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    posted a message on [More Player Models] Skin Request/Mod Support
    I just need a working Human Female version of this: that goes with the More Player Models mod.

    I just can't get the mod to work and I assume its my fault, since I followed all the directions when installing it, yet it kept giving me an arm less body with a hollow back. I made sure I edited the values of the specific pixels so it would load the right model, yet I still get my arms ripped off and my back hollowed out.

    If one of y'all can make me a skin that works, I would be very grateful.
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    posted a message on a mod that if you download then u start minecraft the entire universe ends then the universe becomes minecraft and name it Reall
    Then I'd like the infinite money, god mode, and porn mods, please.

    Oh wait, this isn't Skyrim.
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    posted a message on EnderWolf Mod
    Quote from Bearattack55

    Player 101: cool! a ender wolf pack! *holds out enderpearl*
    *approaches wolves*
    *Player 101 looks at a wolf is about to right click it when*
    Player 101 was slain trying to Tame EnderWolf.

    If you look at them to tame them, they get angry.
    Thus a bad idea.

    What if they don't attack you while you're holding an Ender Pearl?
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    posted a message on New Biome: Volcanic
    A basic idea, converted Mountain Biomes but with Rock instead of Grass, and Lava instead of water. It also has a special "Ash Cloud" weather pattern, which is basically just black-colored snow that creates a puff cloud effect and disappears after you walk on it. Obsidian would also be easy to find here.

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    posted a message on Its obviously just Swamp Gas.
    Fog. We need fog as a weather system in Plains, Forests, Rainforests, and Swamps.
    Basically just Ground level Clouds that make **** slightly harder to see.

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    posted a message on Fishmen/Dagons?
    And the Fishmen would keep Squid as livestock and ride around on Sharks when not in their bubble houses.
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    posted a message on Guards
    Iron Golems are all fine and good, but their spawn requirements leave smaller villages defenseless. So, to combat the relentless mobs of Zombies, Spiders, Skeletons, Endermen, and Creepers, Villages would be defended by Guards. Guards would essentially be regular Villagers, only armed with swords, or in special cases, Bows. They would wear basic Leather armor, and sometimes a Leather helmet.

    Sword Guards would spawn one for every 6 Villagers in a town.
    Bow Guards would spawn one for every 3 Sword Guards.
    So, a village with 18 Villagers would be protected by 3 Sword Guards, and 1 Bow Guard.

    Guards would attack most Mobs that get too close to the village. Sword Guards would run from Creepers and Endermen, while Bow Guards would shoot Creepers from afar while maintaining their distance to avoid an explosion. Bow Guards would still run from Endermen.

    Guards would also attack you if you harm a villager in their sight, or destroy/remove a significant amount of blocks from the Village.

    Guards are only a little sturdier than their unarmed counterparts, equipping only Leather Armor and Helmets. Pretty easy to kill for someone who's not a complete moron. The real threat is their Iron Swords, which they drop when killed. However, their swords have already lost at least half of their uses when dropped, so their usefulness to the player is significantly reduced. Guards would also group together with Golems, if available, to form a squad of 3 Swords, 1 Bow, and 1 Golem. Golems would not attack Guards when accidentally hit or shot.

    Towns with 8 or more Guards (32 total villagers, 6 Sword Guards, and 2 Bow Guards. Good luck.) would spawn Guard Houses, which feature chests containing multiple, pristine Iron Swords, Leather Armor and cooked food or bread for looting.

    inb4 "That's a heck of a lot of coding."
    I know, which is why this is just a general suggestion, open for suggestions itself.
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    posted a message on Mob behavior [Revamped] [Pics]
    How about this: Iron Golems can only follow a 3 block wide gravel path, by walking down the middle block. When they reach the end, they turn around.
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    posted a message on Water should flow through fences!
    I would also like for water to flow through open doors and trapdoors.

    Have you tried a trapdoor with water over it? The water just floats there, like its stuck in a straw.
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    posted a message on Furniture Update
    Of course. Or just adds it to an empty spot on your menu, or directly to your inventory.
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    posted a message on Spotlight (Or: STOP RIGHT THERE, CRIMINAL SCUM!)
    The Spotlight

    Directed light to illuminate selected areas from a distance.
    Crafted by combining a bucket and Torch. Spotlights are placed akin to signs, facing towards the player. Unlike signs, they are also able to be angled vertically, and diagonally, to allow it a greater area of coverage.

    They cast light pretty far, but the light level does not extend outside the set "Cone" allowing Mobs to spawn nearby.

    Good for base defense or watch towers.

    Thoughts? Opinions? Ideas?
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    posted a message on Pipes
    We need to be able to craft the equivalent of Redstone powered Blocks, to more easily carry charge vertically (See: Straight Up or Down)

    Unlike placing Redstone on a surface, the redstone block can be stacked to carry the charge upward. More importantly, its also waterproof.

    The "Redstone Pipe" would look like a red colored Fence post, when connected, it would bridge the gap between the posts, like a regular fence, but with only one horizontal bar, instead of the fence's two.

    Activating the redstone inside via lever, button, etc, would cause a small red flame to light atop the pole, or atop the highest pole if they're stacked on top of one another.

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    posted a message on Furniture Update
    We need furniture.
    I am tired of using stairs as half-assed chairs and benches and fence posts with pressure plates as tables.
    We need actual, craftable furniture. That you can sit on/place crap on.
    For Example:

    Made from: Wooden Slab and 4 Sticks

    Function: Seat (The player sits down when they right click on it.)

    Made from: Stool and 2x Wooden Planks
    Function: Seat

    Made from: 2x Chairs
    Function: Seat (2 Spots)

    Made from: 2x Sticks and 3x Wooden Slabs

    Function: Storage (Holds a single item (food, ingredient, weapon, etc.)

    Long Table
    Made from: 2x Tables
    Function: Storage (Can hold 2 items.)

    Made from: 2x Chests
    Function: Storage (Basically a vertical double chest)

    Tool Rack
    Made from: 4x Stick
    Function: Display (Holds a single weapon or tool. Place tool/weapon on the rack by right clicking on the rack while holding the tool/weapon. Rack can be placed on the ground or hung on walls.)

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