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    Nice find! Hopefully this doesn't get "fixed" in an update, because this is actually a great feature for adventure map makers, so that players can't steal things out of our hoppers.
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    How about some extra ambience? We have a few already for caves and the like, but some additions would really add a lot to the aesthetics of the game. Suggestions:

    -Wind through trees when in forests
    -Wind blowing when in desert
    -Crickets/bugs in grasslands
    -Chirps and birdsong in forests
    -Different water sounds (waves crashing when near ocean shore, quieter sounds in still water)
    -Possibly a whistling wind sound when in the mountains
    -I like cold biomes being quiet, it adds to them in a way, but maybe just some soft sounds
    -In storms, crashinig waves near water, howling wind, groaning trees, etc.

    These wouldn't play constantly (except possibly waves) and would be very quiet. I wouldn't want anything that intruded on your gameplay or was distracting, just some extra background noise to increase immersion.
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    So here's the idea. You put a hopper under a giant pool of lava, point the hopper into the furnace, and the furnace gains lava as fuel. It would have to use the lava block item rather than lava bucket (so it's not giving you free buckets) and you would not be able to remove the lava block from the furnace, even if you destroyed the furnace.

    It would either run indefinitely from the lava source block it was pulling from, or slowly drain 1 lava source block that's in the same pool as the one it's attached to. The hopper would not have to touch a source, just some lava that is touching a source somewhere.

    Honestly, it just makes sense. If you can use a bucket of lava as fuel, you darn sure should be able to use a giant funnel to bring the lava to the furnace (not to mention lava buckets being fed into furnaces is currently broken, since the empty bucket stays behind and has to be removed manually before the hopper will put another lava bucket in).
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    I like the idea of improving combat, but I'm not entirely sure I like *this* idea. It seems relatively simple and easy to implement, with not too many sweeping changes, but it just doesn't feel right for the tone of Minecraft. That being said, my idea of "tone" could be (and probably is) completely different from everyone elses, which is why I gave you a +1 for it. I would have fun with this, but it isn't the optimal solution for me.

    Personally, I think the best thing they could do to combat would be to add a *few* more weapons. As Neospectator keeps droning on about, you still want people who aren't entirely into giant battles to be able to defend their houses with their trusty iron sword.

    But what Neospectator conveniently ignores is that there's a large mass of the player base that would *enjoy* more engaging and interesting combat, as well as some variation in the PvP side of things. So, my thoughts:

    Add in a few new weapons. Instead of a rock, paper, scissors type idea just give them tradeoffs that are instantly obvious to the user. If you have a big weapon, it moves slowly for a lot of damage. Small weapons do vice versa. They have different arcs that match their animation. I'm not talking a crapton more weapons, maybe 4-5. This way your old codgers like Neo there can still defend their dirt huts with their swords, and people who want to mix it up a bit can choose their weapons. You don't have to calculate damage ratios or figure out which mob type is what, simply find the weapon that feels the most engaging and fun for you and use it. Because you like it.

    That being said, I love love love love love love love the idea of different materials effecting weapons differently. More weight would equal knockback, but slower swing speed. Wood being bad, bad, and bad. Stone being very heavy, but low damage and durability. Iron being a good mix of durable, powerful, and heavy. Gold being slightly more damage than iron but much slower and heavier and vastly less durable. Diamond gets the same durability it has now, less weight than iron with about the same damage, but much lighter.

    This keeps the tier idea somewhat intact, as going up in material is always somewhat of a benefit (and might make someone actually use a gold tool/weapon?). It would let the people who want to have fun with combat have fun (Stone hammer for insane knockback, medium damage, and being so slow you better start swinging when the creeper is still on the horizon or a diamond knife that's faster than lightning but doesn't do much damage or knockback) and let the people who just want to keep their creations safe do it.

    (Wall of text, apologies)

    EDIT: My idea of a few weapons and how they'd work-

    Knife - Thrust attack, have to be accurate to hit. Low damage but quick attacks. (More damage from behind?)

    Spear - Thrust attack, long range and slow. Decent damage, requires accuracy to hit. (Adds a bleeding effect?)

    Hammer - Sweeping attack, very slow. High damage, accuracy completely un-needed. (Bonus knockback?)

    Battleaxe - Sweeping attack, medium speed. Good damage, not much accuracy needed. (High crit?)

    Sling - Ranged attack. Requires no charge time like a bow does, but less damage and range. Fires cobblestone or something similar.
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    Heya guys,

    The new addition of the scoreboard in the snapshots brings a lot to custom maps and team games. But I'm sure we can all agree, it could use some improvements and expansions. I'm sure the Mojang team is working on expanding it (since it's still in the snapshot phase), but let's see if we can't help them out with some more ideas.

    I'll be starting a list with my own suggestions, and if I see other good ones that people like I'll add them to this post.

    - Scoreboard can give points when a certain item is gathered, including items named at an Anvil (including named mobs)
    - Scoreboard (via command block) can remove items from player inventory in exchange for score

    I know they seem like pretty basic suggestions, but just these three things would have a huge impact on custom maps. They would allow item gathering "quests" that reward you with scores, allow you to "pay" for things with your score (rather than just test for min/max), and much more. With just these few simple changes, the entire dynamic of custom maps could change. The best part about scoreboard/command block changes is that they don't negatively effect anyone because they're completely optional and outside of normal gameplay. With that in mind, I'd like to see them expanded as much as possible because really any addition made is a great boost for the community, and as per above doesn't hurt anyone.
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    Quote from Blessed_Fiend

    I suggest you focus only on 64x ,and then on the other , as they do in the SphaxPureBDCraft! P.s. I don't write in English because I'm Russian

    As he's said before, it's much easier to just make the highest quality block and then scale that one down.
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    Since you're unwilling to throw up an unstitched version, would you at least let someone else post a link to a version that will work with the new snapshots since many, many players update with those and not the original updates?

    I know you don't like people posting outside links to your pack, but if you can't take the 20 seconds it would take to use the unsticher from https://twitter.com/...796115647561728 the least you could do is let someone else for those people who don't want to/can't use that tool.

    (If you didn't know about that tool, go look at it... it's seriously 5 seconds of work and would make life a lot easier for people who don't know about it or don't know how)

    EDIT: Personally, if I were you I'd be super excited about moving to the new texture pack system since you can take your sweet time updating the pack and just work on blocks one at a time, as they come, in your free time. Any blocks you haven't done will just appear like the standard blocks.
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    I'm sure many of you are familiar with the ever popular Zeppelin Mod. Unfortunately, the topic has been locked because it's creator (Blakmajik) has let it become defunct. He's been busy with real life stuff and hasn't updated in quite a long time. He was having trouble coding it with the new single player server functions. As far as we can tell he hasn't worked on it since the thread was locked. That's been quite a long time now.

    We can't blame him for being busy with real life stuff; what we *can* do is try to find an alternative. There's nothing quite like it out there. So we need a volunteer to work on a replacement. My goal for this thread is to raise enough awareness/support that we can get a talented modder to work on the issue and get a new one running.

    Suggested Features:

    *Flying, Floating, Submersible, and hopefully movement along the ground
    *Allow the player to build the craft, any size that their pc can handle
    *Easy to use controls
    *Some kind of collision detection
    *Entity damage for the ship so that it can be broken
    *Redstone current and items functional on ships
    *Players move relative to the ship, not the world when they move
    *Ship doesn't need to be aligned to grid to fly
    *HerrGohlem: Allow ships to transport chests while saving their states (and allowing access in flight)
    *Weegeemang: A way to dock two ships
    *Pbtenchi: An engine control block requiring materials that balance the mod for those playing survival
    *Nerdboy64: Number of engine blocks determine ships power

    Please, if you have any suggestions for the mod post them- I'll add them to this post. If you support this idea and want to see this functionality in the game again *please* post to keep this thread alive. The only way this will happen is if we keep awareness up and find someone.

    If anyone wants to work on this, please post here to let people know and I'll direct people from here to a post in the work in progress mods section to get you the support and recognition you need.

    I just learned that the code for Ships and Boats is available for people to work on as well (see their thread on these forums). This would be an acceptable alternative to the Zeppelin Mod if anyone would rather take over that.
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    Thanks for the support HerrGohlem, I'll add the chest to the list of suggested features now.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Zeppelin [0.31] [WIP]
    Quote from asikar

    true, very true. -_-

    Actually I've got a new macbook with the integrated Intel HD 4000 and it's quite extraordinary. They're obviously still not quite up to snuff with high end cards, but I have yet to find a game I can't play with at least mid-line settings. No issues whatsoever with MC no matter what I do. Integrated video cards have come a long way and may yet be the future of not only computers but even gaming.


    Hey blak... maybe it's time you picked up another modder to help out with this. I know people like to keep their projects their own, and we don't want to rush you and all that mess... but there are quite a lot of people waiting on this mod and it's obviously not a huge priority to you at the moment- why not pick up someone else to help? I'm sure there's plenty of talented volunteers in the community that would love to work with you.
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