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Who I Am
Hi, welcome to my profile friend or random stalker! My name is Matt, but people online know me as Blobbles, probably because that's my IGN. I am 13 years old, but people do think I'm older! I also live in Alberta, Canada and currently attend Junior High School.

Where You Can Find Me
I'd like to start off by saying I actually have 2 accounts, Blobbles_ and Blobbles890. I had a gift code, so I thought "Why not get another account?" With these accounts, I currently play on three servers that I strongly reccommend you join:

1. Mooch Penitentiary: A great prison server! The community is great and the prison is extremely well-built. It`s quite a unique prison experience, give it a try! IP:

2. Broncin City: Another server similar to a prison server, this time in a town. You can rank up in society or become an Officer. There are mini games galore and its quite fun! IP:

3. Evolution Gaming Arcade: On this server, you can play a few different games. There's Paintball, where you use snowballs to kill others, and Stronghold, which is sort of like Capture The Flag. They're both a blast to play! IP:

I generally don't play Singleplayer, unless its custom maps. I'm currently playing through Vechs' latest map, Inferno Mines (very much recommended) and really enjoying it.

So, What Do You Do With Your Life?
Well, random stalker, there are plenty of things I'm interested in and that I do. I of course play Minecraft and go on the Minecraft Forum quite often. It's my goal to be a Moderator on here, so wish me luck! Reddit is the other site I browse quite often. I love watching hockey, and I'm a big Detroit Red Wings fan. I also play soccer, go swimming, and do martial arts. As for school, I'm a straight-A student and usually get 90 averages, which is surprising because I'm pretty lazy. I also love pizza and burgers (who doesn't?) and love to sleep.

So, thanks for stopping by, have a great day!

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