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[1.11.X and 1.12.X]Luigi's Mansion Adventure Map

Poll: What should be added?

I want to see what you like the most to be in this map, more votes means a higher chance of it appearing faster

What should be added? - Multiple Choice

  • New map "Luigi's Original Mansion" (beta) 82.9% of Users - 174 votes
  • New trailer (like the actual game's) 30.5% of Users - 64 votes

Ended Aug 4, 2021

Poll: Some general questions about your opinion

Please keep these up to date when newer versions come out.

Some general questions about your opinion - Score

  • Should the Normal be nerfed? 3.548
  • How'd you rate the Normal? 4.333
  • Should the Hidden be nerfed? 3.256
  • How'd you rate the Hidden? 4.175
  • Should the Arena be nerfed? 3.297
  • How'd you rate the Arena? 3.925

Ended Aug 4, 2021

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