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Track amount of specific item a player has in inventory onto the scoreboard >>
by drespositomd
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Java Summon lightning in a player after craft specific iten >>
by SabioReal
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Java Im trying to make a button with the "CanPlaceOn" tag spawn in a prefilled chest using the "/setblock" command? >>
by Rozzzo
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Java Adding a special item to bat loot table >>
by willy_poo
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Chest Capacity >>
by tinygamer333
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Java Use /playsound to act as jukebox? >>
by alphyshedge
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Java How can I detect and record/replay player movement? >>
by AndreiGa
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Java Command Block for auto planting saplings? >>
by kasearmc
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Java double crouch detector? >>
by yurcake
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Java How do I calculate? >>
by simon_bakesx
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Java /execute to detect villager trades in version 1.16.3 >>
by crojze
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Java Collect every block in Minecraft, in a random order >>
by ShadowSMK
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Java /give @p chest with a written book WITH pages in it? >>
by happyzombi_slayr
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How can I make all wolves, polar bears, and bees be hostile towards the player at all times? >>
by daniel_pikaman
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Java How can I make it so that I can detect a specific dropped item? >>
by AndreiGa
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Java [Kind of resolved without a solution but anyone else with ideas, drop them in!] Fastest FPS for in-game cinematic using images >>
by Yelefthandman
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How to use /tp facing in the new snapshots >>
by NodsAsIfUnderstanding
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Java Prevent Interaction with Mob Spawners in Survival >>
by odd_pickle_098
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Java Can i limit the amount of teams one person can have? >>
by pjlivegames
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Java execute if entity >>
by thequidney
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execute if a custom named item is on the ground? [Command Block Help] >>
by m4d_m0xi
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Editing Commands for a Sword that effects hit players >>
by Jaetpack
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Bedrock Trying to obtain the portal block as an item in my inventory. I do /replaceitem entity @s slot.hotbar 5 portal but this doesn’t >>
by tbkemm
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Java Help With Block Loot Table >>
by Sheepherd98
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Java How to Show How Many People are on a Team on a Sign 1.16 >>
by anssor1118
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Java Spawn egg that places command block? >>
by happyzombi_slayr
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Java MobKillCount with tags? >>
by frodokaiser
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does this command make a dead body? and can I have a picture? >>
by BlueBullet_Streams
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How do I equip the dispenser block texture when you place it facing up on an armor stand? >>
by trileix
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not working >>
by rekus1236
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