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With David and Toby away for Insomnia #51, Minecraft News is a day early. Enjoy! Back to Top

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Today's spotlight focuses on a Minecraft-based version of Bejeweled, made by Sethbling! Played entirely in your inventory, the only thing this particular version of the game is missing is a scoreboard. It is still every bit as addicting as the original, and a good bit of fun! You can get download links right here. Enjoy! Back to Top

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Bebopvox serves up another week of Minecraft goodies, enjoy! Back to Top

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The (Minecraft) world has ended, and there is nothing left. Well, ALMOST nothing; Code Wizards meddled in the balance of nature, and released hordes of monsters from other dimensions on an unsuspecting world. Not satisfied with just destroying human life, the monsters rampaged across the world eating everything they could find, and leaving nothing in their wake but empty void.

Now, it is up to you to rebuild an entire world from nearly nothing.

Agrarian Skies is a popular modpack made by Jadedcat, which takes the classic idea of a skyblock game, and cranks it up many, many notches. You start with a quest book, which guides you on your journey. Numerous spells, tools, and machines are at your disposal to complete your arduous task. However, be warned: this is not a modpack for the faint of heart! Loads of challenges, monsters, and more await you on your journey. Do you have what it takes to build an entire world?

One final note - you have a limited number of lives. That's right, you can only die so much before reality has had enough, and leaves you dead forever!

The quest book's introductory quest has a full voice-over as well, done by your favorite MCF news writer!


If you have the FTB Launcher, you can play simply by downloading the Agrarian Skies modpack, and starting up your game! Back to Top

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David and Toby touch on Blockholm, various updates, and more. Enjoy! Back to Top

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Next Thursday, April 17 at 11:00 CET, most of the Minecraft team, parts of the Scrolls team, and a bunch of other Mojang peeps will head over to the Blockholm exhibition at the Museum of Architecture and Design here in Stockholm. They plan to stay until 12:30 or so.

Ask them questions! Take pictures with your favorite team members! Hang out! Maybe check out Blockholm too! Back to Top

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This Monday, Minecraft: Pocket Edition developers Johan, Tommaso and Jens will star in a panel broadcast, live from the Mojang office. What will they be discussing? That’s up to you!

They are hoping to harness the collective power of the Pocket Edition players to submit questions to this reddit thread. Then, they will pick the best ones and put them to the team live on air. While the exact time of the show isn't currently known, the archived footage will be uploaded later on, just in case you do miss it.

This is all in celebration of hitting over 20 million sales of Pocket Edition just a few days ago. As mentioned in the Xbox 360 Edition post, Mojang is extremely grateful to all players for their dedication and creativity. Without that, Minecraft wouldn’t be anywhere near as significant as it is today.

Head to the reddit thread and submit your questions! Then check back on Monday for the live stream/archived footage! Back to Top

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A recent exploit found in OpenSSL (an open-source security socket layer, meant to secure/encrypt internet traffic) called "Heartbleed", made it possible for hackers to find and use passwords on systems using OpenSSL.


No, Mojang was not hacked. Their servers are not vulnerable to the OpenSSL exploit, but the load balancers they use from Amazon were. As a precaution, it has been recommended that you update your Minecraft password, just to be sure.

Mojang said:

Due to an exploit in the OpenSSL software used by Amazon's load balancing serive (which we use for most of our stuff) we were forced to temporary suspend all of our services. All systems are now back online, and the exploit has been fixed. There was no way to target specific users, but we can not guarantee that your information wasn't compromised. Therefore we recommend everyone to change their Mojang/Minecraft account passwords.


If you have not migrated your account, change your password at Minecraft.net.

If you have migrated your account, change your password at Mojang.com.

Regardless of whether you have or have not migrated, it is crucial to change your password. Back to Top

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Have you played (or seen) Goat Simulator? Of course you have! You're a savvy internet dweller, and know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Goats. Smashing things. Running. Basically, being a goat and/or possibly a highly elaborate April Fool's prank. Goat Simulator!

SethBling has devised an incredibly clever way for you to become a goat, in Minecraft! Okay, less of a goat, more of a sheep, but the end-result is basically the same - run into things at high speed, sending blocks, chests, and everything else sailing off into the distance! Cause chaos! Grief as a farm animal! Weee!

In this video, Mhykol and I help Seth test out this latest crazy invention. Want to play it yourself? Join on "us.playmindcrack.com", then head to the museum! Back to Top

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David and Toby revisit last week's pranks, and even - wait for it... - OTHER STUFF! Crazy, right? Enjoy! Back to Top

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