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    I actually made a suggestion like that a while back that would create the type of land in the pic:
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    Quote from Spinosaurus4

    I see no way this is OP, as it would have quite a short range, and presumably a smaller explosion radius than TNT, support.

    The radius would only be about as big as that of a throwing potion.
    However it would have a bit further throwing range.
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    posted a message on More Boot Enchantment Ideas
    Edited the Original Post.
    Removed some things, edited some things, and added a thing.

    As for the Bounding enchantment making the Beacon Block redundant: Beacons have limited range already. The jump boost isn't really all the useful when the range of the beacon doesn't extend that far away from its pyramid. Plus, it has other buffs that it can provide.
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    posted a message on (Sand + Lava = Glass Shards) + Gunpowder = Shrapnel Bomb
    Quote from GD37

    All you would have to do is get a lava bucket and go like 10 feet underground mining to get one...seems too easy.

    Big grief possibility, no support.

    I didn't know sand spawned underground anywhere besides Deserts, Beaches, and Oceans.

    And how would it be a big grief possibility?
    Unless you make your house out of Sand blocks, it wouldn't really allow anyone to do anything to whatever you built.
    The bombs do about as much damage as a Potion of Harming, which could easily be nerfed down a bit. To make it more balanced.
    And if we use the TNT style crafting recipe, you'd still have to kill at least 5 creepers before you could use it.

    Unless stacking items counts in crafting, and you'd have to put 5 Gunpowder in with the Iron ingots
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    posted a message on (Sand + Lava = Glass Shards) + Gunpowder = Shrapnel Bomb
    An Idea I had whilst exploring the great sea.

    I came across an island with an exposed Lava pit. The lava was flowing right out onto the sand, and onto the cobble it made by coming into contact with the sea.

    I thought it was neat, how they made water and lava react with each other.

    Then I remembered that old Bionicle Movie where Pohatu and Tahu were fighting the Rahkshi, and Pohatu whips up a sandstorm to blind the monsters, and then Tahu sets it on fire to completely encase the Rahkshi in a big chunk of glass. How badass was that, eh?

    So, I thought it would be neat for Lava to be able to react with Sand to create Glass.

    Or, if you wanted to take it a step further, since Lava is Molten Rock, and would likely mix in with the Sand a bit, before turning it to Glass, it would create a block of Glass Shards (Or Glass Shavings, Sandy Glass, it's a working name). It would be partially transparent on Fancy Graphics settings, like Leaves, and behave like Gravel or Sand when placed (It falls when there's nothing below it.) Glass Shards would form whenever Lava comes into contact with Sand. If a Sand Block falls into lava, or Lava flows into sand.

    You could then use these Glass Shards in Crafting, to create a Shrapnel Bomb.

    Shrapnel Bombs are thrown explosives, similar to regular Throwing Potions, but do not require a trip to the Nether. They would have a bit more range, about half that of a Snowball, and would explode on impact with a Mob or Surface, dealing damage with a nice explosion. It would not destroy Blocks, unlike TNT, and could damage you as well if you weren't careful.

    The Recipe could be done in multiple ways.
    It could be the same as TNT, but with Glass Shards in the place of Sand
    Or it could be more expensive, with 1 Gunpowder in the middle, with 4 Glass Shards around it, and 4 Iron ingots in the corners.

    The recipe would yield 1 Shrapnel Bomb, which would be able to stack up to 16, like Eggs or Snowballs.
    They could also be fired out of Dispensers, making them more similar to actual Cannons.
    Would cause 3 Hearts worth of damage on impact, and have a blast radius of 4 blocks, the damage falling off a Heart for each block, where being 4 blocks away would only cause knockback/flinching.

    Whaddya think?
    Too OP?
    Too difficult/easy to obtain?
    Too expensive?
    Let's go to the phones:
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    posted a message on Replace the Squidwards!
    Quote from Spaceboot1

    Actually, that would be a fun aspect. Imagine a server where you could hide out in a crowd of testificates, like that scene from Indiana Jones? But, probably the best way to do that would be through mob disguises, which is another suggestion entirely, with many threads already on it.

    And, you know, a way to hide your nametag without being the only guy crouching.
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    posted a message on Only in Dungeon Chests: Ruby Slippers
    Quote from Spaceboot1

    maybe the ruby is only a ruby coating? The main point is balance, because you don't want such a powerful item to never wear out, but on the other hand, you don't want to leave the player with something useless. But even so, you can explain it by saying the rubies just wore off.

    Or you could just have the item break completely, like every other tool, weapon, and piece of armor.
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    posted a message on Replace the Squidwards!
    Quote from Spaceboot1

    I assumed that the villagers were humans. Either humans viewed through a Minecraft lens, or if we want to get realistic, maybe a variant hominid species.

    I just always thought they were Russian.
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    posted a message on More Boot Enchantment Ideas
    Because more mobility could be useful.
    I've talked about a few of these in other threads, and figured I'd put them here with all my other ideas.
    And who doesn't like shoes?

    So, without further adieu, Boot Enchantments. These would be as rare as Feather Falling in the Enchantment Table. However, they will never stack with each other, or with Feather Falling.

    Water Walking
    Allows the player to walk on top of full Water blocks. The player will slowly sink when standing still, and drop immediately when Sneaking. Makes a splash sound with every step.

    Example Application: Use it to quickly traverse large bodies of water or escape mobs or hostile players.

    Up to 3 Levels. Increases Jump Height 1-3 blocks. Also negates Fall Damage from 1-3 blocks higher.

    Example Application: Use it to more easily scale mountains, jump over walls, evade mobs, etc. Or use it when Roofing your house to prevent unnecessary injuries.

    Float (Previously: Hover)
    Decreases the speed at which a player falls, allowing them to maneuver more easily in midair Taking damage, sneaking, or touching a wall will cause you to fall at normal speed.

    Example Application: Use them when navigating treacherous mountains or ravines to give yourself a better chance at landing in water or a nearer ledge

    Weight (Previously: Cleat and Dive)
    Weight Boots make the player heavier, causing them to stick to the ground, reducing knockback, negating slipping on ice, and allowing them to walk through water currents without resistance. Will also make the player sink faster in deep water while Sneaking.

    Example Application: Use when working in and around water to negate the movement speed penalty of water.

    Allows the player to "Fly" when underwater, by double tapping the space bar or shift key. Faster than swimming normally, but drains as much hunger as Sprinting, making it impractical for extended periods. Cancel Flipper swimming by double tapping the Space bar again. Same as flying in creative.

    Example Application: Use when working under water, or when needing to traverse a body of water quickly.

    Dash (New)
    Changes Sprint to a short range Dash, which allows you to move much faster, in short bursts. You resume normal sprinting after performing a Dash.

    Example Application: Use in combat to evade mobs easier, or to close the gap between a target, or to get a further jump from your Sprint.

    Lemme know what you think.
    I wanna hear your ideas, too.
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    posted a message on New Spike enchantment for boots!
    Quote from Krodon

    It could also be called Traction. But Spike is a good name as well. Or Roots.

    Or Cleats
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    posted a message on War Rockets
    Also the rockets you're thinking of aren't made with Iron.
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    posted a message on Invisible Fence
    Would you be able to see them slightly while in Creative mode, but be completely invisible in Survival?
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    posted a message on cosmic overlord option in creative
    Quote from newreality
    -No monsters, because they get into the way of creation. The entire point of this feature is to create, and you don't want to have to shoo off pesky monsters.

    Dude, just set the difficulty to "Peaceful".
    No more monsters.
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    posted a message on Better Armor Mechanics
    You had me until "rifles"
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    posted a message on RTS Style Gaming!
    Are you sure this is in the right place?
    This forum is for suggestions for Vanilla Minecraft.

    What you're talking about sounds like you're making a mod.
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