Simple Pack Showdown!

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  • Take a palette, Leave a palette -- Before beginning your entry, submit an original color palette. You will then be able to choose from among the palettes already submitted to use for your entry. But you cannot choose your own palette. (Multiple people can choose the same palette)

  • You must use the palette you choose! No combining palettes or adding colors. Once you declare your choice, you're stuck with it. :]

  • If you absolutely MUST use a different palette, you must start your entry again from scratch!

  • Any resolution allowed, but 'simple' style only. This means no realistic or ultra detailed textures. The most important things to keep in mind are color and stylization.

  • All textures must be your own original work, and must be created for this competition. You can revamp an old pack of yours if you choose, but do not simply copy and paste preexisting textures.

  • All textures on the current 1.3.2 terrain must be completed (minus unused textures, like the town borders). If you can get it in minecraft (survival or creative), it must be textured.

  • If minecraft updates for 1.4 before the challenge ends, you must include any and all 1.4 textures. The time limit will be adjusted according to how close to the end of the challenge the update comes.

  • The current deadline (barring a 1.4 update) is Saturday, October 13.

  • All entries submitted must include: the palette being used, a scaled-up copy of the terrain.png (so we can see it), and at least 3 in-game screenshots.

  • Super-special rule #9: In order to make this more fun for everyone (and to keep people from becoming discouraged and dropping out like a bunch of ninnies) if you want to post your textures, you must also comment on the textures of someone above you!

    The Palettes

    Chose one of the palettes contained in the spoiler below, if you dare. (Your palette will be added here when

    Quote from Epic_Lizard

    Steel... can I use in-betweeny colours for AA? :Sheep:

    If they are part of the pallete yes.