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MineCraft Pokemon Server!

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  • Minecraft: markey14

Posted 09 January 2012 - 11:26 PM

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Minecraft Server IP:

Texture Pack Very Recomended!
Texture Pack!

What is this?

It was an idea on the KoA that was randomly thought of; the plan was to have a server that is based on the games of pokemon. It is detailed so that we have everything in the actual games/show to a minecraft map.

We are not giving out bones or wolves at this time, sorry. You must venture outside the protected map for resources or go to the pokemarts.


Who didn't play pokemon as a child or just anytime you were ever alive? I think it would be fun to bring Pokemon to minecraft and have this become a real thing. For those pokemon fans true at heart, or those who just list to see a true project come to life, this would be a great server addition to minecraft, and help bring the community closer, hopefully.

How does it work?

We have pokemon centers with heal signs, pokemarts which will have supplies, gyms which have actual people that will battle you, and small houses that people can actually live in. Of course, all the cities are based off pure maps of the real game, so depending on what the city we are building looks like, that is what is in it.

As for trainers, we have PVP on the roads, but no PVP in the cities. That way you are like a true Pokemon trainer, fighting to get to the next place. We have cuboid on the entire region so that it cannot be destroyed.

After much trial and tribulation, we decided to not add NPCs due to how simple, yet memory-consuming they were.

How do we fight like they do in pokemon?

We will allow weapons, such as swords and bows, to kill people and mobs. Be careful though, and always keep yourself armed. You can train mcmmo to become even better than the average trainer. The Pokemarts have signs you can right-click to purchase goods from. Money will drop from hostile monsters.


TRAINER: The default rank. You'll be this until you make someone of yourself in the pokemon world!
ACE TRAINER: Anyone who has had the honor of an Elite title ever can't go below this respected rank if demoted.
GYM LEADER: You get this rank by owning or being brought in as a part-time gym leader!
ELITE: This for the select few who actual become part of the Elite Four!
CHAMPION: There can only be one!
BUILDER: You help build the server, such as the new regions!
DONATOR: Those who have donated to the server get special privileges!
MOD: Helper to admins.
ADMIN: The awesome people who run the server!

Gym Leaders?

Gyms are an important and fun aspect to pokemon: We have the eight gyms that Kanto has, each with their own leader(s). When a leader is on, make your way to their city and issue them a challenge. This lets them know they need to return to their gym to fight. You'll then be let in. From there, all you have to do is survive their challenges, then defeat them, and their gym badge will be yours! Travel across the land and collect all eight badges so you can challenge the ELITE FOUR.

As a reference to badges, if you have, say, four badges, and you are walking to the fifth badge, be careful. IF you are killed at anytime by another trainer, he gets all your items (Fork over the money for losing). It is suggested that people don't surprise attack people, but ask for formal fights (You will be forced to fight, sorry). Anyways the winner wins everything of the loser. So, if you have your badges on you, they're theirs now; you must win back the badges. So keep your items in a house or chest somewhere, but make sure to hide it because people can find those. Houses in cities are cuboid and protected, so if you buy a house you won't lose things, but things outside the cities are up for toss. And if Team Rocket finds your stuff (Yes, we have a team Rocket), they'll be happy to raid it for you.

Please realize that the gyms will NOT be based off the game. The entire Gym space will be HANDED to the Gym Leader and they will format the space as they want. Most gyms have a small obstacle course you must get through before you can square off with the leader. Some gym leaders will require you to bring and/or don't use certain items. Be sure to read all signs before issuing a gym leader your challenge. If you lose, it is up to the gym lead as whether or not to keep your items and how long, if at all, you must wait before challenging him or her again. Keep this in mind before you step inside.


We are selling houses to players so you can actually LIVE in pokemon! YAY! It is designed so you can safely store your items out in the open without fear of losing them. You may have PVP disabled there too if you wish. You are also allowed to customize your home!

Screen Shots?
Yes, we have some Screenshots. Here are a few:

Coming Soon!

Server Information
Those who donate will be given special things, such as special status's, opporunities, special mentions, and commands. If you want to donate:
Donate Here!

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  • Minecraft: markey14

Posted 09 January 2012 - 11:35 PM