[1.2.5/12w22a] Repeticraft Lite [v1.3] Blaze Tools/Compacted Blocks!

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  • Add custom Art
  • Add custom Boats
  • Add custom Carts
  • Add custom Map background
  • Create Repeticraft Turtlez, a Deep-Space Repetition Pack
You are free to do what you want with it, but I reserve the right to be sad if it's something I don't like :(

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Want more Repeticraft? Here are other Texture Packs by me featuring the same patterny goodness!


Repeticraft is a 16x Texture Pack, which recreates almost everything in Minecraft, with the goal for it all to seamlessly tile in one uniform pattern. Except it's ended up to be about 2 main patterns
Has Aether and Mill´┐Żnaire mod support added.

Repeticraft Deluxe

Repeticraft Deluxe is a 128x Texture Pack, which recreates everything in Minecraft to be part of two distinct patterns, all seamlessly tiling.
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