Redstone Discussion and Mechanisms

A general redstone section for discussing redstone mechanisms, tutorials and discussing the properties of redstone itself.
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Redstone Creations

This section is for showing off your creations which are primarily based around redstone mechanisms.
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Commands, Command Blocks and Functions

Help and discussion on using Commands, Command Blocks and Functions in Minecraft
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Is this working as intended or did i find a Bug ? >>
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Minecraft no redstone >>
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With entity cramming, which entity dies first? >>
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Stairs facing a direction using /fill? >>
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Java How do you make sword blocking in 1.17? >>
by Commandnoobplayer
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Looking for falling edge monostable with at least 6 tick debounce >>
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Java I need some help with a tellraw anb playsound command >>
by _Schmee_
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How to use the command block for a quest that im making for my kids >>
by Minecraftdad0507
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Java Having trouble detecting enchanted item in players inventory >>
by Servoh
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Java Issue with automatic Pumpkin farm >>
by callmenoodles1
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Java Are there any designs for a large piston-powered airship? >>
by carlagan
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Semi Automatic Dirt Farm (plus spruce, cobble and moss) >>
by Tydye77
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Java I accidentally set a command block to kill all entities, now I die when I respawn. >>
by kanzekatores
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Command Block activated Mob Griefing? >>
by Sketchisaurus
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How to use a command block to emit a redstone signal x times per second >>
by FailSafeNow
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I need help with this auto sorter. >>
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