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  • iConomy
  • - Provides a economy and pay commands.
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  • - Provides most basic commands, /help etc
  • - MMO game-likeAnd much much more!

    Guest - This is the default rank.

    Member - If you apply you can obtain the Member rank

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    OP - The Owner

    Town/Plot System
    You may take a plot by the spawn for free. Only build on a plot if its completely empty and not in-use. Here is a picture of our 10x10 plots. We will soon have multiple plot sizes but for now, we have 10x10 plots.

    How to make a ChestShop!

    Information taken off the Bukkit Plugin Thread:

    - Place a chest, if you haven't already.
    - Place a sign 1 block near the chest (for example, above the chest)
    - On the sign, write:

    (Item name can actually be item ID or alias)
    First line will be filled in by the plugin automatically.
    Price is a combination of buy and sell price.
    You have to have B near buy price (people buy from you), and S near sell price (people sell to you).
    If you have both B and S, separate them with a colon - :
    For example:

    means that AcrobotPL wants to sell 64 diamonds for 10 currency, and buy them back from you for 5 currency.
    Also, if you put "free" instead of price, it is free to buy or sell

    Support Us!





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    Donating keeps the server running, currently the owner is paying for all this himself, donating is appreciated and will give you a rank. Currently its costing over $120 keeping all of this running including: This forum which is $30, and the server which is costing $90. Donations help us expand & continue. All donations are appreciated. All donations go to the server & expanding the server.

    Made new donation ranks! :biggrin.gif:

    $5+ Rewards:
    [Donator] Tag
    10,000 in-game currency.
    stone-tool kit (5 hour wait time)
    5 diamonds

    $10+ Rewards:
    [Donator] Tag
    15,000 in-game currency.
    stone-tool kit (3 hour wait time)
    6 diamonds

    $15+ Rewards:
    [Donator] Tag
    20,000 in-game currency.
    iron-tool kit (15 hour wait time)
    8 diamonds

    $20+ Rewards:
    [Sponsor] Tag
    25,000 in-game currency.
    iron-tool kit (5 hour wait time)
    10 diamonds
    /setwarp command
    /warp (lists warps)
    reserved list (get on when server is full)