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HustleCraft [PRISON SERVER] [42 SLOTS] [24/7]

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Posted 16 January 2012 - 02:31 AM

Includes a drug-based plugin!

Drug based, Survival, Prison Server!

HustleCraft has these things to offer plus, very many more.

∆ Helpful guards that are always on the lookout for bad behavior! They are very willing and will always listen in, Just make sure you don't hit them or they will get you back!

∆ The full jail experience! You will feel like you've been taken away and locked up in a prison in the middle of no where! Can you escape? I don't think so, It's surrounded by bedrock, But, Can you reach the top of the money list? Have the most money? Be a billionaire and own houses? Can you be on the top of the killing leader board? Come find out.

∆ Loads of plugins! Including casino, Permissions, VirtualChest, and many more! These are just 3 or the loads we have! Our plugins make it so you get the best out of the prison server!

∆ Special plugin that allows you to shift then right click on a drug in your inventory and it will get you instantly high! Many different effects! Its amazing!

Prisoner Rules:
∆ No hacked clients, The punishment is a permanent ban :o We have NoCheat so we can detect it, don't even try buddy!

∆ No exploiting bugs, if you manage to get out from a bug, that means do /spawn, if not, you will be temporary banned! Damn! We wish minecraft was bug free!

∆ If your caught fighting, You will be killed by a guard, You don't wanna lose all your items do ya?

∆ Spawn campers or repeat offenders will be jailed! That sucks, You can't have any more fun in your cell :(

∆ Don't hit and run, You will be teleported back into the PVP zone and killed.

∆ You may be searched by guards at random times! Hide yo swords, hide yo drugs!

∆ Lastly, make sure you listen to all Warden's and guards.

Rank Costs:

∆ C-Prisoner - $200
∆ B-Prisoner - $15,000
∆ A-Prisoner - $40,000
∆ Elite-Prisoner - $100,000
∆ RiotGuard - Will be chosen by the Owner.
∆ AlphaGuard - Will be chosen by the Owner.
∆ Warden - Will be chosen by the Owner.
∆ When you have enough money to get the next rank use /rankup

Banned Items:

∆ Swords
∆ Bows
∆ Arrows
∆ Flint & Steel.
∆ Cocoa plant (Sugar Canes)
∆ Cocaine (Sugar)
∆ Marijuana (Green Cactus)
∆ Shroomz (Red Mushrooms)
∆ Heroin (Slime balls)

(All items can be made or bought, but hide them!)

Penalty of weapon possession - Killed by Wardens/Guards! Ohh Noo!

Penalty of drug possession - Put into rehabilitation program.

Thanks for reading

- HustleCraft Team.

Donation link: http://ily.forumify....wtopic.php?id=8

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Posted 21 January 2012 - 03:14 PM

a shitload of swords and killing, needs mroe guards



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Posted 01 February 2012 - 11:42 PM




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Posted 05 February 2012 - 02:55 AM

I was banned at about 9:55PM today randomly and I would love to be unbanned.  Thank you.



Posted 03 June 2012 - 10:03 AM

Server off? I just logged in and then after some minutes Communication Error.