Weird Things Mod 0.5-Alpha: The Dirt Villager Update(VILLAGER DRAGONS!, Chicken Biomes, Flame Hoes?, ARMed Creepers and More..)

Poll: What Should I add in the next Update

What Should I add in the next Update - Single Choice

  • More Villager stuff(for example: Villager Spider, Villager Chicken) 39%
  • More Chicken Stuff(for example: Villager with a Chicken Head) 12.4%
  • More Dirt Stuff(for example: dirt mobs or dirt food or DIRT LAVA) 31.9%
  • More Language support(spanish, italian, chinese, japanese, deutsch) 10%
  • i will PM you my idea 2.4%
  • I will leave an Idea in the comments 4.4%

Ended Jun 3, 2019

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