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    Thank you thank you so much!

    Holy nuts, seriously, thanks a ton, man.

    EDIT: I was able to apply it to my account, but for some reason the download button doesn't work T.T

    EDIT 2: Ok so I opened the page in Chrome and was able to Download it.

    Again, thank you.

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    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, saw nowhere to actually ask questions regarding retrieving data on my Mojang account, so I guess I'll have to ask here.

    So, I had my hard drive crash about a year ago, and just got back around to installing Minecraft.

    With my old account, I had a unique, custom skin that I thought I had lost when I lost my drive. Loved that skin. It was my favorite, super cute. Thought it was lost forever.

    However, when loading up Minecraft again and going to the Skin options in the Launcher, I found my old skin still saved to my account.

    As you can see here, it's still alive and tied to my Mojang account. If possible, I would like to be able to download it so I can save it again.

    There are options to upload a skin, but nowhere can I download a previously uploaded skin for posterity.

    Is there any way I can download this again, or am I just going to have to be super careful and hope it doesn't get deleted accidentally and officially lost forever?

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    Quote from ThizBoss

    I don't like any of your ideas. I think that crafting chainmale armor takes away from its rarity. Finding chain armor is better than simply crafting it. Of course they would need to nerf the chain armor too if they added it in and made the crafting recipe give you 8 chains. I don't like the idea of chain fences either. It doesn't feel like Minecraft. It is simply to modern. I don't like the hammer idea either, as I see really no use. No support-

    Chainmail is only rare if you can't find a village with a blacksmith. Chainmail doesn't need to be rare to make it unique.
    Chains are about as "modern" as iron bar fences.
    I explained several uses for the Block and Chain, and the Iron Hammer would act as a boss.

    I will remain on the fence with this, as it seems a bit overly complicated, but I will give you some tactical information: Look up the armor and breaking-rates before making chainmail twice as affordable as iron, they are close to the same in both aspects. Unless some kind of nerf is put on one of them this will break armor-values for sure.

    >Raises a point about armor values
    >Doesn't actually post the armor values

    Chainmail could be nerfed, if needed, to provide a median of protection between Leather and Iron armor.
    Reduce the Armor value by 1 1/2 to 2 points, making it about as protective as Gold, but with significantly more durability.
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    Quote from wbmc
    why not a morning star(a medieval weapon, a ball with sharp points attached to a chain that you can swing around).
    it basically would just act like a fishing pole accept doing damage and not pulling/holding people/mobs(and no fishing)

    There are no balls in minecraft. Balls are usually just Blocks. Hence the name.
    And for its power, range and knockback it would need to be large and unwieldy.
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    The redundantest
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    Quote from Blootz

    Well, why must you have posted it again? You even said yourself, it has been suggested so many times.

    I was speaking ironically. Considering the fact that it was likely that hundreds of people have already asked for the ability to craft chainmail.

    But then I went on to make my own unique suggestion worthy of its own post.
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    Quote from Ouatcheur

    To get ocean sounds around a water blocks, we'd have to use damage values on those blocks to differentiate between "types" of water blocks:

    - Ocean
    - River
    - Big Lake
    - Geiser
    - Source
    - Still
    - Marsh

    We'll minimally at least Ocean + Other

    Otherwise, you'd stand in a plain near say a pond, or deep underground in a mineshaft near a water source gushing from out of the wall, and you'd hear the ocean waves crash together? Ewwww that would not be so good.

    One can assume it would only play in Ocean Biomes.
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    posted a message on Dirt + Soil + Loam
    I like the idea.

    Question though, would the Clay in the Loam recipe be just a single unit of Clay, or would it be a Clay Block?
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    Pretty sure this has been suggested to high holy hell already, but I'd like a way to craft my own Chainmail without having to find a Village.

    So, I suggest they add the ability to craft Iron Chains.

    Crafting would be simple:

    4 Iron Ingots can make 8 Iron Chains.
    Meaning it costs half as much Iron to make a Chainmail shirt than it does to make an Iron Chestplate.

    You can also use them to craft Chain Link fences, and a new weapon, the Block and Chain.

    Chain Link Fences would be similar to regular fences, only they have a post every other block, with chain links in the middle.

    The Block and Chain weapon would be a short range weapon on par with an Iron Sword. Craft it by using 4 Iron chains in a square, with an Iron Block at one of the corners.

    To use it, hold the Block and Chain in your hand, and click and hold the left mouse button to begin spinning it over your head. While Spinning it, you will knockback mobs in melee range, doing minor damage, at the expense of durability. Releasing the left mouse button will hurl the Iron Block at a target up to 6 blocks straight ahead, dealing heavy damage and knock back equivalent to a second level enchantment. The Block and Chain would be unusable in tight quarters, requiring the player to have at 3x3x1 block area over their head in order to swing the weapon.

    It can also be "fired" from a dispenser to strike mobs a distance away. Applying a Redstone charge to a Dispenser containing a Block and Chain would cause it to launch the block out 6 blocks, where it would fall to the ground. Applying another Redstone charge would reel the ball back in again. Would work as a defensive weapon, for knocking mobs off of cliffs, or would look cool as an Anchor on an airship. Or you could set 4 of them up on opposite towers and play a giant game of Rock Em Sock Em Robots. The Block and Chain can both press Buttons and activate Pressure Plates, making it useful for remote testing of redstone traps and mechanics as well. They can also be enchanted with Knockback, Looting, and Durability Enchantments.

    The Block and Chain could also be used by a new mob for Strongholds, Iron Hammers.

    Iron Hammers would be fatter, fully Iron-armored Zombies that wield Block and Chain weapons and protect Portal Rooms from marauding Players. they move incredibly slowly, but their heavy armor would give them 40 hearts of Health, with a 20% reduction in damage (Effectively giving them 50 Hearts). When they first spot the player, they will begin swinging their Block around menacingly and growling. Being close to the Hammer while it's spinning its block would do the same amount of knockback that the player does to regular mobs. Once the player gets close enough, they will hurl their block out and try and hit the player, dealing up to 4 hearts of damage, as well as heavy knockback. The player can easily sidestep the attack, however, making the Hammer have to slowly reel it back in, giving the player time (about 5 seconds) to run in and wail on it with their sword, before it picks up the block and starts spinning it around again. As heavy as they are, Iron Hammers only receive half the knockback from regular attacks, even Knockback/Punch enchanted weapons. On death, Iron Hammers will drop about 100XP, Rotten Flesh, a random piece of Iron Armor with random Durability and possibly an enchantment, and, rarely, a Block and Chain weapon.

    They can also be spawned from Eggs in Creative, making excellent Bosses for Adventure Maps.

    Amazing all the crap you can do with just some little metal links, right?
    Lemme know what you think.
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    posted a message on Wood Golems
    Why does every golem suggestion have to be the same shape as an iron golem?

    From the OP I was imagining a Chest with eyes on 4 stubby little legs.
    That'd be better than a re textured Iron Golem.
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    yo dawg I herd u liek games so I put a game in your game so you can game while you game

    But in all seriousness I'd love to play some Asteroids or Snake or Pong or something.

    But how in the hell would you craft it?
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    posted a message on Arcade Machines
    you can already sorta do this with massive amounts of redstone.
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    Quote from CodenameDuchess

    Some damage values would be nice, as well as time duration for the blaze powder.

    The idea of having a dispenser able to turn a regular block into a weapon gives me an almost instant adverse reaction. It seems like by the same logic you could put cobblestone in a dispenser and have it shoot rocks. I don't like it, but I can't give you a good reason, so feel free to ignore me until I come up with one.

    The rocket idea neither bothers nor excites me; I occasionally use dispensers that fire rockets from a horizontal position, but it might be neat to have them fire horizontally. I would never use them as a "diversionary weapon", but I imagine someone might.

    By the way, while unsure of the flamethrower, I like the fishing rod idea.

    Flamethrower would go for 2 seconds, and set mobs in front of it on fire. Would also set fire to flammable blocks in the 2 block range.
    Doesn't actually do damage, just sets the target on fire.

    One could easily use a Flint and Steel for the same effect, but the flamethrower would also work without having to be on the ground or directly touching another block.
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    Quote from pinballboy7

    It still proves my point that bows are not inherently simple and that gunpowder weaponry is not inherently complex.

    Right, but to perform its basic function in an easy to use manner, a Bow doesn't need all those extra mechanics.
    You put some string on a bendy stick, pull back and things in front of you die.

    Whereas the ancient gun (The one you showed) was incredibly unwieldy and inaccurate.. A lot of hassle to go through just to get one shot off on a mob.

    Which is why I support slightly more advanced things like pirate style Cannons, Grenades, and portable Grenade Launchers.
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    posted a message on The Official Gun Thread
    That extremely ancient gun is more of a cannon than anything. Something that you wouldn't be able to wield by hand.

    And the bows in Minecraft aren't the extremely modern bows that you're showing, so I don't really know how that's relevant.
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