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[Already in progress] EnergyTools - looking for another programmer >>
by AnZaNaMa
looking for a tecnical mod pack for 32bit >>
by bomboy2121
MrCreeper's Model Page >>
by MrCreeper99999
Texture creators/Techne Modlers needed! >>
by dragonz12345
[RECRUITMENT] Modding Team!!! >>
by godowar
Halo Map >>
by DefiningGhost
Anyone need a texturer for a mod? >>
by Allyoop424
VendingBlock update to 1.7.2 >>
by RedEnergy
by jwdjwd
FearCrossing Looking for Ideas to Make In to Mods! >>
by fearcrossing
Tlf's mod manufactory >>
by thislooksfun
Paying skilled moders to make this come true. >>
by MiningProGod
Need a good coder! >>
by Magicboy17
Seeking Mentor for Java/Javascript? >>
by VenomousVee
PSO Mod, looking for coders to create Dev Team >>
by jewell012
Mod X: X Men Mod Need Coders >>
by AKAScottSummers
Ultimante X Men Mod: NEED CODERS >>
by AKAScottSummers
[Search] Looking for a mod with Quarry >>
by Namorax
More coders for PacifiCraft: The Official Pacific Rim Mod >>
by JadeCreeper
Modder needed for PacifiCraft mod >>
by JadeCreeper
Forge 1.12.2 I Am Looking For Help Making/Setting Up A Modpack For A Youtube Series >>
by recawronghouse
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AetherCraft mod revival request >>
by PuddingMilkDeliveryMan
1 29
Datapack Mobs Anti Farmland trampling >>
by Vmvsic
0 37
Tame the Dragon? >>
by lumpenrose
1 39
Minecraft server map >>
by user-100119282
0 39
1.7.10 Terrariums for 1.7.10 (Similar to ones from Biomes O Plenty)? >>
by Jessicaksch
0 40
interactive player control with code >>
by guish_cnq
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1.7.10 A mod that makes an NPC Mayor appear and give you a reward after killing monsters at night >>
by Jessicaksch
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Forge 1.12.2 Restoration of the "Giant" mob >>
by dd957
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Biomes Global Warming Simulator Mod >>
by EnderTheLord
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