MCPE: Clans

Post here for discussions about Minecraft: Pocket Edition clans. Clan leaders are encouraged to post a thread about their clan here and keep all info and queries about that specific clan in that thread.
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Factions PvP +3 More Nitro Clan >>
by MegaLunchBoxYT
0 2,548
Builders Friends +1 More [Builders] [Redstoners] =+= The Nohvices =+= [Jobs] [Map-Building] >>
by A2Warm2Hndle
5 1,796
0.13 Friends +1 More --|G0|-- clan mcpe fr >>
by G4m3_Ov3r
0 1,171
Voice Help +2 More The Prime Clan/Dev Team >>
by Penut666
2 606
Survival Friends I need an SMP (Survival Multiplayer) to play on! Please read for more details. (Clan Survival) >>
by AjaxDC2417
7 588