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    posted a message on 13w36a Snapshot Ready for Testing!
    So, how do we find the Features? I'm not a computer geek! T_T
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    posted a message on 18+ Vanilla Whitelist

    Skype: (Must have) jARhEd1593

    How often can you play: Everyday almost all day, depends on what I am doing.

    Why should we accept you: I know Dpasta and I am mature and would like to play with other mature people who are not 12.

    Are you able to record: I cannot.
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    posted a message on DiamondCraftBuild Prison Server
    1) In-game Name: jARhEd1593
    2) Age: 19
    3) How many days have you played on our server?(min. 3) I just started today, I thought it just opened.
    4) Have you ever played on a prison server? Yes, I have played MANY prison servers, I Co-Owned 1 prison server but we were bought and put in a Hub, and I am a guard on a small server.
    5) Have you ever been a guard on a prison server? Yes once but I know how to do my job and not show favoritism.
    6) Have you read all of the guard rules? Yes and I understand them.
    7) Why should we choose you for the guard position? I am mature, I have experience, and I love to help players and make sure players follow the rules.
    8) How often can you play minecraft? Unless I get a job nearly all-day everyday.
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    posted a message on ♦ MafiaCraft ♦ Staff Needed -- Become apart of an Amazing Community!
    Name: Austin

    Age: 19

    Position Applying For: Administrator

    Experience: I have Co-Owned one server and administrated on a few small servers, I have been a mod on quite a few small servers but most or all have shutdown do to no advertising.

    What servers have you been staff on? Minemaster, CreeperCraft, and a few more I cant remember the names of.

    Have you ever been banned? (Honesty is key): Twice wrongly for being blamed for greifing a spawn I BUILT! O.o But I was unbanned so XD!

    How long have you been playing MC? SMP 2 1/2 years almost, and 3 years of single player.

    How active are you on MC? I play almost all day everyday.

    What Plugins have you worked with?: Factions, World Edit, Chest Shops, pretty much the common plugins but there were a few custom plugins that I have played with.

    Skype: Same as my IGN, jarhed1593

    Thank you for your time and consideration!
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    Name:​ Austin

    IGN: jARhEd1593

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    How long have you played Minecraft? Almost 2 1/2 years

    What position are you applying for? Admin

    Description of yourself:

    Physical- I am Slim, White/Native American, Average height, Blue eyes, and Blonde hair.
    Psychological- Intelligent, Somewhat sarcastic, Enthusiastic, Determined, and Adventurous.

    Servers you have worked on in the past: MineMaster, CookieCraft, CreeperCraft, really too many to name, most never got more than 8 players on at a time and just died.

    Why should we pick you? Why are you better? I have had real -life experience in leading others(I was Company Executive Officer in my high school JROTC program in charge of 231 cadets ), I have a level head and can control situation so that they either never get out of hand or become resolved, and I LOVE helping others.

    What ideas could you give to the server? Unique and Innovative ideas such as Lava Roulette and others. These include mini-games, maps, entertainment, activities, etc.

    Pictures of your latest builds (builders only): N/A

    Contact Info (Must have)-
    Skype: jARhEd1593 (Same as my IGN)
    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Thank you for your time
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    posted a message on Looking for a Survival Co-op Buddy
    I do have skype, I can pm you it if/when I am accepted. Yeah, sorry about the hosting thing I really couldn't help with that.
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    posted a message on Looking for a Survival Co-op Buddy
    Hello, I am Charles. I would like to play with you but I cannot host a server due to the fact my computer is sh!t and I have no money. I am 19, graduating and going straight to Air Force boot camp so yeah LOL.

    Thanks for your time hope to hear back. XD
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    posted a message on Looking for 3 people to do a survival server series with!
    Name:Charles Austin Skeen (Skeen is what most people call me but you may choose whatever is easiest for you.)



    Why I should choose YOU:Well, there are many reasons to choose me but a few might be that I am friendly, can give and take smart/ignorant insults and jokes, I play well with others, I like to play in a group, and I wont start any drama with any of you.

    iDevice:iPhone-Facetime, Skype, and Mumble. iPad- Facetime, Skype, and Mumble.g on June 1st and will be going to Air

    ANOTHER THING: I am graduating on June 1st and will be going to Air Force boot camp (I know ironic because my name is in reference to the Marine Corps.) in August. Id like to play with you and your group but if me being out of the equation for a few months disqualifies me I wont blame you.

    Thanks for the consideration and hope to hear from you soon. XD
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    posted a message on CREEPERCRAFT [1.4.7] [PVP] [SURVIVAL]

    Hello, I am OBSIDIAN_MAN15 (AKA miner69er on enjin or jARhEd1593 on Minecraft) and I am here to inform you about a wonderful server called CREEPERCRAFT. It is a survival server with friendly staff and nice owners! We have factions and lockette and are working on our Rank system. We have players that play frequently but need more players to join! Our website is http://creepycreepercraft.enjin.com/our ip is on the website. Feel free to join and have fun! We hope to see you on our server!
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    posted a message on MCSwarm now hiring! {Developers, Admins, Builders, Graphic/Texture Designers & Supporters/Hosters/Youtubers} {Will Pay}
    Is there an approximate release date? Not to be a bother I just have events I am doing soon and I would like to know before hand if these conflict. I am not saying in anyway it's just I have MEPS
    sometime within one week to two months.
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    posted a message on [Paid Jobs] Looking For Staff. [Need Co-Owner Badly]
    Today's the day! Where do we check to see the accepted applicants???
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    posted a message on FragPub.com looking for players, builders, and staff! Join the fun!
    I love this server! And I haven't even met the staff yet lol. I can't wait to meet everyone on it and join them in having fun!
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    posted a message on Ex Universe 1.5.2 Survival/Creative world [PVE/Guns Hardcore PVP] [No Grief] [70 Slots] Play Now @ IP: [mc.exuniverse.org] Team
    Hey guys! Wanted to let everyone know that this server ROCKS!! XD It has deathmatch, boxing, Spleef, creative, pve, pvp, and MUCH MORE!!!! I would suggest joining! They also have wonderful staff and a nice Owner!
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