[REQ] BendCraft - Avatar the Last Airbender Mod

Poll: What features should I add next?

Bendcraft Additions

What features should I add next? - Single Choice

  • Bending boosting events. (Full moon, Sozen's Comet, ect.) 27.8%
  • Avatar enemies. (Xin Fu, Ty Lee, ect.) 4.4%
  • Avatar state. (4x normal bending power) 12.5%
  • Trainable Avatar animals. (Flying lemur, eel hound, ect.) 29.8%
  • Avatar companions. (Sokka, Toph, ect.) 8.9%
  • Avatar weapons. (Boomerang, staff, ect.) 16.5%

Ended May 15, 2014

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