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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    Tropical biomes with orange trees, palm trees, and pineapple trees would be cool. Always for new biomes except jungles are... too frequent.
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    posted a message on Potion sickness
    I like this idea, it adds a nice PvP aspect to the game. However, you should get nausea from drinking ANY five potions, not just good ones. There should also be a randomized chance if you get Nausea or Blindness from the potions. As eating the enchanted golden apples gives you potion effects, eating 10 of those should give you the same effects. Support. :)
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    posted a message on In-Game Skin Changer
    Sounds like a good idea but how would it be implemented? Mojang would have to make an official skin creator as well if they release this.
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    posted a message on [IDEA] IPC (Item Picture Changer)
    This is basically an in-game individual texture changer. I don't really like the idea much but it could be changed.
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    posted a message on Enchanceing the Stealth aspect of combat.
    No support, the best way to stealth kill anything since 1.4 is obviously anvil drop from above, or use any other method like invisibility potions and sneaking are already enough stealth methods.
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    posted a message on Dyeing Wool like Armor!
    Yeah this wouldn't work very well since it is a block and you can't add infinite colors to it. It'd really be a pain to implement, not worth it. I think dying wood, bricks, and glass would be a better priority, those would be nice introductions.
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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    New Enchantment Ideas:

    -Potion Protection, IV, All Armor, Potion Protection IV reduces Instant Damage potion's damage by 25% and cuts Poison time in half.

    -Leeching, V, All Swords, Leeching V gives you one heart of health for every heart of damage you deal to your opponent.

    -Drawspeed, III, Bow, Drawspeed III makes your bow drawback to fire a shot 50% faster than normal.

    -Range, III, Bow, Range III makes you be able to shoot your bow much farther.

    -Poisoned Tip, II, Bow, Poisoned Tip II makes your arrows poisonous, giving your enemy Poison II for 10 seconds.

    -Flamed Tip, II, Bow, Flamed Tip I & II replace the old Flame enchant for the bow, Flamed Tip II blazes your enemy for 30 seconds.

    -Dizziness, III, Bow, Dizziness III will give your opponent Nausea II for 30 seconds and Blindness II for 15 seconds.

    -Fatality, I, All Swords, Fatality I has a 1/10 chance when you hit your opponent of instantly killing them. (This enchant is very rare)

    -Sniper Scope, I, Bow, Sniper Scope I lets you zoom in heavily on your opponent using a scope type feature which is activated when your bow is fully drawn back and you press your sneak key. (This enchant is very rare)

    -Weighted, IV, All Armor, Weighted IV makes it so when you are hit by a knockback sword or weapon, the distance you are knocked is gone, making the enchant useless for the attacker.

    Please give me feedback on these enchants, I'd like to know what you guys think! :)
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    posted a message on The Official Achievement Suggestions Thread
    Whenever achievements are synced online to your Mojang account these multiplayer themed achievements would be pretty cool. And also, I think achievements should be unobtainable in Creative mode as you can go in Creative and cheat your way to all the achievements, of course you can do this through the use of mods but still.

    "The Trust Is Strong With This One" - Be OP'ed on a server.
    "Serial Killer" - Kill 10 people on one Server.
    "You Naughty Thing" - Get banned from a server.

    And here are some single player achievements I came up with.
    "I Wanna Rock N Roll All Night" - Make a song out of note blocks.
    "Withered To Nothing" - Be killed by a Wither.
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    posted a message on Round World Mode
    You'd have to add gravity with players in order to navigate the entire world as you could only walk on the top of the world and trying to get to the other side would result in you falling off.
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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    Make the ability to put potion effects on enchants in the game's files or something. That'd be nice for plugin makers and mod makers.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.5 Update
    I think they should add more water mobs, and water related items, more enchantments, and potions, maybe sponge, and crying obsidian? I'd be glad if only those things were added.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.6 New Features & Snapshots Compilation - All you need to know about horses!
    I don't really care much for redstone, I really do hope Mojang adds more enchantments and potions though. I like Thorns and the new tweaks to enchants so they aren't as overpowered, I'm assuming the same went for Sharpness?
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    posted a message on Nether ore.
    I think they'll add the new ore to be crafted with the new redstone things they are adding for 1.5 in the future.
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    posted a message on Elitecraft



    Elitecraft is one of the 6 servers owned by 0Eliteshadow0. Elitecraft is a Factions, PvP, Drug Server.
    Elitecraft is part of the 1337 Gaming Servers, those servers are:
    Elitecraft, Spartan Penitentiary, Adventurer's World, Dreamer's World, Spoutland and Technicraft.
    To have more information about those servers, click here.

    Elitecraft is an exciting and action packed server tailored to the player's liking. The server runs on a custom plugin made by one of our developers. This plugin is not available for download so please don't ask for a download.

    :DORE: 1. No Hacking/Cheating :DORE:
    :Spider: 2. No Using Exploits/Bugs :Spider:
    :Lava: 3. Only Grief Enemy Faction Bases :Lava:
    :Notch: 4. No Betraying Allies :Notch:
    :chestfront: 5. No Stealing from Locked Chests :chestfront:
    :tnt: 6. No TNT Cannons :tnt:
    :DPA: 7. Don't Ask for Items/Ranks :DPA:
    :Zombie: 8. No PvP Border Camping :Zombie:
    :Waxe: 9. No Faction Border Claiming:Waxe:
    :sponge: 10. No Spamming :sponge:
    :Frame: 11. No Advertising :Frame:
    :SSSS: 12. Have Fun! :SSSS:

    Hey, if you like trying to survive in the Wilderness and protecting your base from enemy intruders, then give our server a try! Here is the IP: (IP WILL BE SHOWN WHEN SERVER GOES PUBLIC)

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