Modification Development

Assistance in the creation and development of Minecraft modifications.
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1.8 Blocks +1 More Destroying a block leads to a Ghost Block >>
by 1337Zero
19 1,709
1.8 Forge +1 More Is it possible to make a Forge mod rely on a LiteLoader mod to run? >>
by Febilia
3 362
1.8 Liteloader How to load a .schematic file without Worldedit with NBTTagCompound >>
by 1337Zero
2 3,061
Liteloader 1.9 How to setup LiteLoader dev enviornment? >>
by TheMasterGabriel
1 623
Liteloader MCP +1 More [SOLVED] LiteLoader development issues >>
by Nullcoss
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Liteloader How can I make a macro that identify the name of the block in front of me and save the data in a variable? >>
by Obscitor
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1.7.10 Liteloader HOW DO I MADE MOD? Preferably with Liteloader... I mean, you can see the Liteloader tag, right? >>
by species9000and1
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