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    posted a message on Iron Chains (Chainmail, Fences, Weapons, and More!)
    Pretty sure this has been suggested to high holy hell already, but I'd like a way to craft my own Chainmail without having to find a Village.

    So, I suggest they add the ability to craft Iron Chains.

    Crafting would be simple:

    4 Iron Ingots can make 8 Iron Chains.
    Meaning it costs half as much Iron to make a Chainmail shirt than it does to make an Iron Chestplate.

    You can also use them to craft Chain Link fences, and a new weapon, the Block and Chain.

    Chain Link Fences would be similar to regular fences, only they have a post every other block, with chain links in the middle.

    The Block and Chain weapon would be a short range weapon on par with an Iron Sword. Craft it by using 4 Iron chains in a square, with an Iron Block at one of the corners.

    To use it, hold the Block and Chain in your hand, and click and hold the left mouse button to begin spinning it over your head. While Spinning it, you will knockback mobs in melee range, doing minor damage, at the expense of durability. Releasing the left mouse button will hurl the Iron Block at a target up to 6 blocks straight ahead, dealing heavy damage and knock back equivalent to a second level enchantment. The Block and Chain would be unusable in tight quarters, requiring the player to have at 3x3x1 block area over their head in order to swing the weapon.

    It can also be "fired" from a dispenser to strike mobs a distance away. Applying a Redstone charge to a Dispenser containing a Block and Chain would cause it to launch the block out 6 blocks, where it would fall to the ground. Applying another Redstone charge would reel the ball back in again. Would work as a defensive weapon, for knocking mobs off of cliffs, or would look cool as an Anchor on an airship. Or you could set 4 of them up on opposite towers and play a giant game of Rock Em Sock Em Robots. The Block and Chain can both press Buttons and activate Pressure Plates, making it useful for remote testing of redstone traps and mechanics as well. They can also be enchanted with Knockback, Looting, and Durability Enchantments.

    The Block and Chain could also be used by a new mob for Strongholds, Iron Hammers.

    Iron Hammers would be fatter, fully Iron-armored Zombies that wield Block and Chain weapons and protect Portal Rooms from marauding Players. they move incredibly slowly, but their heavy armor would give them 40 hearts of Health, with a 20% reduction in damage (Effectively giving them 50 Hearts). When they first spot the player, they will begin swinging their Block around menacingly and growling. Being close to the Hammer while it's spinning its block would do the same amount of knockback that the player does to regular mobs. Once the player gets close enough, they will hurl their block out and try and hit the player, dealing up to 4 hearts of damage, as well as heavy knockback. The player can easily sidestep the attack, however, making the Hammer have to slowly reel it back in, giving the player time (about 5 seconds) to run in and wail on it with their sword, before it picks up the block and starts spinning it around again. As heavy as they are, Iron Hammers only receive half the knockback from regular attacks, even Knockback/Punch enchanted weapons. On death, Iron Hammers will drop about 100XP, Rotten Flesh, a random piece of Iron Armor with random Durability and possibly an enchantment, and, rarely, a Block and Chain weapon.

    They can also be spawned from Eggs in Creative, making excellent Bosses for Adventure Maps.

    Amazing all the crap you can do with just some little metal links, right?
    Lemme know what you think.
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    posted a message on More Dispenser Weapons
    So, we can fire eggs, snowballs, arrows, and flame charges, drop TNT, Water, and Lava blocks, as well as set adjacent blocks on fire.

    I suggest we can do MORE stuff, depending on the item we put in it.

    Place Blaze Powder in a dispenser and activate it to fire out a 2 block jet of flame that deals damage and sets mobs and players on fire.

    Placing a Gravel block inside would cause it to shoot tiny rocks out in a spread fire pattern, hitting mobs and players in a cone up to 5 blocks away.

    Placing a Fireworks rocket in a horizontal dispenser will make it fire straight. They do not deal damage, but work great as diversionary weapons.

    Placing a fishing rod in a dispenser would cause it to fire out the hook when activated, tethering mobs to a 5 block radius around it. Activating the dispenser again would break the tether and use one use on the Rod.

    Just a few ideas.
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    posted a message on More Music Discs
    So I was building a Spawn Town on an MP server the other day, and was working on the Pub/Inn when I thought "Wouldn't it be great if there was a Music disc with some jaunty Irish folk music?" Sadly, Minecraft lacks that kind of music. So, of course I come here to submit the idea of adding a few more Music Discs with varying tunes. Example links posted after each suggestion.

    Something rowdy and jolly, perfect for bars, pubs, saloons, dives, taverns and such. Something with flutes and violins and guitars and bagpipes.

    A hard rocking track suited for Boss fights or big battles.

    A ragtime track with a vaudeville style piano.

    A relaxing track for peaceful forest homes.

    An Oriental themed track for your pagodas and Asian inspired architecture.

    A dramatic Horn and Drums combo for grand battles in the Coliseum.

    A piratey theme for those island fortresses where you stashed all that ill-gotten loot.

    A modern style track with a great techno beat for showing off your super modern all-glass house.

    An adventurey western style orchestral theme for your frontier towns and cattle drives. Especially since we have horses now.

    It'd be great to have a wider variety of tunes available so you could have more choice when setting up Adventure maps. I'm a man who likes his "atmosphere".

    Or you could just listen to them while you wait for your Smooth Stone to smelt.

    We don't even really have to include all of them, just add a few like Western, Ragtime, and Pirate.

    EDIT: A second part to this suggestion would be to allow Jukeboxes to loop tracks until otherwise interrupted by the player, allowing you to set constant theme music to an area without having to keep going back and replacing the disc.
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    posted a message on Desert Temple Boss Idea (Plus a New Block or Two)
    Ruby Guardian
    The Forsaken Automaton

    So Desert Temples are easy enough, right?
    Rip open the hole in the wool, and either build a way down or just fall, and be sure not to activate the TNT under the pressure plates. Which is all well and good, if you like free stuff.

    But some people want a challenge in their ancient temples.

    "What about having randomly trapped chests, as well?"

    What are you, a wuss? This is the time for ballsy suggestions!

    Desert Temples need an optional Boss Battle to get the really good loot.

    The Ruby Guardian lies in wait in a large chamber, about 40 blocks lower than the regular TNT/Pressure plate trap. The Temple would appear normally, with Wool covering the drop down to the "treasure room" but the chests would be empty, and also rigged to Sticky pistons that pull the very ground out from under you, causing you to fall the rest of the way down into the Ruby Guardian's chamber. There would be a pool of water at the bottom, so the fall can't kill you (Provided you managed to survive the fall into the fake treasure room in the first place.)

    The walls would be made of smooth sandstone.

    The room itself is a 21x21x6 chamber, with 8 Chiseled sandstone pillars at regular intervals, with torches on the 4 pillars, facing the middle. There are Blue and orange Wool patterns on the ground as well, which are mainly for decoration. There are 4 chests at the bases of each of the 4 pillars, with high tier loot, like enchanted books and weapons. Maybe even diamonds.

    The Guardian would spawn on one of the 4 Orange Wool patterns, as soon as the player gets out of the water.

    The Ruby Guardian:
    The Ruby Guardian is a gigantic golden, snake-like automaton with a single, large, ruby eye and a long horn on its head.

    Original Inspiration:

    Credit to darksilvania over at DeviantArt.

    Size approximation:

    Its body is comprised of segmented golden blocks, with various glowing lines and runes, that wiggle around while it moves. It is nearly indestructible, and can fire powerful lasers from its Eye to protect the treasures of the ancient civilization. It cannot be set on fire, nor can it be affected by Splash potions. It isn't even tricked by Potions of Invisibility.

    It has 3 types of attacks, the First being a "Shot" fired from its head while standing up on the Orange Wool patches. These deal heavy projectile type damage, and create small Explosions on the ground when they hit, that launch the player a significant distance. The blasts are purely concussive, and do not destroy blocks. They can be avoided by sprinting away after the monster "Locks-on" before it fires.

    The Second attack is a powerful Beam, that is fired at the player, while the Guardian leans down to about 2 blocks high to fire at level with the player's head. This does a lot of damage, but little knockback. There is about half a second before the beam is fired to allow the player to sprint out of the way.

    The Third attack is automatic, touching the monster's tail or body does a small amount of damage and will knock you back a block or two.

    The Battle:
    It's large, glowing eye gem is its one weak point. Shooting it with a bow does a small amount of damage. Hitting it with a sword does adequate damage. Hitting it with a Pickaxe deals heavy damage.

    Once the monster spawns, it will remain still for about 2 seconds, allowing the player to turn around, at least. It would then stand up tall and fire laser Shots from its head at the player's feet. While standing up it is out of reach from the player's Sword, meaning you would have to shoot it with a Bow to damage it. After it is damaged, or fires 3 shots, it would move to the one of the Blue Wool patterns on the ground, and begin firing Beams at your face. It is most vulnerable in this position, because its head is lowered enough for the player to strike the gem with a sword or pick. Hitting it with a sword does a good chunk of damage, but hitting it with a pick would do much more. However, it would also damage the pick's durability significantly.

    Striking the Guardian, or allowing it to fire 3 Beams would make it move to the next Wool patch. It moves in a clockwise path from whichever patch it spawned on.

    Once it gets down to 20% of its health, it becomes Enraged, and begins to fire Shots in 3-shot bursts, and its Beam in a sweeping arc, pausing only briefly after each attack and before moving.

    When destroyed, it will freeze in place, the purple lines turning dark, as its body explodes, one block at a time, until it reaches its head, which will drop, then create a big explosion, dropping several levels worth of experience, several Gold Ingots, and a Desert Ruby.

    Beam Towers:
    You can use the Desert Ruby to craft a Beam block, and build a Beam Tower: Defensive emplacements that fire miniature versions of the Guardian's laser Shots at nearby mobs. Similar to one of my earlier ideas for Lightning Towers. While the Beacon is more of a Support block, acting as a way-point and providing AOE buffs, the Beam Tower would directly aid the player in combat, provided the combat is within the Tower's firing range. Beam Towers are crafted by creating a 3 block tower of Iron, Gold, Diamond, or Emerald blocks, and placing the Beam Block on top. The Tower can be built in any direction, as the Beam Block can be placed on walls and ceilings as well as floors, provided there are 3 Ore Blocks attached to its base. Each Block adds to the Weapon's power, range, or fire rate, giving you a bit of customization.

    Iron Blocks provide no bonus, but are useful for filling in the Tower when you don't have other ore blocks.
    Gold Blocks increase the range of the Tower by 1 block. (Standard is 8 blocks, maximum 11.)
    Diamond Blocks reduce the fire rate of the Tower by half a second. (Standard is 1 shot every 2.5 seconds, Maximum of 1 shot every second.)
    Emeralds Blocks increase the damage of the Tower by 1 heart (Standard is 3 Hearts, maximum is 6)

    EDIT: You can also make the tower a block taller by putting a Redstone or Coal block at the bottom, which would change the pattern/style of the weapon, Redstone turning the Shot into a laser beam, while Coal turns it into a 3-shot spread fire pattern.

    The Beam Block is crafted the same as a Beacon Block, but with the Desert Ruby in place of the Nether Star.

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    posted a message on (Sand + Lava = Glass Shards) + Gunpowder = Shrapnel Bomb
    Quote from GD37

    All you would have to do is get a lava bucket and go like 10 feet underground mining to get one...seems too easy.

    Big grief possibility, no support.

    I didn't know sand spawned underground anywhere besides Deserts, Beaches, and Oceans.

    And how would it be a big grief possibility?
    Unless you make your house out of Sand blocks, it wouldn't really allow anyone to do anything to whatever you built.
    The bombs do about as much damage as a Potion of Harming, which could easily be nerfed down a bit. To make it more balanced.
    And if we use the TNT style crafting recipe, you'd still have to kill at least 5 creepers before you could use it.

    Unless stacking items counts in crafting, and you'd have to put 5 Gunpowder in with the Iron ingots
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    posted a message on (Sand + Lava = Glass Shards) + Gunpowder = Shrapnel Bomb
    An Idea I had whilst exploring the great sea.

    I came across an island with an exposed Lava pit. The lava was flowing right out onto the sand, and onto the cobble it made by coming into contact with the sea.

    I thought it was neat, how they made water and lava react with each other.

    Then I remembered that old Bionicle Movie where Pohatu and Tahu were fighting the Rahkshi, and Pohatu whips up a sandstorm to blind the monsters, and then Tahu sets it on fire to completely encase the Rahkshi in a big chunk of glass. How badass was that, eh?

    So, I thought it would be neat for Lava to be able to react with Sand to create Glass.

    Or, if you wanted to take it a step further, since Lava is Molten Rock, and would likely mix in with the Sand a bit, before turning it to Glass, it would create a block of Glass Shards (Or Glass Shavings, Sandy Glass, it's a working name). It would be partially transparent on Fancy Graphics settings, like Leaves, and behave like Gravel or Sand when placed (It falls when there's nothing below it.) Glass Shards would form whenever Lava comes into contact with Sand. If a Sand Block falls into lava, or Lava flows into sand.

    You could then use these Glass Shards in Crafting, to create a Shrapnel Bomb.

    Shrapnel Bombs are thrown explosives, similar to regular Throwing Potions, but do not require a trip to the Nether. They would have a bit more range, about half that of a Snowball, and would explode on impact with a Mob or Surface, dealing damage with a nice explosion. It would not destroy Blocks, unlike TNT, and could damage you as well if you weren't careful.

    The Recipe could be done in multiple ways.
    It could be the same as TNT, but with Glass Shards in the place of Sand
    Or it could be more expensive, with 1 Gunpowder in the middle, with 4 Glass Shards around it, and 4 Iron ingots in the corners.

    The recipe would yield 1 Shrapnel Bomb, which would be able to stack up to 16, like Eggs or Snowballs.
    They could also be fired out of Dispensers, making them more similar to actual Cannons.
    Would cause 3 Hearts worth of damage on impact, and have a blast radius of 4 blocks, the damage falling off a Heart for each block, where being 4 blocks away would only cause knockback/flinching.

    Whaddya think?
    Too OP?
    Too difficult/easy to obtain?
    Too expensive?
    Let's go to the phones:
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    posted a message on Replace the Squidwards!
    Quote from Spaceboot1

    Actually, that would be a fun aspect. Imagine a server where you could hide out in a crowd of testificates, like that scene from Indiana Jones? But, probably the best way to do that would be through mob disguises, which is another suggestion entirely, with many threads already on it.

    And, you know, a way to hide your nametag without being the only guy crouching.
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    posted a message on Cheat chest
    Its amazing how grievously offended people get over combining aspects from two game modes into a new game mode.

    I don't think they realize that they can still play survival and creative separately even if this was implemented.
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    posted a message on Minecraft goes a little Wild West?
    Quote from Pawnguy7 »

    I don't like the idea of changing the villages - nor do I think this jail stuff is programmable. BUT, I do like the idea of bandits riding horses, which would spawn rarely in deserts and attack you.

    Of course its programmable.
    It would just suck.

    How would you be thrown in jail?
    Would you just teleport there, or be dragged in by the Iron Golem?
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    posted a message on The Era of Technology
    You can already make landmines with TNT.
    Just put the TNT underneath a block with a Stone Pressure Plate on top of it.

    That's the main threat of Desert Temples.
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