item. An Enchanting Orb can be used to give any weapon or tool a single random enchantment at no level cost, but it will only give it the weakest version of an enchantment, so it's best to this orb when something is already enchanted.

    Using this orb on an already enchanted item will make all existing enchantments upgrade an interval. Meaning "Sharpness III" can be set to "Sharpness IV". Enchantments at their highest levels will go no higher. If all enchantments are maxed out, a new enchantment at its weakest is added.
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    Quote from iL0veCa4sAl0t

    Ehhh. My First Actually good suggestion Tell me what you think about it.

    That suggestion has still yet to come.

    So I can just heal myself by drinking out of some pond forever? Well then, I guess we can remove health potions. Why wouldn't bottled water be able to do this?
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    Then maybe if confidence is too low for too long then your character just commits suicide and the game ends there forever! Yeah!
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    Quote from thayne360

    That was very disrespectful, but funny. We'll done *clap clap*

    A trip to the search button could have prevented that disrespectful post.
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    Don't mind me, I'm just walking by hoping to not be bothered by any- whoops I dropped my link, could someone get that for me?
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    Quote from Bobberbox

    It would get rid of the use of emeralds, so emeralds would just have to be useless like lapis
    So in other words, "This would make an already existing form of currency useless as if it was added for nothing." Sorry but that's... very stupid. No support.

    And people could just farm zombie pigmen for the gold coins. Making the idea even worse.
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    Quote from cosmin67

    Now for the default commands are obviously Notch's decision but my thin-

    Jeb is leading Minecraft now. Not Notch.

    How is it useful?
    • It will make Minecraft lot more realistic.
    • No need for tools to take items such as a furnace or a crafting table.
    • It would make Minecraft less stressful especially when having to take out more than just one item as such that this feature will affect.

    I'll over these points respectively.
    • Realism means absolutely nothing, nor does it make your idea "more useful"? Realism is a neutral attribute, because that alone doesn't add any good or bad, just... realism.
    • Then this would almost ruin the sole point of most tools...
    • Well, I can't argue that point. If you can just pick up and place some things with little to no effort, than yeah. It doesn't talk up the idea though.
    What blocks and items does this affect?

    This feature is currently used for torches, redstone, grass and wheat and can easily be extended within the future update!

    Those things are a bit different than furnaces and such. And it's not gonna kill you to use up a bit of durability on a tool just to pick up and move something. If that's such a big deal, use a cheaper/more expendable tool to do so.

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    55. The Liar
    You probably think 1TrollLtd suggested this. Because... he did.

    There are landfills and warehouses filled with destroyed lie detection machines that this gamer obliterated with just the first question he was asked. If you're a newb who wants to learn a bit more and you run into this gamer, you will have a very bad time.

    This gamer's compulsion to lie stems from unknown origins, and seems to only worsen with time. "The sentry's not there anymore." Will turn that corner and be killed by two sentries. "Use the TNT launcher's special attack with the B button." Come to find out, the B button activates the self-destruct button.

    56. The Anime Freak

    Studies show that... these people exist. A lot of them. Everywhere. How can you spot them? How can you not spot them? Not all of these anime freaks are annoying; you may even find the coolest people in the world to be one of them, it happens. Still though, they can be annoying too. Very annoying.

    You may see the anime avatars they have on their Steam profile. You may see the amount of faces they use in their names and chat such as " ^_^ " or "◕‿‿◕". They may explain things or express themselves with overused terms such as "kawaii".

    I once ran into a Yu-Gi-Oh clan, where if they killed you, would shout "YuGiOwned!!!" Yeah. The world doesn't have a limit to how damn awkward something can be.

    57. The Brony

    Oh yes. Here we are all the way at #57 and now's the time where I choose to place this one. I wanted to wait until maybe like #60, but... No, I gotta let this one out now. In my opinion, this is the most controversial one on the entire list. Not every brony is a horrible person, but there are bronies out there that really, really push the issue.

    I don't know much about this Lauren Faust, but her existence has put a real change on things. If you see a pony spray in a Valve game or have someone actually use the term "everypony", that woman is the reason. Not only can this type of gamer be awkward, but some of them will shove it down your throats. "Hey guys. I'm a brony! Look at me! Notice that I'm a brony! LOOK! NOTICE! LOOK!"

    They will add pony related things to the most random of situations. Including anything related to Rule 34. No. Don't try to avoid them or shake them, because they're everywhere. It's a sad cold truth, but they cannot be escaped.

    58. Health Pack Harry

    Before you go to sleep tonight - kneel down by your bed and pray, pray and pray some more that you don't get this person on your team in any team based game. Even if you're an Athiest, pray anyway. Maybe an Athiest god will help you out. I'm joking, could you imagine though? If that existed?

    Don't worry everyone, good ol' HPH will make extra sure that he himself will be at the highest health possible. As expected, his mannerisms are mindblowingly selfish. In Left 4 Dead 2, he will heal himself at yellow health while you're standing right there with red health and bleeding out. Or he'll use his pills at green health, not realizing that other players have lower health. Herp Pack Harry hasn't grasped what teamwork actually is, and doesn't know that other players have consciousness as well.

    So now we're playing Team Fortress 2. Oh look, Herp Derp Harry went Medic! Well then, what a surprise! Now maybe there's - oh wait. No, he's just playing Medic so he can regenerate health and use this new syringe gun and nothing more. When someone shouts "MEDIC!", Harry's eyes will slowly drift apart from each other in a moment of "duuurrrrrr??" and continue to not use his medigun for reasons unknown.

    59. Negative Nancy
    sorinsonn suggested this one. So now I'm gonna share my Rice Krispie squares with him.

    Or "Negative Nathan", whichever. Even though this entry has the name Nancy in it. I'm still gonna refer to this gamer type with the general "he" pronoun. These people are pessimists to the Nth degree.

    These are the most depressing type of gamers you can ever encounter. You don't know whether to feel bad for them or just want them to stop being babies. Either way, this gamer's presence makes everyone else uneasy. They will never express happiness, excitement or laughter. They will only complain about something or state only the negative possibilities.

    "This weapon sucks. This team sucks. This game is broken. Why does this exist in the game? I hate this. I hate that. This is all hopeless. What's the point? I crave death. Life is horrible. Dark dark dark!!" Either this gamer forgot to take his anti-depressants or took too much of them. Or didn't take them at all when he was supposed to.

    60. The Leprechaun
    You guys make it sound like Goomboliver was the one who suggested this.

    These are people with infinite supplies of good luck. How and why this person has the luxury of having everything good in life funnel into him has yet to be ascertained. They can play a game blindfolded, and still end up the winner with all of their kills having 90% headshots.

    This gamer's luck bends the hit detection in a game to work in his favor while boning everyone else. In Team Fortress 2, they just so happen to get that lucky crit just as you're about to kill them, and on top of that, have a hat drop in their inventory right as it happens. No matter how hard you play, this gamer's golden horseshoe moments still bring him to the top of the scoreboard. If God exists, he's playing favorites.

    This lucky kid doesn't appreciate his blind undeserving luck, as he thinks "it was all skill". And much like "The player who never loses", sits back with that forced smile of victory. We begin to think that this person is, in fact, an actual leprechaun. Why can't he suffer reality like the rest of us? Everyone else gets their comeuppance only once in a while, while this lucky kid gets it all day, every day.

    61. The "Psychic"
    That swell gal Theriasis gave us this one.

    Much like "real" psychics out there, whenever something happens, they claim to have predicted it all along. In reality, we just know it's a statement that's forcibly used no matter what the outcome would be. You can go back in time and change the outcome, but they still say "Yup. I saw that coming." when they actually say "Yup. I like to make myself look wise for the attention and to win arguments."

    Whenever he dies, he states how he knew that would happen all along. "I did that because I knew you'd kill me there." "I moved there because I know I'd be headshotted." He'll sometimes accompany his statements with pointless emoticons to show how totally calm he is over that event he forsaw. Out of all the infinite possibilities of something, this gamer happens to know the one that will occur! Amazing right?!

    His psychic gift is limited though. He can't predict who will win the Superbowl or who the next president is, as his knowledge is only limited to forseeing his video game deaths and nothing more. How coincidental.

    62. The Overbearing Admin

    He's not too much like "The Attention-Craving Admin" because he doesn't always do what he does for solely attention, but just to make himself feel better. Because of their rock bottom self-esteem and very little control in their lives, they turn to the virtual world to pump up their e-muscles.

    The Overbearing Admin is basically those police brutality stories you hear about. Excessive force was used when that was absolutely unneeded. If you could see these admins in real life, their bodies are 95% acne and 5%... rest of their body with slightly less acne. If you playfully insult someone in the server, this admin will put on his "fear me" cap and lay into you about how that isn't allowed and will remind you 5 more times after is happened to keep the pressure on you.

    Where normal admins give warnings for smaller offenses, this angry overcompensating admin will ban you for the smallest little thing. You can tell another player to "shut up" or "dude stop" and you will be insta-banned with the reason of "disrespect". Sometimes, this steroidy admin might play favorites, and you might get on his good side if you play the "I'm a nice gamer with a halo above me" card, which can help you dodge future offenses you might make.

    Even before you spot this waste of O2, you'll notice that the rules of his server are ridiculous upon reading the MOTD. You aren't allowed to swear in a game where the player characters in the game already swear. You can't post sprays of hot but clothed women even if full nudity is already in the game. You can't hate this admin as much as he hates himself.

    63. The Bully
    Can somebody ask Goomboliver why he's so good at this?

    Also known as "The Pubstomper". All that wasted talent. They take the game seriously and play to get better, but instead of taking the chance to challenge themselves, they sink to the lowest common denominator. They only go against people who are new and unskilled at the game.

    All he cares is that he's at the top of the scoreboard, so he can have his 15 minutes of fame that no one will remember except him. These bullies, like real bullies, loathe themselves, so pick on the weaker to... feel tougher? Is that it? If I can borrow a quote from Black Ops 2, these bullies are almost saying "suffer with me." And sadly, people do.

    64. Bad Computer Billy

    "It doesn't matter what the system requirements say, it's the game's fault. Not mine." Regardless of how rich or poor this gamer may be, he refuses to get an upgrade. Let's take a look at his specs, shall we?
    • Pentium 4 @ 2.4GHz
    • 512MB RAM DDR1 RAM
    • GeForce MX 420 64MB
    Isn't this computer just beastly?! If Billy even tries to put the settings on high, the back of his PC will start smoking, and might even develop the ability to speak and ask to be put of their misery. They will go on forums and cry and moan to game companies that "something is wrong with their game". Those forum posts go a bit like this:

    "I can play CoD4 on 1024x768 at medium settings with NO lag! So why can't I play Team Fortress 2 on highest settings at 1680x1050? I just bought this computer brand spankin new 4 years ago! So this PC should handle anything! Fix your game, Valve!"

    65. The Beauty Queen
    How does 1TrollLtd keep supplying me? HOW?!

    'It doesn't matter how, why or when you enter the battle... It's how you look while you're doing it!" They don't actually say that, but I'm making a desperate plea to be funny here. If they happen to look "better" or "cooler" than another player, they're happy. They'll spend every hard-earned cent they make on some overpriced virtual clothes to build a sense of "I look good!!11!"

    Yes, when we shred you with a minigun and teabag your limp ragdoll, we totally care about the hat you were wearing at the time. Extra pixels upon pixels will impress us and somehow make us think higher of you. Because, you know, that plays a very large role in our lives. When you spend your $50 on some new camo for your vest, we will all take the time and remember that "cool guy with that cool camo". We're very impressed.

    66. Meme Man
    And what if 1TrollLtd gave this one too? There a problem? Will we fight about it?

    This was meant to be a sub-gamer type for "The Bad Comedian", but I think this one has enough flare to be it's own type and be labeled with much larger letters. Was there ever a moment in your life where you wished you could remember every meme that ever existed in a very small amount of time? That's where this gamer types comes in! Excitement!

    Did a meme die out in 2006? Doesn't matter, he's still repeating it! It's like if 4chan was wrapped up into one person! Amazing right?! Oh yes, he talks about SPARTAAAAA, liking Mudkips, Cake is a Lie, doesn't afraid of anything, Dan was boobies, take it to the vets, umad?, firin mah lazor!!!, how do I shot web? and even Falcon Punch!

    Oh but it doesn't stop there! He's gonna spam the trolololo song over the mic. Along with some old sparta remixes and maybe even something Chuck Norris related. If you have an argument with him, it may go something like this.

    TheWhale: Memeboy, help me defend point A please.
    Memeboy: Objection!
    TheWhale: Please we only have 2 minutes left...
    Memeboy: Not sure if should help... Or sit back and snipe...
    TheWhale: Help me cap and we can take the bridge.
    Memeboy: One does not simply... take the bridge.
    jackol357: How do I add health to the ally hounds?
    Memeboy: Take it to the vets!
    TheWhale: Stop talking. Just leave.
    Memeboy: lol umad?
    TheWhale: This is dumb...
    Memeboy: THIS! IS! SP-
    (Player Memeboy has been removed from the game - Reason: memetard)

    67. The Infatuated
    Given to me by manSpider from the Steam forums and TealScorpian from this forum.

    Originally meant to be a sub-gamer type of "The Chick Magnet". Though in this case, the spotted girl gamer is the presumed magnet, and not the gamer I'm talking about.

    If you go farther up this list, you'll see gamer types like the "The Crony" that do nothing but suck up to other people. This gamer type will do somewhat of the same thing, they see one girl in the server and their black pupils turn into pink cartoony ballooned hearts that are larger than their actual eyesockets. Could you imagine if that actually happened to someone? Don't you think that would hurt or blind you somehow?

    "Do you play games often? Do you have an Xbox tag? Do you this game as well?! Oh man!" He will add this girl to her friends list. If the girl declines, this gamer may kill himself. If the girl accepts, the gamer will convince himself that he's got some new kind of gamer girlfriend and that the accepting of the friend request is the same thing as insemenating her.

    68. Roughneck
    You guys, shhhhh. Don't let Minor107 know his suggestion is on this list!

    In standard deathmatch games, like Team Fortress 2 or any Call of Duty game, he's not all that annoying. Regardless, you can still detect his nature to attack things even if friendly fire is off.

    If this gamer sees a mobile player model, he'll be sure to kill it or just give it a lot more blood decals than normal. His mindset is locked in "I have to kill to survive" mode. On a simple build server in Garry's Mod, he'll probably be the guy who goes around killing other players, unprovoked. In the top right corner, you'll keep seeing "Roughneck gamer <weapon_icon> Innocent player".

    Sure, you could call this guy a griefer, but his only method of being one is killing. He'll even go out of his own way to kill you. Again and again. With no gain but to keep making you respawn. No, it doesn't matter if you were quietly building a chair with thrusters on it, this guy has to hit you again and again with his crowbar.

    In short: Imagine a guy in a football game who tackles players from both teams non-stop, regardless of who has the ball. Yeah, he's that guy.

    69. The Foreigner
    That guy Jimmars let me borrow this really good entry. I hope he doesn't ask for it back.

    Originally given the name "The Frenchy", though not all of them are French. I don't think. If anyone can confirm that "The Confusion of Tongues" was a real event, then somebody please tell God himself that it wasn't cool. Seriously.

    He may only speak Spanish, French, Russian, whatever. Regardless, these people have a strange tendency to join American servers and keep spreading the confusion when it's been clearly established many times that no one else can speak the language of this gamer. Instead of just leaving the server, they still sit around, yelling and arguing while no one else can make sense of them.

    If these gamers had no other server to go to, then we can't really blame them. Otherwise, their brains suddenly shut off and they think "Hmm! I see a list of about a thousand servers! I got it, I'll pick the one that clearly says 'United States' on it and has 250 ping! Yeah!" Derp! Who knows, perhaps one day humanity can speak a single language that doesn't involve firearms or explosions.

    70. The Biased
    I'm serious, Goomboliver totally didn't give me this one.

    If you go back up in the list, you'll see that I've listed gamers who suck up to others. This one is the exact opposite, as he expects others to suck up to him instead, or her, whatever. Instead of being nice and giving strangers a blank slate on how what kind of people they might be, this biased gamer only helps out and shares information with those he deems "worthy".

    These "worthy" people might just be clan members or close friends. Goomboliver's entry was so good, that I'm just gonna quote it right here:

    Quote from Goomboliver
    For example, in TF2, you are a Scout, and you are on fire. You run up to a Medic, who is overhealing a Heavy, who is doing nothing of great importance. Behind the Medic, is a whole conga line of Medics, each healing the other. All ignore you, and you die.

    "Teamwork? I don't care about teamwork, I only care about the people on my team that currently interest me. Everyone else on my team are just chumps that happen to be wearing the same colors as me."

    71. The 12-Year-Old AOL'er

    May or may not be actually bad at the game. May or may not actually be 12, but the second you see him typing, you're gonna get very tired of him very quickly. These gamers are the absolute stereotype of bad typing.

    Oh yes, you better believe they use constant shorthand. "so uh 1day i wuz @ da doghous and I orderd dis huge beer @ i drank it liek so fast i got drnk liek almst instuntly den i went home and liek herpty durr i slepd on da couch for liek 3hrs and yeah" If they actually type out a full word, they might suffer the horrible feeling of pride and miniscule effort, and who knows, they might be punished by having their IQ rise up a number.

    Oh but it doesn't stop there; shorthand is only the beginning! On top of that, they gotta constantly spell out words intentionally incorrect as if to seem "ahead of the curve". They'll spell "cool" as "kewl", "girl as gurl" and "boy as boi". Yeah man, it's like you're in that time period where the late 90's and early 2000's were rubbing up against each other. Just like those good ol' 56k AOL days. Good times.

    72. The Lazy/Herp Admin

    Let's rewind the clocks for a minute. Let's say you're back in 1st or 2nd grade. If you're already in those grades, don't rewind anything. Do you remember that teacher that did his/her job just enough to get by and maybe not get fired? If someone told the teacher something bad another kid did, the teacher would never actually deal with it. The derpy teacher would just say "I'm sure he didn't mean it" or "I'm sure it was an accident."

    God forbid any effort gets put in right? The admin is an admin most likely through being friends of another admin or maybe just pure nepotism. He probably gained the position by meeting another admin face to face and sold him weed, who knows? He might as well just be another player.

    theDawg: hey blazed are you an admin?
    BlazedLazyAdmin: yeh
    theDawg: can you please ban the guy on our team who keeps door blocking?
    BlazedLazyAdmin: whats he doing
    theDawg: ...he's door blocking
    BlazedLazyAdmin: oh
    theDawg: so uhh... can you please do something about him?
    (The admin continues to play the game, not responding for 5 minutes.)
    theDawg: please KICK HIM
    BlazedLazyAdmin: kick who?
    (The admin once again stops responding and immediately forgets what was happening, and does nothing.)

    Herpty derpty durr.

    73. The Stylist
    *hands Dwarvenhero81 a totally not stolen trophy for this awesome entry*

    Meant to be a sub-gamer type of "The Beauty Queen", but this desperate player tries to improve others with his actions, and not so much of what his player character is wearing or equipped with. He will attempt to kill players in the most dazzling and usually impossible ways.

    Failing to realize that this is the internet, and others will probably not care to remember what some stranger does in a game, this gamer type keeps going anyway. Because the stunts are so tricky to pull off, he may end up getting himself killed more than times than he's making the kills. If you have this guy on your team, you may not make much progress.

    Maybe once in a while, you might see this guy pull off something impressive kills, and actually be impressed for say... at least 21 seconds. Otherwise, he'll probably pull your team down a very painful much. Get used to hearing the announcer on TF2 saying, "You failed. Next time, try killing one of them."

    74. Too Generous Timothy

    He might take the concept of teamwork a little too far, or not enough. It's confusing really. Example:

    You're in a game of Left 4 Dead 2 and at the finale, and you're down to say 43 health, but you can hack it. Then Timothy, who's at 9 health and is inches from death, uses his very last medkit on you and gets killed soon after. Now you're down one teammate who would have been very helpful in the long run, and come to find out, a tank knocks you off a building and kills your other two teammates with ease. That fourth ally would've been nice to have around, but his generosity killed him.

    The thing is, how are you gonna complain about this guy? "Hey! This dork over here is making us lose! He's being selfless, healing other teammates and... thinking about... more people than just himself. This freak is too nice and friendly, votekick him!" Yeah, you totally won't sound like a douche saying that.

    75. The "Knowledge Prodigy"
    I'm not jealous that Goomboliver thought this one up and not me, so please don't assume that.

    Just like that kid in your high school that had a 3.9 GPA and kept reminding everyone about it. "Yup. I'm a smart guy. Just telling you that so people's opinions of me go up, because I silently need them so I can boost my rock bottom self-esteem. Yeah."

    These gamer types are more interested in showing off what they know than actually playing the game itself. They will tell you extremely pointless things like "that M9 pistol's damage was nerfed from 50 damage to 45 in the August 23, 2010 update!" or "the fire mage can only move 5% faster when he has the cloak upgrade, which is still 3% faster than a water elf!"

    He'll constantly spout his knowledge in hopes that someone might tell them, "Hey! You're a smart guy!" Once this "smart guy" hears/reads that, his load is blown and his life is complete. For 5 minutes. Until he starts his spouting all over again for another forced compliment.

    76. The Micromanager
    I pried this idea right out of Goomboliver's safe. Don't tell him I told you guys that.

    These gamer types usually mean well, and don't want to ruin your experience. On purpose. But they still actually can. In some cases, these guys can be extremely helpful, but even the most helpful things in life can be annoying.

    So you're playing a game for the first time and you feel absolutely clueless and vulnerable, but you kindly ask for some tips and such, and this Micromanager will tell you that "experience" is the only way, but doesn't let you learn by experience. He follows you around, telling you what weapons are best, and when to use what power-up.

    He gives you insane knowledge about the game, and might even manage to turn you into a semi-pro from a newb within hours. Sadly, the Micromanager doesn't go away, and when you want to learn some things for yourself, he still globs onto you and won't shut the hell up. It can be hard telling him, "Thanks for using your time to be unselfish and help a stranger, but I want you to go away now."

    77. The "Underprivileged"
    lekrosa owed me drug money, but instead he paid me with this entry.

    The proverbial saying "you gotta crawl before you walk" fits perfectly here. These gamer types however, attempt to unicycle on a wet gravel road while being handcuffed to another unfortunate unicycler before walking.

    You don't just see these people in servers, you seem them on forums as well. Ever see someone poop out a thread where they go "To any server owner out there, can you make me an admin of it! I'll be the best admin ever!" when you know for a fact that power isn't (or shouldn't) be mindlessly handed away like that.

    Smart owners of servers usually don't go "Hmm, well I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's the password and login to my precious server! You said you'd be a good admin so therefore you're probably a good adm- Herpty derp!"

    In servers, they see an admin on it and start begging "Oh hey, can you make me an admin? Right off the bat?" in front of everyone. When he doesn't become an admin, he turns into a spoiled baby and starts crying and complaining when he doesn't get admin powers for free. Be wary, that a hurr durr admin might actually give this gamer type such powers.

    77. The ?????
    Acknid, I love this entry. You have to marry me now. I command it.

    There is no name accurate enough to describe this gamer type. Human science and linguistics haven't reached this level yet. This gamer type is the most confusing out of any other type in the list. Don't try to understand them, as you will only further your own confusion without hope of rest.

    So this gamer type joins the server, joins your teams and starts headshotting the enemy left and right like some aimbot. Then all of a sudden, he starts jumping in circles ignoring any nearby enemies. Then he runs into a wall for a minute while firing his gun into it. Okay. Then he goes back to headshotting enemies for 24 seconds, then starts crouching and staring at boxes.

    In short, his list of actions consist of both logical and illogical ones, and the reason for these actions have yet to be ascertained.

    78. That """Ghetto Kid"""

    If you've been to middle school or high school, you know this kid all too well. He has a retarded ghetto dialect despite him growing up in the quiet calm suburbs. You know the one, the one that wears super baggy shirts and huge shorts with no belt so we walks around like his knees are nonexistent and has to hold his shorts up at his balls. Don't you wish you were him?!

    Because life sucks, these oxygen users exist on the internet as well. But obviously, you won't know what they are until you hear them *shudder* speak. You'll be confused as to why they're even in an online game when they could be doing more "gangsta" things.

    When you anger one, he'll use his "from da hood" mouth to threaten you, but you'll be struggling to keep a straight face at this motor mouth dork, knowing he's just furthering his own embarrassment. They can't be that bad though, once you strip away the aluminum foil grill and large chain necklace, they're... still douches.

    79. The Incomplete Bot
    I didn't do anything good enough in life to deserve this good entry from Theriasis.

    This is the only non-human "gamer" in this entire list. This is the result of lazy programming, because it's easier to do nothing than something. This stupid AI can be rather fun if it's your enemy, but if it's your ally, you're gonna wish an actual person filled in the player slot.

    As expected, this herpy durr bot fails to fulfill the sole purpose in the game. When the bot should be making attempts to enter an enemy base, it will just crouchwalk in circles. When the bot should release you from some sort of trap, he'll stare at you, then run off to go stare at wall textures. When the bot is at 95% health, he'll still snatch away those health kits while you run around with 12% health.

    Sure, the game developers will give you all these DLC's, but a thousand people complaining about the hurr AI accomplishes nothing. Stay classy, dumb developers.

    80. The Antisocial

    It's usually not this gamer type's fault that he's developed this way of thinking. You know this guy's backstory or reasoning behind his loner-like behavior. Still, he can be annoying.

    In real life, this gamer usually sits alone in public places and extremely rarely makes conversation with anyone. If someone else approached him, this gamer freezes up and is overcome by a cold fear. Despite these social fears, he can push past it enough to play online games.

    In free-for-all games, this guy damages nothing. At worst, he hides away from everyone and camps. In team based gamemodes, he's a bigger problem, as he's more concerned about not being noticed or judged instead of putting in actual effort, so he hides in a small crouch-only area, instead of trying to complete objectives and or even laying out more ammo and health for his allies.

    This guy would rather run around in an empty map.

    81. Broken Gear Ghengis
    1TrollLtd, stop making my list better. If you suggest one more good entry, then I'll be very jealous. There won't be underlying consequences beyond that, but I'll still be jealous.

    The result of herpy dumb game developers not balancing stuff out. This gamer type goes for the most overpowered loadout available in the game to reduce as much effort as possible. He will continue to use this same gear loadout for years.

    In short. This gamer isn't so elite, because his gear is. As the legend goes, when this gamer type kills you, his neckbeard becomes stronger. That's not a legend because I made that up just now.

    Occasionally on forums, he will put his "I'm scary on a forum" facade on and cry for another overpowered weapon to be added. Him using that cloaking armor, aimbot helmet, homing nuke machine gun where the crosshair changes to a satanic symbol after killing 4 people in a row, and where each nuke grants you 10 seconds of invulnerability upon exploding.

    So you get the idea, he's an absolu- you know what, I forgot to mention he has level 200 boots that grant him infinite jumping and +10 hp per step. Because game developers are smart like that.

    82. Mood-Swinging Marvin

    Be honest, has a bipolar person ever made you uncomfortable? You know the one, the guy/girl is all nice at first and you're talking about normal things - such as going to the malt shop and beta max tapes. Then out of nowhere, that person slips into "hateHATE" mode and you want to just run away with your tail between your balls.

    Fear not! For online gamers have this too! Me saying "Fear not!" didn't really make sense. It felt good to type it out though. At the time.

    This gamer will compliment you on that awesome backstab, that awesome headshot and how you healed the entire team to full health 12 times when those overpowered enemy metal crabs were all over you. Then half an hour goes by, and good ol' Marvin will descend into a fury caused by something indeterminate.

    Now... Marvin will start screaming at you for doing only 3999 damage to that giant gelatin boss imp when you could have done 4000. He'll berate you for wearing a hat color he doesn't like. He'll mock you endlessly about how you couldn't grab that gemstone when you had those humanoid scarabs blocking your path. Then a minute after all that. He goes back to complimenting you. At this point, you don't care anymore, you just want to be far away from Marvin.
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    A guy with over 5,000 posts suggesting quests?
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    posted a message on Crafting delay and crafting tools
    Well, your idea is original and creative. I'll give it that, but this would be a pure headache in the long run.

    I'm sure some people would like this, but try telling the millions of people who have been playing this since alpha, "Hey guys, you know how crafting's been the way it is all these years, well now we're suddenly making it so you have to make tools to craft some of the simplest/cheapest things."

    Just imagine the frustration of not being able to just punch-collect wood planks anymore, because you have to scramble and find gravel blocks, make this fist lap thing, then go get them planks. There's a ton of things to do in this game and this idea would slow things down in an excruciating way.

    I noticed you seem to have a thing for realism. No matter how much something makes sense, gameplay and balance are more important than realism. If Minecraft was meant to be more realistic, we wouldn't have skeletons walking around. We wouldn't be taking well-shaped diamonds just by tapping an ore a few times.
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