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    posted a message on |☩| LORDS OF TALANOR |☩| Roleplay ~ Realism ~ Whitelist ~ Bukkit ~ Historically Inspired
    Ingame Name: 04hockey

    Character Name: Jorda
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    posted a message on Jeff the Killer: The Game (500+ Downloads!)
    Hey guys :P

    Remember my obsession with Jeff the Killer? Yeah? Well I made a text-based game on it for Silas 48 hour Game Game Game competition.

    If you don't know who Jeff the Killer is, it is a creepy pasta story.

    You can find it here:

    Anyways, this is kind of my first game in Java so let me know what you think!

    Instructions on how to install the game are in the README file.

    Download link: http://adf.ly/FUopJ

    I've made this into an adfly link so I can get a little revenue from the downloads. Don't worry, you don't have to pay anything, just wait 5 seconds until you can skip the ad.
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    posted a message on Are you sick of Cheaters ?
    Of course, I think it's safe to say that majority of us are sick of cheaters.

    Unfortunately for us, unless we are in a private community of players, there will always be cheaters.
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    posted a message on A little game i am making.
    Good idea, but add some pictures to the thread, it will make it more appealing.
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    posted a message on Can you believe that there are more colours than we see!
    Yeah it's kind of confusing when you think about it. What can these other colors look like?

    Also, did anyone know that mirrors are actually slightly green?
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    posted a message on Blockscape? Minecraft's german brother-game.
    I hate when people say something is a 'Minecraft ripoff'.

    You have to realize that Minecraft has turned more into a genre than a game.

    Aside of that, the game looks really fun. I don't speak German, so could anyone possibly send me a link to a download?
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    posted a message on My re-visit to roblox
    I have no problems with bronie's. Nor do I have a problem with anyone who plays ROBLOX.

    It's your personal choice on what you call entertaining.

    Personally, I wouldn't mind watching MLP if I ever saw it, it seems like an anime show minus the sexuality.

    Also, I hate the ROBLOX community, but it got me started in computer programming, so I have to give it some credit, and it teaches a lot of kids basic programming syntax. If it had a more mature community, and a little bit more freedom while creating games, I would probably still be playing it.
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    posted a message on Creativia (2D Indie Sandbox Game)
    Quote from HafenGames

    Thanks for your feedback. The game is made in Game Maker, but it took some time and effort.
    Others have no problem with the background, so I'll keep it like that.

    I can't afford a domain O_O

    You can get domains really cheap, some of them run for like $5-$10/year.

    Also, if you really want to develop games, stop using Game Maker, it won't teach you anything about developing game and isn't flexible enough. Plus, no developers will take you seriously if you make things in Game Maker.
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    posted a message on Chunky - Minecraft mapping and rendering tool
    Quote from theone85ca

    Hey all, I must be missing something really obvious somewhere. Im trying to use Chunky to render a Minecraft Multiplayer map that we've been playing using Bukkit. However when I load Chunky it shows the top down view of the map we've been playing but Clicking '3D Render' and 'New Scene' tells me no chunks have been loaded...


    You have to select the chunks you want to render by clicking on the overhead map of the world.
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    posted a message on I got IP banned on roblox. Help!?!?
    Quote from Cheeseberger

    I've spend near $50 on roblox. :/ Why would I not freak out... :steve_tearful:

    Why would you spend $50 on ROBLOX?
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