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Help Needed - Editing base classes without actualy editing them!! >>
by RyanOrr28
Minecraft Help JVM Arguments >>
by Manvir22g
Inverted FOV and control with the speed status effect? >>
by CadeAnder
NO Sounds In Eclipse!?! >>
by Alexthe666
Need Help Creating An Invisible Minecart >>
by CheeseBitz
cant override minecraft methods >>
by deadcodex
[Question] Thermal Expansion >>
by user-8131511
Need some help with this error i keep getting. only optifine and ars magicka 2 installed with forge and 1.6.4 >>
by S113nc3k1115
Command Block Xp for Sunshine >>
by Micha3l87
Crash while loading a whole bunch of mods >>
by NyanDoge
help with plugins >>
by SwagiWagi
[Need Help] Adding Armor >>
by Steeltoefish
optifine with no shaders option >>
by Borsig
Question about the: Lucky BLocks Mod. Possible Outcomes? >>
by Yelt_
[Soulved][1.7.2]Colored names?[en_US.lang version] >>
by xXScriptzXx
ZENZcraft industrial/technical modpack >>
by anderZENZ
Forge Mobs +11 More How To Install Modpacks Using Twitch App Tutorial >>
by thebluecrusader
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Tools How To Convert PE & W10 Worlds Into PC (Java Edition) >>
by thebluecrusader
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Bukkit Easy Bukkit Permissions Set Up Tutorial 1.14.3 *SIMPLE* >>
by Redwinterx87882
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Forge How to install Mods 1.12.2 >>
by ElyenX
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How To Make A Skin For Your Player (Easiest Noob Method) >>
by thebluecrusader
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Blocks Biomes +4 More How To Make A CUSTOM RESOURCE PACK (Texture Pack) >>
by thebluecrusader
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Optimisation Realism How To Install CUSTOM Music & Sound Packs (Resource Pack) - PureDBCraft >>
by thebluecrusader
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Blocks Realism How To Install Resource Packs & 3D BLOCKS (3D Texture Pack) - PureBDCraft 3D Blocks >>
by thebluecrusader
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Multiplayer Forge +6 More How To Install PIXELMON REFORGED 7.0.6 (Minecraft 1.12.2) >>
by thebluecrusader
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Only one or two mods loading in my edition of minecraft! >>
by geekyraptor
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Forge Items +3 More How To Make Custom ARMOUR (ARMOR) With MCreator (No Coding Or Java) >>
by thebluecrusader
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Forge MCreator How To Make a CUSTOM STRUCTURE Generation From SCHEMATICS (MCreator) >>
by thebluecrusader
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Forge Combat +4 More How To Make A GUN Ranged Weapon Without Coding (MCreator Tutorial) >>
by thebluecrusader
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Mobs 1.13 Help with mobs getting killed by players in 1.14 >>
by sifi334
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