SCP: Containment Breach [Horror Map] [WIP]

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  • ~=work in progress]
    • SCP-173~ ("The Sculpture")- [Monster used TBD]: A critical mob in SCP since it is the antagonist in the original game. System TBD.
    • SCP-049* ("The Plague Doctor")- Zombie pigmen: Will be in the sewers as normally and will bring the zombies to life and spawn more while in the hunt. When touched by him, the player will "turn into a zombie" and result in death.
    • SCP-012* ("A Bad Composition")- Redstone contraption: When a player walks into the room besides his, the door will open on its own and pull the player towards it and kill them. System for pulling the player (or attracting them to it) TBD.
    • SCP-106~ ("The Old Man")- [Monster used TBD]: Will appear randomly and follow the player until he has run out of his high radius of location. When touched, player will be tp'd to the pocket dimension. System for TBD.
    • SCP-079~ ("The Old AI")- Redstone contraption: Will randomly shut/open doors in the distance and is the reason the containment breach occurred in the first place. Key element in completing the game as well.
    • SCP-714* ("The Jaded Ring")- Redstone contraption + item: Ring that helps take some damage (not from most SCP's and dangers) and keeps the user from contracting most illnesses. Cannot heal an illness obtained while not worn.
    • SCP-914* ("The Clockworks")- Redstone contraption: Fully operational with 5 outcome settings, an input and output, and pure awesomeness. Transforms items when thrown in; required to beat the game.
    • SCP-1025~ ("The Encyclopedia of Diseases")- Redstone contraption + item: When read (picked up) the user will contract the illness the book describes. Will ultimately lead to death. Unable to affect users wearing SCP-714.
    • SCP-008 ("Zombie Plague")- Redstone contraption: When player walks into the room, it will open up and give the player a virus that ultimately results in death. SCP-714 will keep you from contracting the virus.
    • SCP-500~ ("Panacea")- Redstone contraption + item: When used the player is healed and recovers from almost all illnesses.
    • SCP-513* ("The Cowbell")- Redstone contraption: when player approaches the object, a ringing will be heard that will make the player start to become insane and will summon SCP-513-1 that will start to harmlessly follow the player and appear out of nowhere and ultimately lead to the player's suicide (uncontrollable).
    • SCP-682 ("Hard-to-Destroy Reptile")- Redstone contraption: Will appear when you have broken out of the facility and [DATA EXPUNGED] (spoiler).
    • SCP-895~ ("Camera Disruption")- Long stairway leading to a hall and a room with a coffin. There isn't much to fear except for the extreme bass and camera shake in the area and the high chance to summon SCP-[DATA EXPUNGED]
    • SCP-420-J~ - Redstone contraption + item: Will [DATA EXPUNGED] (spoiler).
    • SCP-096* ("The Shy Guy")- Enderman: When you look at his face he will become aggravated and kill you. {Last thing needed is a way to keep it from tp'ing}
    • SCP-294* ("Coffee Machine")- Redstone contraption: Cups go in; drinks come out. It can be difficult to comprehend, I know...
    • SCP-035 ("Possessive Mask")- There isn't much to go off of yet since I personally haven't encountered it yet as it's new. I'll definitely add the event with options that work same as SCPCB.
    • Bullet Proof Vest*- Diamond armor [likely to change]: Both normal and upgraded versions don't do much of anything against anything besides bullets. Useful for escaping the MTF (Mobile Task Force which is trying to re-control and re-contain the facility as well as save all personnel and kill all rogue class-D personnel (which is you)).
    • Gas Mask*- Pumpkin: When worn, looks as if an actual gas mask was worn and protects you from smoke and gives extra speed. Now thanks to 14w07a I can test for the player wearing it and add sound effects :D
    • First Aid Kit*- Apple/Golden apple: When used, heals wounds (Wounds DO NOT heal over time).
    • Hazmat Suit~- Diamond Boots? [likely to change]: When worn, protects player from SCP-008; also slows player.
    • Battery*- Coal: Both 9v and 18v batteries are in game and used to activate certain items. Strange battery will shock the player and ultimately kill them.
    • Documents~- Books: Contains information about different SCP's. Also made the Origami item which is from putting documents into SCP-914 at a certain setting. {So many different documents to make and place around ._.' }
    • Master Card/Playing Card*- Items: Useless cards that are obtained when a key card is wrongly put through SCP-914. (May ruin that game if you ruin all the key cards in the map) (I might make it so that you can turn them back into level 1 key cards).
    Ideas that need work at the moment [will be updated periodically] [point is to get suggestions]
    • SCP-106: Mob used is undetermined. Possible mobs include: Creeper and Skeleton.
    • SCP-173: Mob used is undetermined. Possible mobs include: Creeper and Skeleton. Making the line of sight system isn't possible in vanilla without the object being in a set position (or at least not possible without tons of redstoning that's not worth the effort of doing in the big map) so for now it will probably just creep over to you and blow you up (snap your neck) ((SFX and GFX will match accordingly)).
    • SCP-096: The enderman will teleport around the map so I need some sort of data tag to prevent that. If anyone knows what it is if any that'd be great; or if there is none.
    • Anything else listed as partial or TBD in the above section
    • Anything that has yet to be implemented
    • Throw out suggestions you'd like to see as well!
    Maps and Layout
    • I can only have one layout since it's only Minecraft so it shouldn't be too hard to play the game especially if you've already played it or a friend has.
    • I am currently working on making all the rooms separately in a different world then am going to export the MC-edit schematics and piece it all together :)
    • I will try to make the layout be as big as possible so that there is a lot of game play but I don't want to way way way overdo it.
    • Currently I have a huge portion of the layout organized already. I'm doubtful on the official release being soon, but it's making it's way along; that I can guarantee :)
    More sections coming soon!
    Main purpose of posting as of now is
    a. to alert those who are fans that this is coming
    b. so the community can have some say B)
    c. why not :)
    Want to help spread the news?
    (having trouble posting just code ._.)
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